Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Time to lead, Mr. President

Instead of taking the podium and dumping on Congress and the Tea Party, could our president have, instead, declared that he would LEAD the way out of this financial morass? Stop campaigning for a few minutes and be president for a change.


  1. Have you ever heard "the devil you know is better than the one you don't know. Could you imagine Bauchman, Perry, Gingrich and the other midgets leading this country.

    I don't like Obama, did not vote for him, but at this point, there is no alternative.

    Yes he should stop the lies, stop campaingning and just lead. This greatly weakened nation needs it.

  2. Carl Johansen would state that it all starts with saving jobs for those that live in our country and it all ends when these jobs are allowed to be transferred to other countries, without any consciousness.

    Todays CCT has a nice public opinion in regards this subject matter, perhaps some here might read that or our host could post it here for all to read. This public opinion comes from a staunch public servant and has an insite to many of todays worldly problems that provide the truth in regards to this ever ending problem we are facing as a nation.

    It is time for the President of the United States to take a stand and make positive efforts to prevent any more errosion of jobs oversees at the expence of stability here at home.

    Carl Johansen

  3. I cannot reprint anything from the CC Times here, but Joanne, as author, could print her letter to the editor as a comment.

  4. Mr. Johansen, Right you are about companies sending OUR jobs overseas. Its about time that the politicians in this country start thinking about how we are going to make it number one again.

    GM is now going to invest heavily in China for production of their electric cars. Bad enough that it steals our jobs, but it also gives the Chineese knowledge of our technologies in this crtical area. Why do all the pols say nothing?

    Its time for the PEOPLE to decide who they want for President. The process now is greatly flawed, if you don't believe me, then tell me how did we ever pick a green behind the ears (a lot of green behind big ears), totally clueless President as we did in 2008? Set aside the one upsmanship that the Dems and Reps are trying to do. Let's get America behind America. Let us not talk of division and class warfare, but try to come up with solutions. I am afraid that my boys will be living in a different America than myself and husband have lived.

    Let us look for ways to get America running again. Let us create a social think tank online that can make the politicians understand that all Americans want is a good life for themselves, their families, and all of those who work hard at trying to be productive in all of their endeavors.

    Let's boycott car companies that take our jobs and technologies overseas.


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