Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene: MA South Coast, Cape and Islands MEMA update

Kurt Schwartz, Director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), led a half-hour update for legislators this morning on Hurricane Irene preparations.

The current, most likely path for Irene puts it crossing Long Island at Smithtown, moving northeast through Hartford, and entering Massachusetts just east of Springfield. Hurricane force winds are projected for 30 miles west of the center of the storm to about 90 miles east.

Director Schwartz pointed out the hazards to expect on the South Coast and Cape & Islands, including rip currents that are already happening on South Coast beaches, storm surges, and 25+ foot seas. Coastal erosion and flooding are likely to be worsened by the new moon tides.


  1. Carl Johansen would hope that our fire and police departments will relocate to high grounds, before the storm hits.

    Those that have the misfortuned in living close to the waters edge , may just see flooding of the basements and should take precautions in the eventuallity of high water damage.

    Check all your pumps to make sure they are in working order and should the electrel go out have a stand by generator or hand pump to get the water out.

    I also hope that the town clerks office take all the records in the basement to higher floors.

    This could be a very nasty storm surge and every one best be prepared.

    Carl Johansen

  2. Carl, Mr. Speaker, thanks. David Leary

  3. David Mr. Secretary, I see you are looking in on Randy's Blog?? No doubt you have had a few moments of concerns in regards to what is going on around town?

    The OLd Girl is standing tall and has had a new addition added. If you have not seen it yet, be sure to drop by to take a look.

  4. To Carl Johansen: You are so negative in your approach. Do you think that the Town Departments and Town Manager's office needs your advice?

  5. Positive Paul, My advise is free with no consulting fees.

    Some hereabouts get paid to provide information that is also common sense for the most part.

    Some town departments enjoy good leadership and some may not. I happen to think that both the Fire and Police are under good leadership and are always open to suggestions. So before you go off on your negative approach, why did you not come up with a little more originality??

    When ever one does make a suggestion in regard to personal observations, how does that turn out to be a negative process? I have seen the damage over the years ,especially at the town clerks building, that we the tax payers got to pay for , because due dilligance was not brought to bear by those in charge. So keep every thing in prespective, especially if you pay taxes here in Sandwich. Once damage is done it cost more to recover from it, especially when it could have been prevented.

    Now smile

    Carl Johansen

  6. I agree with Carl. This could have been an expensive storm for the Town of Sandwich had our emergency buildings been affected as is currently predicted on the radar for the near future. Positive Paul, there is a clear difference between negative thinking and plain ol' preventative maintenance. I do believe our Town does indeed need help with the preventative maintenance end of things. You will be hard pressed to find company to agree that our buildings have been maintained properly.

  7. Many years ago, it was decided by the powers that be that the yearly line item for Capital Maintenance be set at $500,000. about 15 years ago the Finance Committee decided it needed more say where Capital maintenance was concerned and came up with the Capital Improvement Planning Committee, on which sits fin com representation with other volunteers. Granted that happened before we had a building maintenance department on the municipal or school side. Now I wonder if the CIPC helps or gets in the way with another layer we don't need.

    Maintaining our assets with that kind of budget line item has been ridiculous, but the powers that be ran a tight ship and now we are paying for it. The planning revolved around keeping the budgets low and not asking for help from the taxpayers except in dire circumstances with an emphasis on debt exclusion for major capital. Not sure it could have been handled any differently, but we are in quite a mess. When you live in the town with the highest taxes and people talk and talk and talk about that, it is going to be difficult to actually bring the resources to the table needed to turn this around. It will have to be incremental.

    The budget, though designed by Town Management has to get past the BOS and the Fin Com. CIPC controls capital expenditures. I would imagine the professionals in town would have liked more capital maintenance budget money in that line item. So remember who is responsible for this. The running the town like a check book system, while good on some levels such as our bond rating, has left us in this economy with many financial challenges. The political will has not been in leadership or in the public to do anything different but just make ends meet.

  8. God bless this Town with people like you all making comments as if you had the answers, knew the problems or tried to run for office.

  9. Carl Johansen would state to 6:56 One could say it is only by the grace of God that Sandwich has fared as well has it has. Answers to questions never come very easy in todays political climate and over the years this has resulted in many more questions then answers.

    When the problimatic questions are looked at by the same faces every time, you get the same answers, the same results.

    That is why it is imperative that the citizens continue to ask questions that in time hopefully will result in someone with power to provide a solution that works for every one.

    It is a fact that Sandwich has had a systematic problem in maintaining all of its buildings, no one can deny this.

