Friday, November 4, 2011

Town of Sandwich special town meeting is Monday

Zoning bylaws are a perfect example of where the devil is in the details. Spend a little time looking over the warrant this weekend and come prepared to debate and vote on these important changes on Monday night, 7pm at Sandwich High School.

There are several other interesting articles queued up for Monday's spectacle of democracy in action. Click here to view the entire warrant.

November 7, 2011 – Special Town Meeting
Index of Warrant Articles

1. Increase FY’12 School Department Appropriation to Match Ch. 70 Appropriation
2. Appropriation for SEIC
3. Appropriation for Unemployment Account – Transfer from Group Health 
Insurance Account
4. Beach Account Transfer: Oak Crest Cove Parking Lot Drainage Improvements
5. CPA Appropriation: Restoration & Protection of Historic Town Records
6. CPA Appropriation: Town Neck Beach Management Plan & Old Harbor Inlet 
Stabilization Project Permitting
7. CPA Appropriation: Purchase of 3 Tarantino Parcels
8. CPA Appropriation: Purchase of Schmonsees Parcel
9. CPA Appropriation: Purchase of Falcione Parcel
10. Authorization to Grant Easement on Town SSVC Land off Quaker Meetinghouse 
11. Authorization to Accept Easement off Tarragon Drive
12. Zoning By-laws: Change BL-1 & BL-2 References to B1 & B2
13. Zoning By-laws: Section 2600
14. Zoning By-laws: Section 3510
15. Zoning By-laws: Sections 4500 – 4505, 2600, and 2540
16. Zoning By-laws: Section 3100, 3130, and 3120
17. Zoning By-laws: Article VI–A, Sections 6000 – 6625
18. Zoning By-laws: Definitions Section


  1. Town Meeting RegularNovember 5, 2011 at 11:16 AM

    Can anyone provide clarity regarding the SEIC request for $50,000? If I'm not mistaken, we are headed for a difficult budget season where we will tackle a large project deficit. The SEIC was formed so that it could go after grant opportunities and funding sources that were not available to the town. So, why are they asking the town for money? Even more, how can they justify asking for money to pay the consulting fees for someone who fought hard to get the SEIC and was on the board? That really doesn't seem ethical to me.

  2. I too believe a selectperson sitting on another board and vehemently supporting that organization should NOT be arguing for the other organization while still performing their duties as a selectperson. Although "legal" it leaves an extremely unpleasant taste.

    Therefore I will not be voting for the appropriation 1. the town can't afford it and 2. something seems very rotten in Demark.

  3. The TOS warrant article #13 on hotels will be further amended at the meeting Monday night. The new article will read "...must be increased by 200 sq ft per guest unit...". This replaces the 12,000 sq ft of lot area in the current bylaw and 3,000 sq ft in the original warrant article.

    In other words, the # of potential rooms will increase 60 times. So a potential 4 room motel will be able to go to 240 rooms. This is being slid in at the 11th hour.

    I for one will vote against it!

  4. I dont have a problem with a selectman on SEIC, but i do have a problem with the local broker who was the original spokesman for this deal coming back to claim a "consulting" fee. THAT certainly appears unethical. ( i would otherwise support the funding).

  5. Rumor has it that the alphabet soup, the AG and the OIG have all been looking at little closer at the goings on in Sandwich.

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  7. Carl Johansen would state that article 2 has many areas of questions,as we get ready for town meeting.

    The least of which is where is this fundng comming from and how will it be used?

    How did an RFP get issued before it had money in place to support such an endeavor?

    How is it now after, we told at many town meetings that other then funding for office space by Mr. Bailey and his associates
    are now seeking funding that they told every one would come from funding sources outside of taxpayers dollars.\ I am sure that many other questions will also be brought up on town meeting floor and the dabate around this article will most likely be the high light of the evening.

    Carl Johansen A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  8. Town Meeting RegularNovember 6, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    According to the guest column in Friday's Enterprise, the original suggestion of appropriating $50,000 to the SEIC came from our town manager. Given the tight town budget, why would he make this suggestion?

