Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In-state tuition for illegal immigrants

It’s baaaack...

Governor Deval Patrick’s annual assault on our common sense is back after being emboldened by the electorate’s endorsement of his policies on November 2nd.

If I were in charge of naming bills, this one would be called “An Act to Value Illegal Immigrants More Than Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans.”

Essentially, the legislation would award reduced (in-state) tuition to people here illegally while military veterans and every other person from states other than Massachusetts would be forced to pay higher out-of-state tuition.

California passed similar legislation several years ago and taxpayers there are coughing up as much as $23,000 per year per illegal immigrant to attend school, only to graduate with no prospect of joining the ranks of the employed. (Technically, it’s illegal to hire illegal immigrants—even in Massachusetts.)

Has anyone looked into California’s financial situation lately? It’s worse than ours, yet they are spending $200 million per year of taxpayer dollars to put illegal immigrants through college.

More details of the California law here.

Massachusetts is facing a $2 billion budget deficit and the governor wants to waste your tax dollars on this?

This is the definition of insanity.

Log your vote on this issue above. Then call your legislators and tell them “enough is enough.”


  1. I am not sure I completely understand. To me if you are an illegal immigrant then you should not get tuition, but if you were born here, of illegals or not, then you should be entitled to the rights of legal naturally born or given citizenship through the courts. If this is what you are saying then I agree, otherwise, forget my support on this issue.

  2. If a person was born in the United States or its territories, that person is a citizen of the United States, irrespective of the citizenship status of the parents.

    That person, if a citizen of Massachusetts, is entitled to in-state tuition at any state university.

    We're only talking about illegal immigrant students; that is, students who were not born in the United States and who reside in Massachusetts illegally.

  3. I hope that you will fully research this issue.

    First, in-state tuition for illegal immigrants was just one part of an advisory panel's immigration reform recommendations. I believe included in this is the stipulation that the illegal immigrants file or have filed for permanent residency in the United States. There has been research that actually indicates that this would be a gain of millions of dollars for Massachusetts if it was implemented.

    It also seems strange that you would suggest that it is unfair to charge out-of-state tuition to out-of-state war veterans if we are going to charge in-state tuition to people who have been residents of Massachusetts for at least three years and are filing for permanent US residency. Veterans have the option of paying in-state tuition if they attend school in the state where they reside.

  4. OK,OK, so if everyone on this blog isn't mad as hell right now concerning the corruption within state government and the Department of Probation...will someone please tell me how this re-elected governor could NOT have known and did nothing to expose it? Not for one minute can I believe that this didn't appear before the election because the Globe was fact checking. Today's CCTimes proudly proclaims that the Cape Cod political brotherhood is clean! My god, Randy, that means you are really walking into a rats nest up there. If the state elected officials fed money to support the Dept of Probation in order to keep jobs for it possible that our school money is also being delved out to favorites? Go get em Randy...I am beginning to think that my families migration here from Canada was a mistake. Why hasn't one other person on this blog, Braless32 perhaps, or maybe IHRTSandwich...or pick your poison folks....why aren't you as mad as hell right now? Who do you call to tell them your mad? The newly re-elected governor is bullet proof...and he has his own agenda to feed the illegal aliens....but is he really concerned about the corruption that should have been exposed before he was re-elected? I smell the largest rotten herring here folks and I apologize to the herring because he is simply a fish!

  5. Carl Johansen Said
    Greg if one takes a real close look at all the names printed in this mess, you will find the ties to why Massachusetts has been so corruptable over many years. Names like Bulger get woven into the corruption and it matters not if it is Whitey or his brother.

    You have a well organised, well greased machine that has been in place ever since the Curley days in Boston.
    The Cape did not feel the affects of this organised group in some ways ,but in others it has cost the Cape dearly in educational dollars and new construction.

    Where in America, can one be found guilty of fraud,deceit,bribary,exstortion,and even murder and still find a political job. Only in Massachusetts.

    By the way even Herring get used in the process to keep the corruption going. That is one reason, they are beginning to become endangered, as are other species of fish.
    It is not the fishes fault.

