Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bruins end drought, win Stanley Cup

I grew up on the border of Texas and Mexico, where we could barely grow enough ice to chill our sweet tea. The thought of playing ice hockey… Well, we never really thought about it.

I went to a preseason game in the late 80’s in Dallas between two teams I don’t remember. The Stars didn’t make it to Dallas until 1993. What I do remember is that it seemed much easier to follow the action by being there, as opposed to watching it on television (at least, low-def TV).

The pace of the game is absolutely insane. And the collisions are awesome. Seems like the players are a combination of Hulk Hogan, Brian Boitano, and Errol Flynn.

I don’t pretend to be a hockey fan, but I am starting to appreciate the nuances of the game. I even researched “icing” and the myriad reasons that it’s not called, even when the puck crosses two red lines. Never once did I see why offsides was called, though I have that same problem with soccer.

Zdeno Charo hoists Stanley Cup
What I do understand is that real fans have been frustrated for decades and, like when the Red Sox broke the Curse, there was as much a feeling of relief as jubilation; made that much better by the big talking Luango playing his second game in a row doing his dead-on impression of a sieve.

Without a doubt, Tim Thomas deserved to be the Conn Smythe trophy winner no matter the result of Game 7. If he was sun block, he’d be SPF 940.

The Stanley Cup is coming home to Boston. Congratulations to the entire Bruins organization and every die-hard fan who never stopped believing.


  1. Randy, I think you have found a topic that everyone on this blog agrees with! The Bruins reached down deep to win this one....a strange group of young and old players, but they had what it takes to win in 7 games! Ooops, just in case you have a Vancouver fan on the blog, my sympathies for your loss.........NOT! Go Bruins. And for those of us who were glued to the televisions way back when the last time we saw the Bruins win......the taste of victory is sweet!

  2. Randy, I always enjoy watching sports and picking a team to cheer on. This was almost, not quite, but almost a good as the Patriots first Super Bowl win. I had season tickets when the Patriots opened Shaeffer Stadium with many many losing years. Had to give up the tickets the year before they made it to the Super Bowl against Chicago. With the Bruins, in my youth, us young folks gathered at the local pub and cheered them every game in the 70's. Great to see them win.


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