Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pay-As-You-Throw bags quickly take 2nd place to $10 disposal fee

I provided an overview of the Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) system back in December (click here for the article), a video demonstration of recycling containers in February (click here for the article), a jab at the bag selling scheme in May (click here for the article), and my prediction of the biggest spring cleaning ever in June (click here for the article).

The spring cleaning rush was spurred by the $10 fee for disposing of non-metallic items and appliances with gases (refrigerators, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, propane tanks, etc.)

This fee is now the main issue for the majority of transfer station users in Sandwich. It seems that everyone has their own interpretation of what is assessed a $10 fee and what isn’t.

I received a simple explanation last week: All the stuff that is disposed of on the right side of the transfer station requires a $10 fee except for the five-cent deposit bottles, clothing, and metal pile.

What happens when I arrive with my plastic table and chairs from my cheap backyard set (which, by the way, has the recycle “triangle” embossed on each piece)? Do I attempt to load this stuff into the glass/cans/plastic compactor? If not, then I suppose I must go to the household item pile. Can I dump it for free since the plastic is recyclable? Do I pay $10 to dispose of the table and four chairs? Or $50—$10 for each piece? Did I mention that I only paid $69.99 for the set from Wal-Mart?

What about my metal patio set? The table is metal with a glass top. The chairs are metal-framed with vinyl seats. Does this go in the metal pile? Do I have to pay $10 for the glass top? What if I break it into a bunch of small glass shards? Can I put those in the compactor? Do I have to rip the vinyl material off the chairs? Where does that go? Is there a $10 charge for each wad of vinyl? Is vinyl recyclable?

My experience with the PAYT bags has been pretty straight forward, other than the fact that they’re easier to tear than any plastic garbage bag I’ve purchased in the last 25 years. The concept, however, is easy to grasp and implement. This $10 fee, on the other hand, is as clear as mud.


  1. You can take that stuff to the Bourne municipal dump off Rte 28(near the national cemetery). You pay by car weight. It's much cheaper.

  2. Great idea Steve! I would like to know if using up the 15 gallon garbage bags I had and putting them into a 30 gallon Sandwich bag (that is almost funny) is "legal"?

  3. @Gail: Legal, but expensive. I'm putting my trash in the same Glad Bags that I've always used then putting those into a 30-gallon Sandwich bag. It eliminates the mess when the 30-gallon bag tears (which it does every time).

  4. Thanks Randy, the Glad Bags are what I was referring to! Good, it would be such a waste of non-recyclable plastic not to use them (insert sarcasm)! ;)

    I look at the big black Town of Sandwich stamp and can't rid myself of the eerie feeling that the Government is in my home. It is as though my garbage is now the property of the Town of Sandwich,YUCK!

  5. Greg on sabbaticalJuly 13, 2011 at 11:29 AM

    For those who have been recycling for awhile, the area next to our garage has become what I call the mini-dump. You take an item like the old yard set and strip it, bend it, cut it into smaller parts that make it easier to transport. Going back to our original chats about Pay As You Throw, we all talked about the time factor. I have found over the last six months that the large metal items will sit next to the garage until I ready them. Spell that, have the time to get a 'round to it'. Never seems to be enough time, so the pile increases periodically. The real killer is wood. If you can't cut it up to burn it, it will cost you. When I recently upgraded our 1/2 bath myself, I made that trip to the Bourne landfill. Oh so easy to weigh the truck and it only cost me $8.50 to dump an entire sink/toilet/vanity/old vinyl and some sheetrock, so the previous blogger who mentioned Bourne has a great idea. As far as bags go, our Kitchenaide trashcompactor bag fits easily inside the pretend 30 gallon heavy duty bag they give us, if it tears, no mess and there is room for the three bathroom wastebaskets too. One last idea, if you are doing a really large cleanout, now that pay as you throw is alive and well, maybe not SO well.....think about bringing in one of the smaller dumpster products (large folding canvas ones!) that you can get online or even at home depot. They come to pick it up as long as you don't overfill it and the cost is minimal. Good if you don't have a large pickup to haul it to Bourne. Just thinkin.

  6. I agree with your assessment Randy, the $10 disposal fee is crazy. A friend took an old battered suitcase to the dump, she was told it would be $10. The other options she was given were to put it in a large “Sandwich” bag and throw it in the regular trash, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Or put it in the good will collection box where they might use it to ship clothes overseas?

  7. Carl Johansen would state that any plastic item that has the three arrows with a number from 1 to 7 can be disposed off in the plastic/glass recycable bin at no cost. However if they do not display those symbals you will need to pay to get rid of them. Any item that must go in the last bin on the right[ where the matteress go will be charged a fee. The fee is #10 per item, due to complaints this issues is being reconsidered and may change.

    So Randy you can take up your chairs and table and put them into the bin.

  8. Randy, I was considering the same bag-inside-the-bigger-bag route. I have an entire box full of 13-gallon Glad drawstring bags I bought several months ago. Gotta use them somehow. And you're right about the cheapness of the blue bags. They're like Kleenex.

  9. Carl Johansen would state that the present ply bag is being changed to one that is a little stronger and bigger. Severel more clitches will most likely also be corrected as time permits.

  10. I thought the Selectmen contracted for the stronger bags, and of course, to their surprise they got the weaker ones. I think that Mr. Johansen means we are now going to get what we were told we were going to get.

  11. Here watching last night's BOS meeting. Mr. Tilton had to give a demonstration on how to remove your PAYT bag from your trash can, so it won't tear. So there will be no new bags what we have is what will be! Have your kids watch the "Remove your bag demonstration" on cable TV, so you won't have tearing. Good Luck with their training. Highlights: Don't remove the bag from your trash can by the drawstring or the sides of the bag. Tie your bag by the handles and then gather a bunch of the bag at its throat and remove from your trash can. So now you're wasting space in your very expensive trash bag. Have fun everyone!

  12. Greg on SabbaticalJuly 15, 2011 at 2:01 PM

    Or, tie the bag off in the trash barrel, turn the barrel upside down and let all of that wet gooey stuff fall to the floor. If you are can pick it up without it leaking. Seriously, a trashcompactor makes this all very simple and there is room left in that thin blue bag for at least four wastebaskets full of non-recyclables! I don't think I have ever heard a government agency change their design plans right away, well, except for aircraft!

  13. I have said this before but it needs to be repeated. Not being able to buy the bags at the dump is the equivelent of buying greens fees at Aubuchon and not the pro shop. The ONLY place these bags should be purchased is where they will be the dump.

  14. Carl Johansen would state that the present bag may well not be of sufficient strenth, after all said and done.

    Then again one way around this whole bag issue would be to allow the homeowner to use the bag of there choice and then affix a sticker to the bag of choice. Severel other towns that have been doing this for a while have chosen this approach. The all every one needs to do is pay for a yellow sticker for a thirty gallon,blue for a 15 and any other color for any thing smaller.

  15. @Anonymous 11:00am: I think your analogy is faulty. You use the bags at your house. Why wouldn't you want to buy these bags at the same places you buy Glad bags?

    A better analogy for greens fees is the $10 bulk item charge at the transfer station.

  16. I use my clubs at my house but I play golf at Sandwich Hollows. These are special bags for a special program sold at private buisnesses for no profit. I can't buy a greens fee at Sandwich Hollows and use it at Holly Ridge. I can no longer use a black trash bag unless the town decides to use Carls simple sticker solution. Furthermore, why can't I take out a library book at Meetinghouse Liquors or pay my excise tax at Ace Hardware? Again, having private businesses be agents for the town is wrong. Want to sell bags for the Town of Sandwich for no profit from your CPA office Randy? I didn't think so

  17. @Anonymous 6:48: I think you made your analogy even worse in your latest post, but I'll let your comment speak for itself.

    The key issue you raise is whether the town should sell bags at the transfer station. When discussing PAYT as a selectman, we discussed doing this and I objected strongly. Here's why.

    1) The town should not be in a commercial business that requires managing sales and safeguarding valuable inventory. You might say "Hey, they do that at the golf course." You are correct. They do. And, in my opinion, that activity should be outsourced. And if it were, I would hire Johnny to run it.

    2) The retail stores are open seven days a week. The town is not. If you need bags at 8pm, tough luck. On a Sunday. Too bad. I was unwilling to hire more people and put them on payroll with the obligation to fund their pensions just to have them cover all the hours that Stop n Shop is open.

    Keep in mind that the town did not force any retail establishment to carry the bags. All do it voluntarily and as a community service. You are correct that they do not make a profit from the sales.

    As a final note, did you buy your clubs at the golf course? Next time, you might consider a sporting goods store like Bob's Golf Shop. I am thinking about selling clubs at my CPA office, however. I'll let you know when I'm open for business.

  18. You're going to sell me golf clubs for cost and not make a profit taking time and attention from your own practice? By all means , contact me when your inventory is in.