  9. I am very surprised that Mr. Johansen with all his investigations does not have the answers to questions he poses. Maybe he does but wants to make a show at TM.

    I agree that we are short money. I will hold my nose and vote for it. You will seem me do it. I will be sitting just behind Mr. Johansen.

    The reason that I will vote for it is because if we don't then all the work of the SEIC will go for not, at least in the near future. This town has been very nasty towards any form of busiiness or business development. It needs to get off its collective ass and start being more business friendly.

    Why is it that the same people fight what is good for the Town. I'd rather spend $50K on this than on radio ads....duh!!!

  10. Carl Johansen would state to poster 10.56 perhaps if you were not so conflicted and confused, along with providing incorrect information you would have a better understanding. Is it difficult for you, to keep the subject matter with the appropriate posting?

    My research in the above matter will be brought forward and should you take of the blinders and ear muffs you will see it is about the process not the money. Other then how and where is it comming from.

    Now if you show up and continue to hold your nose, be sure to bring some tomato sauce should you open your nose up to smell. I may bring my favorite skunk along that is need of having its odor glands removed.

    You may even get to like her, as she is generally friendly towards any one.

    Better yet if after the whole meeting is over and you still feel the way you do, in regards to providing more business for Sandwich and my opinion in that matter, I would gladly assist you in understanding the folly of your words.

    Why do you not come to the podium with your nose blocked, because this article may not pass the smell test any how. You would have a great opportunity to tell every one your opinion.

    If you do that, I personally will shake your hand at the end of the meeting as will others.

    You may find it rather difficult to sit behind me this evening, so get there early.

  11. Karl Joe Handsome is not nearly as conflicted as you may think. It is sometimes a matter of trust. That is somethig you do not have. The lie about what was not a violation of open meeting came from your investigation, and, as usual it was wrong. You have responded to me and my friends many times with only half truths. Should I trust your investigation? I don't really want to see your skunk. It is probably some kind of violation of the law for you to have it. Sorry, but I have to go now so I can get a seat and laugh. Most of these town meetings are a joke.

  12. Moving on, Karl Joe HandsomeNovember 8, 2011 at 6:07 AM

    Well, I did not really want to spend $50K, but it was necessary in order to get this SCIC moving. After all the effort and energy that was put into forming it and getting it started, it did need the money. Yes, they said they would not ask, but as we all realize, at times, it is necessary to face reality and reality hit when it was discovered that they needed the money.

    Mr. Johansen, your actions last night, in my opinion sealed the passing of the article. You can't get up and accuse someone of an untoward action, as you did with Mr. Bailey, and expect that people will just accept it. You, in my opinion, should have vetted the information you had before, not the night of the TM.

    You have lost your touch at TM, not because you don't have a clue, you do actually, but because you are to harsh on people whether they be Marshall, Bridges, Grundman, Bailey, or others.

    Its now time to move on. There is a lot to do before May town meeting. There are four elections coming up in less than a year. Much to do, let's keep it civil folks.

  13. Carl Johansen would state this this is public apology in regards to my use of Mr. Bailey name during my dialog on artcle 2 at last night's town meeting

    This old man never intended to cast dispersions on Mr Bailey as a person, but rather the process it self. One is never to old to learn from a mistake, but it is a lesson going forward.

    This is one time that I misunderstood the facts of the request for $50,000 and it was not by the EIC, rather it was by the Town that was asking for this money.

    So to repeat, Mr. Bailey, I offer my sincere apology to you as an upstanding citizen of Sandwich/

  14. Randy thank you for this fourm.

  15. Thank you Mr. Johansen.

  16. To the poster of 2:07 PM. It appears that you are quite conflicted and confused. Next time you do an investigation, do not forget to gather the facts. You see the facts are needed to support your arguments and the facts are what you did not have. You were correct to apologize, but may I suggest you do it in person, or better still promise us all that you will get the facts the next time you butt into something....and that goes for your skunk too. Trust is the most important thing when we accuse and your track record shows where that stands.

