Thursday, September 9, 2010

Town of Sandwich suggestion box

One of my blog readers suggested that the posts under Selectman Pierce’s article, “A simple five-point plan,” are mostly critical and lack a constructive component.

The objective of this post is to create a suggestion box, rather than a complaint box, to allow people to weigh in with their cost-cutting and revenue generating suggestions for the Town of Sandwich.

The blog reader says “I gotta believe there are some worthwhile ideas out there.”

As you know, I publish comments unless they are obscene, use vulgar language, or are libelous, but for this post I will only publish comments that provide ideas for saving money or generating additional revenues.

If you want to rant, continue posting under Selectman Pierce’s article.

So, what do you say? Does anyone have any ideas out there?


  1. Charge non-school groups for the use of school/town facilities. Include a non-resident surcharge where applicable.

    Increase non-resident surcharge on Community School courses

    Charge for appliance disposal at dump

    Institute combined maintenance facility for all town-owned vehicles -- with priority for Public Safety vehicles.

    Expand DPW fueling operations to handle school buses which would allow schools to take advantage of cheaper county fuel bid prices

    Move more evening town meetings into school buildings which are usually already heated and lit with plenty of parking and restrooms.

    Put a tollbooth on 6A!

  2. From the cost-cutting perspective;

    reduce/eliminate free school transportation

    reduce/eliminate subsidized school sports

    reduce/eliminate DPW litter patrol

    reduce/eliminate dump hours

    reduce/eliminate beach staffing hours

    provide certain services (building inspection, town nurse, etc.) with other towns under inter-municipal agreements.

  3. 1. Stop allowing the police, fire, etc. to drive town cars for personal use. One fire "higher up" lives in my neighborhood. He drives this SUV as his own personal vehicle.

    2. Do a very thorough examination of each town department. I bet each one could cut back a position or 2. Look at the town hall. DPW. Etc. Even if one position was made part time in each department? Last time I went to town hall, there were a lot of people doing nothing.

    3. Do we really have to pay health insurance for, say, the conservation committee people? Or whomever else gets on these committees just for the bennies?

    4. Ask for more volunteer work or community service from town groups or schools to do some minor things around town that come out of DPW pocketbook.

  4. Cut the BOS stipends to $.25. Use $3 savings to buy Bud a large coffee.

  5. Contract for school nurses.

    Contract for school and municipal maintenance.

    Contract for cafeteria employees.

    Pass a by-law that there will be NO buy backs on town contracts without first going through town meeting, and to make requirement that all contracts of more the 100K go before town meeting for approval.

    Post all overtime online for police, fire, snow removal.

    Require that all town departments put down a list of vehicles it has had during any year, its time of service and mileage used on the website.

    Require by by-law that all departments timely post material, contact numbers, contracts. etc on line.

    Require each department to report ounce a year to the selectmen how many people they have and what their pay is and what they do.

    Require boards to have the same open forum rules limiting time for addressing the board to whatever the board feels is necessary and to NOT have any silly rules allowing someone else to read from another persons written sheet just to circumvent the rule.

    Require meeting notices be put online and timely with agendas.

    Post the names of those individuals who receive 1099s with the annual town report.

    Require the people at the gate of the dump to do something other than enhance their tans.

    Require any major board to meet at least 32 times during the year.

    Request the board of SACAT to post on the air times of meeting replays or live plays. Allow folks without computers to purchase a CD for the price of the CD.

    Appoint a blue ribbon commission to determine how we can best get more people involved in town government or in volunteering for non-board functions.

    Raise rediculousley low fees to be increased substantially.

    Limit the combined number of consecutive years a person could be on either the school or selectmen committees combined and a total of 12 years even if not consecutive.

    Start a grass roots petition to the sate to allow a better system for offering health insurance to employees ( the private sector tells employees what they will get or can get while government gives employees basically what they want.

    Require ALL posted selectmen and school meetings to be held in front of camaras.

    Require police NOT to take their cruisers home or the the pizza joint. Have one of them use their own vehicle.

    Enough for today.