  19. The task force, that was formed well over a year ago to look at PAYT and general issues regarding a change at the transfer station for both financial and recycling reasons, recommended that the town handle the bags or find a local company or non-profit to take that on. (That would be in keeping with "shop local principals" and could provide revenue to a non-profit which provides services for our community.) The sticker was brought up by citizens at public forum and also later at the information session,

    While the town did not force any local business to take on distributing the bags for the company in North Carolina that makes the bags at no profit for our local businesses, I think it would be difficult for a local operation to say no. I personally think it is unfair, as one of the previous owner alludes to, to ask local business people to give up time and money from their operations for this purpose. They struggle enough here to make ends meet. While it might bring people into their stores, given the hiccups of PAYT, it can also make customers unhappy. Bottom line, there has got to be a better way.

    Glad the amount of solid waste is going to the transfer station is going down. But we need to find a fair system. I think the stickers make a lot of sense. When asked about this the DPW person said, they could fall off. Well if they fall off, they don't get to bring in their trash. Surely if we can find a company to make stickers that stay on.

  20. Carl Johansen would state Randy many towns run commercial operations. Like the golf course for example. Why not ? Keeping the middle man out of the operation allows for a greater profit margin in ost cases. Why have an outside vendor selling golfing eguipment from the facility??
    Why depend on getting back only part of the markup instead of all of it??

    It is done because it is more profitable for those operating the golf club and at the same time reduces the expense that the taxpayer must contribute to keep it operational.

    The same can be stated for the food and alcohol.

    We have an unegualable charge being charged for some of the junk we all throw away. No one can dispute the need for recycling, but a fairer way needs to be established for the stuff we all will have that is not recycable. This is the items we all place in the bin next to the metel pile. I can see a large item charge as being fair, but for those items that may be a wood or plastic chair, rope,stryofoam,old glass fishing rods,household desks of wood, for example need to be in my opinion redone.

    We all know that this bin cost us all dollars to get rid of, but on the other hand every thing that goes into the metel pile earns money for the town. Why not ofset the cost on all but specific items to make the whole process a little smoother overall.

    Buying stickers from the town to place on your own 30 gallon bag would simplify the whole bag process and that should be considered as we get more into reducing all the clitches. They could simply place them in vending machines at all of the towns facilties for dispensing.

  21. As one with little in the way of graphic arts skills but one who owns a pretty good color scanner, I guarantee I could generate knock-off stickers that would be indistinguishable from real ones, especially at a distance of 10 or more feet. On the other hand, I would have a lot of difficulty trying to produce knock-off PAYT bags.

    With regard to the assertion that the task force recommended the town to handle the bags or bid that to a local company or nonprofit, there is nothing in the March report of the task force that makes any reference to that. Here's the link:

    Please provide a reference regarding your claim.

  22. The knock off bags would be easy to spot.....they would be the ones that are not torn or ripped because I put something in it. Additionaly, there is a level of desecration with throwing the town seal into the trash that not one person ever thought about. A town that can't run a dump, who knew?

  23. Randy, am I missing something or could the Town contracted to buy be used up and newer, better bags could be then be ordered.

    Also, could the Town go and have bags made or do we have to go through the company that is running our program?

    I like almost everyone buys food each week at a grocery store. My guess is that if I did not buy in a Sandwich store, that I would go into one of the other establishments that sell the bags. To pick up a bag, put it in my cart, to me, is a lot easier than getting out of a car, putting money into a machine and hope the machine will take the money and give me a bag.

    As for Mr. Johansen's last post; what were you doing when you wrote it. To me there is no rime or reason to it. I looked up clitch in several reference books and could not find what it meant. Could you tell me.

  24. The reference I have for the comment about the task force is task force member Frank Pannorfi who told me they recommended the town handle the bags. But maybe it didn't make it into the report. That does happen.

  25. Vending machines would cost a fortune and be subject to vandalism and theft. I think the stickers make more sense. The rip off component applies but it is a risk that takes place in many business operations and can be dealt with. The quality of the bags is at issue and that can also be corrected I would think. The operation needs to make all this as easy as possible for citizens and it needs to be fair to all involved. That may sound like a high order but it would be easier to solve these issues as opposed to continue to have to put out fires. I think the town is moving along with solutions. However I am a disappointed that the town wants us to believe that the flimsy bags is a manufacturing glitch. The bags complete lack of conformity to standard garbage cans is no glitch. It is no doubt intentional that customers have to buy larger bags at more cost to conform to their garbage bags. That actually seems like false advertising to me, selling 30 gal. bags that don't fit 30 gal. garbage bags. Does anyone know the length of the contract the town has signed with the company in North Carolina making and distributing the bags?

  26. Jim At Work: There is an expectation of quality that goes with the contract. The 15-gallon bag that I complained about was clearly inferior in quality. The manufacturer needs to correct that problem now; not after the contract is over. From what I understand, Waste Zero has been very responsive to our complaints and will take corrective actions.

    People can always go to their website ( and get the information necessary to complain directly about a problem. I met the president of Waste Zero, Mark Dancy, a couple of months ago. He is sincere about the mission of the company and the value of increasing recycling.

    As for the word "clitch," I took the time to look up "rime" and found that it is an icy crust, like what forms on ice cream. I believe you were intending to use the word "rhyme." Moral to this story: Be nice to other posters, especially those who are willing to use their real identities.

  27. Jim At Work: I failed to answer one of your questions. The town is having bags made by Waste Zero, the company that is also handling all of the logistics (inventory management, shipping, billing, dealing with glitches, etc.)

    If the town bought bags directly from a manufacturer, we might save a little on bag cost but would have to put resources to receiving them, storing and inventorying them, distributing them, safeguarding them, and paying the payroll taxes, health insurance benefits, and pensions for the people that would handle the program. Then we'd have to figure out how to make them available when people want them, say on Saturdays at 9pm.

    The value of contracting with Waste Zero or one of their competitors is that they handle all of the logistics, including collecting payments and depositing them into a bank account that belongs to the Town of Sandwich. A quarterly report of all activity is generated and we have a right to audit any aspect of the system to satisfy ourselves that we're receiving accurate information.

    I managed a manufacturing business for years and had responsibility for everything from taking orders to manufacturing and shipping product and collecting receivables. Believe me, many suggestions for alternatives to managing the PAYT system come from people who have no experience and no appreciation for the complexities of producing, storing, shipping and selling a product.

    Are there ways to improve the system? No doubt. Anyone who thinks that they've got the perfect system has reached the end of their usefulness.

  28. Is Waste Zero a non-profit?

  29. I wouldn't expect it to be but someone is making money and it ain't Sandwich. The DPW has claimed a $750,000 loss for for the past several years. If the tipping fees were negotiated for the residents than why in the world we not take advantage of the DPW's work which is their job. Aquire the lowest fees for the towns people.Now with PAYT, that work is wasted because out of the clear blue a town department HAS become self sufficient and/or revenue neutral. Now with my analogies. The DPW securing, with the Selectmans blessing, a private company to do the work they are tasked with. So it would be ok if the police hired private security companies or the FD hired a private ambulance right? All at higher costs to the user.

    Now I'll wait for Randy to tell us the analogy is faulty

  30. Waste Zero made the first presentation on Pay as You Throw to the BOS two years ago,same guy who is now our rep. from the company made the presentation. I think they do allot of business in MA.

  31. A couple of Anonymi back: Your entire post is based on nonfactual information and more irrelevant analogies. I can't argue with your points, but I appreciate that you're contributing to the thread.

  32. Here is one family's solution for what it is worth...we compact real trash in a compactor that we purchased for a song on Craigslist, compost much and recycle the rest. We are paying a little less than $3.00/week for a family of 4. Bags are imperfect...but not a problem because we place our 13 gallon Hefty bag inside one easily enough. We've also become more aware of our purchase choices (as we personally feel we should have been doing a better job of anyway). Maybe this won't work for everyone, but it's a program that we feel is worthwhile for both our budget and the environment. Some of our friends have acquired pick-up service with varying degrees of satisfaction. Even the pick-up service here is way cheaper than the state we came from. Give it all a bit of time to work the kinks out. I do believe Sandwich will become a greener community for it all. Our biggest question (and we are admittedly not educated on the matter) is, is it truly necessary to have so much personnel at the transfer station? Could we find a more efficient use for some of our Town employees? We, as many of our friends and acquaintances see alot of nothing going on with those employees. Probably real nice guys...but how about giving them some work to do? (again...maybe they are more useful than it appears.)

  33. When the last shuttle Atlantis lands the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will use private contractors to resupply the International Space Station.....for a profit.

    Sound familiar?

  34. anonymous of 12:41, I enjoyed your post. Two comments. I thought about getting a trash compactor, but you have convinced me not to do so. We have a family of four and fill a kitchen bag, without a compactor, once every four days. We put two of those bags into a blue bag. In other words, we use one 30 gallon bag every month. You are correct about the dump employees. The first week end of PAYT, saw quite a number of Yellow shirted employees. NONE of which were working. They were talking. One conversation was about the Red Sox. There was a confused man who dumped cans in the paper bin at the time. Another was helping a cute teen dump her bags while and elderly woman broke her blue bag trying to lift it.

    Each time I travel on Rt. 130 I have not seen a line of more than two cars and many times none at all. If this continues do you think they can dump a few non-essential employees.

