Thursday, September 30, 2010

DWT banned in MA

Texting, Internet surfing, and playing games on your smart phone/iPod while driving in Massachusetts is officially illegal as of today. Of course, distracted driving as a result of doing any of these things was already illegal and has been for years, so not much has actually changed—for adults, that is.

For drivers under the age of 18, the new law is much worse. Apocalyptic. The end of the world as we know it.

Junior drivers cannot use cell phones at all. Not for tweeting, not for texting, not for facebooking, not for gaming… Oh, I almost forgot. Not for talking. (Like kids have ever used a cell phone for talking.)

With one exception.

The only allowed use of a cell phone by minors is calling 9-1-1, though I’m pretty sure that texting anything to 9-1-1 is now banned.

What to do? What to do?...

Here’s my solution for addicted texters, who 135 years ago would, no doubt, have been employed as telegraph operators, dot dot dotting and dash dash dashing messages across the country, relegating the pony expressers to the unemployment line.

Coordinate with all your bff’s, jump out of bed a few minutes early, and queue up your tweets and texts. Then, just before you turn the key in your ignition, send them all to each other.

The result won’t be any different than any other day.

@barb couldn’t sleep last nite thkg about todd

omg lol

what r u doin

@barb joey is such a jerk

holy crp rotflol

@barb no way

@joey jerk


@9-1-1 just ran into a tree-send help


  1. Well.....I had the app that would create a text based on what I was thinking. Had to get rid of it though. I'm still apologizing to friends and I haven't slept in my own bed in a month.

  2. I was stopped near the Wing school by a cop who asked me if I had heard about the new law that would make texting a high crime and misdeanor.

    I said that I had and did not ever text either before the law or now.

    He said he saw me texting and would have to right "something". He asked where my cell phone was. I told him it was in the brief case I carried in the trunk.

    Just another way to get Wacked by the police.

  3. Well, with our new police chief that is an accurate assesment.

  4. It was an accurate assessment. Has anyone noticed that cruisers are now hiding in places that are not the usual. The the cops are everywhere trying to squeeze out more money from us. Selectmen need to talk to this chief and tell him to crack down on drinkers of the alcohol and not those who might be going 35 MPH going onto Framersville Road from Cotuit in a section where people have noticed the 30 MPH sign or on the Service Road.

    The cops should be at the corner of Quaker Meetinghouse and Cotuit tagging those going through red lights, not stopping at red lights when turning right and crossing multiple lanes when approaching the lights. They might just sit on the side of the road on the section of 130 heading north at the lights in front of Jan Sebastian Way. Another good spot is right down town in front of Town Hall, they could have a field day. Just tell them to let me go to work with their constant un-needed harrassment.

    As for the texting. I too was stopped. I took out my cell from my purse, turned it on, and showed the cop my calling history.

    Wacked again.


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