  6. Replace uniformed dispatchers with civilians or police/fire employees on partial disability.

    Stop guarding the scrap metal pile at the dump.

  7. One could start off by enforcing all the fines imposed that are part of our town Bylaws, instead of taking the easy route and doing nothing. Many of the towns problems from the Beaches to the Ponds are because of a complacant attitude towards enforcement.

    Find out how the present Superintendant of schools is able to do so well in the grant department and getting stimulas money then others.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich
    Carl Johansen

  8. (1) Pass a binding Rule that says no Town employee contract can contain annual salary increases and other compensation adjustments that exceed the annual Prop 2 1/2 limits.
    (2) Require all employees to pay 30% of their health insurance costs.

  9. 6A is a state road........the state can barely mismanage existing toll roads.

  10. Mr. Johansen,

    Since you know everything, please explain how MEJ got the stimulus money. I thought it was based on the Chapter 70 formula.

    Mr. Guerin,

    30% of insurance, you are generous. I am not clear on what you mean by prop 2 1/2 limits. Please expalin for me. Thanks

  11. For the record, Board members don't get benefits. BOS members get a stipend of $1/year ($2 forgthe Chair!).

    Nobody else gets anything.

    1. This year the chairman is overpaid

  12. To Anon 9:53

    Prop 2 ½ limits by law property tax increases to roughly 2 ½ percent a year. Today, our town employees compensation (Police, Fire, Teachers, DPW), by contract, grows at roughly 5 ½ percent a year. Because taxes don’t increase fast enough to cover these contracts we are constantly running behind. This is the source of our so called structural deficit.

    I am not generous I am a pragmatist. I suggested only 30% because the current 25% co pay is killing us and because asking for more during contract negotiations isn’t likely to prevail.

  13. Mr. Guerin,

    I understand the workings of 2 1/2, and my understanding was as your explanation. One question, what if someone has longevity, steps, whatever, would this mean that a contract would have to be 0-1%?

  14. Anon 9/9 6:20pm said: "Start a grass roots petition to the sate to allow a better system for offering health insurance to employees ( the private sector tells employees what they will get or can get while government gives employees basically what they want."

    I agree that we need to give towns the same flexibility that the state has with regard to employee benefits and remove the obstacle of having to negotiate this out of contracts. I believe that this has been proposed in the past. I hope that Lance Lambros or Randy Hunt will vigorously pursue this if elected as State Rep.

  15. To most recent Anonymous:

    Allowing the towns to have the same benefits plan design as the state enjoys has been one of my top objectives for awhile now. The board of selectmen have sent letters of support regarding this issue to our state legislators and through the MA Municipal Association.

    Unions oppose this cost saving flexibility and have lobbied hard in the State House to waylay any legislation to allow for these changes.

    My opponent attended an SEIU fundraiser and accepted $500 from them (nearly 10% of his outside fundraising to-date). That's not a good start for establishing the independence necessary to push such an initiative forward.

  16. To Anon 2:28
    Its very possible to see collectivly what each one percent of total compensation(all in - steps, longevity, raises) costs. What I've proposed is that the all in amount of each contract not exceed annual tax revenue growth. How that available increase amount gets split between raise, longevity, step etc I would not care and it could be a good negotiation issue if a particular split is of value to a particular union. Its the total cost that has to be capped in order to stop the structural deficit.

  17. I should have added that Prop 2 ½ doesn’t actually cap town tax revenue growth at 2 ½ percent. The formula is a bit more elastic than that. So, over the last few years town tax growth has averaged more like 3 – 3 ½ percent.
    True it’s not 5 ½ percent a year but for most of us 3 ½ percent a year would be a not bad annual increase.
    Our town’s problem is that while we were collecting 3 – 3 ½ percent increases in tax revenues the Selectmen and School Committee were contracting for 5 – 5 1/2 percent compensation increases with every union.