    Randy, thanks for embarrassing me about my last post. I have told another poster some time back that my education is limited. I do try. I really did not find clitch. I looked it up again and it was there. I am sorry. It still is not understandable to me when I read the post. I also am sorry to miss spell words. I will try in the future to spell them correctly. I am surprised that this is a big thing to you. I am disappointed in you. I was never intending to disrespect Mr. Johansen, I never would do that. Mr. Johahansen, if I sounded as though I were to you, then I am very sorry. I really did not understand much of the post. I suppose that is what happens when one drops out of school.

    Yes, Randy, I am anonymous, but that is because people like you are not afraid to disrespect me because I am less smart than they are. I don't like what you did to me.

  35. Funny how the Town of Sandich railed and cried when a local ComCast office talked about consolodating and closing the South Sandwich office at a Selectmans meeting. Claiming this town wants and needs every single set of shoes on the ground in Sandwich when it comes to commerce. Yet when the town has an opportunity to walk the walk they go to South Carloina.

    People remember this me

  36. You spoiled Sandwich residents really need to stop complaining. You've had it made for the last 20 years with your previous system an you don't realize how good you still have it. Talk to your friends in surrounding towns and see what we have to pay to dispose of similar items at their transfer station. I assure you that you will find that the prices that your town is charging are quite reasonable. I know you're all stubborn and spoiled but things are changing, deal with it!

  37. User error.....really? Schooling us on how to use a trash bag. That's the best we got huh?

  38. To think the town is actually considering a brochure on how to use the bags is ludicrous. But you can hardly blame them. Now it is all about damage control. Let us just remember the plus, that solid waste going to the dump is way down. Sadly though the method may have unforeseen consequences that will have tremendous negative effect on progress for the town. Let's hope not. They have to get the quality of the bags fixed pronto. That is inexcusable!

  39. I chose Cape Waste to pick up my trash and for the two weeks I have employed them they have yet to pick up on the day they said they would. This week my trash has been sitting at the end of my driveway since, no joke, Thursday and won't be picked up untill tomorrow. That would Monday. Everybody has got growing pains......except me. As usual, thanks for nothing Sandwich. This town can't even get free sand to rebuild its' beaches!

  40. I went to the dump today. Second time since bleed as you throw came to fruition.

    The first time that I visited the dump, there was but a sea of blue bags. Nothing loose. This time, there were a number of loose items. Of course, that means that either a bag broke or someoe just threw it in when the employee of the Town was either on break, talking about the Red Sox, or ignoring his job. To me there were far too many items that just looked like they were not out of a bag, but just by the way the fell, they were thrown in. There were alosw many pieces of strofoam (sp?). I just bought two airconditioners, a TV, and a stove. I had many pieces, but had to cut them up and use baqs. Is this fair?

    Also, one employee was at the front gate smoking something. Hopefully it was a cigarette. I thought that cigarettes were against the law if being smoked at the workplace.

    I doubt that any of the Selectmen will respond, at least with their own name.

  41. Dear Dumped On,

    For the record the employees at the Dump are frequently seen smoking by the "customers", especially on Tuesday nights. NOTHING has ever been done about it, and yes the "Powers That Be", have been informed they are smoking as they're doing their "jobs".

    If you believe that the employees are going to start monitoring what people throw in the "Bin", they'll only ask for more personnel to be hired.

    Sorry to be such a pessimist, but personnel changes have been needed at the dump for years, so nothing is going to happen anytime soon. We all know there are way to many men working there and getting paid to do nothing but sit/stand around. Plus how many that work there have their CDL and Hydraulics Licenses? Do they get OSHA safety certified for using the equipment?

  42. Re: 7/27 @ 9:35. I thought I was alone in seeing the smoking and non-work of the dump people. What truly troubles me is the Town breaks the law every day. Their scheduled work hours are 8:00-4:00. That means they must not take a lunch break which means they are breaking the law; unless, of course, they are just being paid 8 hours for 7 1/2 hours of "work".

    What is most alarming is that none of the Selectmen, NONE, would ever respond to this in public. Next week it should be on their agenda. People are upset and WILL take it out on the Selectmen the next time around.

    Mr. Pierce should look at the faces of the employees when they have to work. He should get to learn what is happening with the Dump as it is in his perview as a Selectman.

  43. Funny you say that.....I still have an operating sticker so I got rid of my cardboard and water bottles yesterday. They guy at the gatehouse was not only smoking, he was sitting outside AND checking his SmartPhone as I slowly rolled by. I do believe the CDL and Hydraulics License is not required to work at the SDPW. However, you will be limited to operating certain equipment and if you do have these certificates there are seperate stipends if you do have them.

  44. This seems to be an issue of proper Town Management. There are many examples of improper, inefficient management within the Town of Sandwich, in my opinion. I witnessed the guy at the "welcome shack" at the transfer station smoking today. He waved me on with barely a glance upward...though I had no blue bags, only various forms of construction debris. Had I not stopped and asked if okay to toss, he would have never noticed. I just wanted to test the guy. Guess what, he failed! This form of operational inefficiency just happens to be more "in your face" than other notable problems.

    Why citizens are not more adamant about questioning our Town Manager and Asst. Town Manager is beyond me. Charming as our leader is, I fear he has lost his way. It just seems rude to allow personnel to be excessive in number and improper in presentation in a time like this. With this, I am now firmly confident our Town leaders do not respect the Town of Sandwich citizens.

  45. OMG anons, how can I enjoy my sabbatical when you are on a roll attacking those workers at the transfer station. Do you think these are the people who deserve your ire? How about calling the Boss and tell HIM how you feel his process for Pay as you Throw stinks, pun intended. Even I have a tough time swallowing a FEE when the service should be in our tax base. You forget that Dana Barrett, serving as BOS chair made the case of voters raising a storm..."you know this is going to have a political cost" or something very close to that. He knew the process would make us angry. However, back to my original point. Can each of you say you NEVER take a break on the clock? If you want to chastise them for smoking do it because its bad for their health not because you think they are screwing off during that moment in time that you chose to drive into the yard to dump your trash. Those folks have a disgusting job handling your trash. Where were you when they have to swap out the trailers and they have to go into that smelly pit to pick up, by hand, those slimy bags you failed to throw INTO the trailer. Where were you when they had to pull a recyclable container, filled with unclean mayonnaise jars, etc, that stinks like hell.....and again they have to pickup OUR trash. Not just a bag..lots of OUR trash that falls out. If you have ever served military time you would know what it is like to deal with food and garbage waste. It is a horrible job...but they do it and I think they do it very well. Compliment those workers for how clean our transfer station is and if you don't believe it, visit a few up north of the canal. If you want to bitch about how we all got handed a bag of trash by the BOS....then give those hoots and hollers to them, not those guys who are probably the lowest paid workers in the town. And before you raise hell about the incredible smoking incompetent workers...tell me about all those hours you spent at the office water cooler/coffee pot as you argue your selections for your NFL Fantasy Team or gossip about the person in cubicle number two who has obviously been dying their hair! C'mon...smoking? Fire them all? Time for a reality check. And for the record, I gave up that disgusting habit 25 years ago, so I understand the most smokers, they need to become aware of the dangers of secondary smoke inhalation. Doesn't mean they are incompetent or bad employees. It also does not mean they don't do a lot of work we never see. Give em a break. Its a crappy job that someone has to do and I don't mean Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel fame. Now, where did I put my Blue Fish poppers? Hmmmmm.........

  46. Greg, are so hyper. If you re-read the part about smoking, it was that the person was doing something not allowed, namely smoking in the workplace. Frankly, I know people talk around the water cooler and I have done it too, but I, that is me, have seldom seen a dump worker actually working. As far at the stink, maybe that should be addressed in their pay....oh, I forgot, they get paid every two weeks, have the best benefits, and get those steps. I applied for a job and did not get it, but to everyone's non-surprise a townie did get it.

    I can live with them not working, but I can't live with them smoking in the workplace. Laws are made for everyone even "illegals" and town workers.

  47. OK, it is bad for their health. I don't get paid to you? I didn't think so.

  48. Their smoking at work just shows how bored they are. When you're bored, you can relax and have a smoke. Seriously, have you ever seen such an easy job? These guys go into the job knowing there may be an occasional inconvenience like smelling trash or picking something up. It's when they sit around and watch me struggle with my bags and do nothing to help that irritates me so very much. As far as the rules about the workplace go, they should at least sneak behind a building or go to their car. Just standing there smoking is a little "in your face", especially in these days when everyone seems to be nosey busy-body tattletales.

  49. Is it really a surprise that government continues to fail to deliver the basic services residents expect?
    The transfer station and PAYT is but another in a long line of examples of increased taxes, increased fees for less service and lower service quality. You’d almost imagine “lets screw the taxpayer – again” is a stated goal at town hall.
    The rush by residents to hire private trash haulers in Sandwich, much like the flight of 8th grade students to private schools, tech schools and charter schools, highlights taxpayers’ resignation to the status quo. You just can’t fight town hall.
    It also signals a paradigm shift. Residents are increasingly comfortable with doing for themselves and hiring private providers as alternatives to the town’s services.
    The Result? Don’t expect anyone paying for private services to support overrides and debt exclusions – ever. The structural deficit and un funded capital needs is likely a permanent feature in all future town budget discussions.