    It also becomes clear that these problems will never go away[at least in my life time]Eventually the cost of this will be on the backs of future citizens to bear unless we can find the way to bring the right answers to all of the questions that never seem to make what is needed and what is not needed to correct all of the problems.

    Answers get complicated by political town connections and not wanting to allow others to have a voice in the process.

    The damage has gone on to long to be corrected over night, that is why a plan must be made and followed through on , no matter the cost, but with out the political overtures we have today if we are to succeed. New faces, bring new ideas,more questions and perhaps even a solution or two.

    Yes God has blessed this town just as he has blessed you and I.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  10. I can see that Carl Johansen is going to go the way of supporting fixing problems. We have an inadequate library for the citizens of the Town and the usage of the current library. Why is he against it, but in the above quote by him he sates that we need to fix the problem. Why was he so against fixing the fire and police stations when in one of his prior quotes he writes about the waters coming into those stations. It is convenient for him to use whatever he needs to make his point even if his arguments at times are inconsistant. He doesn't understand that he needs to run for office to have credibility--he much lacks it--not just comment on just about every issue in Town stirring it up, but fearing to run for office. He does not bring many things to light but mearley exacerbates the argument.

  11. CJ has been dubbed the unofficial mayor of Sandwich by many in the gobclub. He is enabled to think that he can change stuff from the outside. Talk is, as we all know cheap, especially when it is pot shots. I wish everyone paid as close attention as CJ but I also wish people understood what it truly means to be civic minded. And thank goodness for all the folks who do run for office, take on being appointed, and volunteering for town committees. It is a truly thankless job in Sandwich for the most part, especially now with partisan tension, blogs, poor writers for our one local rag, and pot shots abounding. Thank you to the folks who are willing to at least really try to do the work. And thank goodness for people like CJ who pay attention. Good communication is a vital tool for a positive outcome. In these days where few people have little respect for anyone else's time, except it get them something, we have quite a struggle to find a community that lifts people up instead of tearing them down. I still think Sandwich is filled with basically good folks who have good values. I just wish we could all truly work together and quit wasting so much time and energy on "the noise."

  12. Carl Johansen would state to poster 10:43. You make some rather good points in regards why politics here abouts need to be explored from a better view point. Any one with an ounce of common sense would also have voted to not open the East Sandwich fire station. That whole process was led by political reasons in my opinion and nothing more. The town of Sandwich did not have the wherefor all to sustain this project long term and that my friend is a fact if you had been following the budget process.

    I believe then, as I do now, that a better approach to the whole safety issues we face as as a town must come from a combined new safety building located in the center of town. That approach had been in my many discussions with the selectmen, finance committee, police and fire departments.This is where all of our spare resources should be focased on. The continued growth of Sandwich is depended upon this occurring.
    Also for your information,I also had many conservations with the present and past Union presidents in regards to my position. You see,unless we could sustain a political football, which manning the East Sandwich would have amounted to. Those presently working for our fire department would have to take a chance that they would be one of those that got layed off when the budget ran out of operating money.

    I have seen the results of bad planning for political reasons and it hurts deticated employees.
    It is a far better thing we do as a town to build a new safety complex and that my friend is what I hope to see done in the next severel years under the present guidance of our present leaders here in Sandwich.
    Once that is acomplished I am sure the rest will take of itself.

    I ask why would you fix the roof of your house if the foundation was collapsing into the ocean??? I suppose under your thought process you would?

    Carl Johansen

  13. Carl Johansen would state to poster 10;43 continuing on to your concerns for the present library. Once again the lack of common sense in regards to financing a project that has not been well thought out from the very beginning.

    The town at present needs to devote all of its energy towards getting the funding to build a combined fire and police safety building. This project cannot be placed on the back burners any more for the overall well being of all its citizens.

    If the present library, located in the center of Sandwich does not serve its people, then expand the present location. Why build a building that is over sized and not adapted to todays technolgy? The books of yesteryear are in the past and in todays world electronics are the wave of the future. That is one reason book stores that did not look into the future are now failing across are great nation.

    A library is not a pizza shop, we have plenty of them in Sandwich now and they sure do not need any compitition which is one of the uses I heard mentioned when the library proposal was made to the public. The original proposal also had many other uses that were not related to what a library would normally used for.

    Now the financial reasoning goes more like this .
    If the present library cannot pay the present salaries, what makes you think that they would be able to pay the staff at a new one.
    One proposal I heard, was by doing annual fund raisers. The amount of money they would need to generate each year[that is what was staed if I heard correctly] would be so enormous that it does not make any common sense to me. That is given the present economy in the United States today.

