Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sandwich school committee contract deliberation

I thought it would be useful for everyone to see the school committee’s superintendent contract deliberation and votes from the June 16th meeting. The public forum portions of the meeting (before and after the votes) are also worth watching.

You can see the entire meeting and skip to the parts you want to view at Click on the Streaming Video button, then Business Meetings, then look for the June 16th meeting in three parts.

If you don’t watch anything else, take a look at Mary Ellen’s questions to Shari and Nancy at 50 minutes into Part 3 of the video on the Sandwich TV website. Then come back to this blog and tell me why the committee should not try to salvage this situation using a roadmap similar to what I lay out below in my June 19th post.


  1. .........and the answer is?

    "I'll entertain a motion to adjourn....."

  2. Good evening Mr. Hunt
    To those who may have missed the opportunity to see it first hand or do not have the ability to view the cable station, this actual footage should provide some enlightment as to what was stated and what was not. With out question, no honest or verifiable reason was given by the four who decided to vote no,they all had very well done speachs that had no common sense to any of there dialog.
    Long before the vote was ever taken. Personal vendattas against Dr Johnson had already been expounded upon by each of the no voters, yet the comments made by each of the no voters did not even come close to verifing the reason of there vote. A great deal of fluff especially from one who for over a year expounded her negative voice in any public forum she could entertain. I suppose it helps when you do not have ethical markers and asert you felt bad about something you were planning to do from the very moment the vote was to be taken. Not one in my opinion had the courage of there conviction to speak to the actual reasons they all voted no, on..

    If the public were to hear the personal and unrelated reasons for not extending a contract to a hard working professional that has now been maliened and slandered by the process, we just may see a revolt. When one looks at the overall process shown above you soon get a chilling aspect of a non democratic procedure that has more flaws in it then Carter has liver pills.

    The no voters would not answer the questions asked by Dr.Johnson, because to do so would place them in a bad light, more so then if they answered her questions in an honest and forthright manner. All of them did what was expected given the present mind set and influence by the Union leadership.

    This is no negative comment against the teachers who make up the union, just the present dictatorial manner the present union leader projects herself.
    This is a change that must be made if the present situations are to ever heal themselves here in Sandwich. It will never heal as long as you have person in charge that refuses to get into the world of progessive and innovative educational opportunities for the youngsters in our School district.

    Do not attempt to tell me that this is all about the child , because we all know it is not. If this person along with those who voted no, really cared about the children in my opinion they would have continued Dr> Johnsons contract because she is a forward looking educator that the children are first and formost in what ever the plans are. The union leader and her four accomplises have won the battle for now, but in the end will they win the war?
    Will this non sensable desision prove to be a final blow to innovative and progessive educational programs in Sandwich? Change is needed in the direction the Union leader and the four school committee members have taken or Sandwich will not be able to compete in the outside world where every one is using computors instead of fingers and toes to count with.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen in the wonderful town of Sandwich.

  3. Sandwich School Board is out of order! You Can't handle the truth! Wake up 85% that didn't vote for your children's education, this is what you get when you don't pay attention and vote! Shame on all parents and taxpayers that didn't vote, don't even think about complaining now! Lay in your non voting bed!

  4. You can't make people care and you certainly can't make people vote. If only 15% of the population in Sandwich voted the same outrage is expressed when only 250 people of a 22,000+ population show up for town meeting voting in favor of school issues...........right?

  5. My votes for School Committee were not votes for or against the Superintendent's contract extension. They were for people who I felt would do a good job on the Committee. One of my choices was elected, the other was not. I implore the SC members not to consider the outcome of the vote a mandate against Dr. Johnson. This was certainly not the case for me and I'm sure for many other voters.

    I think that a six month extension is a great suggestion and I hope that the School Committee will consider it quickly.