  50. I see, Mr. Hunt, you have gone back to censoring those opinions you disagree with. The post I submitted was well within your supposed parameters, but I guess if you disagree with a post now you will not post it. My response was my perception to what has been going on in the Board of Selectmen. There was no name calling, defamatory language or foul language. Interestingly you allowed posts on Pay As You Throw that can slam the Board of Selectmen because it fits your agenda, and that is, you are not happy with how this program is being handled. Maybe I should post on that topic and have a better chance of getting my opinions posted, because then it would be something you agree with. You are a true Politician – is that a bad word?

  51. Read some of my earlier posts. When they see me, they jump to help. They like the way I look.
    I wrote about how they would not help an elderly person, but jumped to help me just because I am a cutie.

  52. 1. If you bother to look at the town bylaws you will see that there is nothing that prohibits smoking at the transfer or outside any other public buildings except for the schools I think

    2. Some one sounds bitter they werent hired for the "easy" job and is in turn bashing town employees due to jealousy. And you clearly still have that old mind set that only townies get jobs within the DPW but again if you bothered to check you would see your wrong.

    3. Lolz at all you going to private haulers thinking your saving money. Have they told you about thier rate increases for when they are required recycle come 2012? Don't get me wrong I could care less with what you choose to do with your trash

  53. This blog has turned into a place for people to complain. That gate job quite frankly sucks, most people who occupy the position are retired. Supplemental income or are disabled on capped income. It doesn't pay much and I know this because I did it for many years.

    Yet at the time tally-ho taxpayer drove in the person didn't take the time to make eye contact. Well I am sure for the previous thirty years that part time employee worked very hard at their position normal full time job. Just because they didn't kiss your butt at that exact moment doesn't mean they don't care. Number one: get a life, Number two: mind your own business for once.

    Who cares what the Bylaw says, he was outside in the air smoking, take charges out yourself down in district court and see how far you get. Better yet who would even cite the guy, the police? Their short 11 officers, but hee-haw Mr. Taxpayer is whining again, send the Calvery!!!

  54. What happened with the Canvas Back Docks, we forget about the Department of Do Not Respond or DNR???

  55. It is well understood that private trash hauling does not save money to a household so do not assume people are thinking that it will. It has been stated earlier. People will pay to get rid of their trash......just not to Sandwich. This transfer station will go by the way of a water district when they impose water bans. They sell less water because people are doing what they are told to do, use less water. Then low and behold the price of water goes up. Why? Because they are not selling the amount of water they used to so the price goes up to makeup for the revenue shortfalls. Bud has sad closing the dump would save this town $750,000 a year. He said that publicly at a Selectmans meeting. I now use private trash pickup so now I pay for YOU to throw your dog food cans at a location that has more people smoking and checking their SmartPhones than are on duty at our towns Fire Department.

  56. @ 10:54 PM. If you bothered to check MGL, you would see that it is illegal for the town or any other employer to allow smoking in any building or outbuilding. Although I am only assuming and stand corrected if shown so, I believe that MGL takes the forefront in any laws or lack of laws wether smoking or otherwise.

    Just to correct you, I don't have any mindset about about hiring townies as a whole only in one particular job opening. Just one. Don't accurse or suggest otherwise. As for bashing town employees I say two things. One, if it is bashing then it is directed towards dump workersonly. There are many people in town that think something should be done; but they won't. Can't wait to see next week's BOS, but maybe not as the subject will never come up. I for one, believe that most if not all of the rest of the employees do a very nice and often thankless job, particularly those that are less paid in town offices, police, fire, and schools. Two, I do not begrudge them, only find that they are given jobs for reasons that ar not acceptable. If I am paying for their work, then, at very least, I would expect respect to the public if they do not do their job.

    Third, I am glad you could care less which to me means you care more than less. I choose to go to the dump beause I am paying for it, at least for now, it is cheaper and I get a thrill out of recycling (always have). I could go elsewhere, but will not. I do pay taxes and I do vote so I guess I can have whatever mindset I want and can bash whomever I want.

    Have a sweet day.......

  57. Recyling and sorting inside the house really is a pain, especially for those of us living in a small house. I wouldn't mind doing it so much if that parking area where one recycles wasn't such a cluster!@&*! The traffic pattern is a joke. Does anyone else think so too? Can anyone running this town think with a clear head and a little bit of foresight?

    I'm looking foward to the next election and will help anyone campain against an override. Don't give these idiots any more of your money until they all take classes in "common sense mangement".

    Also, where does all this recycling go? Does it go to a different place? Does Sandwich get money for this or do we pay to dispose of the recycled stuff too?

  58. Carl Johansen would state

    Good Morning citizens of Sandwich, Recycling is here to stay, make no mistake about that.

    Many glitches will need to be worked out, while this intial process unfolds.

    The fairness of the charges will need to be adjusted , especially on the items being discarded that cost the town to dispose.

    Some arrangement must be made in this area that takes in account the profits being generated by the increased money from the bins that actually bring back to the town dollars when they are sold, once they are filled. Given the recogonized reduction on the unrecyclable trash now being close to 45 percent, this will ultimitly lead to a reduction of cost to the town in the future.
    This reduction will most likely mean an increase in the areas where the town will see an added increase of dollars as revenue.

    Couple this along with the metal pile and the seperation of copper, brass,aluminum for an added source of revenue.

    Then we have the profits being made from the selling of the bags and the sticker to gain entrance to the trandsfer station.

    All of these factors need to be pluged into the total operation cost of the transfer station, especially when now we all need to pay for the disposal of many items that are enviormentally unsound.

    After last nights meeting and presentation by the Asst Town manager this list has many more items that will cost extra for disposal, but the calculations have not been made to justify this charge in my opinion. If we are going to charge to get rid of many items that were free before, then we should be given a credit for the profit being generated by the sale of the metal, as an off setting cost.

    For example, a charge to get rid of a propane tank that once is empty of gas, has a metal value, both in steel and brass. What is the actual cost to capture the gas from each tank and then recytcle the tanks.

    The cost of removing the freon from refridgerators, air conditions, once done, now make these items sellable for steel.

    We presently have a policy in place to seperate metal, once the motors are removed from the washing machine and dryers, they become a sellable product by themselves and the housing is also now a sellable commody.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  59. To continue with my earlier post.

    Realizing there is a cost to these operations is fine, but then when you consider once the items are neutralized they have a dollar value,which should not be lost in the process.

    Do we take steps in house or farm it out? By doing this in house we can genrate more revenue or contract some else to do it? I believe we would still realize a profit stream on these items in the end.

    This brings me back to the bin [next to the metal pile] where once every thing thrown into this we had to pay to get rid of it. If one removes those items no longer allowed to be disposed of, along with the long list of items that were once free to place in that bin, we now actually have a very short list of items that we all will need to pay for to place in that bin. It is this area of the process that in my opinion needs to be very well thought out, before we go ahead and impliment a $10 fee on every item that now will cost us more money then it should.

    The general public is supporting the recycling process as a fair cost in regards to the main bag area of disposal. We should determine the fairness of the charge in regards to those items that we cannot place in an 30 gallon bag and not tell every one to simply break up a chair or desk into small pieces and then place them inside a bag.

    To many household items are not recycable and we the taxpayers should be able to determine what those items may be and not rely upon an interpertation as to what is and what is not. As it stands now. Mirrors,many of the children toys, fishing rods,plant holders,cerimic kitchen ware,along with wood bed frames,all sort of chairs,wood desks,vidio games,old phones,old records,toilets to name a few items have been allowed to deposited in this bin next to the Metal pile.

    We need to determine the profitability of the savings in the bag and entrance fees, We also need to determine the cost savings to get rid of the bagged items as a result of recycling more.

    We need to determine the added increase of revenue from the sale of the paper, carboard,glass,plastic,tin cans, metal [both steel and the commody of aluminum,brass,copper, motor windings,before we ask the citizens to embrace and endure any further burdan.

    The town needs to create a formula that plugs in all of thes cost savings, along with what are the actual cost will be, before we engage and impliment a $10 fee for every item placed in the bin next to the metal pile.