  6. Greg, I stand committed to fight for the rights of the towns over the state. I am upset about what has happened up there in Boston, but I also feel that all the committee folks in Sandwich do NOTHING about telling the state, in a LOUD VOICE, that the people will not take it anymore. Our so called "leaders" are more interested in themselves than us, and US is what I am most concerned about. As bad and corrupt as Boston is, we sit down here and do NOTHING. Some people THREATEN, err promise to sue committee people. Its like an empty barrel making noise. Vote all the incumbents out NOW.

    Braless 32A

  7. I'm voting all incumbents out and the wave is growing with others planning to do the same in the Town of Sandwich. People are indeed waking up...granted not with the voracity that satisfies me. Once the momentum reaches critical mass, the incumbents will be out. These politicians are not invincible as they grow to believe. The latest varieties of poor planning and shady deals in Town haven't been done with the finesse required to sustain the usual gullible trust of the people. As a result, we've got some undeniable results (buildings grossly falling apart far before their time, public resources knowingly being taken over illegally and abused by private interests, unattractive and absolutely off-the-mark revenue sustenance planning)out in front of the voters. The light is shining on those that have sat in the seats of the elected and done nothing for years about the issues that are responsible for their Towns lapsing image. Citizens can look upon the results quite clearly and see we have been duped by those running this Town. We now have two choices; keep the status quo and wait for the first disaster to strike, or; vote 'em out! We need leaders that will speak out and create effective solutions now to cease the course the Town is on. We have a beautiful Town that is shamefully becoming nothing but a fixer-upper. We simply need more Randy Hunt's to come along! I will personally commit to look for those with the honesty, integrity and drive that Randy has and work diligently to get them elected. I'll ride a campaign-o-cycle of my own all over this Town to get leaders on board that will seek proper measures to realign the beautiful place we call home. Well, maybe I'll have to borrow Randy's already tricked out bicycle...unless, someone else already has dibs on that sweet ride!

  8. Greg, I liked your last post very much. I do have to say that Randy is my kind of leader, my kind of elected official. When I first thought about Jeff Perry not running, I thought, gosh we are losing a great guy up in Boston, but yes, Randy came to the rescue. He will do a great job in getting his message out, but the rest of the state needs to get more reps in that are like him so that his uphill battle is eased up a little.

    I will not vote for any incumbents in May of 2011. If I do not like anyone running for a position, I will vote in Minnie Mouse.

    Braless 32A

  9. Carl Johansen stated,

    Greg to answer you question, from my view point. \

    Many times during political trials and tribulations it is best that negitive reports not be revealed to the public at large.

    Look at what has been allowed to occur here in Sandwich in regards to the report on the Community School and its illegal practises over many years. The independant report was rather clear, in my opinion.

    It still has not been addressed by the present School Committee, as to action they plan to take, going into the regards to rectifing this long term problem.
    I would assume that at some point the present school committee would follow through on this report and issue its own white paper on this matter.

    Where was the full discloser in that matter over the years? Where was the accountability to the taxpayers who got to pay the bill?

    In the case of the Ware report one can find many names tied directly to the present leadership of our state, names of folks who were put in place , by the corrupt system of the [Good old Boy network]that has been a staple of Massachusetts politics for a long time.

    It makes no difference if the politics is on the state level or town. If we do not put measures
    in place to prevent it then we get what we deserve.

    When our newly elected Rep,Randy Hunt is sworn into office I feel that changes will occur that very well may place this in a more open and transparent manner.
    Folks should be hired for a position or job , based upon what they know, rather then who they know.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned Citizen in the wonderful town of Sandwich.

  10. I received a complaint about Carl's comment regarding his use of the phrase "illegal practices" with regard to actions of the Community School as described in the independent auditors' management letter to the school committee.

    I decided to read the management letter and, if the observation about failing to follow the procurement laws as outlined in Chapter 30B is correct (and I have no reason to believe that the auditors would make this claim if it were not), then the auditors are, in fact, describing an illegal practice.