  18. The reality is this town has worked deligently to not downsize its work force. Until, sadly, the ranks of town employees is reduced I won't vote for any override. Companies, municipalities etc. have all had to make this tough decision, so should Sandwich. Ex: Part-time and "floating" office employees. Would one centralized Public Safety site, Police/Fire, help to reduce or stabalize the number of employees in these departments as well? We wouldn't need to man multiple fire stations. Goes without saying the school system needs to be looked at as well. Finally the DPW needs to be scrutinized immediately. Too many employees, equipment owned vs. rented/leased equipment, fees taken in etc. Trucks not equiped with snow/ice equipment, employees just hanging out at the transfer station and on and on..... Conservation department allowing residents to use their equipment on weekends. Also completely against Pay as You Throw. We have very minimal services for our tax dollars in this town. Don't take it out on me because "the town" doesn't want to make the cuts that need to made first, before putting the price tag onto my back again.

  19. Pare down the fleet of vehicles used and not used (being carried on the Books.

    Consolidate the Facilities Management function under one leader. Currently there are two (2). Why? Put Skip in Charge.

    Negotiate a 60-40 contribution rate for health Insurance. This doesn't need to be done all at once, and can be phased in over a short, 3 year span. Give a one time financial incentive each time, say the equivalent of the savings in cash, Within 3-4 years the Town can truly start to realize taxpayer savings.

  20. Have the DPW fix the pothole leading into the DPW

  21. There were many suggestions made, but little come back from the selectmen (I know they read the blog because if they don't then there stupid and don't listen to the citizens).

    Why can't we find out why things suggested can, can't, or won't be done.

  22. Well, I can't resist putting an electronic but into the ears of our Board of Selectmen. I believe that the Board can set a great example for the general government side as well as the obese School Department. May I suggest that the Board of Selectmen propose a change to the town charter that would see them reduce the size of the Board from five members to three? A simple majority! Just think of how they can reduce their carbon footprint, all that hot air and paper they move around! Yup, if I Just Can't Say No and have them hear and understand it....then let them set the example for all to follow! May I have a motion.......

  23. Ya can't have a motion but you can get an Amen!

  24. Carl Johansen
    Mr. Hunt why does not the town look at every car, truck being used now by every source and put in place reducing the size of ever car or truck we presently use now. Look around to other towns an see what has transpired around the state as every police,fire,recreational, natural resource department are buying smaller and more fuel efficient modes of transportation.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  25. Mr. Johansen, Why are you such a snob. You ask Mr. Hunt a question which I have posed to everyone. Randy is quite accessible and I would suggest that you contact him directly and not through this blog if you need an answer from him. On second thought, why do you ask my question to Randy, simply ask the Selectmen who are voyeurs to this blog...maybe they will answer.

  26. It must be the post-election recovery period...all of the posters appear to be catching their breath now that we have decided the political opponents in the November election. I can't let this silence remove the importance of our suggestions to the Board of Selectmen. On WXTK today during Ed Lamberts show, I was amazed at the number of callers who carried a common theme about the rollback of the state sales tax. I didn't hear one statement concerning the resulting pain of a cutback as services will be cut. People seem intelligent enough to realize that you can't continue to have everything a town might want when you can't afford it. So I called Ed to give him my two cents on the proposed Debt Exclusion in Sandwich, my 'Just Say No' rhetoric as I call it. I am at peace with the fact that this is not the year to increase any tax. I am willing to feel my share of the pain for saying that. However, I strongly suggest that the elected officials of this town for both the general government and the School System hear the people. Knuckle down NOW with the exceptionally talented minds we have on our Finance Committee and develop a real budget that reflects zero increases in taxes, fees or expensive garbage bags. Yes, that means that you will have to trim your operating budgets, primarily in the personnel arena. Spread the pain around, not just where it will get back at we unruly voters. Once you convince folks that jobs will be lossed, maybe then you can sit across the table and insist on pay increases that are based on the towns ability to pay. In the end, my suggestion is that you put the Debt Exclusion to bed for another year until you can see where this economy is going. The government buildings will not implode during that year, they might leak...but they won't collapse. The challenge is to cut fairly...across the order to spread the pain the rest of us are feeling every day. IN my heart I want to say 'YES' but my checkbook tells me I can't. Not yet, not right now.