  17. Carl, thank you. And so, I'll return your gesture of respect by trying to explain why I have volunteered thousands of hours over the past 7 years for this effort. Hopefully it will help to inform the folks on this blog about what we're doing, an why we think the SEIC has the potential to help our town tremendously. And how it already has begun to help.
    Seven years ago when I began to attend committee (EDC) meetings, I often heard that we had no land to work with, that we'd never be able to make Sandwich "business-friendly", and generally there wasn't much that could be done to improve the situation.
    After many conversations and learning about what other places have done, I brought together Senator Murray (not yet Senate President) with John Kennan (then Chair, Sandwich Chamber Board), Marie Oliva (CEO, Canal Chamber) and Bob Fultz (fmr. Town Planner) to seek $150K funding to hire a consultants to update our Local Comprehensive Plan. I didn't think we could do real economic development in Sandwich without that. (I didn't take a seat on that committee, nor did I seek the consulting position.) The LCP was a success for, among other things, generating a more positive attitude about our potential to do economic development.
    My role in leading the SEIC Task Force (the formation committee) came about organically. Several times I suggested others take over, but no one was willing to step up, and I came to accept that if I didn't do it, it might not get done. And I thought it was an important contribution I could make to my town. It was hard, discouraging work because we met so much resistance from people who didn't understand the value proposition of having an organization solely focused on economic development for the town. Still do, I guess.
    Currently  the SEIC is focused on expanding the accessible land within the industrial park by seeking grant money to build a road. We're working with the town on a strategy to maximize the town's revenues, short term and long, on the development of the town owned land in South Sandwich Village. And we're helping to catalyze the development of a wastewater treatment plant to care for our aquifer while allowing for economic growth. Good stuff for our future - substantial jobs and commercial tax base.


  18. Continued

    To clarify, I have never been on the SEIC Board, by choice. I did provide pro bono consulting services to the Board for much of their first year. I resigned from that role in May 2011, mostly because my business was going well, and required more focus.
    All this work can't be performed by volunteers long term, and it can't be done by people who've never done it before. Planning, permitting, negotiating, etc., are complex, time consuming, and can be very frustrating. So, the Board issued a Request For Proposals this past summer to hire a consultant, firm or team to provide specified services. Doug Lapp helped the Board write the Request, and it was published and posted in the usual manner for such public procurement solicitations. I was completely uninvolved in this process. All discussions of it occured in SEIC executive sessions which I was not invited to attend.
    When the RFP was issued, I considered whether I had the time and expertise to tackle such a challenging position while juggling my other client responsibilities, and also what the ideal consulting team would look like. I spoke with Sebastian Amenta about  bidding on the work. Sebastian is a professional engineer with over 30 years experience, and specializing in managing economic development programs. He assembled a team, led by his firm, Comprehensive Environmental, Inc., and including me. Also Tom Miller, a RISD trained planner, fmr. Economic Development Director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority, currently doing Public-Private Partnership projects with a private development firm. Tom grew up here in Sandwich.We submitted a proposal, interviewed with the Board, and were chosen for the job.
    Also serving the SEIC is Steven Torres, Corporate Counsel for Fall River, lots of development and Public-Private Partnership experience. Attorney's don't have the same public procurement requirements, and so Steve was appointed by the Board earlier in 2011 and has been serving in a pro bono capacity to date.
    During the interview, the Board talked about our willingness to work pro bono until funding was secured, and Sebastian agreed. That's why we were "hired" prior to funding. Preparing grant proposals to build the road in the Industrial Park has already required many hours of work, so it benefits the town that we've been able to get started on that project, among others.


  19. Continued

    Most mornings before school I remind my son of "the 3 things to remember: honesty, respect, hard work." Tonight, when I read another chapter in the Little House books to my daughter, I again pointed out to her how honest, and respectful, and hard working the Ingalls family is. And after I put her to bed and come back to my desk to work some more, I marvel at how much more complicated our lives are now. And how distrustful we are.
    I was never in favor of asking the town for funding because of all this political backlash. But Bud Dunham saw it as a good investment in the future of the town, and I don't disagree with that.
    I grew up in dairy country, lived in Manhattan for 15 years, and my wife and I came to Sandwich 8 years ago to raise our family. I'm not perfect, but I don't think I've done anything wrong here. To the contrary, I'm really proud of what we're doing. I'm helping our town, and I think I'm offering a valuable skillset and unique knowledgebase as a member of the consulting team. But I can't work for free forever, nor can anyone else.
    I hope this helps,
    Chris Bailey

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  21. Sometimes we need to catch our breath and think a little bit. I think this blog has run its course. It is now time to blog about something different. I am rather surprised that there has not been anything said about not plowing private roads as we have done always.