    I saw nothing else in the management letter that rises to that level, only numerous internal control lapses and bookkeeping practices that could open the door to accounting errors and improperly spent funds. The letter, however, does not conclude that there were any material accounting errors nor mispent funds. In fact, the opinion of the auditors is that the adjusted financial statements fairly present the financial position of the Community School.

    Carl does not point a finger at any particular person and, though some may not agree with his views or believe that he has an "agenda," his commentary is welcomed here, as is anyone's comments who may take the other side.

    Repeatedly I have stated that I will publish any comments that are free of profanity and libel. If Carl's comment rises to the level of libel, then so does the comment in the draft management letter written by the independent auditors. Of course, neither does.

  11. Good Afternoon Mr. Hunt

    I appreciate your candor on the above subject matter and given you are the host of this blog I also respect your input when it comes to matters concerning free speach.

    It has and will continue to be my objective to enlighten the good citizens of Sandwich, in matters that seem to be controversial in nature. I may not always post it properly, but therein lies why you need to investigate any commonatary by asking questions.

    In 1964 the Supreme Court could say with unanimity'" We consider this case against a background of a profound national committment to the principle that debate on public issues should not be uninhibited, robust and wide open that it may well include vehement
    sharp attacks on government and public officials. It also has ruled that one cannot suppress expression merly, because a public official oppose the speakers view"

    First Amendment freedoms are most in danger when government seeks to control thought or justify its laws for that impermissible end.

    The Supreme Court Justice decision, a personal attack is a term that someone can use to avoid being accountable for what they may have stated in a previous public venue.We can understand the philosophic reason , that one may use this wording to deny what they have stated, being embarressed that in fact , made such a comment and are now being held accountable for irresponsible words or actions.You cannot deny my first amendment rights when you actually did make such comments, to cover up the spoken words used at that time.

    The recorded record of such an event is a matter of public information that any one can obtain to actually see the truths as to what was stated in this public venue. It is up to the citizens of Sandwich to determine the validity if they so choose to do so.

    I hope this provides further clarity to such matters .

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

    1. As for the first amendment, a great victory was won this past week when the highest court ruled that you can't block protesters on a sidewalk as they are doing to those heroic anti-abortion people.

      This is why it is imperative that we all go and vote for the Republican running for Governor, otherwise, you will see the likes of Coakley, an attorney no less, trying to abuse the first amendment. A true victory for our people all of us, even those without documents.

  12. The audit report also pointed out that bills were paid and leases signed without the approval or knowledge of the School Committee.

    Unelected Committees have no spending authority --- or any right to tie the town to multi-year leases.

    That is certainly contrary to state law.

    People may not like the inference -- but it is what it is.

  13. Anonymous of 11/28 2:17PM. I dare say, you are possibly wrong. Remember that those folks acted in the "spirit" of the law. The bills were paid because they had to be and leases were necessary and not hidden. This is much like trying to defend the illegal meeting that gave Miss Johnson her contract.

    Naked Runner

  14. Naked Runner’s response to Anonymous of 11/28 2:17PM is remarkable.

    Apparently, Naked Runner thinks that if you do something that is illegal, a legitimate defense is to claim that you acted in the "spirit" of the law.

    How’s that again? Something is in fact illegal but “in spirit” legal?

    This is a new and novel defense to be sure. I wonder how it would work in an actual court room?

    Next, Naked Runner uses the ever popular two wrongs make it right defense. Clever.

    I wonder how that defense would work in an actual court room?

    I suspect we all know the answer; but here in Sandwich any excuse seems to work for mis deeds and bad acts so long as you’re on the “right” side of the argument.

  15. Naked Runner - "Bills were paid because they had to be".

    Huh? Who says? If somebody orders something without authority, are they then magically authorized to pay for it -- "because they have to" ? How can unelected volunteers and town employees authorize expenditures of Town Mooney for this year AND future years?

    How about if they keep doing the same thing for 20 years?

    This has nothing to do with Dr. Johnson's contract.

