Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pay-As-You-Throw starts July 1st

“Get your PAYT bags here! Get your PAYT bags here!”

“Gimme one large, one medium, and one small.”

“That’ll be $2.05.”

“Is there sales tax on that?”

“I dunno.”

Here’s a five.”

“Do you want change back?”

“Are you kidding?”

“One. Two. Two twenty five. Two fifty. Two seventy five. Two eighty five. Two ninety five.”

“When I was a cashier, we counted the change from $2.05 to $5.”


“Never mind.”

Link to information about Sandwich's PAYT program:

Informational meeting at Town Hall on Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00pm.


  1. Randy,

    You need to add one more option to your vote. For some people the only change will be a lowered sticker price. Those are the people who have their trash hauled and buy a sticker in order to recycle currently.

  2. Wow, I was amazed at the amount of house cleanouts going on at the transfer station. Randy...I guess the word on 'Pay as you Throw' is out there. I only hope the transfer station finances are ready for this LARGE surge in old junk that has been hidden in cellars and attics for years. I truly hope that folks try a yard sale first before dragging it to the transfer station, after all, yard sales are a perfect way to recycle. Kids go off to college soon and those old end tables just might be perfect for holding a beer keg or two! And Linell, thank you for putting out the word on my trash compactor. They only cost around $1500. Hopefully folks have NOT updated their kitchen counters to the point they can't install one, but don't let that stop you. A trash compactor can sit in the garage as long as you have the right electrical outlet for it. The closer an undercounter trash compactor is to the sink....the more perfectly it will fulfill its destiny! That is...only one 30 gallon bag a week! If commercials are allowed Randy...we found ours at KAM in Hyannis. They are not easy to find these days in the big box stores.

  3. Greg,my good pal,how I wish you had first let me know you wanted one. $1,500! There are dozens of great models under $1,000!! Some under $500. You can easily get them at Sears, Lowes, or Home Depot as well as RJ Crane and many other places. A Jenn-Air or Viking can be bought for much less the $1500.

  4. Why is the meeting at Town Hall and not the H.S. auditorium? It can only hold 100 people? Those that haven't had a say in PAYT, and don't want it, are going to come out in droves, even if it is only considered an information meeting. They never got a say, and they are going to have their say Wednesday night.

  5. I will ask the same question that I have yet to get an answer to from a year and a half ago. Why am I being charged for a second sticker when my household produces X amount trash? The trash has no idea what vehicle it is being brought to the dump in. If I had 100 vehicles my household generates the same amount of trash. See you Wed. night

  6. Anon at bad. I meant to type $500 dollars not 1500. Wow, that would scare people away from the machines. Ours is a Kitchenaide. Thanks for the catch. These compactors need to be monitored for odors, and emptied weekly to prevent it and ours actually has an odor filtering system. Great machines. I am not sure why they died out years ago, methinks it was the odor issue.

  7. The Wednesday night meeting at Town Hall is informational where PAYT is concerned. At Thursday's BOS meeting there will be a public hearing as part of the BOS meeting, setting the rates for the bags. The public will be invited to comment in the public hearing.

  8. I believe that the pay as you throw will work for those who choose to recycle, but I also feel that it should be held off until January and that much more should be done to inform citizens at to how they can recycle. Maybe a large article in the Enterprise and Broadsider and something on cable.

  9. Carl Johansen would state that any one who now uses the transfer station should have recieved instructions on what is and what is not recycable. A list has been prepared by the DPW and is available when you go through the gate from the gate attendant.

    If one does have a trash compactor and only compacts what is not recycable, expect to use one 30 gallon bag every three weeks. For a family of two

    The other recyclables will need to be brought up
    and dumped more often.

    We have been recyling for the past 6 months full term and once you get to understand all the ins and outs it is fairly easy to get used too.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  10. Unfortunately Mr. Johansen, despite your explaination, I still do not understand. If you did some homework, you would see that there are many ways for the town to communicate to the public, much of which is as confused (or dumb) as I am. We have not used Sandwich TV, we have not used the website until recently, we have not set up the CCT for a Sunday Story, we have not had someone from the town do outreach to the churches, schools, businesses etc.

    I still don't understand and will not understand until someone explains it to me step by step. I am industrious enough to find out on my own, but many in town will not. Your explanation on this blog reaches precious few people, many of whom already use haulers.

    Mr. J, it just not as simple as you think.


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