    I am not equipped to discuss it myself. I was always one to say that if people wanted their roads private, then they should maintain it privately, but now I am thinking that some, please read what I said, some people have very good arguments. The town gave on road to the current owners, another has brought its road up to standards but the town does not want to plow it because they must go over someone elses road first and that road is not up to standard.

    The question I would pose is "what obligation does the town have to protect those that live on one of these roads".

  22. Good for you Carl. I agree with Dusty...moving on. An article about the town's plowing policy would be good.

  23. Mr. A asks…

    Mr. Hunt, why are you censoring my posts again?

  24. Mr. A. Randy did not put up one of my posts and one of a group of bloggers with whom I chat as they are friends. Quite frankly, I don't blame him. Its probably true in your situation too. Don't be offended, just be more careful.

  25. Mr. A says…

    Mr. Hunt, I followed your rules. It goes back to your agenda of allowing certain posters a lot more leeway than others, even if they follow the rules (the ones you don’t always apply evenly). This really speaks to your agenda against Ms. Marshall. Don’t worry Mr. Hunt, I know you won’t post this either.

  26. Mr. A. says…

    To Mr. Hunt – Why do you run a blog when you won’t be fair? Is it only to allow people to post their view with whose agenda you support, so this way you can control what is going on?

  27. Mr. A: Your comment that you tried to post three times was pure ugliness and served no purpose. Be constructive, not hateful.

  28. Mr.A says…

    To Mr. Hunt - your last was post was so incorrect. I asked a specific poster, who I did not mention his name, to also consider apologizing for his actions against a certain school committee member at her last meeting. It was not inaccurate or ugly – it was done in a manner that was now where near some of the other things you allowed others to post on the same issue. Look at November 8, 2011 6:07 AM for example. I know you don’t like my opinion because it does not fit your agenda. To call my requested post hateful and ugly, strong words, shows that you only want certain types of people to post on this blog. How sad.

  29. Quite an improvement, Mr. A. Thanks.

  30. Mr. A, if in fact the post that Randy did not allow was much milder than mine, then Randy is wrong, but from passed experience reading and commenting on this blog, I think he has it just right in what he allows or does not allow to be posted.

    I did say that I was moving on, but I must also be hypocritical and make the post to point a few things out to you as I don't think that you understood my tone in the post.

    I respect Mr. Johansen for his knowledge, perseverance, and investigative abilities. If it were not for him, this, as many blogs would be a little bit boring. I do not like the way he has gone after people in town.

    Examples: Ms. Marshall--Just read all that he said about her in the blog such as but not limited to doing things on behalf of the union, not caring for the children and making decisions in their best interests, doing things illegal (at least she understood what a legal posting of a meeting was) and the shameless goodbye with flowers no less. If it had been someone saying that of him, then many of his supporters, and there are many would have been very upset. His telling everyone about his rights to speak at a public meeting and referring to the constitution. She had acurately called him out of order for going overhis 5 minutes and then arguing about his rights incorrectly; Matt Bridges--A respected and long time administrator. I can only say that what I had heard that Mr. Johansen said was out of line when he was up for Superintendent. I don't know if it was true, but I do know that I heard it from at least five unrealted sources; Ms. Grundman--Went before the board of Selectmen when she was chairman with a citizens complaint. He pushed the issue and spoke to her not being a leader. Like Mr. Johansen, Ms. Grundman is a hard worker and knows the facts. She seems to push issues forward as a leader might. In my opinion and mine only, he could have been a little more sensitive to what she has done for the town and a little more polished in presenting his complaint; Mr. Bailey--He as said he was sorry and there is no need to go over what he said.

