Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's getting your goat?

It seems that we’ve got reason to be upset with a number of things lately.

What’s torquing your wrench? Mark your favorite in this week’s poll.


  1. $25 million is additional funds for snow plow contracting! Let's face it we need to pay the contractors for the work they've already done this very snow winter. But why are we paying for equipment that doesn't get used and when equipment/drivers are sitting around waiting for the snow/freezing rain to fall? If you haven't noticed so many of the big trucks have two plows on the them. Two plows on Cape Cod, please not only are most of the state roads down here narrow, but do we really get that much snow to warrant paying additional state funds on equipment that doesn't get used, just because it might get used elsewhere in the state? That's right folks each time those trucks go out or sit around, from Nov to April they get paid for all that equipment whether it's used or not! It would seem we need more sanders than trucks with two plows on the Cape, which earn a lower hourly rate! The weekend before last there were trucks at the state property across from the transfer station all weekend, were they getting paid the whole time they were sitting there? The lights were on in the building? I can't believe how many times when there is a potential storm coming that trucks have been down there (Route 130)just waiting for the storm to come, sometimes 3 or 4 hrs they are just sitting there, and we the taxpayers are paying for that. State Reps/Senators need to be on the committee that writes the snow contract! What a wast of $! We need these guys for our safety (they often do a better job than the town) but at such a high cost. The contract is on the Mass. Transportation website.

  2. Carl Johansen has a problem with the lack of effort being displayed by the board of selecman in regards to guiding the efforts and focas of our town administrators, away from what may be the greatest thing for further economic recovery here in Sandwich. The building of a new combined safety fire and police facilty.

    To much time, energy,and money is being expanded on projects that should wait for economic recovery.
    The hundreds of hours spent by our administrators on the library project is a fine example of putting time money and effort into a project that was dead from the start.[We do not need such a library here now} Here is also another fine project that started out being only 8 million and is now 15 million to complete.
    No figures were ever stated by the Library trustees as to what the extra 20 library staff would add to the budget in salaries and benifits. No mention what the annual cost will be to maintain just the outside landscape each year,

    No mention if this library was going to be developed for the new electronic books.

    I did hear a pizza parlor, another empty meeting space, outside solarium.

    What are we attempting to build here in our historic Sandwich a building that will be a standout among our other fine buildings and change the visuall appearance of our town.

    The old library had a study done a few years back that clearly states that if they wanted to they could add a second floor to the present building. WE the taxpayers payed that bill and it was then put into the round file and ignored.

    Along the same lines the bridge to no where is another waste of town taxdollars just to please and make a few business in the down town area bring in a few more dollars.

    If the true purpose is to bring more economic relief to the whole town of Sandwich, then we should be planning a project that will benifit the whole town and not just part of it. Every time one hears about how we can aid the economy in the middle of Sandwich, by this or that project, no one is concerned about the whole town and all of the business throught out the town . They all need help` and a bridge to no where only helps a select group of our citizens, but that is the plan right along.

    It is time to think about planning how to move tourist and citizens around the whole town and the only way to do that is to put in place a trolly bus service during the tourist season. Then you would be helping every business equally.

    Time for thought

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  3. Nice Mr. J, nice. One question though; if all you think the bridge to nowhere (correct spelling)is is (Bill Clintonism)that it is a waste of money (you may be correct) then what about wasing money on a trolley. That is a true unsustainable waste. At least the Chamber is trying to do something productive instead of destructive.

  4. Actually, Anon at 6:28 a trolley circuit route, when properly integrated between the Sandwich Rail Station and the towns major attractions could be a boost, maybe not a hugh boost, but at this time with gas prices climbing, it could be a positive attraction for tourists who are already making decisions to stay close to home this year because of the economy. Considering I dabble in the transportation industry, moving people here and about, it is amazing how many people are attracted to the 'trolley' rides. Ask folks in Falmouth how well they work during the summers when they replace the big bus service provided by the CCRTA on Main Steet. It isn't the hills of San Francisco but it is quaint. I think the chamber should look into the contract costs through the CCRTA, just as Falmouth does. It would be a good test of our tourism economic engine. One nly has to watch the large tour busses pulling into the Glass Museum to realize how many folks make the walk up Route 130 to the Hoxie house but run out of steam right about there. We seniors really do need to walk more, however it would be a great idea...add a trolley on a small circuit that includes our famous boardwalk, hit the main street attractions and of course, make it a cheaper ride than filling their own gas tanks at $3.90 a gallon. Anon, I think you are missing the possibility...a trolley may NOT be such a folley.