    Carl Johansen

  60. I just read the comments posted here and had a couple thoughts of my own. I have lived in a few different towns on the Cape and was surprised at the amount of items Sandwich allowed it's residents to dispose of for FREE. I have no idea how the Transfer Station was able to do that financially for so many years. Just check out what Barnstable charges for items and for their dump sticker and maybe the residents of Sandwich will realize how good they had it. A loveseat, desk and futon cost a friend $55.00 last week to dispose of with a $130.00 dump sticker, so he says. It costs money for a transfer station to dispose of "non-routine items" so shouldn't we have to pay for the stuff we throw out if we don't recycle, reuse or donate it? Where does all this entitlement attitude come from now in Sandwich/America? I have lived in Bourne, Falmouth, Mashpee, Barnstable and Sandwich. Sandwich isn't perfect but it is a great Town. Try driving anywhere in Falmouth in the summer and just check out the fees in the other Towns. People seem to just vent here without checking any facts at all. Some of you should try living overseas for awhile and maybe you would have a new perspective. I have been overseas and we have it good, no, wonderful here. As far as the Transfer Station workers, someone I know works there and makes just a little over minimum wage. He would make more at Stop & Shop. Why he would ever work there I have no idea. I have personally witnessed workers being talked to like they were garbage on a few different occasions. Maybe not all of them are stellar but I have never had a problem with any of them. Yes, some of them do just sit around. Why? There are two different sets of workers. Some are drivers with CDL licenses and some are monitors/helpers (for the lack of a better word). They have to watch the piles there. Why do they need so many? Well, it's a Transfer Station governed by DEP rules and a certain number of employees have to work there every day. How do I know? I did my research and also asked the questions. My friend is a monitor/helper. He is ready to quit because people are so rude and he can find a better paying job somewhere else. He's a great guy and it will be Sandwich's loss. Also, I purchased the bags and haven't had a huge problem yet. Nothing runs perfect, especially at the beginning of a new program but recycling is worth it and we should have been doing this well before now. $10.00 is still cheap, Sandwich. If you really hate the new system so much, what's my advice? Move to another Town. Sandwich will be fine without you. This is America and you aren't being forced to live here OR go to a private hauler. They run about $300.00. You have choices. Also, check out other Mass. PAYT towns and see what their bags costs. Sandwich is one of the cheapest for bag fees. If you are posting here you can google the info. Stop beating people up. Put your energy into worthwhile things such as visiting nursing homes, sitting with a neighbor, helping at an animal shelter, being a big brother or sister or helping the homeless. Yes, you can question the government but this ranting on and on about the new system is beyond ridiculous now. I live in Sandwich and still like my town and my community. (And yes, I have seen worse....)

  61. Mr. Hunt,

    Your blog has become a place for complainers and you aren't any better. I expected more out of you than this.....Surely you can do better. Revamp this blog - please. You are losing my vote. I wonder if you'll post this....

  62. Dan, let me quote you: "Your blog has become a place for complainers and you aren't any better. I expected more out of you than this.....Surely you can do better. Revamp this blog - please. You are losing my vote. I wonder if you'll post this...."

    Sounds like a complaint to me. (And don't call me Shirley.)

    Dan, if you don't like the blog, you can:

    1) Go to and sign up for my email lists relative to any or all of the three committees that I serve on. Just informative emails, nothing campaign related, no complaints.

    2) Same place,, to sign up for my general email list. You'll get one or two emails a week discussing Beacon Hill stuff as well as notices of campaign events, but no complaints.

    You see, I value the exchange of ideas even if some (or a lot) of it comes in the way of complaints. I don't shy away from controversial issues and I let people exercise their right to freedom of speech. Once in a while, someone crosses the line or I just get tired of their nonconstructive bickering, so I delete comments.

    Hey, like the song goes: "It's my blog and I'll delete if I want to, delete if I want to, delete if I want to..."

    Finally, these blogs are free, easy to set up, and a great way to get your thoughts into writing. Dan, I encourage you to start your own. It's fun. My only suggestion is to keep your paragraphs short. Much more readable that way.

  63. As I See It...

    So now I understand, it’s, “The world according to Mr. Hunt.” You have deceived us. You need to change your Post a Comment rule which states – “As long as there are no personally defamatory statements and/or foul language, I'll post your comment. For this reason, your comment will not appear instantaneously.” Last year you allowed all kinds of comments and misinformation on a certain subject matter; you even contributed to this discourse. Now you’re upset with people who disagree with you on a post? I guess that explains your allegiance to what went on last year. Don’t worry; I won’t expect to see this post. You are probably tired of the subject matter.

  64. Anonymous, I enjoy your singular focus.

    So, now you think my blog is "The world according to Mr. Hunt."

    I'm glad you finally figured that out. IT IS EXACTLY THAT. That's why I started this blog: To give my points of view on various issues and to write humorous posts. I could change it so that no one can post comments, but I like the comments. Even yours.

    If you're the same Anonymous that is wondering why I deleted a recent comment, it's because it violated my rule. Yes, the rule you quoted above.

    Now I have an assignment for you. Pick a state rep, any state rep, go to their website or blog and post a comment or send an email. Keep track of how many non-canned responses you get and report back on that next week.

  65. I'm sorry Mr. Hunt, I forgot how lucky we are to have you. Please accept my apology. Just one question, is Jeff Perry going to run again?

  66. PS - I hope you see the humor in that.

  67. Carl Johansen would state to Mr. Hunt.

    It would appear as of late some folks here actually do not have any sense of humor at all?

    The guidlines posted, to post here are just that. Some times they need to be corrected a little to keep things rolling. I have had a few posts removed in attempting to respond to the shadow poster, but thats life in the fast lane of blogs.

    If the blog had by anonymous,as its sponcer perhaps, it would be an open no bar hold arm twisting conversation, perhaps not?

    If I was the one sponcering this blog every one would have a name other then anonymous, so folks could at least have some common denominator when referance what these shadow people are posting.

    You must agree that when communicating here it make it a little easier when you put up a name like GREG,Braless32,Wendi,Ed, Mary, Dan for example.

    Rather then anonymous, one two or three

  68. To the poster 11:40, I have a sense of humor, we just don’t share the same kind. I don’t believe I would get the same respect from Mr. Hunt whether I put up a name or let it stay as, “Anonymous”. Mr. Hunt has made it quite clear that he will only allow those posts that he wants. He is correct that this is his blog. He can post what he agrees with and support those whose opinions he wants to get out there. I have always thought that was the case, he just verified it. If this makes people feel better I’ll call myself, “Concerned Citizen of Sandwich.” OOPS... that’s already taken, back to the blog drawing board.

  69. So far liking the super change...July 30, 2011 at 1:38 PM

    Wow so much negativity! It's starting to sound like that other Sandwich blog spot that shut down for the summer.

    By the way does anyone know why Dr. Johnson just can't except when she's wrong? Thank goodness for Dr. Canfield, even his letter re: the 5th grade time change, was articulate, polite and professional, a breath of fresh air!!

  70. Carl Johansen would state that in an hour long discussion with Dr. Canfield, this week I found him to be a breath of fresh air and a man of his word. Just what we here in Sandwich, need to get past all of the past years conflicts.

    It is refreshing to see that Dr. Canfield, will have the children of our school district as his number one priority. He is very aware of the districts needs and will become very involved with the whole community of Sandwich in attempting to make it known how great a school district Sandwich does have along with how great the children actually are.

    He has chosen to live in Sandwich to have the opportunity to become part of our community.

    Plan on seeing him at various sport events and getting involved outside of the school district and for me that is a positive endeavor.

    We welcomed him and wished him well with this new challenge in his life. I believe he is up to the challenge and within a short time others will see more harmony within the school district, that is my take at this time.
    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  71. Mr. A says…
    To 4:18 PM. It was nice to see that you have seen what others have been discussing for a long time, that the change to Dr. Canfield would be a positive change. One only needs to look at yesterday’s Cape Cod Times to be reminder of that fact, again. It would have meant more if he admitted that the four members of last year’s School Committee did know what they were doing and apologized to Ms. Marshall for his treatment of her. Maybe other members of this community (Board of Selectmen, current School Committee majority, State Rep, etc.) will also recognize this fact.

  72. Is it true that the Barnstable County District Attorney smokes in his public office? I have seen it documented in several places. If so, it will be pretty tough to stop the public employees smoking in our public buildings and outbuildings at the transfer station! Randy, maybe, if this comment is posted, it should go in your "Losing America" section. Why we can't just get our public employees to respect simple rules is beyond me.

  73. To Transfer Station Worker: You have proved that you do, in fact, work at the transfer station and have acknowledged that I never tried to drop off a toilet there.

    I can't post your most recent comment in its entirety and I do not have the ability to edit anyone's comments, so please re-post in a way that I can publish it.

    I believe that you made a number of excellent points.



  74. Why can't you post it? according to your rules:

    As long as there are no personally defamatory statements and/or foul language, I'll post your comment

    ergo, my comment was and still is valid.

    Transfer Station Employee
    Start date- 6/1/06
    End Date- 8/12/11
    Positions Held- Laborer, Metal Separator, Gate Guard (Tuesday night’s 4-8)
    Co Workers- Andrew Mulveyhill, JJ Driscoll, Gary Gray
    Forman- Sean Mulroy, Stefan Masse
    Reason for location- Used phone during my ALLOTED 30 minute lunch break. Phone uses DNS server so that is why my location says Hartford, anyone with simple computer know how knows this.
    People of Sandwich probably know me from seeing me bike around town on my circa 1989 Blue Freespirit and working in the piles. I am also known as the kid smiley since I smile all the time and Heavy Kevy who drives a Chevy since before my weight loss I was quite large and drove a Chevy pick- up.
    Here’s all of my information Mr. Hunt. If you still don’t believe me then I will be at work all day tomorrow. I will be the person smoking a cigarette by the metal pile stripping copper to its type 1 base so the town makes more. I don’t mind that at all. I actually enjoy it. One thing that I do not enjoy though is being called a liar. Since this will turn into a he says she says argument about the toilet; I do, as does my co worker JJ, that you had an incident a few months ago about the Styrofoam. As if that is his, mine or anyone of my co-workers problems. That is a selectmen’s problem. You should know that, seeming how you were one. I'm not going to use this blog to attack you, any of your "supporters" and especially anyone who is actually using actual empirical evidence in their arguments and not emotion. Blogs like this aren’t places where people should be complaining. That is why we have selectmen. Randy Hunt isn’t a selectman anymore. Here is the list of the current ones:
    The fact of the matter is that my comment was to let people know that we are treated horribly at work, You didn’t see that though, you saw an attack. The fact that my emotional status is being affected by people yelling at me went through you like a flame through ice. If our well being actually meant something to you, as it should since WE also compose your voting body, you would have simply talked about the toilet, not cared about the location and been compassionate to the men who deal with your trash, something that grosses most people out.
    I do enjoy these arguments, seeming how my entire major in college, philosophy/ psychology with a concentration in law, was about being able to defend yourself like a panther in an argument and to be able to use reason, logic and empirical data in order to make yourself look like the winner. Where’s all the logic, reason and especially the empirical data? There is none. This entire has turned into an op-ed piece. And for the people who absolutely HATE recycling, thank you for being so selfish that you can’t take an extra minute out of your life so my generation and my children’s environment isn’t destroyed by your ignorance.
    I am awaiting my response, and when you do respond, please use logic and reason. And remember, the grass is gray until you prove it to me otherwise.