    I said that he made an untoward statement. I hope I used the word correctly as I meant it to mean "not favorable". He made it without the facts and as indicated above there is no reason to continue about this as he has apologized.

    I said he lost his touch at town meeting. I brought my popcorn, and tomato juice and waited for the results of his investigation and was disappointed. He was unable to even get any sort of debate going for his position and it lost by a wide margin. This would not have happened several years ago. He lost the library debate at town meeting.

    I like the guy, but I think he must get down from his high horse and run for office. That is where the proof will come out as we can see if the public supports him or not.

    I would vote for him, not for any other reason than he does research and whether or not intrupreted correctly he gets these blogs talking. All in all, he is a very good man.

  31. Mr. A says…

    Poster 9:26 AM - I find it interesting that you can post with names and I can’t. The post that was not allowed mentioned only one name, a previous school committee member. I thought the person that was making an apology on this blog for his treatment of another, might want to re-visit what he had done to this school committee member. Does that sound hateful and ugly? You even discussed this in your post. This school committee member gave twenty years of service to the kids in this district and to this community. I just read a post in another section of this blog that she received a recognition award of some sort for that service. In my opinion, she was improperly treated, as was the person at Town Meeting, not only in her last meeting, but for belief that what she was doing was best for our kids and this district. It is because of her leadership we have a Superintendent that works for the kids, and for this district . One of her harshest critic was, and is, this same person –and as you correctly stated in your post 9:26 AM, the facts that this poster use as arguments to disagree with this school committee member were not correct. There is a difference between opinions and facts.

  32. I wish I could have seen your removed post. If the facts were as you said, then in my opinion it should have been posted.

    Your written eloquence put what I said to shame. Your point is well taken.

    As I see it, if hed did not go after people so hard, his arguments would carry a lot more strength. We all have opinions, including Ms. Marshall and Mr. Bailey, and most of us, including the person of whom we speak has some, but I feel that his points written alone without mention of the ways of others would serve him better.

    Thanks for your thoughts. Maybe this time I can move on now that your eloquence has put this to rest for me.

  33. Mr. A. says...

    To the poster at 6:42 AM, I too wish you could have seen the post that the blog administrator would not allow. I very rarely use names and that was the only difference from what he allowed to be posted after I took a former school committee members name. To be honest, I prefer not to post, but at that same time I don’t believe I should sit back and let other people just make stuff up and portray them as facts and let them go unchallenged, much as you have done. I was brought up to respectful of other even if we disagree. Will we always agree? Maybe not, but we should always be respectful of others opinions and let them speak or post them without any basis, as long as they don’t cross the line. That I do agree with with the blog administrator. We all need to do our homework and research on these matters, as much as we can; it is really only then, will you be able to make better informed decisions on these matters. Thank you for your kind words.

  34. I would vote for Carl too. Being a gad fly seems to be a time honored tradition in small town New England and I suppose it is in many communities. But with so much to do and so little time to do it, people with actual skin in the game can help out much more. People listen to him and give him a lot of time. It would be great if he actually got in the game!

    Blogs are great for venting. They all have a political point of view. It's Randy's blog, he can do what he wants.

  35. I wanted to add that this blog or any blog, though tuff to take at times, does afford an opportunity for people to exchange thoughts. And on one subject we are told never to talk about, politics.

    Over the years I have been amazed to discover how many people do not recognize that politics is apart of everything. Time and again women have said to me that they don't want to be a part of politics because it is so nasty. It is truly amazing that the very same women often get involved in over the top hurtful politics in their circles. Their are men and women, like Carl who think because they lobby for their cause or opinion, they are fully engaged in politics. There are people who have groups that discuss things, believing that level of political involvement is adequate. Not that it isn't a good thing. Certainly people are all very different.

    But years ago someone spoke to me of the "feel good" factor when it comes to political and civic engagement. There is truth in that. We all like to do things that make us feel good about ourselves and our place in our communities. Those activities though well intended aren't always where we find the politics that will bring positive change to our communities.

    Blogs are down and dirty at times, but so is real engagement. An interesting article in the Cape Cod Times this morning on the editorial page uses the word bystander to explore our responsibility as adults standing up for what is right. If blogs help people move away from being bystanders in our society, that's a good thing. Thanks Randy.

