Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Glenn Paré, Sandwich selectman candidate

I am running for Selectman because I believe we need to take action on many of the issues we face as a Town. Watching from the sidelines, it seems that our elected leadership continues to defer taking actions that are necessary because these actions might not be popular.

It might seem reasonable to continue to study and re-study every issue, but sooner or later we need move forward. We cannot continue to defer our building maintenance and infrastructure issues. We have to address public safety -- the need for new facilities and the need to boost staffing and resources. Nobody wants to have to cut the school budget because salaries and health benefits are now out of hand. Nobody wants to say "no" to a new library, or "no" to a council on aging building. Nobody wants to close down the historic Wing School.... But we do need to take action to keep Sandwich the great Town it can be.

I am running so I can try to address the issues rather than continuing to defer them. Make a decision, take a vote "yes or no", and then move on. When we come together, we can actually get things done.

I promise to be fair-minded and honest. You might not always agree with me, but we can always be frank with each other and try to work out what is best. Political points of view are important, but we need to put ideology aside to work together, to do what is best for Sandwich and the burdened taxpayers.

Please feel free to contact me with your concerns, your opinions, or even a good joke now and then. Call me at home at 508-833-3554 or email anytime at pareglenn@comcast.net.

I hope that you will support me in my effort to move Sandwich along and get some of the pressing things done.


Glenn Paré

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