Sunday, August 28, 2011

Governor, it is never time to panic

Today, the AP reported the following:

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said sustained winds today could reach 90 mph in Worcester County and 70 mph on Cape Cod. Winds that strong would shut down the bridges onto Cape Cod, as well as Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in coastal Plymouth, he said. 
“This is a very, very serious weather event, if the reality turns out to be what the forecast has been,” Patrick said, after a briefing with emergency officials at the state’s emergency management headquarters in Framingham.
“This is not a time to panic, but it is a time to be prepared.”

I feel compelled to advise that there is never a time to panic. Panic immobilizes a person, making it impossible to think rationally. Panic wastes precious time and results in increased risk for the panicked person.

You are correct, Mr. Governor, it is not a time to panic. It never is.

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  1. Where's has Duval been this past month or so!


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