Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ware Report: Massachusetts Probation Department

Paul Ware’s report about rampant fraud and favoritism in the hiring and promotion process at the probation department exposes how the public trust was trampled on by Jack O’Brien, probation commissioner. It also goes a long way towards indicting the practices of influential legislators in creating a pay-to-play system.

It’s way past time to start cleaning house, but the Ware report makes it impossible to delay corrective actions any further. His report also makes one ponder just how isolated these fraudulent hiring practices are. Does anyone believe that similar schemes are not in play anywhere else in the state or in municipalities, which have a combined payroll of over 100,000?


  1. Randy you are correct in your suspicions that this goes on thruout all gov. agencies.
    The problem is that a politician can legally make recommendations for candidates, but the final selection of a candidate is based on how much power that pol has over other pols recommendations. None of it is based on who has the best qualifications for the job.
    The exchange for jobs for donations to that pols campaign coffers has been going on for years. Anyone who works in gov. know this as a fact as well, wrong of course, but it's so rampant in Mass. it's not gonna change til you force the A.G. ethic comm. to enforce some ethic laws and use a few people as examples by sending them to jail.
    Everyones in bed with one another the other issue is that people get away with fraud wether it signing in then leaving your job to go run your construction business, sleeping on the job, watching movies on the job, not showing up for your job for weeks at a time,
    Everyone gets something on their co workers then everyone keeps quiet to protect their activities. I find it's a form of blackmail. Good Luck as our new state Rep!

  2. Thanks Trish for your viewpoint. As someone in the system and with experience I appreciate hearing your view on this. Hopefully the report and actions taken as a result will start to turn things around. It is a disgrace, as is so much of what becomes acceptable in the name of politics as usual. Wouldn't it be nice if we could trust those in government to always play by the rules and not bend them.

  3. Well Trish, I think you came up with a great idea. Since the major players named in the paper are hunkering down and waiting for the dust to settle on this round of give-a-ways, perhaps one of the newly elected representatives, when sworn in, will attempt to convince the leadership that another re-write of the ethics laws should be undertaken. Wouldn't it seem logical that the simplest way to avoid this problem is to make it illegal for politicians to recommend anyone for a state or federal job? Too simplistic a recommendation you say.... I bet some state politicians would love to have that gorilla taken off their backs. How do they say 'NO' to someone looking for a favor? Hey, its just my second cousin looking for a job fill in the blank.... Break that connection and maybe we have a chance at limiting other indiscretions. What it takes to stop this absolute violation of the publics trust, is integrity. I once wrote a minority opinion to the hiring official in my organization that directly countered my bosses selection of a candidate that I knew was political and did not represent the most qualified candidate. You can bet I caught hell for that opinion from my boss, however, that hiring authority grew up to be a General and he never forgot who I was....for the better. So, lets all hope that this class of 2011, our hope for the future, can try to change the enigma we call the Massachusetts Legislature. And while I am still holding my blood pressure down...why wasn't the Ware report released BEFORE the elections.....why, why, why. What a difference there could have been...

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  5. Jeff Perry and Randy Hunt We should work on my idea to stop 80% of the corruption in Mass. Other states have implemented the program and it has worked very well, especially when criminals in suits did some jail time for their crimes. DeMasi, Finneran have yet to see the inside of a cell. Our A.G office has been ineffective for years in stoping ethics violatons and crimes bet most employees there are connected too.

  6. So what? This has been happening for so long that it has become a way of doing business in State goverment. For those of you that have never been exposed to the way "city life" goes, the Ware Report is a reminder of how things "go". Chicago, NY, Boston, Philly amognst other cities operate this way. You have the Speaker of the House telling you it is no big deal. Get in line

  7. Is it true the school superintendent is suing the school board? I used to live in Town Neck and found the schools pretty good, though my kids went to parochials...what is happening down there?

    -Kacey in Deerfield

  8. Kacey, the town is going to the dogs. We have a bunch of what I believe to be self-rightious know-it-alls that attack the majority of the school committee because they know the school committee can not respond. They are cowards at the least and subversives at best. One guy wants to threaten to sue board members...ain't that great. The first amendment know-it-alls are retired and have nothing else to do but to stir things up.

    Braless 32A

  9. Kacey, 32A says the school committe can't respond, its clear they just ignore all the major issues and concerned residents questions, they just don't deal with the major issues hoping they fade away.
    They have a 3 million dollar deficit they have to make cuts to deal with this gaping hole.
    They could have resolved the super fiasco by filing for a judges ruling,but chose to ignore this issue, super was forced to file suit for judges ruling of her contract
    Fab fours #1 issue that has been on the agenda for over a month?
    Copier contracts. yes that's right copier contracts. If they don't close the 3 million deficit gap, there won't be any need for copiers. They just want to focus on everything but the serious issues. Not a word said about the deficit and it's Dec. and no word other than arrogance re: super ocntract.

  10. 6 53 your comments sound like your part of these corrupt groups? I have an idea that would clean house and stop 85% of the corruption and save millions of tax wasted tax dollars. We need Jeff Perry and Randy Hunt to find funding for it and legislation to then implement it. It has to be separate from the A.G. office and any other infiltrated gov. agency to make it work. Lots of people will go to jail at first but in the end government will be more efficient and honest.

  11. Anonymous 11/23 3:13. The school committee can not answer because there are two pending suits against them. One in the courts and the other in Augustine's head.

    The schools did not talk about the budget in lenght because they do not have guidance from the town (at least that's what Dr. Johnson says).

    Johnson is responsible to come up with the budget when she is given guidelines. You know that from experience.


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