    We could I suppose take the route that our fellow town Mashpee took and build a building and then not have the money to staff it. Now that is really serving the whole town or is it???

    To conclude my commantary has been very consistant , much to your lack of understanding the whole procces of financing projects long term, where dollars do not get wasted for political reasoning, especially when only one user group is being pitted againts another.

    We are one town and one people first and when any desicions are made it should be for the whole town and not for political gain.

    In closing you need to look at your own credibility I sign my name to what ever I support.

    Carl Johansen

  14. CJ may sign his name and that is well and good but others will get blasted by CJ and others for no other reasons (and I will use CJ's words here) but political. What does "it's political" really mean anyway CJ? You use it as code, it appears. Let's look at East Sandwich Fire station. Is it political for people in East Sandwich to want to feel safe and get the same service for their tax dollar that others in town get? Is it political for the Fire Department to be in favor of and wage an excellent argument for the merit of opening East Sandwich Fire Station several years back, as I recall presenting many good discussions to the community at BOS meetings over the course of that deliberation? It is there calling and duty to be concerned about the safety of all Sandwich residents. As it is many who are involved in government.

    Your use of the word political seems a bit off CJ. To those who observe you and hear your speeches at meetings, I would say many issues are very personal for you. You go on the attack and I must say stick with it, if someone strikes you the wrong way. For you it may be political, but frankly to me it seems mostly personal.

    One last comment where the Fire Station is concerned. What was political about that to me was that no matter what arguments was made, by professionals and every day Joes, no matter how many people came to ask that it be considered, no matter that Town Meeting voted it be done, it was political that the powers that be blocked it. Granted the recession hit, so I'll give you that. But as the events unfolded following the special Town Meeting, through the Fin Com and your outrage, the BOS, etc, that was political. Now the BOS has said no consideration of a new safety building until the town has appropriated enough money to cover staff. If East Sandwich had been opened a few years ago, we would already have the staff.

    Good planning takes more than political moves CJ, that I'll grant you.

  15. Johasen, I think you should re-read my last posting. I NEVER once mentioned the East Sandwich Fire Station yet you go on and on about it. Its kind of a bate and switch you always do. By the way, if you were one who had solutions then you would have to agree that as far as ambulance and fire safety, East Sandwich lies naked. What a shame that this part of the Town that I think is populated by humans does not have this basic necessity. Yes, what you say about the costs is correct, but that does not mean there is not a solution of some sort. But again, I must say, you did not get the point as usual.

    As for the library, I agree with you, BUT you again don't get the point. You are for building what YOU want. If we expand the old library who is going to fill the new jobs? Who is going to pay for the library.

    Yes we need a new fire/police station, but in a location that protects the most people and its not where the powers to be want to put it.

    My point is that you have far from the best answers and if you think you do, my question is why are you so afraid of running for office?

    The job you did on Sherry Marshall and the Conservation guy is unbelievable. I don't find your actions to be very nice. You should have the aplomb of Sherry Marshal.


  16. @11:07. YOu are right on for once. Johansen is enabled to think that he can change things from the outside. Yes, he is enabled by people like you. As seen at more than a few Town Meetings, he does not persuade many of them all the time. He was unable to save Dr. Johnson, you know why, because she was wrong as were all of those who thought she had a contract. She did not have one, but he perpetuated her myth that she had a valid contract. Our selectmen do not listen to his rantings about Mr. Galkowski. He he were Mayor, then perhaps that would be a good thing because after his first term, he would be gone. No one who fails to join or run for the major policy making boards of this Town deserve a disproportionate share of the news print. The only reason he gets it is that the newspapers on Cape need news and he gives it to them. He is not as civic minded as some of those that he criticizes.


  17. Thinking Outside the BoxSeptember 2, 2011 at 10:14 AM

    As I've said before I believe that a new Fire/Police complex should and needs to be built, the field at the Oak Crest Property comes to mind or the town land at 130 and Quaker. If memory serves me right the BOS ok'd $50K to study this issue just this year. However I also remember Mr. Dunham saying, at a special town meeting, that plans already exist for new safety buildings. So why spend $50K? Am I remembering this correctly?