    If this isn't "valid" then I think that I will simply have to send it to the Sandwich Enterprise. Why would I allow someone who has the exact OPPOSITE view as me re-do my work? Do prosecutors allow the defense attorneys to revise their case? No. Out of all the posts on here, this one is the only one which needs editing? allow the people to decide what is valid, allow the people to choose what is to be edited and allow the people to make these decisions. Marxian Philosophy at its best.

  75. I stopped by today to pickup my free recycling container! Bonus. Just the right size and it will help with the weekly sorting of materials. Each visit to the transfer station, I am finding that things are running smoother. Those long lines are gone and it is interesting how quickly we appear to be taking on the recycling challenge. With all the positive things I see at the transfer station, I am finding it difficult to understand some of the animosity towards the employees, who do perform a very unpleasant task for all of us. Much like the other distasteful events that occurred on the school committee side of the house, I find that we do seem to love to eat our own in this town. Today I discover that the local town Broadsider reporter is doing a Boston Globe level expose on the transfer station right down to those top secret photos of our employees (Gasp!, Oh No!) smoking on the clock! What concerns me is that the source of her story has to be based on more than a few complaints made by those who just can't except Pay as you Throw. I truly hope that this reporter seeks out a balanced that shows just how well recycling is improving and that SOMEONE must be WORKING at the transfer station in order to make that trash move. The anger in the transfer employees note to the blog should make some folks wonder why the personal attacks continue on this group of town employees. Hasn't anyone noticed the improvements.... the increase in our participation.... the hard work of our neighbors who work there? Why would a gate attendee say hello to anyone if they are being portrayed in such a negative manner, when in fact, they are doing a good job? I would challenge those who participate in this or other blogs to contract the Broadsider reporter (not sure I can give her name without knowing if its OK) and give her the other side of the equation. Those of us who believe the transfer station is being managed well and that workers are being branded unfairly should let her know about those times we have been assisted, given knowledge or even shared a pleasant hello. These are good people and they, for the most part, are Sandwich too. I will bitch about the fee's until I turn blue because I would prefer a tax...however... this entire discourse appears to be turning into a personal attack against some good people. And please... don't tell me it is because of the SMOKING! That idea has been beaten to death already.

  76. Why is it that the focus of this entire blog thread has gone from the fact that we have to pay to throw out anything bulky, which is completely reasonable, to the workers smoking? That is irrelevant. I worked for the city of Quincy as an engineer and the people didn't care about us smoking. As a town of Sandwich resident for the past 10 years I have begun to see that most of the people in this town jump on any banner that fits them and their pseudo- cause. This "suburban mothers syndrome" is a horrible problem. Get back to the matter at hand, the issue is that people are upset that they have to do something that should have always been in place. How many fridges, matresses, air conditioners, tires and propane tanks can one throw away?

    As for Mr. Murray, you deserve the right to be mad right now. You deserve the right to be defended by someone other then yourself. Where are your foremen? Why aren't you represented by them? I know who you are, I see you all the time working there and busting your hump dealing with people and stripping metal and putting patios in on weekends from time to time. You have gotten to the point when someone drops off a piece of metal you know it by sound alone, that is a worker we need! Someone who actually does their job, enthuses about their job and at the end of the day doesn't have to take their work home with them. Smoke em if you got em kid, just remember they are bad for you. and Mr. Hunt, just due to the way you handle yourself in this blog is due cause enough to lose my vote and my entire families vote for you.

    Daniel Evans

  77. Just finished reading Mary Stanleys article on the Transfer Station and I must admit she wrote a very balanced article, that just might help to educate more people on just what and how they do their jobs. One of the most important points she reported on was the danger of contaminating or mixing those recycling containers with items that don't belong there. You can start losing money quickly if a load is rejected for having too much 'other' stuff in it. For those who have joined the contract trash pickup, once they start enforcing recycling you will see that they too will not pickup an improper mixed load, it will cost them money. Yup, not being a fan of the Enterprise News System, I think she did a good job with this article. When you combine it with the Letters to the Editor, there is also balance I guess its true...some of us like it...some of us don't! Sounds familiar doesn't it?

  78. I want to take advantange of the negotiated price this town has made with SEMAS for us untill 2015 but they figured it was going to take me 3.5 years to figure out how to sort paper from plastic. Quite an insult. Oh, by the way, we don't "recycle"......we sort. Recycling happens further down in the process

  79. Mr. A says…
    It seems poster 5:38 PM is back at it again. What happen to going on sabbatical for the summer? I guess you just can’t believe this poster. Not a fan of The Enterprise? This is not surprising since they print fact based articles that continue to show how our previous superintendent, who poster 5:38 PM seems to have a blind allegiance for, made some very questionable decisions. This person, along with other elected officials in this town, has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear on all these issues. We as a community should be asking why our elected officials have chosen to do this. They will probably say they want to, “move on.” I will agree with them on this, but I also believe they, like others in this community, had a blind allegiance to protect someone they considered one of their own.

  80. Simmons breaks the law, Greg defends him; MaryEllen Johnson breaks the law, Greg moves on; People at the dump DON'T work nearly a full day; Greg defends them. I just don't get it Greg, why is it just the world according to you.

    I don't think people are not willing to recylce, which is the process that everyone who now uses the dump is in. It actually starts when you dump the recyclables in the bins, the people do not understand the process. They are afraid to make a mistake. I make it a point to visit the dump every three work days. The point of this blog has been taken seriously by the Selectmen. The workers are now more than serious about helping the public. I saw one employee almost trip on himself to help an elderly lady. That was nice. But I also saw things going into the recyling bins that should not have been going there. Is that not their responsibility? I smoke 3 packs a day, but never at work unless it is breaktime. Why can't these people just smoke out of everyone's face?

    Remember the guy who wanted a nice time out for his family and brought his wife and child to a Sandwich business known as a watering hole of sorts? He brought a newborn to the bar. When he almost choked on the smoke, he got up and left and went to Bourne (a dumb move because he could have gone to a non-smoking restaurant in Sandwich and saved the gas money). I brought my newborn to the dump and she choked ont the smoke on that infamous Tuesday.

    Randy, you do a great job on this blog. You have slapped me around, but you know, you were correct in doing so.

    I think the Selectmen should just watch the dump workers or send in a mole. They would be very surprised at what is going on as would Daniel Evans.

  81. Again, you are sorting.....not recycling

  82. To Mr A the anon at 9:33 and the new Daniel Evans, a previous Anon maybe at 10:10AM I am on sabbatical from that other venomous section of Randy's blog that deals with the school committee. As both of you reflect in your writing here today, you two just can't get over the MEJ public hanging and you should realize by now, that nothing you say, believe or state regarding YOUR facts changes my opinion. Ancient history folks. She is gone. The schools will heal. So, why don't you two take a sabbatical, get out there and go fishing, sailing, whatever floats your boat. Just don't waste your limited energy trying to draw me back into YOUR nightmare. Now, lets stick with the transfer station. It doesn't matter that I am on sabbatical when I hear that a FEW people are trashing (pun totally intended) those workers who's only purpose in life is to handle YOUR FILTHY TRASH. If you want to vent your anger at this new system, why don't you challenge those who implemented it? Don't shoot the lowest paid worker who has the most disgusting job this side of being an artillery private that has to move all those heavy shells around in 110 degree heat. Nope, I will always crawl back onshore whenever I feel there are folks being unreasonable over a kid smoking on the job. I will say it one more time....and you guys from the old school committee assassination team sure are hard to get a point across too.... those folks with the bright green/yellow shirts are not the target. Right 400, drop 400 and let loose on this back door tax that we have inherited in the name of saving the environment. Thank you to the Anon at 8:13 and 3:37 for correcting all of us. We are now the sorters. We should learn to do it properly or it will cost more to dispose of our trash. We are, in spite of the smoking issue, doing a great job from what I can observe. Let me offer just one more viewpoint on the personal attacks against our town employees at the transfer station. Why don't one of you, those with the greatest concern for laws being broken with respect to smoking...why don't you take a short trip to Afghanistan, and walk over to that young 22 year old Sgt who is lying prone among the rocks.....taking a break during a firefight... want to tell him he can't smoke that cigarette? Lets get serious about what is the real problem and not use smoking as a 'smoke screen'. The world is not black and white, as you try to convince others it MUST be...the world has gray areas. If you don't see and understand gray areas...then you really need to take up fishing. It is a great way to relax and learn about what is truly important in life. And please, I don't defend the person... I rally against the unfair and sometimes evil way we treat human beings. Even the ones within the gray areas. John 8:7 'Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

