Friday, May 11, 2012

June Fusco, where are you?

Doorbell rang.

UPS delivery.

Two boxes of flowers from

Both addressed to Mary, my wife.

One from Chris and Dan (sons number 1 & 3).

One from Kim and Rob. We don't know these people. The flowers were meant for June Fusco, according to the card inside. Both boxes had mailing labels addressed to Mary at our house.

June's not going to have a happy Mother's Day.

Kim and Rob are going to wonder why June's a little cold to them this year.

Help us save Kim and Rob.

Mary called and waited for 15 minutes on hold. Finally, she gets a customer service rep in a call center somewhere in a foreign country who assures her that the flowers were probably meant for her.

June, we're kinda thinking that you're not getting any flowers from Kim and Rob this year.

June Fusco, where are you?


  1. Sometimes you can be such a sweet guy Randy. Hope you find June! Great you are trying. You and Mary are doing a real good deed!

  2. DPB: Thank you for finding her.


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