Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's in a name?

My mom called me Alan so many times I got used to it. Alan is my older brother.

I practically renamed my youngest son as well, introducing him as Dan. Without hesitation, he reaches out to shake a hand and matter-of-factly announces: "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Jeff."

I've even called both of my girls Maggie. Maggie was our black lab.

Just last week, I was with Gayle looking at photos of an event and asked her how she managed not to be in any of the pics. I knew she was there because her three kids were in several shots. Gayle reminded me that she arrived in Boston for her vacation the day following the event, that she has no kids, and isn't married yet.

The good news is that I'm not at a loss for names; I just get them wrong. So far, I've avoided the ultimate miscue: "Hello, I'm Randy Hunt and this is my wife... Uh... Hmm... Help me out here, Hon."


  1. Unfortunately I am suffering from the same "issue". With me it's probably the result of too much Cabernet over the years. You, I know that is not the case. Maybe advancing age? BTW: I do miss Maggie and Shelby! Nice picture.


    1. I miss the dogs too, Peter, but not enough to get another one. I hate losing my pets. Perhaps I'd be better off with a pet lobster. They say that 21-pounder is 100 years old.

  2. Carl Johansen would state to Randy that in our life time we get to see pets as family members. That is a good thing, for one can better appreciate the love from someone that does not really expect it in return[well in most cases]

    A family pet for example our last pet[just happened to be a Rotwieler mix]Dutches, was perhaps the most loving dog we have ever owned and we rescued her from a local dog pound, when we first moved here from Randolph. This was after we had mourned another pet, a chocalate lab , Maxine [Princess of Norge] that got me through prostate surgery and was at my side through the whole process of recovery. We lost her to Cancer after a long hard fight we had to put her to sleep at the young age of 7. We stated we would not get another one, well after a two year mourning process, we picked Dutches out of a cage with 7 other brothers and sisters.

    Now Dutches turned out to be even more loving, caring, then Maxine, and was the friendlies animal that we have had the priviledge to own

    She did not have one mean bone in her body, any one and every one made a fuss as to how well behaved she was and the children would simply embrace her. Dutches was a very smart dog and was very easy to train to obey a multiple of commands. I miss the walks in the woods with her to this day, where we would play hide and seek. She never failed to find me, no matter where I hid. She could run like a deer in the woods. jumping up in the air attempting to see where we would hide.

    Unfortunitly she developed a tear in the hip, which was surgically repaired , she never really recovered to be her self , but she would still talk to me at night as we watched the Tv. Dutches never barked, but she had a way of making sounds that almost felt she was holding a conversation with you.

    She also developed cancer, that spread through her whole body and we finally had to give in and also put her to sleep, where she now is resting in her own plot out back, near Maxine.

    It has been over 5 years now and we can not still find the way clear to purchase another dog. What is in a name that states it is a dog, but for us it was losing a family member. We cannot get over greaving this family member. We know some where out there, is another dog that can love and be a good family member.I hope they find the one who will respect and treat them with love. I still shed tears when ever I am reminded of the best dogs Maxine and Dutches we have ever been blessed to share part of the sorrows and joys in life with.


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