Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July online issues survey: Preliminary results

With over a hundred people weighing in on our online survey, the ranking of issues from most (1) to least (5) important is:

1) Job creation (1.3)
2) Stopping public benefits for illegal immigrants (1.4)
3) Lowering taxes (1.5)
4) Balancing the power in the legislature (1.6)
5) Lowering the cost of homeowners’ insurance (2.0)
6) Dealing with waste water solutions for Cape Cod (2.2)
7) Eliminating state pensions for elected officials (2.3)
8) Imposing term limits on elected officials (2.3)

You can still participate in the survey by clicking here.

1 comment:

  1. Good Afternoon, Mr. Hunt
    One issue of revelance that many will be facing in the up and comming years falls under envoronmental issues. Public and private use of public property that is not managed properly will continue to degrade the valuable resources we all have been acustomed to enjoy and use.
    It is imperative for the new breed of folks who run for any local,state or governement office be supportive of reinforcing the basic rights of the general public to use our resources wisely and with due dilligance. To protect our natural resources from a personal takeover for private use, needs to be addressed for the benifit of the all. The time for those that have monetary influence at the expence of our environment is over. It is time for canadates to be heard on all the environmental issues our towns, state have a shared responsiabilty in protecting for all the people that will use them.

    We need a voice
    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen in Sandwich


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