Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is Elizabeth Warren getting exasperated?

Have you noticed how put out Elizabeth Warren has become having to field question after question about her supposed Native American heritage? Her neck muscles tense up. She shakes her head incessantly.

Here's one of many clips of Warren reacting to questions about her heritage, which I might remind everyone is a bed that she made for herself.

Warren's breathless demonstration of her exasperation inspired me to write a song, sung to the melody of Desperado.


Exasperado, why don't you stop with your spinning?
You've been denying the hard facts for so long now
Oh, your a rich one
I know that your occupiers
Don't care that your high cheek bones
Can hurt you somehow

Don't you draw the line of heritage
Unless you're sure it's truthful
You know the genealogy is quite suspect

Now it seems to me some falsehoods
Have been laid upon your table
But you only want the truth to go away

Exasperado, oh, you ain't gettin' no traction
Your spin and your actions, they're drivin' you down
And winning, oh winning well, that's just some people talkin'
Your reason for running for the senate is done.


  1. Good Work! Maybe you could add a video of YOU singing it !

  2. Much ado about nothing. But it keeps the voters focussed away from the real issues. Bread and circus, Baby. And it works!

  3. The reason for the ado is ridiculous, I concede but, as usual, the coverup and changing stories create a legitimate issue. Anthony Weiner would still be a Congressman today if he had told the complete truth straight away. Embarrassing? Yes. Career ending? No.

  4. Don't own a crystal ball so can't agree with the AW comment. This is a distraction raised to see if it had legs. It got legs because of both campaigns. As long as both candidates have this to talk about and continue to do so we are denied intelligent debate about the critical issues. Got to love the media? But really have to love the political campaign process, not! Just yesterday I heard a report that put lack of trust in all politicians above 85%. Any wonder? Politicians and all those making money from the process force a "dumbing down of Americans" methodology that continues to be insulting, not to mention counterproductive! It is truly too bad that almost every time a candidate opens their mouth it makes it harder to believe that they actually give a damn about the American people. If the only alternative is to join a political club and drink their koolaide, no wonder more and more people are remaining unenrolled. Someday I hope we see a model for political communication that goes beyond men yelling at each other, tearing each other down, and power playing. While power may be what it is all about. Will we ever consider what to do with power?

  5. If Penn and Harvard hired Elizabeth Warren **because** of who they believed her great-great-great-grandmother to be: SHAME ON THEM.

    If she was hired because she was well qualified, BULLY FOR HER.

  6. 6:34- We will never know, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that she put something down in her resume that was a LIE.


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