  83. Learning to sort doesn't take three and one half years to learn. It takes about three and one half minutes. I have been and spoke about pay as you toss at two selectmans meetings and spoke at the informational meeting. I got my point across and the selectman agreed that the price of subsequent dump sticker pricing should not reset as if your third sticker was the same full price as the first. So don't assume posters, whether anonymous or not, don't get involved because they do.

    oh,and your welcome

  84. Mr. A says…

    To 4:44 P: You proved my point in that no matter what “fact” comes to light you will defend our previous superintendent with blind allegiance. I also thank the blog administrator for allowing you to post your diatribe. Amazing how he didn’t stop you from posting, but he has blocked my postings for reasons only he knows. I will answer two to your concerns; you are incorrect on two points. I support those that work at the transfer station. I have never had an issue with any of them. They have always been helpful whenever I have asked a question. They do not have an easy job and I have never seen any of the issues described by others on this blog, and I have lived in this town and utilized the transfer station many, many years. You are also incorrect in your assertions of somehow that I don’t support those that defend our country. I served in the military for a number of years. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those men and women and their families, especially those that are dealing with the tragic loss today in Afghanistan. All I can say about your comment is, “I consider the source.” To me, people’s positions regarding issues come down to respect and knowledge of what they are speaking about. I believe you know where I think you come down with respect to this issue. Telling me and others to go on a sabbatical is typical of someone who cannot argue an issue on its merits, this can also be said when you make stuff up about others and insult them. I hope Mr. Hunt allows this to be posted, but he has let me down before, so this wouldn’t be the first time he has allowed others to have the last word and not allowing me the chance to respond. I also hope he allows the other poster who you insulted equal time.

  85. Mr. A says…
    To 4:44 P: You proved my point in that no matter what “fact” comes to light you will defend our previous superintendent with blind allegiance. I also thank the blog administrator for allowing you to post your diatribe. Amazing how he didn’t stop you from posting, but he has blocked my postings for reasons only he knows. I will answer two to your concerns; you are incorrect on two points. I support those that work at the transfer station. I have never had an issue with any of them. They have always been helpful whenever I have asked a question. They do not have an easy job and I have never seen any of the issues described by others on this blog, and I have lived in this town and utilized the transfer station many, many years. You are also incorrect in your assertions of somehow that I don’t support those that defend our country. I served in the military for a number of years. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those men and women and their families, especially those that are dealing with the tragic loss yesterday in Afghanistan. All I can say about your comment is, “I consider the source.” To me, people’s positions regarding issues come down to respect and knowledge of what they are speaking about. I believe you know where I think you come down with respect to this issue. Telling me and others to go on a sabbatical is typical of someone who cannot argue an issue on its merits, this can also be said when you make stuff up about others and insult them. I hope Mr. Hunt allows this to be posted, but he has let me down before, so this wouldn’t be the first time he has allowed others to have the last word and not allowing me the chance to respond. I also hope he allows the other poster who you insulted equal time.

  86. Anon at 10:34, the problem with being an Anon is that it tends to result in generalizations and groupings of those who write in and have a tendancy to attack or throw stones at others. It is heartwarming to see that you are not in the group that believes those guys at the dump are on a free ride. If you have served then you know exactly what I mean when it comes to dealing with cleaning out the grease trap or washing trash cans. If your service was in the generation of today's contract services then I am still sure you understand why I support people who do the ugly work. I thank you for your service as I am sure you would respect my 32 years. That being said, as you have decided to repeatedly 'cast the first stone' once again.... take a step forward and recognize that those of us who disagree over those ugly school issues will never compromise our positions. You appear to be a bit paranoid concerning what you can and cannot post. Simply read the rules and Randy is very liberal about posting. Why do think anything that you just wrote to me would prevent him publishing? There is no slander, no libel and you don't offend me personally with your opinions, we simply disagree. If it makes you feel better, I have been denied postings before because I did write some things that violated the basic rules. I thank you for your comments concerning the good work those guys do at the transfer station, they need to hear positive feedback as well as our thoughts on corrective measures. Everyones opinion is important to them...everyone, even though we will often disagree.

  87. Daniel Evans, so you want the selectmen to PAY another person to "spy" on town workers? do you see the irony in any of your statement?

    1.) you are complaining about the town wasting money and these guys not working a "full" day? seriously, what constitutes a full day? why don't you go and tell them this yourself instead of writing it on some blog.

    2.) the fact that you smoke 3 packs a day is meaningless. the work inside. where do these workers work? i'll help you, OUTSIDE. i believe that you're allowed to smoke outside in MA? Not 100 percent or anything but i'm sure you're allowed to. also, how is it possible to smoke 3 packs a day if you don't smoke unless you're on break? Hypocrisy?!

    people in this town are quick to blame the lowest on the totem pole. do you actually think that this is a glamorous job? Are the workers driving Mercedes, BMWs, Audi's and other high end cars? i think not.

    so people of sandwich, if you have a problem with the people who work at the dump, go talk to THEM. And like the worker said above, stop complaining to Randy Hunt. He does not work for the town of sandwich. Whereas these kids do.

    Treat others in which you would treat yourself, without quarrel or hatred towards those who may help you in the future.


  88. I think the point with the workers is how I'm feeling. If I have to make extra efforts and work a little harder at home sort all this stuff out, then they should be working harder too. I will not feel bad for them if they have to deal with trash and irrate customers. It's a job that you will reap the benefits from well into their retirement. So please try to show a little compassion and patience for the common folks out there and stop yelling at the old man who put a plastic milk carton in a blue bag. We, the people, have had to rearrange our whole kitchens to accomodate this sorting out. We are making more trips per week to unload filled containers. We the people never got vote on this and were forced into it. I do not enjoy being told that I "gotta" do anything. I don't. And it is my choice to pay for a blue bag and cram it full of plastic and paper if I choose to do so. This is a learning and estimating period of time.. It's going well now, but I'm interested to see how long it will last. I'm trying.. and I just want to be sure they are trying too.

  89. Carl Johansen would say good evening to Greg.

    It is nice to see that things never change in the world of blogs, especially for annonymous.

    Keeping things on track with the new resorting policy here in Sandwich has been a blast of late.

    When one see that some feel that placing good resortable money making goods into the blue bags is the way to go, I wonder what they are thinking about. For in the end it will mean less money to help defray further operating costs. This could affect the sticker fee in the years ahead or at the very least affect the cost of disposal, thus an increase in other areas.

    This is like fishing for gold and winding up with lead instead.

    The laws of the commonwealth are clear as to having workers assigned to observing what gets thrown away. No one is perfect and some things will get missed. I wonder how the smokers resort there smokes and containers in this resorting procces?

    The transfer station is being run like a well oiled reel that has a larger fish taking the drag in a nice smooth motion. Like I have mentioned not all of the kinks have been worked out, this come from use and practice. Just like a good cast on a fish one needs to put the time in to get the best results.

    Those that have decided to not resort are part of the reason why some of the kinks may not go away, Go to the private hauler, pay more and guess what you will at some point in time be forced to resort anyway. The laws involving disposal of trash are changing daily. Resorting or recycling is the wave of the future, a future that should have been in place many years ago.

    Carl Johansen

  90. Good evening to you Carl, nice to know that you have an understanding of the inner peace that one can find with a fishing rod. When things get hot, when tempers flare...that is when a fishing sabbatical works its magic. It takes one back to a very simplistic challenge of you versus the fish and I will be hanged if they don't win a lot of the time. But, for each encounter I have experienced... that time spent has a way of calming your mind so you can think clearer. Something I urge our most stubborn anon's to do. Can you imagine the uproar Carl if they had been required to purchase clear see thru bags? Oh I could hear the screams.... another way to enforce proper disposal of our resources. Yup, I said resources because we can play a small part in saving money overall. One thing is for sure, when the private haulers have to enforce separation of materials soon, they way we do now at the transfer station... I think we will see folks returning to the better deal being offered. Again, I don't like the fee....I would prefer a tax base charge that makes me feel better, if doesn't gives me any actual value. I think we should teach the employees to field strip their bad habits Carl... that always worked because we knew we were going to have to pick them up later if we dropped them...under the watchful eye of that NCO....ugh. Back to happy thoughts of popping a bluefish!

  91. Evan Daniels not to be confused with Daniel Evans we are differentAugust 9, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Greg, Now that MayEllen has temporarly flown the coup, I have temporarily found inner peace.

