Thursday, November 15, 2012

Voice recognition: Snot purr feck jet

I have an XFinity phone line at the house which has a neat feature where it emails you the voice mail audio file when someone leaves a message. A few months ago, I found out that you can also have it transcribe the voice mail for you. That's turned out to be pretty entertaining, a real hit and miss on the transcriptions. Here are a few with the transcription in italics and what the person actually said right below it.

The caller left a voicemail, but due to the quality of the message, the voicemail was unable to be transcribed. This may be a result of too much background noise or the message was left in an unsupported language.

This is what I get every time my wife, Mary, leaves me a message. Apparently her Texas accent is considered an unsupported language. I can see that.


Oh Randy it's it's D one thirteen. I got your the Excel list. It's stuck(?) so on and I will reseed(?) accordingly.

Hello, Randy. It's 1:13. I got your Excel list. It's excellent and I will proceed accordingly.


I'm responding to a Yahoo call couple days ago.

I'm responding to a call a couple days ago.


You take out-state-farm(?) Road take go left on Pop pills and take them down take a right on Spruce Street.

That's in Country Farm. You take Snake Pond Road. Take a left on Uphill and take a right on Spruce Tree.


"Hey Randy it's Dad. Saturday morning quarter to eleven your time. I need your address. So call back. Talk to you later."

My only comment on this one is that my dad died in 1996.


I'm calling little early here. I'm trying to throw up... Give me a call back when you have a chance.

I'm calling a little early here. Sorry, my number is... And you can call back when you have a chance.

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  1. very funny stuff randy. I love that mary's accent which by the way i do not think is that pronounced is unsupported.


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