  6. Hate to be the bearer of bad news people that didn't vote, but egos and pride will prevent any type of compromise from happening.
    After working with Shari Marshall for 4 years she as stubborn as a junk yard dog with a bone.
    Shawn Cahill was dead on when he said she hasn't gotten over the fact we thwarted her plan to have Bradshaw as our Super and Dr. Young going to Mashpee to collect a pension and interim salary.
    First flag was when Mr. Dees was not hired even though he was a finalist for Oak Ridge and everyone was happy with his performance. Bradshaw was brining a female principal with her as well.......Shari supports the programs Dr. Johnson has created, but doesn't support her? It's all personal for the Marshall, Linehan, Kangas and Crossman. How do you make a decision on a super you haven't even worked with yet. You make your decision by unfounded rumors? So no meeting til the end of July and Shari won't answer our questions. This is her m.o. she goes into hiding and just ignores the parents and taxpayers that question her.......she is so out of order! Should we recall Marshall and Linehan, at the bare minimum people should file online a complaint with A.G. Ethics division for Linehans obvious conflicts, it just take 5 minutes on the computer people. Make sure you mention for the investigator to look at videos of school committe meetings because the minutes are very diluted to their advantage.

  7. P.S. so proud of Cahill, Susko, Killion, Wiklund, Hunt, Fernald and the other courageous teachers that spoke for Dr. Johnson. I realize now that my my approach was not as transparent as people would have liked when i made the sudden but needed motion to nominate Dr. Johnson, but that motion was the most important motion I made in the 4 yrs on the board, I made that motion knowing in my heart and mind it was the best thing to do for the 4000 children and teachers and knew the other boards members were also impressed with Dr. Johnson work as well. Fernald said We need her, she doesn't need us! Shari's so called search committee was a bag job and we as a board figured that out and cut thru her B.S. You have to have some trust in the people you elected, I regret that I didn't put the dirty behind the scenes politics out on the table for the taxpayers of Sandwich that night, but i thought we as a school district had enough negative press, we didn't need anymore. Little did I know that Shari would be a junk yard dog with a bone on that issue and not be able to move on.
    WHAT IS THE PLAN NOW? Puppet super right that listens to Shari and Laura Carlisle/SEA Union
    Shame on Marshall, Linehan, Crossman and Kangas, oh yeah George Brennan/CCT and Dave Fonseca/Enterprise It's obvious that the 4000 children was not their priority. How do you all sleep at night? Keith said it best Shame on all of you!

  8. Which was the one that did not know where she taught LOL.

  9. Good Morning Mr. Hunt I was reminded about two ships on collision course this morning after reading the the editorial by Mr. Susko.

    Sandwich is at a cross roads of going into the future with new technology thinking or staying with the safe journey of old practices where folks just do not want to change. On one hand we have the ship of progress and innovative ideas being expoused upon by Dr. Johnson and on the other hand we have those that choose to stay with the old and safe way of educating our school children. That would be the Union leader and the four committee members who voted against extending her contract for the future educational benifit of every student in our town.
    It may be called a difference of opinion, but it is a course of action that will result in a great loss to the future adults of our community. One only needs to look around and see the results of failing to improve the educational experiences for the children has dire consequences in less job opportunities and failing marks in long term character building of the body.
    To overcome many of the obsticles along the way you come across some one like Dr> Johnson who is willing and able to not only think out side of the box , but take the personal risk in innovative and progessive thinking to drastically change how a school should operate in todays world. One could say that Dr. Johnson is mostly invested in the educational process of every child in the Sandwich School District, where as the leader of the Union is not.

    Two ships sailing in unchartered waters, you the citizens of Sandwich need to decide which ship are you on. The seas are rough and plenty of white water is evident. The ship that can hold a steady course will survive the perilous storm, while the Captain looks ahead for calm seas to sail. The seas are rough here in Sandwich, especially with the Sandwich School committee Vote to not extend the contract of its Captain. If you the citizens of our great town do not take any action, the ship may sink to never more, sail again.

    Do we sink the hopes and desires of all our young children because of personal vendattas or find the calm seas once again to steer a course of progress and truth.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the great town of Sandwich

  10. I know a school principal is not the kind of job that can ever please everybody all the time, but just for the record: not everyone was happy with Mr. Dees.

