Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sandwich Town Hall Rededication Ceremony

The Sandwich Town Hall Rededication Committee (Ever notice how government and nonprofit-related committees adopt really long names? It's like government bureaucrat titles. I digress.) proudly announces the date and time of the rededication ceremony:

Saturday, October 2, 2010 at noon
On the steps of the seriously spruced up Sandwich Town Hall (originally completed in 1834)

After the obligatory speeches from politicians, we'll all get a chance to tour the first floor offices and rifle through Bud's personal files. Then (and this is the greatest part of the project) we'll tour the hall upstairs that's been closed to the public for many years.

With all due respect and total seriousness, I want to congratulate all of the people of Sandwich who supported this project. A good friend of mine, Dick (The Cranky Yankee) Bradley, dreamed of the day when actors and dancers would be performing on the stage once again. I believe he will be smiling down on us that day.

Planning, selling, executing and celebrating this restoration project has been a huge effort by many people and I look forward to seeing the hall booked solid with all kinds of community events.

Don't miss the fun.

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