Sunday, September 25, 2011

Vote early, vote often in Massachusetts

I went to a movie the other day. I paid for the tickets with my debit card and I was asked to show an I.D.

Every time I walk into the Statehouse, I have to show my I.D.

Get on a plane? Keep your I.D. out and available.

Go the polls? Pick an address. Any address. Identification? Not necessary.

Quite literally, I could go to a town where they don’t know me and vote at every polling place. But no one would do that, would they?

Thirty states require voters to show identification to pull a ballot. A group of citizens believes that Massachusetts should be thirty-one, but their petition was found to be invalid by the attorney general because forcing people to show I.D.’s at the polls would make it harder to vote and, because an I.D. card from the RMV costs $25, the law would be a de facto poll tax.

Somebody please make the case for me that showing an I.D. would complicate the ballot checkout system because I can’t figure out why.

Regarding a poll tax, the attorney general’s argument is inconsistent. To register to vote, one must show identification. So the AG is saying 1) that we’re violating the Voting Rights Act of 1965 with our registration laws, or 2) well, I don’t what she’s saying. Help me out here.

A simple solution would be to provide free I.D. cards to people who are registered voters if they have no other valid voter identification.

Despite the AG's ruling, which has been appealed, the petitions will be ready for signature collection starting this week. If the court rules with the AG, the issue will be dead. At least for awhile.

This is an issue, like term limits, that will not be taken up by the legislature as long as the Democrats have a 5 to 1 advantage. The good news is that they had a 10 to 1 advantage just a year ago.


  1. Ask any town clerk,as I did, what happens if when you get to the voting station and someone has already voted under your name. Simple and logical question right? The answer Taylor White gave me took him five minutes to explain. This scenerio holds your vote hostage untill it can be determined what happened. It is identity theftplain and simple. You need an ID to get a fishing license but not to vote. So sad

  2. Hey, if you need an id to get a fishing license, I wonder what the AG thinks of that. Poor people can't afford it!

    Typical Democratic guano. It exists in Washington, Boston, and yes, Sandwich. If someone votes in your stead, believe me, the vote that you might make is provisional, but, as I understand it, those provisional ballots do not count unless there is a very very close election. God Bless America, where else can freedom to vote be hijacked because a Democrat is afraid of losing a vote.

  3. Carl Johansen would ask Alex, Why will the democrats lose a vote? Voting is a priviledge[spel] and a right, under the constitution. Are we saying that that you do not think asking for identfication is the way to go? In some states folks whom have passed away and and have been buried in the ground for years are still voting and collecting social security. This was recently brought to light, but not really news to many.

    These illegal practices have resulted in many dollar being paid to those that have a name on a stone some where. Now who is actually recieving the cash benifits of being able to vote and collect these moneys with out any one questioning, is the person putting a name on the ballot living or not.

    It is more then just voting when it comes to identifing the actuall person to determine if they are real or not. It goes beyond party lines in my opinion. Millions of dollars each year get paid to folks that do not exist, except at the ballot box. That is hard earned cash going to scams, that have been contrived by unethical Americans. This would be one way to stop the bleeding.

  4. Having to show an ID is part of life, something we all have to deal with, at least those of us who are legal citizens. Who doesn't have some sort of ID anyway? Whether it is a state issued MA drivers license or one of those state ID's that indicate you are old enough to buy beer, everyone should already have one so how does the idea that this is a "de facto tax" a logical conclusion? The AG's argument (as Randy aptly pointed out) makes no sense, if you have to show an ID to register, how is it a hardship to provide one at the polls? Unfortunately this is another excuse to make certain groups "feel good" and not "discriminated". No ID, no vote, period.

  5. I think it is the timing of this movement for identification that has many troubled about it. This is a radical change for age old voting regulations and culture. Is there time to educate all people who will be effected? Probably not. When you consider the roots of this movement do seem to be political, I can understand the negativity. The concept is one thing. The timing is another. In Sandwich I am not aware of any problems with people voting twice.

  6. Maybe someone could answer a question for me. I just came back from my Doctor's office. When I went in, for the first time this year, I was asked to present my insurance card, including medicare and a liscense or picture ID. I'm thinking that if this is required under federal law, then there should be precious few, if any who do not have an ID.

    Let's keep this thread moving. It is paramount to the success of this Republic.


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