  27. Carl Johansen

    Greg if you watched the recent meeting of the Finance Committee, you will see the disparity of how the budget on the Municipal side and the Schools are reconsiled at the end of the year.
    Unfortunitly it works against the Municipal side and works for the School Budget.

    The municipal side returns excess money, not spend, back to free cash, which then get restributed between the Town 25 percent and the school at 75 percent

    The school makes sure that every dollar finds a way to be spent and if any money is left over, it goes into free cash. The ratio now is 0 for the municipal side and 100 percent for the schools.

    Some means of reconsiling the end of year balances need to be addressed and a more equatable solution needs to be worked out that make the money not encumbered, go back to the Municipal or School budget, where it was not used.

    This may give some relief to an on going problem that is not equal for both budgets?

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  28. Carl, its frustrating for everyone. Bud Dunham could win the Nobel Prize for economics if he could find a way to stop the schools from killing or should I say breaking his budget. Each budget year he watches the general goverment side bleed as the Schools take what is their 'legal' share. It would be interesting to see if the school system actually looks for efficiencies or if they go into a 'spend it or lose it' mentality towards the end of each fiscal year. The sad part of this is that when the town gets a Superintendant who starts to reduce some costs...she stirs the hornets into a frenzy and loses her contract. You have made me curious Carl. I believe that our state government has, by law, made it impossible for Bud Dunham to ever touch school money, regardless of need. During my 'other' career, government funds were 'fenced' and could not be used for anything other than the account they were assigned to. Once again, that large brick wall that protects the school system will result in terrible pain for general government side. Makes me angry. I think I have said that a few times lately. Until we find a way to change the burden of our property tax in Sandwich, the general government side will always be on the losing side of the budget equation. Perhaps, with luck, the voters will realize the value in having a qualified CPA/MBA candidate as a State Representative! Maybe, Randy can explain the economic damage this school funding issue causes...but then intelligent mind against a pack of will be a tough fight....but he just might be the answer for us in the State House. Carl, I will watch that last meeting on SACAT tonight.....oh the pain! Thanks for the info.

  29. Greg, for the record, I do not have an MBA.

  30. Randy, I stand corrected. With all the letters following names these days I may have been confused by your experience gained as a CFO. In my book, your real life work experiences are what make you stand out against all those letters some folks carry behind their names. But it is important that the record be straight. So I will restate are still our answer to the mess on Beacon Hill!

  31. For the record, the local contribution to the school budget for the current fiscal year is
    -1%. The local contribution to the municipal budget was a positive percentage (albeit not very large). In addition, Chapter 70 funding was cut to the schools and they will have to deal with cutting their budget to account for this loss.
    Can we stop scapegoating our public schools every time times get tough? It is the same old story and it accomplishes absolutely nothing. Providing a quality and comprehensive public education in Sandwich benefits all of us.
    I do not believe that there is a lot of waste in the school budget. The salary line item is by far the largest part of the budget and I think that concessions must be made by the unions. Other than that, please take your anger and direct it at the underfunded and unfunded mandates dictated by State and Federal Government and the disproportionate allocation that our town receives in local aid and Chapter 70!!

  32. Anon at 2:33 I love to read numbers and percentages without knowing the source of the data. After all isn't transparency within the School Budget the real hot poker issue here? I am not angry at the schools, but I might have doubt about your believe that their isn't someplace that the schools cannot find efficiency. If you have followed any of my comments I think you confuse my 'Just Say No' plea with anger at the schools. Not so...our problems in this arena have been caused by those very demons you identify. Won't you join me in saying no to any more debt burden while supporting a change in our state government? We have the best candidate within reach of your keyboard, who really understands what the mandates have done to this very old tax-base-less town. And if it was possible to identify the one thing that you mention that does upset a large majority of residents, to include town workers...its that concession thing that hangs like a 1000 pound gorilla everytime things get tough in town. Sometimes there are things that can make you angry...join me? 'Just Say No' to any further debt until we can send the right people to Beacon Hill. A vote for Randy Hunt is a great start and that is my suggestion for the box today!

