Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Representative Randy Hunt continues perfect voting record

State Representative Randy Hunt has maintained his perfect voting record through the end of the legislature's formal sessions.

"My commitment to the 5th Barnstable District residents is to be a visible and open representative, accessible to my constituents, and on the scene in Boston as well as the district," said Rep. Hunt. "The votes of all state representatives are in the public domain and I'm proud to have maintained a perfect voting record during my first term."

See the voting percentages of all of the state representatives by clicking here.


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  2. Randy, I am proud to have you as a representative in Boston. You have done much to help the people of the District and it is needed for you to continue to represent us as best you see fit.

    Whomever might have claimed you were part time has to be a dope or at very least dumb.


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