  92. Mr. A Says…
    To poster 3:42 - I couldn’t agree with you more.

  93. posted to the wrong part of the blog....this is for trash...oh wait a are still stuck in that trashy mess of olden I guess you are OK. Mr A has the same internal conflicts as yourself. The inability to let it go. Seek out a nice quiest fishing spot and join the serenity of life in a real world. Then, just as you reach nirvana, as you relax in a world without stones, just as the wonderful salt air licks at your senses....then imagine you are MEJ at that last school committee meeting. Can you do it? either one of you? Methinks not....

  94. Greg, I have known you for quite a while now. You are the one who does not let things go unless you are on the losing end. If you think that these guys deserve the pay they get, I will never change your mind. I know quite a few people who might even work if they were given the job.

  95. I am confused, is there another Mr. A?

  96. Mr. A Says…
    What I find interesting is that some who try and post like they kind of agree with you, but always find a way to get in some sort of demeaning comment about those that disagree with them. Respect is earned, gentlemen, not just in what you say or do, but as in how you treat others. If the facts in a situation bear a certain outcome, and you chose to ignore them just to prove your point of view that says more about you than anything else. I have always brought facts to my discussion, and if you disagree with me, tell me what I’ve asked to be posted is incorrect. As I have said before about our previous superintendent, I would never have made the decisions she did to put myself in that position.

  97. Good Morning Greg I was out on the water fishing Chatham the other day, among the seals and whales. The reels were singing a nice tune for most of the day as we reeled in fish after fish from the calm waters off Nauset beach.

    Not once did I think about all of the problems we here in Sandwich will need to deal with in the next severel years and it sort of provides the healing time needed to go forward to the next battle comming down the road.

    One good thing about those that fish, we gain an insite into evaluating our surroundings and the effects of mismanagment. Effective changes can only come from excepting the realities in place at the time of the battle and once the battle is over, it is time to move on. You and I have moved on to other areas of concern, but still realize that many questions still need to be answered. `Perhaps the future hold the truth to the questions being asked and perhaps they do not, only time will show us the way.

    Meanwhile keep the Reels Singing the sweet song of refrain as the large is taking the preset drag from the reel. We just might need to tighten it down a little more on the next round of problems we all will be facing rather soon.

  98. Fishing on sabaticalAugust 11, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    Hopefully Mr. Johansen and Greg are fishing and sabaticaling respectively. I have not and will not move on until Mr. Johansen apologizes to Ms. Marshall and Greg acknowleges that the majority that extended her contract VIOLATED the law.

    Alas, neither will ever be done.

    As for trash. Its not rocket science so I can do it. I am satisfied that the dump people are featherbedding us to bankruptcy and understand it, not like it, but accept it. As far as the trash is concerned, I am moving on.

  99. To the 1047 poster. When those whom decided to take the action they did, can explain their reasons for doing what they did and I am satisfied that it was not because of conflicted reasons, I would take your suggestion under advisement. Since they have had over a year to bring about some resolution to this question I would suggest, you speak to them in this regard.

    Many have asked this question and all that is brought up are mystery phone calls, no logical reason for the reasons as to why someone would make an attempt to remove some one whom was doing the job she was paid to do by the taxpayers of Sandwich

    The PAYT program you have mentioned above is readly becomming a success and understanding that we all must seperate the chaff from the wheat, before we have a product that is profitable, makes the job a little easier to get in tune with the process.

    I wish the host of this blog would keep the topic discussion in its proper posting format, it sort of changes the diolog, when we need to put on two hats at the same time to answer.Us old folks are not as fast as we once were, but we are catching on to those that have decided to interject other topics to confuse themselves into believing what they are posting. Including yours truely

  100. Fishing on sabbatical at 10:47, I swear you are thick as a Dairy Queen Blizzard in January. You suckered me in to reading your response by hanging a baited hook, namely changing from an Anon to Fishing on Sabbatical. Well, if this will help you to destress your life, as Randy has commented is NOT good for your lifespan...then I will say this one more time. The previous school committee held an open meeting improperly. I have ALWAYS said that. Now, here it comes...wait for it....I want to make sure I have your absolute attention...MEJ's contract extension by that committee was an attempt to do something GOOD for Sandwich. As you can see Anon.... so much animosity and hatred continues because you cannot, ever, under any circumstance admit that the person herself, was good for Sandwich. Enough said on the subject. Stop pretending to love fishing. Go get yourself a nice blizzard...very cooling..but as Randy has stated...might be stressful cause they will make you watch your weight....

  101. PAYT a success? It will be a success when it makes as much money that Cape Waste, Waste Management, Nauset Disposal and Gibbs to name a few at a PROFIT. It is very clear that a private company/companies can turn a profit but Sandwich can not while falling $750,000 short each and every year. These companies come to you! typical.

  102. The one who dislikes hypocratesAugust 12, 2011 at 6:48 PM

    To the hypocrates who say they are on sabatical and/or moving on; Uh!

  103. Greg on semi-sabbaticalAugust 12, 2011 at 7:13 PM

    To the one who dislikes crates for hippo's at 6:48 we hypocrits are on sabbatical. I am willing to exchange ideas by email so we can clean up the endless string of repertoire that you continue to cling to. What do you say we banter to and fro by email and allow the folks who really want to talk trash here on Randy's blog do just that?

  104. Greg, this is all trash talk; do you not think?

  105. Greg going fishing....August 14, 2011 at 3:41 PM

    Anon at 5:52 AM what are you doing blogging at such a sleepy hour? Nice pun though, I agree...its all trash talk. I am going fishing....

  106. Mr. A says…

    I would also agree that this thread should be for the PAYT issue. There have been postings on this thread that would have been better served on other threads and I, too, have gone off course. PAYT is still a very controversial issue, and on this thread we should really try and stick to the subject matter. There are issues with this policy and its implementation, but hopefully, we as a community can get over these hurdles and make this work. It is in all our best interest.

  107. Just thought I'd chime in to say I think PAYT is just great. Really. We are a family of 4, and we've taken exactly one (1) large blue bag to the transfer station since July 1. Everything else was recycled or composted. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as they say in kindergarten. And no, we didn't have to "rearrange our whole kitchen" (really?) to do it.

    The bumps in the road are getting a lot of ink, but this is a good system, and it's the right thing to do.

  108. "Recycled or composted" means sorting and decomposing.

  109. Mr. Eagle, you are probably right. I have been to the dump 3 times and when I go this Thursday (day off) it will be 4 times. We have a family of 4.

    It is a fact that it was poorly rolled out. The powers to be knew it would have its adversaries and thus chose to push it through in my opinion. As it is not a problem for me to recycle (not sort) I will accept it, but, when I vote, I will consider those, all five of them, who chose not to role it out fairly.

    Mr. A, its a bit late for fishing. Remember the early bird! The day I wrote my post, I was waiting for my brother in law who was already 45 minutes late.

  110. What is a household recycling? Nothing, you are sorting......for the town by the way. They thank you

  111. Mr. A says…

    11:57 AM, I am not quite sure what you mean. I have never posted anything about fishing. I know others have, and it hasn’t always been about participating in this activity by going to an ocean or a pond. :)

  112. Whose on first?

  113. When all this save the earth stuff started, I bought two sets of bags. My wife bought yet another about two weeks later. When I used the set that she bought, then I found it to be much stronger than the ones that I had bought.

    I do not like recycling (or sorting if you choose to call it that), but it is not that bad and gives me something to do in the morning before my crew arrivs at my home.

    I am not sure whose on first, but what is on second?

  114. I Don't Know's on third.

  115. Because of PAYT I now completely shuck my corn at the local Stop&Shop and leave them with the husks. If I throw them in a pile, amongst other things, in my yard it is called "composting". If I throw the very same organic matter anywhere else, the wrath of the State DEP, DNR, local Police, DPW, State Police and any other environmental authorities with arraign me for littering and crimes against humanity.

  116. Anonymous 1:25 PM. I feel very sorry for you. I can recommend a fine shrink to help you work through this. People are die every day in two useless money sucking wars, parts of Africa are literally starving, Europe is having an economic melt down, people are out of work, children in this "greatest nation in history" can't read or write, and you worry about PAYT.

    Just suck it up, it is here to stay.

  117. I worry about everything. I don't have to suck it up. I have the remainder of the sticker I bought last year under the "implied" contract and have onlt been there once to almost get run over by someone who pulled in instead of backing in. I am going the home pick-up route. So, those who continue to buy blue bags, you all can "suck it up".

    Now back to worry about everything else and dreaming about a vacation that I have not taken in seven years. Pity, by the way, is judgemental.

  118. 5:38. No vacation, now I know why! You should get a real job like mine working for the Town.

  119. If you noticed, much of this thread discussed town employee actions and attitudes. With comments like the last, you are not helping your cause very much. Much to the contrary.

  120. To 11:45. As I Town Employee, I work and work very hard. I don't sit in cars or watch the TV all day, I actually work and am tired, as are many blogsters, at night when I go home. I get paid to work not to eat donuts, wait for things to happen, or wait to see who dumps what where. My cause are the people of Sandwich.

  121. How about Sandwich setting aside a spot to get rid of Irene yard debris like other towns?


  122. YEP.

    Field on Oak Crest Cove property where the famers' market takes place.

  123. wow....last time I was mistaken was 1984. Where is the debris going?


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