  36. Now ain't it just nice to live in Sandwich. Despite all the negative, we end up with a nice piece for the blog at 7:12AM. Thanks Anonymous.

  37. @ Mr. Johansen,

    People want you to run. We need a voice like yours when we agree or disagree with you. You get us thinking and work very hard. Please run for something.

  38. Agree with Mr. Vitaman...please run for office Carl or ask to go on the Fin Com!!!!!

  39. Carl Johansen would state to those who have made me feel more humble in some of your support and comments. I thank each of you and are reminded by one of my favorite Poems [At the Crossroads]byMr. Hovey.

    In life we each have a road to travel, at times it is bumpy and at other times it is smooth,

    The majority of my life has been on the bumpy side and for what ever reason it has provided me with the will to survive and go on.

    Now in my 78th year in this world and having served as a volunteer for many organizations in leadership roles and also serving my country aboard a man of war ship for 4 years, where I was responsable for the secondary battery. My wife and I raised 3 sons, whom Have established themselves in the business world with distinction.

    It was decided early on when I retired to our home here in Sandwich that I no longer would be part of any group, where I could not speak my mind. I did not want the restrictions placed upon most when ever they became involved in some political enity.

    My perspectives on all issues involved in the town of Sandwich are my own.

    I have no apples in the pie and the only one I am beholding to is my self.

  40. Carl Johansen to continue on this road I have chosen is not out of fear, rather out of conviction for those that have no voice and are afraid to speak.
    My questions and answers require many hours of research to obtain the truth in what ever subject matter is being addressed as a concerned citizen of Sandwich,

    Am I perfect,NO, ,but I make every attempt to do the correct thing and when I believe that a mistake has been carried out, I will own up to my mistakes. When ever I engage a subject I have stated many times that I am not perfect and I am also not out in left field. More like Some where in the middle.

    Now I know that some here take exception to the last day upon when I presented a rose to each of the ladies at the school board meeting[Something I had done under prior situations}

    Had I not presented one to MS. Marshal the same folks would then have another reason to claim some disrespect and they would still be stuck in the past and not looking towards the future.

  41. I would like to state the wording I used at that meeting before I presented a rose to the ladies.

    Ms. Marshal , today marks a crossroad in your life, with out question that has generated many hours of negative and choice words, here and elswhere.

    Perhaps they may have been harsh and perhaps they have not, but in the end you did have the opportunity to voice your opinions and you chose not to do so. The children of Sandwich have been affected by all the bickering and what ever else you may want to call it.It is time for you to travel into the part of life where once you may have cared, but find it more difficult to comprehend. We all start of with good intensions, but some where along the crossroad , we become a little conflicted and fail to regonize our mistakes. I am no different, just to be clear. It is time for you to stop and smile.

    We all have crossroads to bear in life and we all need to recognize when the time has come to step back and reflect what our actions may have created.In my opinion that time has come and you should embrace it and perhaps some day in the future you would be willing to share in an honest way, why you chose the path you did on this part of your crossroad in life

  42. Carl Johansen at the end I wish each of you , good fortuned and happiness.

    My closing comments at that school committee meeting are as follows

    Here we all sit together an another crossroad in life, we can look back into the abyss or continue on the road of harmony and tranquility,
    Choices we make now , will determine the outcome of our children and that road may still be bumpy, but we all need to look at the harmony and truth, for in the end , they will lead us all in the right direction.

    Thank you once again to those that renforced what I see going forward when it comes to questions and answers we all are concerned about and my crossroad will remain bumpy , but hopefully more will better understand my motivation is for the whole welfare of our town and its citizens that care, but do not speak out. I have no apples in the pie, just opinions and questions

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  43. You are a good man Mr. Johansen, but it is time for you to into the part of life where once you may have cared. As for Ms. Marshall, congratulation on your award from the School Committee Association. I know you STILL care and will STILL work for the children.

    Again, Mr. Johansen, Goodbye.


