Friday, December 31, 2010

I hate Retrospective Week

For the record, I hate this week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

You cannot escape the hundreds of “year in review” programs. Every channel, television and radio (and newspapers and magazines, for that matter), regurgitates the stories of the year.

I enjoy reminiscing as much as anyone else—just not about things that happened last week.

On the news channels, we relive those fond though hazy memories of the election, way back from… last month. Of course, the Scott Brown victory speech clip in January of him announcing the availability of one of his daughters warms the cockles of our hearts. After all, that is all but ancient history.

Flip to the entertainment channels and you’ll be walked through the story of the year, the world shaking event where Prince William proposed to Maid Marian, or something like that. I even saw a commercial last night where you can purchase a silver plated, cut glass replica of the ring Billy gave to Katy. Not for $119. Not for $69. Only $19 if you call within the next 40 seconds. Otherwise you’ll have to pay $19.

On to ESPN with their retrospective of the World Series, a distant memory from October. Actually, this was a useful recap for me. I couldn’t have named the two teams who played in the World Series this year to save my life. Can you?

So I am thrilled that this week is almost over and we can all return to normalcy this weekend, watching parades, pro football, and news stories with tips for beating that New Year’s Eve hangover.

Copyright 2010 Randy Hunt


  1. I think those glass replica engagement rings will end up in the same bin as the gold-plated Obama commemorative things they were hawking last year.
    Oh-the teams in the World Series were Texas and San Francisco. What do I win?

  2. ....and not one mention, anywhere, about two Sandwich FF's being injured at a house fire with potentially career ending injuries. Sad


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