Thursday, July 29, 2010

What are the odds of expanded gaming in MA?

We’ve been running a poll on expanded gaming in Massachusetts for about a week now. Interestingly, the results to this point are split right down the middle.

Yes, casinos plus slots at the four race tracks (House version): 34%
Yes, only casinos (Senate & Governor’s version): 16%
No, we should not expand gaming in Massachusetts: 50%

Participate in the poll by clicking here.

It would be interesting to hear some of the reasons for supporting or opposing casinos and slots. Weigh in by leaving your comment below.


  1. The reason I came on this site was because I wanted to weigh in on gambling and heard about the survey on WATD. I'm very opposed to gambling. Socially it's not good for the town that has to host the gamblers, it encourages a known addiction that can be avoided simply by saying no to casinos and slot machines in the state. Lots of resources go into the infrastructure then most of the jobs are low-paying jobs and most of the proceeds go to people who are already rich. It also causes traffic problems and creates an architectural eyesore.

    As we all know: Gambling is a losing proposition!

  2. Jobs from state gaming will be state employees. Oh goody.

  3. Randy:
    I have no problem with gambling. At heart I am a libertarian.
    I do however, have a problem with state sponsored or regulated gaming. Whether the lottery or the regulation of casinos, when the state is involved taxpayers are forced to subsidize, in some way, the gambling.
    And worse, state sponsored gambling creates yet another opportunity to build yet another unnecessary state agency. Today the MA State Lottery employs more than 400 and uses about 2% of ticket sales to fund its payroll (source MA lottery web page). RI by comparison requires just 0.5% of sales to make its payroll and CT employs just 120 (source: state web pages).

  4. Bob have you seen the size of rhode island? Its not much bigger than cape cod itself. The state police force is about the size of a large towns in the state of MA. Of course they only need 0.5%. No other lottery in the country has the payouts that this state does on instant ticket games. How on earth would we have to subsidize? please elaborate.


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