  45. I could not have said it better. The schools are a much different and pleasant place to be this year.

  46. Well put 6:15

  47. Do you think that Shawn Cahill, Bob Guerin, Bob Simmons or Andrea Killion will get an award?

  48. Mr. Hopkins, as for the names you mention, perhaps we should give a little on Mr. Guerin. He is well intentioned, bright, and made mistakes that led to the fiasco with the superintendent. I just can't understand how he thought that the meeting that was deemed illegal was legal. Anyone who looks at this call objectively can see it not just the lawyers.

  49. I think anybody who can sit up there and listen to the nonsense for 20+ years deserves an award -- regardless of whether or not they actually accomplish anything!!

  50. Mr. A. says...

    To poster 6:15 - I am surprised you got that posted. You spoke positive about a previous school committee member and even got to mention her name. That doesn’t happen often enough. To poster 6:50 – you hit the nail on the head. Something that hasn’t been seen in this district for three years.

  51. To poster 9:11 AM – Mr. Guerin has some explaining to do as to why he along with Aleta Barton and Richard Augustine thought it would be a good use of taxpayer money to bring what proved to be another unsuccessful lawsuit against certain school committee members. He had to know it was going to cost the town money in legal fees. That does not deserve a free pass. “ Well intentioned”, is not a phrase that comes to my mind.

  52. I think this discussion train has left the tracks ...

    This has started to sound like a room full of 11 year-olds (some with below-grade level grammatical & spelling abilities!)

    I heard a rumor the Town needs to do a budget for next year .... maybe we could focus on that rather than reliving sordid history and arguing about "who sucks more" ?

  53. Bob Gearing and Bob SimondsNovember 17, 2011 at 7:00 AM

    Ms. Enough...said...

    It is much too early to say anything about the budget as we don't know how much of a deficit we have. It always starts with an incredible number and slowly narrows. They first speak about the end of Sandwich as we know it, then go ahead and waste money on things we don't need. I fear that this year it will be ads for schools.

  54. Mr. A says...

    To poster 11:02 – Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Interesting way to try and get your point across, insult those you disagree with. This looks eerily like last year when posters couldn’t come up with any facts to support their arguments and they would just insult people.

  55. Mr. A, I think you are right. Can you imagine not being able to understand open meeting law even when a judge explains it. We should have listened early on to the people who understood it and we might have avoided legal actions that were erroneous. I wonder who their lawyer was...oh silly me, it was the center of the problem's lawyer. Maybe the three should have hired their own lawyer. It cost the Town money but I wonder if it cost them money. I love to go onto this blog at this time, after my morning run and breakfast it makes me laugh before going on to the grind. Catch you later.

  56. Watching BOS last night, the first brush at bare bone budget projections came up. No deficit and no end to Sandwich as we know it. Just a lot of gobble de guk. Constructive resolution to have the three boards meet in early December to talk about the budget. While the world is not coming to an end in Sandwich, there is no real plan beyond economic development for doing anything about shrinking resources beyond holding the line, which essentially means cuts to services in reality, since we are not keeping up with them. Oh and another year has been added to how long we've made the 06 override last. Lots to be proud off.

  57. 6:41, I am not sure that Sandwich or any municipality can do anything but either cut the budget, increase the tax base or a combination of the two except to do whatever is necessary to become more efficient. They have made strides to efficiencies by developing a pay as you throw program, suggesting that maybe the schools should bite the bullet and come into the Town's accounting system, and proposing to increase safety by building a Police/Fire Center and reducing traffic by having Mr. Tsakolas build a road. It is wonderful that we have such a hard working and dedicated BOS. All five are to be commended.


  59. Anon at 5:37 I came out of retirement just to tell you that if you just touch the 'capslock' button on your keyboard? You will chat nicely like the rest of us. Methinks you are so hellbent on ranting that you have probably removed that key from your keyboard. You really need to find a new horse in a new race. The Marshall/Johnson race is long over. There will always be two points of view on every issue in life and not everyone is always correct, to include ME!

  60. nah nah nah nah ...November 19, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    I agree with Greg.

    But, I am curious -- you keep talking about others telling half truths and lies .... but you never say exactly what they lied (or half lied) about.