  16. Right about now, everyone should be laughing at the latest recommendation for keeping the Community Schools Pool Program afloat (pun intended!) We're gonna levy a $5.00 surcharge against every property owner in Sandwich! Duh...why didn't I think of that. A backdoor tax that surely every taxpayer would support. I really wonder if the CC Times reported this incorrectly today. Can Dr Johnson be losing her touch here? Perhaps, in her waining days, she was mocking the Magnifican Four? Wouldn't that be a hoot if she was!

  17. I'll kick in my $5 -- as soon as the folks from Falmouth, Plymouth, Mashpee, Barnstable, etc. kick in theirs!

    Why should I pay for them to swim? Those Towns don't offer to let me swim at their beaches -- I'm not paying to let them swim in my pool!

  18. Greg, Great post.

    Braless 32A

  19. Greg and Flipper, great posts and yes Greg Dr. Johnson was mocking the fab four with the proposal for a $5.00 tax to the residents for the pool.
    If you watch her closely she basically is trying now to expose the fab four ignorance, classless behaviors and incompetance. She's just waiting for the judges ruling on her contract.
    The fab four have been so nasty to Dr. Johnson, which will just be added to the retaliation charge = lots of $$$$ Insurance co. don't have to defend elected officials that have behaved badly.

    Picture is clear now why they didn't want Dr. Johnson hired to begin with her, competance scared them sh tless. they needed to cover the past twenty years of illegal activities within the school and comm. school. Ms. Marshall is a very devious woman.

  20. Carl Johansen would ask,

    Why should any user of the pool not pay the complete total fee that makes this enity break even.

    No matter if it for private use or school use, the cost must be born by the users only.

    Since we have so many non taxpayers that find our pool so useful, why not have them bear a larger financial charge. That would seem to be a little more equitable.

    The audit did not show all of the illegal goings on over many years, but it did prove and show that due dilligence to the laws of the Commonwealth were not followed. Imagine what a ten year audit would have revealed to the citizens of Sandwich? Imagine how much money was taken from the School side to keep this pool project from sinking? How does one calculate the loss from the school budget to keep the pool floating and what an incremental educational learning experince was lost because of it.

    The shifting of dollars to pay one side of a problem at the expense of another may have been approved
    by those locally in charge of this budget item, but in the end it was and still is a violation under MGL.

    By making every citizen aware of this impropriety, we assure a positive outcome for the school district itself.

  21. While we're at it Carl, how about making sure the golf course covers all of its expenses and debt service too? Why should I pay when I don't use the course?? This is a much bigger ticket item for taxpayers than the pool.

  22. While we are at it, how about we charge a bus fee for the great service that we provide to working parents and non-working parents to not have to figure out how to get there kids to school. After all, the bus ride is not education unless you count the culture of the bus as an education (the drugs, bullying, stealing, unwanted language and touching etc.) How about all the students who drive to school, but for whom we keep a seat on the bus. They cost us for the bus and then get a free parking spot at the high school. We paved it with exclusion money. Should not the schools or the students pay for it?

    The town side pays for the retirement, health, unemployment insurance, servicing of personnel for the schools. How about reimbursing the town. The schools get the service, why should they not pay the town?

    You know, the town can't move monies around their budget, and, this town does not spend money to spend it (town side that is), so they turn the money back. It gets certified a year later to free cash and then doled out at 70% to the schools. Should not the schools pay for this?

    Should not the fishing licenses be much higher so that we could pay for the services that fisherment receive?

    How about paying $10.00 for a shingles shot which costs $300.00, whey shouldn't the old folks pay for the whole amount?

    How about the nursing department as a whole and in the schools. Children get free services. Should the ones with sick children get to pay for the services they get. Would it not be better to have the state make a law that all health policies give coverage for school nurse services?

    How about the roads; we bond the paving costs for roads and then use it elsewhere for paving, but not for roads. Shouldn't the town departments pay for this?

    How about health insurance for town employees? Why don't they pay for the full amount? My husband does because he is self-employed.

    How about the cops who take their vehicles home (unmarked so we don't know its the town's). Shoud they not pay for the commuting costs, the saving of gas and insurance?

    What about the people who pay for minor sports at school and then give away the football program? We as a town got snookered into that one.

