Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sandwich High School: Excellence behind a wall of noise

While the headlines about the school district screamed controversy, infighting, and disarray, something very productive was happening behind the scenes at Sandwich High School. Faculty, staff, and students were quietly working their way onto Newsweek’s list of America’s Best High Schools.

Eleven Massachusetts high schools earned recognition as a Top 500 school. Sandwich High School is in the company of Boston Latin and Sturgis Charter as well as some of the most innovative schools in the country, including the Magnet School of Science and Engineering in Dallas, Texas, and University High School in Irvine, California.

Congratulations to Ellin Booras, principal, and each one of the teachers, support staff, students and parents who put Sandwich High School on the map in such a positive way.


  1. This is good news, great news really. Way to go Sandwich High, way to go Sandwich!

  2. FYI, this post will not be used for discussing past/present school committee/superintendent issues.

    Congratulations again to our students, faculty, administration and staff.


  3. OK...good call Randy, I get your point. This is positive.

  4. I guess this should be positive but I am not that type of person who accepts that Sandwich High is great. It really is not. It IS a very good High School in my opinion.

    About 1000 schools participated. Of those Sandwich ranked in top 30%, the lower end of the top 30%.

    There were many schools in Massachusetts that offer far far more for their young adults than Sandwich. They send their young adults to Ivy League and Sacred Sister Schools. Sandwich does not send many. Course offerings are no where near those of school systems around Boston.

    Newsweek should have titled this program Top 500 schools of the 1000+ that entered the program, not nominated, entered.

    Newsweek does little to investigate further. Remember, it is a FAR LEFT instrument.

    All this being said, they did get to the top 30% of those that participated. Congratulations.

  5. Seven Sisters

    ...though I'm sure the alumnae would get a kick out of "sacred."

  6. wondering what's going on with the repair work to the Oakridge and forestdale scoools? I Haven't seen a bit of work done @ either school. Sadly I've missed the past couple of sc meetings.... anyone have the scoop?


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