  33. Good Morning Greg,
    Irregardless of the financial problems each of us face into the future, we can be assured that they will not get any better in the immediate future.

    The many issues over the years from unfunded mandates and the lack of a Superintendant who actually mananged the budget has caught up to our school district here in Sandwich. In the past we had business manangers that made most of the problem solving desisions. They were very good at moving numbers in the books.

    Now we have a Superintendant that ask qustions, does her own home work, can add numbers and has made every attempt to save our schools money and tax payers dollars and she is crucified. HAs she made mistakes? Absolutly. Attempting to find all the dollars tucked away IN SOME LINE ITEM IS NOT ANY EASY TASK. Old practices are hard to break and given most effect the union controls over our school budget, we have this tug of war. This war will help to further disenfranchise the citizens who call Sandwich its home and forever scar any funding process that may make a change going forward.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  34. Good afternoon Carl. I could not agree more with what you have written. Anon at 2:33, along with many parents with children in the school system, always think we are angry. What they don't realize is that many of us have been in town for quite a while and have suffered the same financial pains. We know what its like to lose enrichment programs. The school system was forced to fall back to teaching basics, basics at the highest level possible. Both of my children had positive and rewarding college experiences because of the foundations they received here in this town! We also know that the unfunded mandates are a killer. I don't know about you Carl but Randy's latest idea concerning the reduction of the state sales tax is gaining steam in my mind. I would gladly take that sales tax money that I pay every day and bring it directly back to Sandwich in the form of an override. Now were talking...we are talking about putting money where the town needs it and perhaps with our input! So I guess I will have to modify my 'Just Say No' to just say 'YES' to the reduction in sales tax which will finally let me do what in my heart I know is right! Whenever I hear the Governor talk about the painful decisions he will have to make I become weak...he needs to come to towns like Sandwich and see the damage being done to an outstanding school system because of his mandates and cuts in funding. I also agree with you Carl, that the Superintendant was managing the finances better than former Super's. Let there be no doubt that its not her managerial style that got her into trouble, it was her attempt to fix the freewheeling spending that drains more money from the town every year. Perhaps Anon 2:33 will understand our frustration one day, when his/her children are adults and have moved on to their successful lives, but can't afford to live in Sandwich. We have gotten a bit off of the subject within this blog, so maybe today, the suggestion I would make to our Elected Officials is that they should get behind Randy's idea, push to roll back the sales tax and then broker a deal with the citizens for an override. I like that idea. We would be more in control of our money, keeping it local, not in the hands of an out of control State Legislature.

  35. I suggest that our town fathers and mothers as well as their hired administrators stop playing games with the budget and our heads.

    Last year, Dr. Perrin asked for a pad in the budget for SPED. He was denied by the Superintendent. He quit. The Superintendent did not want to pad anything but give the people the right figures.

    Even though questioned by the finance committee, the Superintendent greatly overpadded the budget for heat in the schools. When it became apparent, she transferred the money to the SPED program which needed it to a high degree because they were not allowed to pad their budget.

    I think the mainstreem networks call theis smoke and mirrors.

    Tell the Truth folks and maybe some will vote.

    Inis Apocolaptililius, esq.

  36. I have got to stop reading the local paper. In the letters section of the Sandwich Enterprise last week class warfare once again raised its ugly head when an East Sandwich resident was given the luxury of TWO complete columns to chastise the average citizens of Sandwich as being 'Cheap', about 'pinching pennies' about making this town MORE attractive. Well that did it for me. I am going to sit right down and write a check to the town for my share of another override. Anyone that knows the Beachway Road section of town understands my conundrum. Let the gentleman on Beachway Road come and spend a month wearing the moccasins of the real 'average' Sandwich resident who can't afford anything but pinching pennies. Lets open the East Sandwich Fire Station when we don't have enough money to house our current brave firefighters properly. We are way past shaming the residents of Sandwich for the problems we can't fix because we can barely pay our own way right now. So lets keep those ancient rituals of chastising the horrible citizens of Sandwich who just won't jump on the debt exclusion band wagon with those that really don't understand the pain of the have-nots. May I suggest that the town fathers (?) come spend a month in the shoes of those hanging on, month to month, waiting for this economic mess to solve itself. To the individual who penned that letter to the editor, may I suggest he take a dose of reality, and Just Say No! Folks, we really need to generate a healthy vote during the upcoming election. We do not have to accept the poison pill we are being offered by one selectman, particularly when two of our brightest minds on the Finance Committee are being ignored.