  11. I just heard the SC is meeting Thursday night to discuss the contract without any cameras in the room. I'm sure George will do his usual quality press coverage. Not.

    This is the at least the 4th "special" meeting of this board --- so much for transparency. Just lies and BS.

    How about some public meetings?

  12. I am not sure if the special meetings are 4 in number for this board, but this is something that has been going on with the school committee for many years. They hols what they call workshops at a location where there is no camera capability. Do you remember the Simmons board that met at the Superintendent's office only to be outfoxed by the public who showed up with too many for the room. The problem for the public was that when it got moved the cameras had the night off. Speaking of Simmons, wasn't he part of the School Committee/Selectmen joint committee which met at a location where there were no cameras. Real transparency, yeah!

  13. friendly suggestionJune 24, 2010 at 12:25 PM

    I am just now watching this meeting rebroadcast on SCAT, and have a small, friendly request of any school committee members who follow this blog:

    Would you please not click your retractable pens during the meetings? Every little extraneous sound is captured by your microphones and the click-click, click-click, click-click, drives viewers nuts. I know it's an unconscious habit, but maybe bring a different pen? Please?

    Thank you, thank you!

  14. Would Dr. Johnson allow the meetings to be public and have cameras? Then the public can watch how this board is working or not working to resolve the mess they created by voting before a judge decides on the contract.
    Does anyone know if the board has made their plan public yet? If not, why not? They need to tell what their plans are for our children.

  15. Given this critical point in time for the School Committee, they should be meeting regularly, i.e., no time off this summer until they do finalize a real plan for replacing Dr. Johnson. Mr. Hunt has essentially done most of the work for them, now they need to get moving, by working together for the good of the community, and get this done now!

  16. The Supt has nothing to do with televising meetings -- that's between the Chair & SACAT.

    I'm sure she would want EVERY meeting televised so taxpayers can see what she deals with!

  17. And ... after the members have bought their quiet pens, maybe they could spend some time thinking about The Plan ! Now what?

    The BOS made it pretty clear last night that the Schools are on their own for any attempted override next year. The Town will get one ... Laura Carlisle will not.


  18. Television would keep issues more transparent and exposes how this new board works to protect their personal agendas instead of working for our children.

    Maybe the pen clicking is interfering with their common sense side of their brains? That would be a concrete answer as to why they fired the super, her programs and the override prospect.

    If they do ask for an override then we know that the pen clicking is still disrupting their commonsense part of their brains. That answer would be a big fat NO, especially since you just fired the super and her program will go with her soon. Shari still has no plan? When pigs fly comes to mind again re: override lets see how how this all plays out now. What a mess they created for themselves, i wonder if they realize it yet? Stop Clicking the pens if you haven't!

  19. Randy, A number of us post on your blog, but now will only read. It seems as though the people who supported the superintendent do not want to do anything except to demonize Shari Marshall and the others on the majority. They think that the original vote was the good one, yet did not excercise their right to bring this to a vote, they lied flat out when they spoke of what Taylor White had told them, one of the committee members mentions that we should ask town counsel to look at the DAs ruling, then she says Shari did not act on it, but as I re-watched the meeting, I noticed she never even made a motion, another guy brings everything to the selectmen, but failed to tell the selectmen that the Guidelines from the Attorney General's office is clear that adourned meetings must be posted, they also say that town meeting is exempt. What gives, why are these people not ever challanged. Newspapers could do this, but then we thought, maybe everyone is sick of the negative. Only your idea was one that might work, but you don't see the negatistas trying to make this work. I plan to stay away from this blog for a while.

