Monday, August 19, 2013

Pro-Choice movement requires explanation (guest editorial)

By Mary Wagner from East Sandwich

This is a letter to the editor that was not published by the Cape Cod Times.
Sunday's paper asked readers if they were "Ready for 2014?" I think there is a lot of explaining to be done on many subjects before we are ready for 2014. One example is the abortion issue--not the law, but other aspects of the Pro-Choice Movement.

* Abortion is a business, a billion dollar business. It includes the selling of body parts. Why does it need our tax dollars?

* People supporting abortion call their movement "pro-choice." But every effort made to require abortion centers to provide more information is rejected by "pro-choice" people. The average man who buys a new car spends more time and has more information about his car than most women have about the abortion they are about to have.

* The abortion movement is considered "a woman's health" issue and yet, across the whole country, very few centers are ever checked for adequate hygiene. Nor are the credentials of the personnel verified. Why not?

* We live in a time in which there are statistics for everything. ObamaCare is going to collect details not only about our health but our finances. And yet there are no records about abortions. How many women die in a year because of abortions? How many wish they did not have the abortion?What are the long term effects of abortions?

The thousands of women who march every year in the many Right to Life Marches carrying a sign "I regret my abortion" suggest there are consequences we are not hearing about. Why not?