Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Driving for charity: February 2011 - Ma Otis Pantry

I made a campaign promise, at the urging of Matt Pitta, WXTK Radio news director, to pass through my state representative travel per diem to a local charity each month. Unlike most of us who do not get paid to commute, legislators receive payments based on the distance they must drive to the Statehouse. My per diem is $45. Click here to see Who gets paid to drive to work?

February’s per diem payment of $270 represents six trips to the Statehouse and I am happy to donate that amount to Ma Otis Pantry. This organization provides emergency food service to any military member or military family regardless of branch or rank.

A fundraiser for Ma Otis Pantry is being held on Wednesday, March 9th from 5:00 to 7:00pm at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis. Please attend or consider contributing to this important organization.

To find out more about Ma Otis Pantry and to make a contribution, please visit or call Michelle at (508) 524-8144.


  1. Please attend the Ma Otis Fundraiser at the Sandwich Taverna on March 20, Free entertainment, unlimited buffet (yummy), just make a $20.00 donation. Last year's was a great success. Hope to see you there.

  2. Sandwich Cub Scout Pack 46 collects items at most monthly pack meetings for donation to MA Otis Food Pantry. Our next meeting/ collection is Tuesday March 15th, 6:15 at the Forestdale School. All donated items go directly to the pantry. See their website for needed items:

  3. How many non repeat families does MA Otis's Pantry serve?

    this is so sad - they can go to war but can't feed their families.

  4. Although the MA Otis Food Pantry is a worthy cause, the money that Randy is "donating" is tax payer dollars, so it should benefit a cause that tax payers are the beneficiary. Are all users of the Ma Otis Food Pantry Massachusetts Tax Payers?

    While on the subject of money received by a State Representative, why is a State Rep position a career and receiving a pay check?

    Thats growth of government and burdening that tax payers. A State Representative position was not intended to be a full time payed position with benefits.

    We should take it back.

    Randy- if you are true to your beliefs, then isn't this suggestion up your alley?

  5. @Anonymous: The source of the travel stipend is taxpayer dollars. I'll stipulate to that. But it's included in my W-2 as a state rep and I'm paying income taxes on it both federally and to the state. I will deduct the contributions on my federal tax return but MA doesn't allow charitable contributions as a tax deduction.

    If you think that Ma Otis Food Pantry is not a worthy charity, then you are sadly mistaken and ill informed. And, yes, these people pay taxes to MA. Even if some of them are not required to pay MA income taxes because of their duty status, they buy gas, don't they? That's 23.5 cents a gallon. They buy taxable items in stores, don't they? If they buy a car or register one here, they pay sales and excise tax. What if they smoke, God forbid. Huge taxes on cigarettes ($2.51 per twenty pack). Get your head out of the sand, Anonymous.

    I agreed to turn over the stipend as a campaign promise, acknowledging that many people drive into Boston from here who are not compensated for their commute. Before you criticize me for that, put your own money where your mouth is.

    Regarding the $60K pay for legislators, I've said that we should take a cue from other states and make it a part-time position. I would vote for that, but if you know anything about this legislature, you would know that there is zero chance of such a bill arriving on the floor of the House or Senate.


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