Sunday, April 3, 2011

Driving for charity: March 2011 - Children's Cove

I made a campaign promise, at the urging of Matt Pitta, WXTK Radio news director, to pass through my state representative travel per diem to a local charity each month. Unlike most of us who do not get paid to commute, legislators receive payments based on the distance they must drive to the Statehouse. My per diem is $45. Click here to see Who gets paid to drive to work?

March’s per diem payment of $405 represents nine trips to the Statehouse and I am honored to donate that amount to Children's Cove. Children's Cove is a freestanding, child-friendly facility designed to ensure that victims of child sexual abuse and their non-offending family members have access to support and services in a safe, respectful, and compassionate environment. They are committed to reducing the trauma endured by child victims, promoting accountability, fostering healing, and advocating on behalf of child victims of sexual abuse and physical abuse.

I was fortunate to be invited to their facility to meet with Stacy Gallagher, Director, and several staff and board members. Although I wish that such an organization would have no reason to exist, the reality is that many children are victims of sexual abuse and the Cove's warm and embracing atmosphere along with their highly trained and competent staff provide critical support and therapy for these children, making it possible for them and their families to put their lives back together and face the future with confidence.

I appeal to anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse at any age, anyone who knows someone who has been a victim, and anyone who sees the importance of Children's Cove to join me by spreading the word about this organization and making a donation to help further the Cove's mission.

For more information and to donate:

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  1. At a time that you could not have forseen all of what was to fold out at Camp Good News, you had this contribution in motion, Randy. Sacrificing the per diem travel money for a cause like this is not a small gesture. In a time where every dollar counts, we all know places that help children like the Children's Cove must be suffering. Thank you for making this sacrifice, Randy. You bring an enormous amount of sunshine to many by seeking out and doing these positive actions! Hurray for Sandwich to have you as a Town Citizen doing so much good work at the State level!


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