    I may be over simplifing things here but if the BOS put the idea out to residents to sell town owned buildings i.e., Clark Haddad, especially if it's just the land, Jan Sebastian, Annex, and dare I say the renovated Town Hall (did I miss any buildings), we would then be able to re-configure/renovate Oak Crest to house all town offices except DPW, Police & Fire. The current library could also be sold and those funds go towards the building of the new library.

    If the residents would agree to this, which I think is very possible, an over-ride could be drafted, with the understanding that as each property is sold it would go towards paying down the override amount. There by making any tax increase a more short term event. Then it would be even easier to get an override thru for the Police/Fire complex, which I believe most folks agree that we need any way. The town could then sell these "water" view properties once the complex is completed and apply those funds to the complex override. Possibly the Forestdale station, maybe even the E. Sandwich station could be sold as well. An independant study would need to be done regarding response times from the new fire station to the different areas of town.

    Am I thinking completely outside the box?

    So why doesn't the BOS ask a commercial realtor (Carey Commercial comes to mind) to do an analysis of the real estate value on the above mentioned properties? This would help to see how much of a dollar figure the town would be looking at to re-build Oak Crest.

    Bottom line, residents are not going to vote an override to fix the town buildings especially with no light at the end of maintenance tunnel.

  18. Carl Johansen would state to all of the anonymous posters as of late, that first answer the questions before posting information that has been taken out of context in your postings.

    I have repeatly stated that I am not allways correct nor am I allways wrong, but some where in the middle. That happens to be a failure
    of human nature, we all carry with us as we live among the trials and tribulations of life.

    My perspective on events are based on what I precieve the truth to be at the time and that never will waver, no matter how some may feel.

    I will continue to call things the way I see them through my eyes, after deliberating with those in charge. My veiw points are mine alone and if I can make others see and understand the process from a different point of veiw, then I have done what I have set out to do.

    You all may never agree and that is fine with me, but I know that I have you thinking and that basically what I have set out to do in the first place. I have no political ties to any one group and that is the way I want it.

    I will also continue to state that when those folks you keep naming, who felt they have been unduely critized, have explained the reason as to why they made the desicions they have expounded upon, and it makes common sense. I would be the first one to apologise, if my comments were evaluated incorrectly.

    So far that has not been the case, other then the continued barrage of misinformation being spouted here by yourself.

    Again I ask a simple questions, why has one of those you speak about not declare a reasonable answer to any of the questions asked by many taxpayers?? In regards to the school process.

    If the other person you mentioned had done the job he was paid to do, why is the group that violated public rights to a public waterway, now under a penality disposition by the State?

    You are correct, the board of Selectmen did not take action, had they done that, it could have been handled in house. When this violation has been corrected, let us all hope that those who placed thousands of dollars on improvements will will be taxed accordingly

    Your turn in the barrel,, now smile

    Carl Johansen

  19. Carl Johansen would state to Mr. Hunt, I find the last few posters rather amusing in there lack of being original when it comes to the misinformation they are spreading. Mind you these folks have found that they can pile on in an attempt to get misinformed and misguided comments printed. Who knows it may be just one or perhaps more? I wil reserve my right to respond any further once we see how many more they can garner to pile on, without identifing themselves.

    Phantom posters, just answer the original questions being asked of you, before you engage in your quest of continuous contradiction.

    Once you all have done that, perhaps we may find some logic to providing the same answers as what I have stated before, when a responce was provided.

    Carl Johansen

  20. Mr. Johansen, how rediculous these folks are. They should be more articulate and straight forward and honest as you. They should know the laws of the Commonwealth, the by-laws of the Town and the happenings of every committee. You are perhaps the only one with the right answers. I know you say you don't but we all know you do.

    I am truly humbled by your words. Now I must take leave to do some conserving?

  21. Mr. A says…

    I see, Mr. Hunt, you have gone back to removing posts that support Ms. Marshall. Your support of a certain poster is now very obvious, and as one of the posters that you removed stated quite eloquently, for some reason the politicians in the town seem to be afraid of this person. Your removal of those posters who dare question his motives, while allowing him to post nonfactual posts is a testament to your support of his positions while dismissing those that oppose them – censorship is the word that comes to mind.

  22. Mr. A. I'm still getting used to the new Blogger interface and I accidentally deleted 3 or 4 comments. Repost if you like. No conspiracy here. Sorry.

  23. Mr. A apologizes to Mr. Hunt. I just thought it was peculiar that the posts removed were all of the same theme that took issue with a certain poster and his agenda against Ms. Marshall. Thank you for the explanation. Maybe the next time that happens the posts removed will be of that poster instead of others who thought his action were questionable at best.


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