    What about seniors who get a discount at Dunkin Donuts for being old, not for being poor, but for being old? Why do you deserve something because your old. I will never make it because I will die in debtors prison before it happens.

    You folks are full of crap.

    There are many more, but I don't have time to write them. Mr. Johansen, as usual, is on his self-riteous high horse. He only sees that he is pissed off at the majority (elected at that) of the school committee and is blinded otherwise by what is really going on in this town. Maybe we should charge the full amount for out of town people who use the pool, but for heavens sake (sorry Doc Johnson for suggesting something like heaven), don,t charge the pool people.

  23. For the record: The $1,000,000 turn back by the 'town-side' that was mentioned in Judy Koenig's column is misleading.

    There are line items in the budget for the municipal operating budget and the school operating budget. There are also other line items for health insurance, property and liability insurance, unemployment, etc.. These line items are across the board for the entire town. Using the commonly stated proportions, you would have to credit 70% of any of these turnbacks to the school department.

    Given the size of the municipal operating budget, there is no way that 1,000,000 was turned back from this line item. Further, each year certain departments overspend their budgets and request reserve fund transfers. In that past these transfers have covered such items as police and fire overtime, legal expenses, etc. So, in fairness, you would have to consider this when you evaluated the actual turnback amount from the municipal operating budget.

  24. Say what you may, the general government could easily have used the much over budgeted line items for insurance, health etc. for their other operating units and then when the school overhires and overspends as usual, then Mr. Dunham could go to the reserve fund and indicate that it was because the schools as usual that did not consider all of the facts.

    The general government only needs to report their use of time by its employees and then charge back the schools. This would be most fair. Then the school would think twice rather than do its shananigans as it always does to screw the people of Sandwich to enrich their own paychecks.

  25. Good Afternoon Mr. Hunt

    It would appear that some folks have been sipping a little to much lemon juice as of late. Perhaps we can add a little sugar to sweeten things up a bit.

    In regards to the golf course I was not for the town making the purchase in the first place and I stated that fact at the town meeting when it was brought up for discussion. I stated that should we purchase this course , Sandwich will have an problem maintaining it. When it was brought before town meeting to allow the Board of Selectman to find a buyer I spoke again, that is what should be done with this money draining entriprise account.The problem was that the selectman did not support that policy at town meeting and once again we remained in the golf business. The town had two chances to not be in the golfing business and the people voted to not sell it. Realizing the financial committement the town bought into we are now in the golfing business. Fees are determined by what the market will bear and compitition around the area. The present golf director has done a yoeman's job in attempting to not place any more burdan on the town. The one biggest block in the course not being able to produce a larger cash flow is the fact that the building is not handicap availble. Once this short fall is taken care of , perhaps we may see a better profit margin in the use department and less money needed from taxes to keep it a viable enity.

    By the way I also do not use the Golf Course, I get to fish completly free. Both in Salt and fresh water. I still carry a license however.

    If and when the golf course is profitable, all money generated will only benifit the golf course
    as this account was not set up to send any money back to the operational running of town government. The only saving grace is that we own a large piece of land that serves to help protect our water. Good for some and not good for other things.

    I just filled my glass up with a little more sugar, to sweeten the lemonade.
    Answering many great suggestions by poster Dec 4.

    It is apparent that you have not been following comments that my friend and I have spoken to at many school and board of selectman meetings over the years.
    It goes with out saying that you have brought up many valued points of discussion. Many we have addressed in public and in the press. So one could say we are in agreement, but I do not know, if you are making jest or are serious in your commontary?

    One can also state that the school budget problems can not be resolved in a vaccum.
    We were only addressing one side of the budget problems which was
    regarding the funding of the schools pool problems. You seem to have taken this out of context with the basic conversation that was going on.

    No one like fees, but fees are needed.
    No one likes to see that our town or school employees get 75 persent of their benifits paid by the Taxpayers. That can be changed, but no one wants to rock the union boat.
    The school side of that cost which is born by the town is calculated in some formula for school funding[Is it fair]? Not when you consider that the town gets to pay 100 percent of the number.

    Even though I may only have one eye to see, I am not blinded by any of the above posting you made.

