Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two vie for vacated moderator post

Two candidates for moderator in the Town of Sandwich have successfully filed their nomination papers. They are:

Garry Blank
5 Edward Kelly Road, East Sandwich, MA 02537

Lois Wack
279 Service Road, East Sandwich, MA 02537

Candidates can use this post to articulate their positions and my readers can post their questions and comments. Unlike my normal ban on only profane and libelous remarks, I will hold posters to this thread to a higher standard of civility; however, I still welcome anonymous posts. If you want to be anonymous, please do select a screen name by selecting Name/URL in the "Comment as:" drop down menu and type in a G-rated moniker. It makes it much easier to keep things straight. And remember that you can comment on a someone else's comment by clicking Reply right under their post.


  1. Anonymous of 2:43. If you think he is the most qualified, then I would suspect you came to town while Ms. Teehan was moderator.

  2. Green Eggs and HamApril 2, 2012 at 6:53 AM

    If I understand it, the moderator moderates, that is presides of the Town Meeting.

    Next year I expect that there will be a warrant article dealing with a new Public Safety Complex.

    Ms. Wack is married to Chief of Police Wack. Gary Blank was voted out by the taxpayers and failed at least once or twice to regain the position.

    As I feel Ms. Wack is capable and that Mr. Blank is not, then I shall vote for Ms. Wack, but with an eye on how she treats opposition to the Police be it for their budget, Public Safety building or any other item that may cross the path of Town Meeting.

    Having met Ms. Wack, I can tell all that I would not hesitate to vote for her. There would be absolutely no question if she were not the wife of the Chief, and even at that, I don't think it is a big issue in this case.

  3. Mr. Eggs and Ham

    I agree with you. We need a fresh face at the podium. Since I moved to Town in the mid ninetys its been blank and Teehan. I thought Teehan started a bit rough but ended up an outstanding modertor. She was always fair and with time became more comfortable in her position.

    Blank, numerous times was corrected by the audience and that correction the result of what Town Counsel thought.

    New face needed

  4. I will be voting for Wack for many of the same reasons I've seen posted. Mr. Blank had his chance, was voted out twice. Yes, there will be perception issues because Wack is married to the Police Chief, but from what I see she will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure she does the business of Town Meeting in a professional way. She can ask someone else to run the part of the meeting that pertains to proposals such as the joint public safety building. I'm impressed with her background and agree that we need to move forward not backward with out Town Moderator. Jan has done a fine job. We need to keep improving on that.

  5. I'm half tempted to vote for Garry just for the entertainment value, but for that he's probably more valuable kept where he is, heckling the moderator from the back of the room. So in the end I'll go with Ms. Wack. Thank you for running, Madam.

  6. Sam, I have always thought of you as a bright man, now I know it.

  7. Mr. Blank has some good qualities but so does Ms. Wack. Garry was very good at handling town meeting but was horrible at appointing finance committee members. Garry would appoint based solely on party affiliation. Even Jan Teehan attempted to make somewhat bipartisan appointments. If Ms. Wack is elected I have a feeling she would do her homework and only appoint qualified members to the FinCom and not get caught up in the small town politics. On the other hand, can she handle Town Meeting (her primary responsibly) as good as Garry would? Ummmm….I don’t know. This is going to be a tough decision. If I had to guess I'd put my money on Garry because I think people want a better run meeting.

    1. Anonymous Route 6AApril 23, 2012 at 3:29 PM

      Carl, what say you. I did not think that Gary ran good meetings, at best they were O Kay.

    2. Party affiliation appointments, huh? Who appointed Randy to the Finance Committee for fiscal 2002? Hmmmmm?

    3. I have to agree with Max. Garry appointed Doug Dexter and me at the same time and Don Leighton before us. I wouldn't be concerned about party politics with Garry.

  8. Mr. Blank - really disappointed that you'll be a no-show at the forum tonight - something more important than letting the voting public know why they should vote for you!!?? What is up with that?? Heard Ms Killion had more important things to do tonight too!! WOW - that's the attitude we need with elected officials - bullet vote a newbie or a write in for school committee - and obviously Ms. Wack will get the vote - You can't not show up and expect to have the public behind you. Let's hope for a write in we can bullet for SC and Mr. Blank, that's just what you'll get next to your name - I want involved people in these position - I hope the rest of the voters want the same.

    1. my bullet is for Sherry Marshall.

  9. Gary was once moderator.
    The people voted him out once.
    The people failed to elect him again in another election.
    Decorum and class was brought back to the position.
    Gary Blank is involved with a political party in town.
    Gary Blank tried and failed to bring up the issue of conflict
    at a debate.
    Gary Blank said he could not show up for the debate.
    Gary Blank did show up to ask the question of conflict as a
    person in the audience.
    The moderators of the debate failed to make it a question and
    for the people, but rather allowed the politician to ask a
    question that he unwittingly thought would garner him votes.
    Gary Blank told the Cape Cod Times that "it backfired".
    Gary Blank did not understand that the questions were to be asked
    in order for people to get answers so that they could make
    informed choices.
    The moderators did not understand that they were unfair to Ms.
    Wack because they allowed Gary Blank to get his political
    message in.
    The moderators did not understand that they put on awful debates
    that the people will not attend.
    The moderators were wrong to allow people, several of them, to
    ask multiple questions.
    The newspapers that serve this town do a deservice to the people/

    I shall vote for Lois Wack.

    1. Hey, nice poem.

      I myself thank the Enterprise and the LVW for putting on the forum; I don't see how they're "awful," and the people have nobody but themselves to blame if they don't care enough to show up. Are the forums amateurish? Sure. But this isn't the U.S. Senate, fer cryin' out loud. (And I would cry out loud if it were.)

      I also don't think the moderators were unfair to Ms. Wack at all. They gave Garry Blank the rope he asked for, and he hung himself with it. His "political message" came across petty and self-serving. Well played, moderators.

    2. In all fairness judging from the placement of Mrs. Wack's signs she too is in with a political party. So Blank is not the only partisan player.

  10. I think that Mr. Blank showed his true colors Monday night when he showed up at the candidates’ forum not to answer questions, but to question Ms. Wack’s credibility. Really? It sounds like he took a page out of Ms. Killion’s book. Don’t answer questions, just muddy the waters and try and attach false and negative claims which she did two years ago when two new school committee members were elected. Ms. Wack has my vote.

  11. If there is no invocation, it may be the hottest issue at Town Meeting.

  12. There will be an invocation. Jane will stand up and protest and we'll get on with the meeting.


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