  20. Good Afternoon Mr.Hunt It would appear that some still do not understand the reasons as to why so many have felt a need to chastize the present chair of the school committee. To begin with, it was her efforst that brought the last superindendent to Sandwich. This person had been bought out of her last two contracts because she lacked the performance of preforming the job they hired her for. She was totaly deticated to doing the bidding of the Union leadership. That situation has not changed for the present chair as they are also following the directives of this same Union leader. The superintendent that was put in place by the present chair also found a way to leave every day before the school system was closed for the day and heaven forbid that she attend an evening meeting the next day she would show up before noon. This same person had some real problems counting and was totaly lost during the budget times and needed the help of the Business manager and he was no better. How about the nice traveling bonus of $5000 to use her car between Sandwich and Rehobeth. I will bet many do not know that was also influenced by the present chair. Now on one side of the coin we have the present chair expousing for a person that had many problems from the get go, but guess what, she was influenced very easily and that is why the present chairs evaluation process needs to considered, especially when you see a person just the direct opposite and one who has preformed above and beyond the call of duty, only to be fired by four biased and one union leader who do not care about the children of our town. The present chair is her own demon and one that has just resulted in the town of Sandwich losing the progressive and innovative educational momentum and teaching experience , all because she was her own person and cares about the children in our school system.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the great town of Sandwich

  21. The people that support the superintendant just want to hear valid concrete reasons why the Marshall, Linehan, Kangas and Crossman made their decisions. Two of which were only on the board for less than a month and formed their opinions by listening to certain anti MEJ groups. The townspeople are waiting and all we hear is silence. Why? Marshall is doing the usual routine of running the clock and not answering people's questions. How do you support programs created by MEJ, but not MEJ to continue to implement those programs? None of this makes sense, they have a plan they just don't feel the townspeople deserve to hear their plan. Lets hear the anti MEJ rationales? Most of the reasons we have heard just are not serious enough to warrant firing after a superior evaluation? Inform us so the people are able to move beyond this and embrace the new plan.

  22. Here's The Plan:

    1) Ignore the State audit report, call a certain retired Superintendent and invite him to come back as Interim Superintendent until someone could be fooled into coming to Sandwich. (Prepare for long wait!)

    2) Make nice with the Cape Cod Collaborative and agree to more money for everybody -- whether the services are needed or not.

    3) Pay off Dr. Minkoff's contract --- thank Committee legal counsel for some great legal advice.

    4) Pay-off Dr. Johnson's contact --- thank Committee legal counsel for some great legal advice.

    5) Pay-off the SEA contract --- thank Committee legal counsel for more good advice.

    6) Thank Mrs. Linehan for her hard work on behalf of Mr. Linehan's employment contract, and her opposition to his supervisor's contract.

    7) Explain to the Ethics Commission that there are no violations here -- and that anybody who says otherwise is "mean-spirited" and doesn't recognize the need to "come together for ... something (nobody remembers what anymore)."

    8) Make a lifetime agreement with the Community School and any recreational group with balls (or fins) that would guarantee them lifetime access to all school facilities at no cost to themselves -- regardless of how many teaching positions, sports program, or academic programs are eliminated to subsidize their activity.

    9) Go to the voters and ask for an Override because ..... (let's all say it together ...) "It's for the Children ..."

  23. That's their plan -- and the "gang of 4" couldn't articulate that at their meeting because it's a "secret" plan. It can only be discussed behind closed doors and off-camera. You need to understand, Karnac, us mere mortals can't possibly understand the super secret issues that this brain trust is dealing with. They know better than us -- Mrs. Crossman can only discuss her reasons for the vote in a closed door meeting with no witnesses. It all smacks of McCarthyism. The brain trust knows better -- just wait and see!

  24. I am truly asking this without sarcasm. Has anyone publicly (at a meeting or in writing to the SC) asked them to give their reasons? Not everyone reads these blogs. I, myself did not see the actual meeting where they did not renew the contract. Has anyone asked them? I have emailed the SC several times about issues and always received responses.

  25. Yes.

    Watch the clips above.

    The OLD School Committee answered questions -- the NEW one doesn't.

  26. Dear Mom of 2 -

    Give it a shot...send an e-mail and ask! Many have tried, all (that I know of) have failed. Maybe you will be the lucky girl. (And I say that without sarcasm)
    If you find out, will you let everyone else know?