    Well my glass is empty for now, but I have a little sugar still left on the bottom for a refill.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  26. Mr. Johansen, my dear man, I found your response to be pointless. I did not see the issue of the pool in a vacuum. It is one of the few things, maybe the only thing, that this town offers me. I help to pay for the illegalities of the Superintent, the plush partying of teachers in Cambridge, the waste of watching the doors at school. I put up with a totally inept and incomptetent BOS (with the exception of the new guy), the total viciousness of the minority of the school committee, the dump workers who help the pretty young thing to dump her trash, but ignores the skinny little old lady like myself who can barely pick up the trash bag, police who fail to come when I ask them to because a neighbors dog refused to let me get to my car, lack of a firestation within 7 miles and on and on. There are so many things that this town needs to do, not just take away my only source of enjoyment. I don't know if you own property and pay taxes, but I do know that you do not represent the majority in your unabashed support of the Superintendant who wants to take away my swimming happiness. She is as hateful as the minority of the School Committee and its time to get rid of her. Its time for you to run for office rather than put monkey wrenches into everyting. You hold more power than any of the current selectmen or School people. You need to put your thoughts into deeds. I could probably hold my nose and vote for you only because you care and only because you are smart and tend to be right more often than not, but when you are wrong, unfortunately we have to listen to you and don't have anyway to vote you out or in.

    Enough is enough. Run for something, invest yourself, help the town.

  27. I applaud the prior post. There are a few in this town that get much more attention and do very little in return on boards or committees that make policy decisions. Its time the selectmen and School Committee pay attention to the rest of us.

    Mr. Johansen is not the worst. The worst is the gentlemen who reads at a break neck speed and throws gas on the fire and disappears except to sue people who have volunteered on boards. He would never run to put them out of office, he would only bad mouth them and write terrible things about volunteers no less. He should run for a board and see what it is like, but he is, as Mr. Johansen might say, a COWARD.

  28. Good Evening Mr. Hunt it is with deep regret that I find a need to respond to some of the above postings.

    Let me fill the glass up with a little sugar on top of the lemonaid.

    It is an unfortuned policy that requires the school to pay for keeping the teachers in new development of how they should be operating as teachers in our schools. This process was completly ignored for many years in the district and it had resulted in a lack of accountabilty and stopped professional development .
    This process was needed for the future of our school district. To many teachers were not teaching the courses , but teaching how to take a test. Same grade curriculum was being tought with no clue to the future role and development of the student.

    At least that is my take on the reason, why money needed to be spent on professional Development.
    That money was not wasted on that process, as it eliminated those teachers that failed to provide a quality education to their students, because they did not want to change.

    Watching the doors is not a waste it is a security measure to help prevent students from being hurt, by out side forces. It may not be enough, but it is a start to securing our schools from outside violence. It should have been done years ago. Look around and see what society has done to many school children and college children is an eye opener.

    Now let us address the skinny old lady part.
    I was always told the closer to the bone the sweeter the meat. This means the thin folks are supposed to have a better disposition, now I do not know where that come from, but I thought I would just throw that out

    Being skinny has a few good points
    one of which are less health issues.
    Now as to the other part of the issue and the trash.

    I completly agree that if the yard workers are not performing a job that they voluntarly assist all seniors , especially the fairer sex among us. This a policy that I am working on and should you get todays Sandwich Entriprise I have stated this for all to see.

    Now a nice smile once in the while might just get you more attention
    and remember looks are only skin deep and it is more about our outlook that gets us a little more help.

    Now as to the fact I am a Tax paying resident in the town of Sandwich and closer to 80 then 70.
    Just in case you were wondering?

    I am a skinny old man that lives from day to day not knowing when the grim reaper will come calling and what I do helps to keep the door open for a few more days, months.

    We all have the same power, that is part of the democratic process,How we find a way to use that power is by asking questions and hopefully getting some resolution, we all can live with.

    Now if you allow me the next time you go to the transfer station, I would be more then honored to empty your trash for you.

