Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Funny CPA? No Way! - Volume 1

I'm happy to share with you my e-book, a collection of 42 humorous pieces from this blog.

Get your free pdf copy here.

I've included the provocative essays "You're in (urine) trouble" and "Mind if I look up your dress?" along with some indispensable advice columns such as "Forty years' worth of driving tips" and "Colonoscopy 101."

There are a few political pieces, like the one inspired by Joe Biden: "Hey, you in the wheelchair. Stand up!" And there's the financial advice column called "How to save $7,000 without doing a thing."

Get some parenting hints in "300 miles to lunch" and "From Hooked on Phonics to college graduate."

Here's the table of contents and links for your online reading pleasure:

Petra, world's first feminist

Merry Christmas from the Bunyan household

Who wants brisket?

Gender: The new era sex

A (text) message to my kids

O Brother, Where Aren’t Thou?

My tribute to Erkki Alanen, cartoonist

300 miles to lunch

AD MAN!!!!!!!! (Tribute to Billy Mays)

Taking the temperature of Danny G.

Hey!! Golfer, golfer... SWING!!!!!!

You're in (urine) trouble!


Why I don’t ski (a study of the laws of gravity)

Hey, you in the wheelchair. Stand up!

Like, I mean, read this

Ice Ice Baby

Mind if I look up your dress?

A boy named Sue

Spring has sprung (and so have my eyebrows)

From Hooked on Phonics to college graduate

My last tank of gas?

How to save $7,000 without doing a thing

Apollo 11: Grabbing a rope at 3600 mph

They brake for no one

Tanning beds declared bad for whales

50 years of progress?

Concert review complete with crowd effects

I've got chills, they're multiplying...


I got my sense of humor from Mom

Out of control? Turn it off.

DWT banned in MA

Hotel California

Where umbrellas are used to block the sun

Happy Father's Day

Some lighter moments at the Statehouse

Forty years’ worth of driving tips

Synchronized sports

Voice recognition: Snot purr feck jet

Colonoscopy 101

What's in a (hurricane) name?

1 comment:

  1. Carl Johansen would state to Mr. Hunt. Humor is prime at times in attempting to put some logic to what transpires around the world we live in. I have not had an opportunity to read your offerings, but non the less.

    We would like to extend a Merry Christmas to yours truely and family as well as to all of the loyal subjects that come to your blog to make comments.

    No doubt the world is changing around us and it does help at time to use humor to divert the somber feeling we all feel because we can not change what ever happened.. We all should feel blessed that in time we all caN find some solace, that reduces what ever hurt we may have felt and many times it is humor that deflects the wounds.

    As humans on this earth we are reminded at Christmas that it is not what we give or what we recieve as a gift, but rather what we do for our faith that matters in the end.


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