  5. Carl Johansen would also state that the towns of Plymouth and Bourne have taken some steps to increase the awarenes of sight seeing in there towns as well as locals being brought to the various shopping centers.
    One would ask yourself, why should the taxpayers in general support a limited transportation idea that only gets to benifit a small segement in our town?
    Would it not be better to support a transportation idea that benifits the majority of every business here in Sandwich. The present Chamber leadership could solicit the business to support the trolly and with some selling will have a more equatable means to help themselves increase there own bottom line profit margins.

    You could look at like the present Pay as you throw program , where the users will bear the cost of the service.
    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich
    Thanks for the support Greg

  6. I am most disappointed tonight with the lack of public support for Dr. Mary Ellen Johnson.

    We have ongoing, high caliber professional development that is bringing our district together in a way that will, absolutely will not just increase scores, but will create lifelong readers, writers and thinkers.

    We have 21st century technology in every classroom. We are implenting one of the most highly regarded, research based math programs in the country. We have highly trained teachers who are working collaboratively toward the goals that this town set for the children of Sandwich.

    We have done all of this because of Mary Ellen's vision, her connections with professionals in the field of education and her ability to energize teachers.

    If you think for one minute, we can allow the majority School Committee to run her out of town, and we get to keep all the good work going like a well-oiled machine I think you will be most unpleasantly surprised.

    Randy. As a taxpayer, I really need an answer to the question asked time and time again at School Com. Why?

    What is it about the PhD that people don't like? Is that it?

    Do they not like the grant monies she used to train teachers and but books and computers?
    Do they not like how for once..for once schools are working together and not against each other?

    Are they upset with the million(s) of dollars she has/will save us?

    What is it? Does she intimidate the people who have-been-doing-things-a-certain-way for years and years? Where has that gotten us?

    I would like to see an investigation into the rationale behind:

    1. Why the meeting was not posted
    2. Why the SC chairwoman is allowed to trump a directive from the Super to her secretary.
    3. How the SEA is allowed through school email to lobby for a SC candidate who's personal agenda was to "get rid of Mary Ellen"
    4. How another intimidating SEA member is allowed to use school email to bully teachers into voting for the employee of the year just to spite Dr. Johnson. By the way...the nominations go to that person, so if you didn't vote for her, she knows it.
    5. Why there has been almost no communication from the SEA to its members.

    Ok, maybe you can't do that, but can you find out ANY valid reasons for not extending her contract? I can't. I mean specifics, not because she is a Democrat. (no offense.:-) )

    Well, I have a longer list, but I would love to start with those five.

    Thank you.

  7. The many, many kids at Sandwich High School that are unable to read, write or perform basic math operations. These students are not receiving any services through special education. They are being left behind.

  8. Then the teachers should go to workshops to learn how to teach them. Why should our neediest children be given to our least qualified staff members? It isn't working now because it never worked. Dr. J was going to help fix the very problem that we have always faced in Sandwich and in American education in general. Sped has been "broken" for a long, long time. Do not pin this one on her. She was restructuring Sped. not ending it for goodness sakes.

  9. Prince of anonymiMarch 18, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    I would suggest all you MEJ lovers to go to faceboo's everyday math page. Quite negative to say the least. Great theory, little good for many in practice. It does help the teachers who are teaching math but don't understand it. For some reason they get this.

    As for Mr. Augustine. Your list is quite long as is the list of her screw ups. She brings so many negatives and is so polarizing that she should go. Unfortunately, the new board, if allowed to cast the vote, will vote her in. I do believe someone will stop the current majority. What a shame to have a book juggler handling the accountability.


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