    Now smile

  29. Carl Johansen stated that he was incorrect on a policy put in place by MR. Tilton our DPW Director.

    All new hires are made aware that they are to assist all seniors when ever possible when unloading trash up at the Tranfer station.

    I did not think that was a policy , but I did find out today that in fact the DPW does in fact have this policy in place.
    So my Christmas wish list in regards to that matter is allready in place.

    If you consider yourself a senior and are having any difficulty unloading, feel free to ask an attendant to help you.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  30. Mr. Johansen, I think that you should put the item back on your wish list, but in a different manner that the workers will 1)HELP ANYONE WHO MAY NEED IT or 2) HELP ALL WOMEN WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE GOOD LOOKING.

    I am lucky because I am attractive, but do feel sorry for those that are not and not be helped by the employees. They never fail to help me.

    Braless 32A

  31. OMG Braless 32A you are such a cutie. You really must be from East Sandwich. How little you understand the real male mind. In my corner of the world, we intentionally do not help the attractive women because they have been spoiled for years. Nope, I love to change flat tires for women who are as unfortunate as me when the good lord handed out the looks! Now tell me, really, how many mirrors are inside your car for adjusting fill in the blank....every day when you drive to work? Only kidding...Merry Christmas even to you Braless 32A...may you find a brand new mirror under your tree and Carl, I will trade your skinny for well fed anyday my blogging friend :)

  32. Carl Johansen Stated

    I wish one and all a Merry Christmas, foes or friends alike.
    Good to see you post Greg I was beginning to wonder if you were doing ok.

    Mr. Elect Represenative Hunt a special Christmas package is waiting for you next month as you take over the rains of the 5Th district.

    Take awhile to unwrap the bow and enjoy the moment, as the task at hand is not going to be easy, but I believe you are up for the challenge.
    Once the package is opened you will see the process in a better light.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  33. Greg,

    Thanks for calling me cutie, it will make my week! Yes, I am cute and like to look at the way guys look at me, but I am not dumb and believe me, I can spot those in town who do harm. Carl, you and several others are not among them. You all have good to say. I just think that maybe you all should smell the coffee and see that as each day passes, you are being screwed again by the town.

    Happy New Year

  34. Braless 32A....I am happy you could accept my 'cutie' comment without being offended. It lets me know that you are a sincere person that would allow me to hold a door open for you without offending you. I don't think men hold doors open as a measure of weakness, it really is out of respect for the 'fairer' sex. Both of my daughters hold doors open for seniors regardless of sex and they would probably do the same to help at the dump on a saturday! However, I drink a LOT of coffee around town and I don't think that Carl or I wear blinders. I am curious as to which aspect of the town is screwing us because of all the attacks on my wallet so far, I have not discovered the damage that I expect will be coming with my new dump sticker. Later this week I will find out. One thing I found to be concerning was a comment made at the dump last weekend when I inquired about the new stickers....I noticed no increase in the price for 2011 and when I commented to the gate employee he smiled and said..."Not Yet!' but its coming. So just how bad is it going to be. I really wonder if purchasing trash bags is the answer...I already recycle everything I can. Perhaps they will have a payment exception during the two largest holidays that generate the most trash, but that would mean the grinch has to have a heart. Nope Braless 32A I think we are gonna get screwed at the dump. So, since the holidays are pretty much over and my life is back in my own hands, even Carl noticed I had vanished.....please, tell me, which brand of coffee in town should I be smelling? If its schools versus town government and the developing budget disaster, let me know what you think. I am willing to attend a tea party anytime, ha ha. And Carl, Happy New you and Randy. I am becoming very worried that perhaps Santa did not give Randy a large enough pencil sharpener for the task at hand. I see more taxes in our future with our bullet proof governor and it will take a very strong determined legislature to keep him in check. Good Luck Randy...We all know one vote doesn't mean much in this state, however, maybe they will listen to your very logical ideas....and something just might stick! And so we don't stray to far from the title of this blog segment, I find it very interesting that the governor is now allowing the State Police to look at immigration status during investigations...hmmmmm, do you think there is federal money attached to this? I think so...much like weigh stations on highways...use em...or lose em.


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