Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time to fire up the barbecue

It’s officially here. Time to move the kitchen into the backyard.

Many great memories were made around the grill. My favorites?

Opening the lid to find $30 of steaks completely enveloped by an inferno that would impress Irwin Allen. 
 Fiddling with the gas regulator because grilling at 150° is only good for making beef jerky. 
 Watching a tuna steak slip off the serving tray on my way into the house. (I never mentioned this to Mary.) 
 Watching two bratwursts roll off the serving tray on my way into the house. (I never mentioned this to Mary either.) 
 Lighting a charcoal grill. 
 Running out of propane half way through grilling t-bones. 
 The way guys who have a hard time heating a can of beans are expected to turn into Emeril Legassi just because they’re grilling outdoors.

You know how people say that food cooked over a campfire just tastes better? Sure. Better than a slice of barbecued tree bark. Maybe.

Copyright 2011 Randy Hunt

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  1. You underestimate Mary! Most wives are just so darn happy to have their husbands helping with dinner that they couldn't care less how many times you rolled their sausage across the deck! We used to call my dad's barbeque "burnt offerings" when he was out on the deck! Very funny post, Randy. I bet it strikes a familiar chord with most of your readers!


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