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2012 Summer Survey

I invite you to participate in this year's Summer Survey which covers aspects of health care reform, prescription drug abuse, and the economy. Please add your comments about the topic areas within the survey (limited to 500 characters) or by commenting below (no limit).

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Health Care

We are self-employed and my health insurance is our biggest monthly expense...more than our mortgage.

The problem is government involvement, not the lack thereof. Anyone who was alive before medicare was started can tell you how cheap healthcare was back then.

If our congress isn't "well versed" on ObamaCare how are the citizens supposed to be. Randy, it would be great to get an a-political explanation of exactly what the Act will/will not do.

I am on Medicare and Tricare, having served my country honorably, and have had pretty good luck on the Cape with doctors and treatment. Thank God I am healthy. But Obamacare promises to destroy all that and put us on the health care level of a third world country. Looks like Obama wants to diminish health care for seniors so he can give it the crack dealer down the street.

Is there a new mass legislation?

Has anyone actually read the entire Affordable Care Act?

I feel that I am not a good person to be asked the first two questions. I've been on Cape for 11 or so years, found a great primary care physician soon thereafter and have never left her. I think if I tried I would feel the impact of question # 1. I have lots of friends who would strongly agree with it. As for the 2nd question, I am a very healthy person who needs very little medical care. I basically see my doctor once a year and rarely need to see a specialist. Maybe once in my 11 years.

I feel we need to address the lawyers and insurance companies causing increases that don't control their charges.

I believe that health care is not a right.

There is no straightforward and short explanation of these that has been published in the press.

Gov't should stay out of my life.

My daughter was transported by ambulance at 1:00am to a Boston hospital on a Saturday night/Sunday morning because there wasn't a single Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist available anywhere on the Cape to examine or admit her for further testing. She spent 36 hours in the Boston hospital and left with medication. The issue could have been easily handled at a Cape hospital if someone was available.

I need to learn more yet.

Anyone opposing the Affordable Care Act is either stupid or a political hack for the right-wing extremists.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Rehab vs jail should be either/or. Either you go to rehab or you go to jail. After the third time to rehab, you go to jail.

Druggies know what they're doing. Throw them in jail and have them share a cell with Big Bruno. Most come out of so-called "rehab" programs and start using again anyway. It's a sob sister sham.

Rehab should be required as well as jail time.

Just legalize all the drugs and tax them. if no one needs a prescription, all this just goes away, and the state gets a legitimate new income source.

The last question should include an increase in punishment for following offenses, much like OUI and the drivers license except that actual jail time should be included. Jail time for this type of offense MUST be community services to towns. For each offense...up to a point (3 strikes?) more hours of work required. Not easy work. Perhaps landscaping jobs around town, cleaning town buildings, etc.

They should receive jail time also.

Rehabilitate tor first offence. Jail any additional offences. If you wont learn yhd first time and you endanger others lives by your self indulgent dangerous behavior then you should go to jail

We have friends, in fact a Sandwich family, whose son's life and theirs were ruined by Oxycontin beginning with a legit prescription by the boy's MD following surgery for a broken bone. If he had been REQUIRED to enter rehab early on, after committing several crimes, their collective outcome might have been far better.

Control drugs at mfg. level not retail. Make it illegal to give free samples to doctors.

Jail time does nothing to address the addiction. Sending people with no other criminal record to jail or putting them on probation for possession of illegal drugs only clogs up the system and doesn't address the individual's problem.

Economy/Unemployment Rate

There was a time in this country when Unions were needed. Today, I feel there are enough whistleblower laws in place that Unions are no longer necessary. They are nothing more than a sanctioned mafia.

Get rid of public unions.

It is just pure dumb luck. There are certainly small businesses making some type of difference, but our economy is still garbage, just not as big a pile of garbage as the rest of the country. Not having a full time job is not having a full time job, and I have not had one in years, and I have not found one with a reasonable pay check in 8 years.

Perhaps MA is lower unemployment than the national average - but on the Cape - it is still very, very difficult to find a good job. Been unemployed now for six months - and not looking better.

Being unemployed in the IT field for over two years and having gone to CCCC to get an AS in IT hasn't helped! I'm no longer on unemployment but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be counted as unemployed. I think more people are in my position or worse yet; taking two minimum wage jobs to survive that look like two jobs being filled. We need to get an accurate count of the unemployed and the under employed to have an realistic perspective as to where our economy is going. We need higher paying jobs!

In my view The unions and the gov. work hand in hand to create work projects that the tax payers are paying for in the long run. I believe that the private sector would do a much better job and get more done and would hire workers to keep the unemployment down.

NE (Boston) is "Mecca" for health care, both treatment and research, for the entire planet.

Union laws such as prevailing wage should be banned.

The Cape continues to be a wasteland in terms of jobs for most professionals. The money lost to our local economy that is spent off Cape is no doubt staggering. This impacts not only for profit businesses, but non-profits. Both have a difficult time accessing professionals who make purchases and often support charities near where they work because of the convenience.

The right-wing propaganda about government being the problem grows tiresome, as it's pure baloney. And the obscene taking out of context the comment by Obama that "You didn't build that," which referred to roads, bridges, and other government-funded infrastructure, is simply unconscionable. That Hunt can still call himself a Republican shows he has no integrity.


  1. I feel prescription drug abusers are treated too much like victims in some cases rather than criminals. In most cases the drugs are stolen then sold in the same manner as illegal drugs. Shouldn't the penalties be the same?

    I think if they're hit harder by the legal system for the first offense it is less likely they will commit a second or third offense. Very often these drug users steal from others and in some cases assault others in order to fund their habits. In short, many lives can be affected by a single drug user. J-Leavitt

  2. Very often, these drug users steal from others and assault others to fund their habits so I feel the first offense shouldn't be as lenient as they are. Innocent peoples lives are affected, a good example is a single woman down the road from me who had her home broken into last week. She's traumatized over the incident and will never be able to enjoy her home the way she used to.

    As we can see one persons problem can affect the lives of many others. Rehab is not punishment, it's coddling, criminals need to be punished.

  3. Fallen Angel, I do not know what your background is or was, but I do know that putting addicts in jail does not help much. I also know that putting them in treatment is also a punishment. If you think these people like being in treatment, then you are wrong; they hate it!

    If they go to jail, then what happens next. They are released, and to where are they released. If they are urban people then they, in many instances, have no where to go except to the streets. Then they are again into drugs, crime, prison, and back to the streets.

    If they were in treatment and then released to a sober house, then they at least they have a chance.

    I am not a bleeding heart, but I do see the possible benefits of treatment over the guarantee of prison.

  4. Carl Johansen would state that in todays world we need treatment along with jail Massachusetts has started such a project if I understood the meeting that was held earlier in the year at the High School. Treatment must begin while in jail and continue once out of jail. This will cost a great deal more money for the taxpayers to deal with, but unfortunitly in todays society it is needed for the benifit of every one

  5. Ihave the treatment for all those addicts, tied to a whipping post and lashed the first time followed by 30 days of solitarty in prison to contemplate whether to get out and get back on those drugs.I think in a years time we might see this issue fade away.

    By the way all criminals should do be hard time staying in solitary the whole time with bare sustinence,= no riots, no hurt prison officers, less taxpayer dollars spent, not desirable place to return, and than maybe then you get some job and human being training.

  6. Damien, frankly I think you missed the ship.


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