Thursday, June 24, 2010

You’re out of mulligans, Mr. President

Guest editorial by Jim Killion

In November of 2008, the American people elected Barack Obama to lead the nation in the hope that he could provide a brighter future. It was a roll of the dice of sorts, since we really didn’t know much about this short-term Illinois U.S. senator with a resume that is thinner than Kate Moss. But he gave a good speech, so despite the fact that the only experience he had in this world was that of Community Organizer, he was elected to lead the greatest nation in the world. Unfortunately, in eighteen short months “Hope and Change” has been reduced to “Dupe and Blame.”

I’d like to say that I am surprised and disappointed with the Duffer-in-Chief’s job performance, but then I’d be lying. Call me a skeptic, but I actually didn’t fall for the line about him lowering the ocean levels and cooling the planet. And it appears that I’m not alone in my opinion either as the so-called independent voters have abandoned the President in droves. The sad truth is while these middle-America moderates believed that they were voting for Mr. Cool, the wound up electing Mr. Magoo.

You have to admit that Obama’s pathetic leadership record is a target rich environment for criticism, but let’s focus on the ever growing disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Think about it; we sent men to the moon and back in eight days but it took Obama nearly two months to get off the golf course and call the CEO of BP. And what was his excuse? Obama felt that Tony Haywood was just “going to tell me what I wanted to hear.” Funny, isn’t that essentially what Nancy Pelosi recently said about Obama’s campaign promises?

When the music finally stopped and Obama got around to putting this disaster on his radar screen, his response was as frightening as it was predictable. In a dire situation that required the best engineers and geologists the world has to offer, the president sent his top ambulance chaser, Eric Holder. That’s right. While millions of barrels of oil were spewing into the gulf, A.G. Holder shows up on the scene to announce that the scales of justice had arrived to put a boot to someone’s throat. It may not have been the equivalent to giving a drowning man a glass of water but it was by no means throwing him a life ring either.

But thankfully, we finally learned last week that Obama has as plan to stop the leak and clean up the gulf: higher taxes and windmills. Shucks, why didn’t I think of that?

Jim Killion
Sandwich, MA

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