Friday, June 3, 2011

Weiner grilled for not so hot (dog) interviews

UPDATE (6/6/2011): Weiner admits weeny pic is self-portrait

A tearful congressman (no, not John Boehner) was frank with reporters, admitting that he lied (make that “hasn’t told the truth”) about someone hacking his Twitter account and sending a photo of Private Part to a co-ed.

In fact, the picture of his skivvy-clad congressional member is apparently only the tip of the iceberg. Other pics and emails are emerging, perhaps 200 or more from a growing list of women with whom he admitted having online and telephone flirtations. But, unlike Chris Lee, the shirtless New York Republican congressman who resigned after sending photos to women via Craigslist, Weiner has no plans to quit.

Other memorable congressional sexcapades:

* * * * *

It’s time for politicians to adopt an old television censor policy created for Elvis Presley: Do not shoot below the belt—photos and videos, that is.

Anthony Weiner, NY Congressman
Two questions pop into one’s head while watching Anthony Weiner’s interviews:

      1)      How was it that he seemed to know instantly that his Twitter account was hacked? I’ve been getting spoof emails from friends for months who still don’t have a clue that their Hotmail accounts have been hijacked.

      2)      Why can’t Weiner disclaim that the photo is of his own junk? If he never took a pic of his bratwurst…

We don’t need Dick Tracy to know what’s going on here.


  1. UPDATE: Weiner admits weeny pic is self-portrait.

  2. What a dope but I do hope he gets therapy. Goes to the point getting a lot of press these days, check very carefully on your candidates. The only thing that will save this country is an enormous increase in the ethics and integrity of our political figures. No more different rules for them. If egos are so large, like this Congressman's, that they think they can be hypocritical about their behavior and deserve to get away with things, then beware. They will get even worse when fully engaged in the national game of true legislative elitism, which is obviously and nonpartisan issue. Making any excuses for lies is absurd. Look at history.

    In this age of hyper media it is a good thing that little can be hidden I suppose. It is even a better thing that the ignorant masses, politicos seem to think are not to be considered, can instantly get engaged in discussion and opinion about these events. How different the world would look if ethics and integrity had been a mandate in the personal behavior of past leaders. All that was mandated was a solid public appearance. Authority figures now have to earn respect and we need to hold them to a high standard of integrity.

  3. I would add that these shenanigans can put a politician in a blackmail situation. "Dear Congressman: My sister lost her job in Washington D.C. and would like to work for you. Remember those emails and pics you sent me when you consider her resume."

  4. Excellent point Randy. Security issues to be sure. That's why people ask folks if there is anything in their backgrounds that could develop into a problem. I would say the Congressman was not honest when approached about running or the powers that be thought they could get around it. Sounds all too familiar too many times. When it comes out, the people get stuck with someone they can't trust when this happens. Oh the games politicians and those who think themselves political agents play. For goodness sake I hope they change.


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