Monday, March 14, 2011

Bob Catalini, Sandwich school committee candidate

My name is Bob Catalini and I am a candidate for Sandwich School Committee. Information about my background and motivation for running can be found at my website

My family and I are hosting a campaign kickoff event at the British Beer Company on Friday, March 25th, at 6:30pm. All interested residents are welcome.

I can be contacted at and would be available to speak to any interested groups or individuals.

Thanks you!

Bob Catalini


  1. Good luck Mr. Catalini. My geatet hope is that you will keep away from both sides of the mess that has been stirred up with the superintendent. I did like your thoughts as expressed on your website. Just a thought, but what about focusing on special needs.

  2. I greatly appreciate the feedback. Students with special needs are certainly included in the 3400 students I wish to serve. Thanks.

    Bob Catalini

  3. Carl Johansen would state,

    Good morning Bob, it is good to see a fresh face and voice running for this office.

    In my opinion, it may very well be difficult for you to not address the controversy created by many on the present school board now.

    Keeping in mind that the local teachers union is presently controlling how educational experiences are being dealt out to the children of our community.

    We already know that at least one canidate will recieve all of the backing from the union leadership.

    This control has already made negative inroads to the learning process in the Sandwich School district and the long term affects are still to be measured.

    In the next severel budget years, with the loss of more students going out of district for there educational needs, how do you plan to stem the flow of these students going elswhere?

    Can we depend upon you to be your own man and not be influenced by the union leadership and do the right thing by are students?

    These are questions that I hope all of the canidates answer before the elctions.

    I wish you well.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  4. Bob,

    You seem to be a good person and I also am very glad to see a new face running for office.

    We also need someone who will move on. Don't bring up what is already settled again. Do bring up what you will do to better the school system. Listen only to yourself and I am sure you will do well. What I have already seen makes me feel that you are able to bring a fresh and need perspective to our schools.

  5. Bob, I would like to thank you for running for this elected office. Knowing the turmoil that has existed is critical to implementing change and with your background in education, you just might be the key. I also admire you experience as a coach and director of sport programs. I am sure you have an endless supply of positive motivation something that everyone would love to hear at this point. Again, thank you for stepping up to the plate even though its a very full plate.

  6. I responded to Mr. Johansen's questions yesterday but somehow botched up the submission process. I will try again now. Also, I noticed Mr. Hunt has a section dedicated to questions for candidates and that is where I will respond in the future.
    Yesterday morning Mr. Johansen asked, " do you plan to stem the flow of these students going elsewhere?"
    I did address this topic on my website. In brief, it takes strong leadership and a restoration of confidence in local education. In systems I worked in we marketed our strengths and worked diligently on our weaknesses. We've all heard and read ads from neighboring schools, public and private. There is competition out there. Can we compete?
    The second query, I'm paraphrasing here, was whether I was my own man and would I do right by the students?
    I am my own man - I am an unenrolled voter, have no ties to special interest groups, owe no favors, and I'm self funding my campaign efforts. Actually, on second thought, I am connected to a special interest group - the 3400 children and young adults that enter our schools every day expecting the best we can offer them.
    In reference to the union, as a classroom teacher I was a union member. As an administrator I was not a union member. I was evaluated by superintendents and principals and negotiated my own contracts. I am familiar with the day to day dialogue that takes place in schools regarding working conditions.

    Thanks you,

    Bob Catalini


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