  37. One area where Sandwich may obtain further operating money is through a more prudent approach to payment in lew of taxes. As it stands today we have many Non profits listed in our town that in fact conduct for profit cost centers with in the parameters of there facilities.

    The recent Heritage museum comes to light , especially since it has received $164,000 of Public educational dollars to put in place a Stem Preschool for 4 and 5 year old youngsters. One of the largest land holders in our town that does not provide the town with any financial responsibility towards the police and fire departments along with the continued maintence of the surrounding road way to there property. If I understand correctly they have a multi million dollar endowment which they can draw from , yet they choose to put in place a COMPETITIVE Stem pre school for 4 and 5 year old children, that our tax dollars will be subsidizing.

    What happens when they decide to increase the FOR profit cost center further down the road ?

  38. Carl, are you hiding the truth with cute phrases such as "FOR profit cost center". I doubt that the pre-school is anything less than part of the non-profit umbrella of the museum. For sure, they play a large role in the community and I know that you are aware of the many things that they do, much of which is education. The way you write, one would think that they are trying to damage the Town.

    The STEM program is an outstanding program and will do much in the long run to bring more children to Sandwich at best and to make Sandwich a top school system at the least. With a top school system, home values will go up. The new STEM pre-school is working with the STEM people Sandwich. This is a good thing and a value to Sandwich.

    I think you should check your facts before you write. It might help you too make a point.

  39. To Truth Teller my comments stand on there face value . The $164.000 public education dollars is going towards putting in place a For profit Cost center in a Non profit organization, that will be competing with many preschool business located here in Sandwich, that have been conducting similar preschool education for 4 and 5 year old youngsters for a great deal less money then what the Heritage will be charging [I understand that they are planning to charge about $11,000 per student/per year.

    Stem is a new word around here, but in the Home school field of education , Stem educational practices have been in place for a long time. Having four grandsons who have been home schooled in the stem programs are now are in college Stem programs with honors. There parents did not use public educational dollars to educate them, as is the case here.

    I can tell you that if in fact it is not deemed a For profit Cost Center in side a Non Profit Charter I will offer my apologies.

    I however stand by completely that they,like other similar non profits need to start to pay a fair share to offset all of the services they presently receive free now that you and I get to pay for. Perhaps you might want to look at how deep there endowments are and how was it possible to put away all those millions in the bank over the years.

    Did you say that our present public school system offers stem pre school for 4 and 5 year old youngsters? I support public educational dollars being used for public education, not private such as will be the case in regards to Heritage. Public dollars
    that you and I paid for in taxes at many levels , seems like we are setting ourselves up an educational process where only those with deep pockets get the benefits and like here in Sandwich presently, only catering to those are blessed with good learning skills and leaving the rest behind.

  40. I agree that non-profits should pay something. They can not avail themselves of many of the services of the Town such as schools, but they do avail themselves of fire and police services. I am for payment in lieu of taxes, but I find also that non-profits who serve the Town for the good should be able to get the benefit for Public Money as long as that benefit is given to them legally. It is my belief that the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education did give this money legally.

    I am sure that if the American Legion, Friends of the Library, Friends of the Council on aging would gladly receive and apply for LEGALLY available public funds.

    One of the main purposes of non-profits was to make them FREE FROM TAX. Don't forget that the Public paid for a steeple to one of our great churches and made other beneficial changes to infrastructure to support at least one other. You know, there are churches in this Town that have what you deem to be profit centers; I choose to call them sources of income. They sell clothing, furniture and other items and compete against business people; why is it you don't go after them. Several have large properties and do use our services.

