Saturday, June 4, 2011

Spring cleaning on steroids

The Town of Sandwich begins its Pay-As-You-Throw program on July 1st which, besides requiring special bags for disposing trash, also brings back the $10 fee for dropping off certain items, such as refrigerators, tires, propane tanks, etc.

Thus, June stacks up to be the biggest spring cleaning month Sandwich residents have ever waged. With that $10 per item fee looming, there’s a run on straps and bungee cords at the local hardware stores. Soon we’ll see Beverly Hillbilly looking trucks pulling into the transfer station nearly tipping over with the weight of sofas, mattresses, stoves, coffee tables, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.

It’s certainly a motivator to clean out the cellar and empty the attic. Some of our friends are planning entire weekends around spring cleaning this year. Those who prefer to call this new system “Pay Through The Nose” see the days leading up to July 1st as an opportunity to wage a demonstration, harkening back to that old Johnny Paycheck song: Take This Tub And Shove It.

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