Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two overrides on town meeting warrant

I provided a short tutorial on three types of overrides that come up often at town meetings and elections. Read that post by clicking here.

On the Town of Sandwich’s May 2nd annual town meeting warrant appear two overrides: one for roof and window repairs and replacements at the Oak Ridge and Forestdale schools, and the other for replacing the HVAC system at the library.

The school building article calls for a debt exclusion (an override for capital expenditures paid for over multiple years) and assumes a reimbursement of nearly one-half of the project costs from the Massachusetts School Building Authority. The total estimated cost of the project is $2.5 million, before the MSBA reimbursement.

Our second override is a capital exclusion, which is collected directly from taxpayers via an assessment on property taxes for one year. No financing is necessary. The library HVAC system replacement will cost an estimated $450,000.

How do you plan to vote on these two overrides at the ballot box on May 5th? Weigh with your comments here and register your anticipated vote in the poll at the right.


  1. Carl Johansen stated, Mr. Hunt given that both items are needed I will be considering ok the school roofs, but for the library I am looking for a little more responce from the trustees as to how they seem to have their priorities. Given that they have spent more time promoting a new library, rather then replacing the heating system. I would be more inclined to think they do not care very much about actually getting a new heating plant in place or they would be spending more time on promoting this need. If they do not show any concern why should any one else?

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  2. I'm told that the library director didn't even know about the debt exclusion until a joint meeting on Capital needs about a month ago. This was decided by the Capital Improvement Planning Committee and told to the library. So I would say that they didn't even know they had something to support. These repairs are needed badly. Energy costs with the old system are over $800 a month. Remember that the library debt exclusion will only be a year long bond so it will only be charged to the taxpayer for one year. Short money for big savings in my book. Especially when you consider there is not going to be a new library any time in the near future.


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