    Leave these people alone and let them start this school without your nasty barbs.

  41. To 1255 it is nice to see that you believe Non profits should pay something and mixing in apples and oranges to deflect the conversation into a debate which is not relative, gets an A plus.

    Not with standing any religious non profit that may in some cases also have profitable cost centers inside there structures, they are not taking public tax dollars, designed to be used for educational purposes, in a religious setting.

    Any financial help has come from the Community Preservation Fund which is set up to provide that financial help, upon approval from a submitted document that shows they meet the requirements to actually receive what ever funding, under the purpose it was so deemed. ORANGES

    On the other hand, we have a non profit museum , applying for public educational dollars to support a For profit cost center inside a non profit private facility. Apples

    Public educational dollars, is supposed to benefit the general public, not some private .non profit with millions of dollars worth of endowments . Like the Sandwich Public School system for example. I ask why a multy million dollar PRIVATE non profit museum was granted $164,000 from PUBLIC educational dollars, especially when we already have in place the same process among the public school system.

    Why is it they also are attempting to have our town give them town owned property so that they can enhance there bottom line.

    Payment in lew of taxes will remain an ongoing discussion for most Non profits , especially when they seek to use public money to increase the bottom line or divert public money to some private corporation, that only those with means can afford .

  42. Please explain to me in a non-convoluted way how I have mixed apples and oranges. You are mixing up everything. Your argument states that public education dollars are being somehow diverted to profit centers through non-profits. I say that is the same as taking public money for steeples. Just as the church applied for the money, and so, did the museum. Is there a difference? I think not.

    Plain and simple. I believe that non-profits should pay in "lieu" of taxes as should churches. I believe that the churches have a right to apply for public funds and build a steeple just as a museum (that received an exemption for educational purposes, have a right to apply for money. In both cases the money is public, the institutions do not pay taxes, there was an application process that was legal, and by 501c3 can only use the profit for non-profit causes. If you know otherwise, you should probably call the President and tell him to get the IRS to do their job (I wouldn't call the IRS as they are too busy messing up the lives of conservative organizations.

    Stop your accusations not based on any fact that you would ever put in this blog and stick to the argument on whether they should pay taxes or not. I happen to agree with you, something which you do not understand apparently.

    I am not sure if you are arguing for non-taxable to pay taxes or for the Commonwealth not to give money to a private organization. The School is an apple and the entire organization is an oranges. How about them for your pits.

  43. To 1039 I do not look at a church or historic non profit organization that applies for funding from a public source, such as the Community Preservation Act in the same category as the Heritage Museum. The Community Preservation Act was designed to provide that funding for a specific structural reason, as it relates to historical issues.

    For me taking money from a public resource [such as educational] it should stay in the public arena and not be diverted to a non profit For profit cost center,. where in some cases only those with means can afford to attend. We could have the argument that both are public money and that I can agree on, but the way it is used is another whole pit. I am discussing both,[If you want to argue, go for it} that some non profits are taking advantage of the non profit status they enjoy and that public money should stay in the public arena when it comes to educational needs.

    Money from the CPA is not going towards a For Profit Cost center inside of a non profit that is a private corporation with multi millions of dollars worth of endowments.

    Public educational dollars should remain in the public, not in a private corporation that will compete with surrounding similar educational dollars, like the Sandwich School system or present pre school business we have in Sandwich all ready.
    If the present pre school at the museum goes forward, only those with means will be able to afford it and it will eventually become a money maker for them

    Just think what that income would mean to the public school system here in Sandwich if they put in a similar program [I have been told that they have a stem lower grade preschool in place] and it is public and open to all at a reasonable charge. I think I will leave a little sugar on the pits and finish by saying

    If it is deemed that public educational dollars are to be used in a private educational process, then those non profit corporations should be paying something in LIEU of Taxes to the town of Sandwich for all the extra burden it will place on the service our taxes get to pay for.


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