    I dont really care, because the battle is over, but It's amusing you still keep hammering the same empty rhetoric at every opportunity.

    PS -- watch out for those "sheeps" !!


  62. Greg, retired but back from sabbatical, I thinkNovember 20, 2011 at 3:17 PM

    Frederico Caps, 'I'm a little teapot, short and stout..this is my handle'... oh never mind. Mea Culpa Fred for thinking you were my long lost blogging friend from what seems like so long ago. So many more important issues in town these days....but.... disparate treatment by SC members apparently will never find peace on any blog. And Fred, caps or not, I am retired but working in a very rewarding and socially supportive job. Its amazing how many folks are hurting on Cape Cod. Some of us see it every day, more so than others, so thats why I cannot waste important time on that bad period of our towns' history. Hmmmm, ya think its the economy? I am impressed that Mr Tsakolos, (who has a horse in the race when it comes to the golden triangle) has come forward with an opening plan...thar is hope in what was a red sky sunrise afterall!

  63. I would agree that the BOS and town government are making positive strides. It will be good to see what financial efficiency has been created by PAYT.

    As far as saving money or creating efficiency for town government where a new fire and police HQ is concerned, that is a bit of a stretch, unless you look at a very very long return in investment. The price tag will be in the double digit millions and will have to be covered by a debt exclusion which, regardless of it's end date in terms of raised taxes to citizens, is a tax increase. One big one for a building will dampen the possibility of other smaller increases given the political will historically displayed in this town not to mention the reality that we are still in a recession with people hurting financially. What about other things like the roads and other buildings that have fallen behind. Override for operational improvements is a dirty word here, though in other towns our size they are standard ways to continue to make sound budgets. Continuing to build buildings we can not take care of, though a prominent mainstay in Sandwich since the late 1980s, is a troublesome trend, when you consider town services are not just buildings. I see the value of a combined public safety building, but the timing will be key.

  64. Police Fire Bldg. would allow police to hire more officers, hence more efficient. It will be at a location where the poplation center is, thus more efficiency We will avoid a catastrophe when the current bldgs are flooded and deemed uninhabilable, thus another efficiency. As for timing. The chiefs will be near the new town hall, yet another efficiency. Moral of the firefighters and police will be better. The chief of police would get an office instead of a closet. Firfighters can sleep at night without getting wet. We will have acceptable jail cells. We will have modern equipment. Anyone who doesn't like this will be remembered the next time they run for office.

  65. Hiring more officers is operational so it means raising taxes permanently, which is fine for some and not for others.

    The first hurdle is getting the voters to approve the cost. Regardless of the reasons, in this economy in a town that doesn't like raising taxes that's going to be tough. The Town voted to open East Sandwich Fire station in 2008 at Town Meeting. The operational cost nixed it through the BOS and Fin Com. after Town Meeting. Granted a new public safety building has always been what some have wanted and been on the agenda for some time.

    Even if elected officials are for something, it doesn't mean the timing is right for success with the voters. If it fails, it takes longer to bring it back up sometimes. Public safety is clearly an issue. It was in 2008. The overtime issue for fire and police gets discussed and discussed. The conditions of the HQ for police and fire is bad but par with how the town has approached Capital for the past 15 - 25 years.

    Timing will be the issue. No argument on earth will make it easier for voters to say yes if their pocket-books say no and if they think the timing is off. There are so many needs in town. People see things differently plus the economy is a factor.

  66. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all. We are so lucky to be able to live in the abundance that is the United States. We especially thank those who came from every culture with every belief to this melting pot we call our home. If it were not for them we would be nothing. My Grandparents were among those who are the people who truly made us what we are today.

    God Bless our land, may it endure forever.

  67. Arianna,

    May the Lord Bless you. Peace!

  68. Arianna, What a lovely thing to say and it is so true. Thank you for saying it. All my great great grandparents were immigrants. America is a amazing in so many ways. I'm thankful to be an American too. Thank you for reminding us all to be thankful of our glorious melting pot.

  69. I'm back on the blog wishing Arianna would write more. I hope we all took in her comment.


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