Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Invitation to youth risky behavior event

From: Linell Grundman
Subject: For Immediate Release
Date: February 28, 2013 1:30:51 PM EST

The Sandwich Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force, (SSAPTF) invites the public to a major event.

"Creating a Community Aware, Engaged, and Addressing Youth Risky Behavior"
Monday, March 18th, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Sandwich Town Hall, Second Floor

Facilitated by national and international Drug Education Specialist, Jeff Wolfsberg, the program will include comments from Jeff along with audience participation. It is a Town Meeting type format.

Throughout the evening we focus on three critical areas: Social Norms, Education and Prevention, Environmental Changes. These are areas highlighted through the results of the recent Youth Risky Behavior Survey conducted by the SSAPTF.

There will be a panel of resource specialist available to address specific questions.  They represent the diverse group of skill sets that come to the SSAPTF and the community working on issues of creating a healthier place for our youth, for us all. Included on this resource panel will be representatives from the town's Fire and Police, our schools, other youth serving organizations, and the medical community.

In addition to the central portion of the evening, in conclusion thirty minutes will be provided for people to have one on one conversations with SSAPTF members and our panel.

Students are welcome.  The results of the resent Youth Risky Behavior Survey are available on the Town's web-site. Please plan to attend. You can make a difference!

Linell Grundman


  1. I heard your words on WXTK on my way to the Wing School with my children. Very nice job Linnel. It is people like you that keep this community moving in the right direction.

    It is too bad that the station people did not get it, either in your words or that of the lady who spoke that was on the committee.

    1. Did you here Trudy Avery afterwards. The problem quite frankly was that the host and some underling were quite rude to her. If they had bothered to try to understand what the committee was trying to achieve, who it is they represent, they would have been able to ask intelligent questions.

    2. Haven't had time for blogging for a bit but thought I would check in and saw these comments related to the SSAPTF.

      Thank you Anon 9:14 a.m. for your kind words. And thank goodness for technology and phone's with multiple numbers in them because when I heard that Ed was going to talk about Sandwich's survey results I called Trudy, Nancy and a few others to encourage them to call in. Hey the conversation on that show IS THE CONVERSATION! This is an area so many are very confused about and obviously very frightened about. Clearly it is a universal issue! To Ed's credit, he read everyone of my email's I sent him. You've got to talk about this stuff...both sides...all sides.

      I'm happy to report that our community meeting was excellent. There were people there from other Cape towns. Obviously the series in the Cape Cod Times this week is giving us lots of new information.

      Thank you Randy for your continued support of the Sandwich Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force!

      As an aside, after 10 years on the hot seat in Sandwich, 4 as an activist and 6 as a Selectman, rude is never pleasant, but I've learned not to dwell on it. We are all rude at times. Goes with the human being thing. If it is a style, that's not cool.

  2. Linell, I seldom agree with you politically, never the less many thanks for your caring service to all of us. You are the example in this Town.

  3. Thank you for your affirming words. It has been such an honor to serve the people of Sandwich. I won't be going away. There is still work I want to continue doing for the people of our town. I have learned so much being a Selectman, It has affirmed my values and taught me that politics is not the most important thing. Critical thinking, problem solving, respect, civil public discourse, organizing work so that it leads to accomplishments and last but not least the value of "principled negotiations" are the most important thing for me. Frankly, it is not a strong part of politics or governance too much of the time and we all see the effect it is having on our towns, our state, our nation, and our world. Thank you again for your kind words. Keep paying attention and engaging!


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