Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Cape: A TV series not filmed on the Cape

When I heard that NBC will be debuting a new series in January, The Cape, I perked up, wondering how they could have gotten the show to this point without anyone on Cape Cod catching word of it.

Then I got suspicious, thinking that they’ve pulled one of those stunts where they film the action footage in North Carolina, ala Summer Catch, and shoot just a few setting and transitional scenes here on the Cape.

I called one of my friends who often works on movie sets when production companies come to Massachusetts.

Hey, Dave. Have you heard about this new TV show, The Cape? Did you get a call for any work as a grip on the set?”

“No, Randy. Haven’t heard a thing about it. They must have shot it somewhere else.”

I knew it! Confirmation that NBC commissioned a production company that left Cape Cod out in the cold.

Do you know how much business these TV and movie productions bring to the local economy? Hotels. Caterers. Extras. Grips.

What did Cape Cod get out of this? As Chris Farley would have put it, “Jack Squat.”

Here’s a preview of the series. Since, on principle, I’m boycotting the program, I haven’t watched it. Enjoy it if you can.

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