Thursday, January 6, 2011

State rep offers sincere "Thank You"

Ten years ago, if you asked what I would be doing ten years hence, I would have rattled off a list of a hundred possibilities, but being sworn in as a state representative wouldn’t have been among them.

It’s interesting how life serves up curves and twists. I have always embraced the opportunities that come with those unexpected turns. That’s what keeps things fresh and unpredictable.

Yesterday I took the oath of office and I am truly honored to be representing the 5th Barnstable District. I look forward to working with my fellow representatives to make Massachusetts a better place for all Bay Staters.

I offer my sincerest thank you to everyone who had any role, large or small, in turning my ambition into reality. I consider it a privilege to serve in my new role and, as I said many times during the campaign: It’s not about me… It’s about you…

Hold me to that.


  1. You represent qualities that helped form this country in the first place, Representative Hunt. You have courage, integrity, intelligence and good wit. You deserve to be highly honored and will always have my family's greatest respect.

    We expect that you will make great strides in your term, as you have a true grasp on challenges that come your way and how to manage them.

    Thank you for your dedication. Our Country needs you!

  2. Randy (or do I call you Rep. Hunt now? :D),

    I found out today about your new endeavor and couldn't way to get on the internet to find a way to contact you. Although I am too far away to benefit directly from your work, the people of Massachusetts is blessed to have such an honorable, committed and intelligent men serving in their House of Representatives.

    For years, to me it has been such an honor to tell people that my first mentor out of college was a musician turn CPA with unbelievable leadership, motivating and problem solving skills. A men that thought me to never stop working towards my dreams, never stop learning to become a better person and never forget that helping people around me would always gave me great satisfaction and retribution.

    You are right, I don't remember ever hearing you talk about any plans to become a member of government, but I am sure that all the people that have had the opportunity to work with you and get to know you, always knew that your goodness had to be shared with a greater audience.

    Congratulations on your recent election and good luck on this chapter of your life.


    Isaac Salcido


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