  27. Sorry, not watching SC video clips :) Thank you for answering the question though. I just saw a lot of banter about "what is next and what are their reasons" and wondered how the SC handled it when asked by different people. I have to say that the discussion on this board has caused me to re-think my position on this whole issue a lot. Other writers may be criticizing each other but, honestly, you all have me thinking different.

  28. With all due respect, THAT is why we are in this mess. People won't spend 15 minutes learning the basic facts of an issue.

    They are just "way too busy" to watch part of a meeting or to ask a question directly of somebody that was elected to represent them. Instead, they form an opinion based on a discussion with another poorly informed person -- or some anonymous hack on a blog (of which there are many!)

    Or -- they say "The Hell with it --I'm not getting involved with those idiots" and then one day they wake up and the Idiots are running the show and managing YOUR kids education.

    Ya know what I mean?

    How'd that saying go ? "I've seen the Enemy and it's us !" (Can't remember if it was Beetle Bailey or Pogo !)

  29. Watch your thoughts; they become words...Watch your words; they become actions.
    Watch your actions; they become habits...Watch your habits they become character.
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
    We all like the new programs but we don't like Dr. J's inablity to lead and run a school department without drama and the if you wait long enought the problem will go away.

  30. I guess what I meant was that while sitting there this afternoon, no way was I going to watch the clip. It wasn't on my priority list just then. I frequently attend the meetings. I send emails to the SC (as I stated earlier). I am informed. This blog just goes on about people looking for reasons and I was wondering if anyone had actually asked for an explanation. No need to over think it!

  31. The School Committee has turned into a group that has thir own personal and professional agendas in mind, not the citizens of the town, who they work for ,and certainly not the students...I am a person who would like to make a positive comment but....IVE GOT NOTHIN!!!!!

    To the fiersome foursome....I promise you you have not heard the end of this one......

  32. There should at least be an education requirement for people running for School Committee. Kangas's letters are unreadable. Laura Carlisle should really be doing a better job reviewing the final drafts.

  33. The point is now that everything has been screwed up and Dr. J is now a lame angry hurt duck who has another year left, what will happen? Will she be bitter and let things slide or just warm a chair and collect a check. Even bigger question is, who in their right mind would want to come and work in this town?

  34. New board created such a mess the only way to resolve all this is in mediation or before a judge. Where is the judges decision on the contract signed in April by the prior board?

    Anyone else reading between Marshall, Linehan, Crossman and Kangas lines of b.s. and say jeeze it sounds like they got a lot of complaints from employees re: MEJ management style. Could that management style be, I need you to make some changes in your 25 yr old curriculums because the state's audit says we need some drastic changes and I don't have a lot of patience for employees that don't want to make some adjustments in their work product, our children. Sandwich needed a tough superintendant to get it back on track and this board just fired her, good luck with the below average super they end up with. We can bet that they will be a puppet super with this board and union though. Shari's search committee bag job is on the horizon again.

  35. To the last poster. Why bring basketball into this. Julius Irving has been retired for quite a while. What does he have to do with Sandwich.

    Arnold Aurbach, deceased

  36. Recently three school committee members, Crossman, Kangas and Linehan wrote 3 separate letters to the editor(s) of our local papers. These letters should be read carefully.
    As you read the letters ask yourself the following:
    Just what level of literacy do I expect my elected officials to demonstrate by their writings?
    Is being well written and well spoken a pre requisite for serving? Should it be?
    Should school officials, elected or appointed, be able to demonstrate a basic understanding and knowledge of grammar and punctuation?
    Ask yourself these questions, but only after you’ve read these letters.
    Hint: Do you remember the Sesame Street game "One of these things is not like the others?"
    PS – this is my second post on this subject. My first post, which Randy didn’t see fit to publish, was a bit more blunt and to the point.

  37. Good Morning Mr. Hunt in regards to the latest letters in severel of the local papers.
    One comment I would make, goes to how very well the subject matter being addressed is stated. Now if I did not know better it would also appear that the Union leader of the Sandwich System has placed her signatures upon at least one.

    Writting styles become sort of habit forming as does placement of words, when one formulates the topic they are expounding upon. From where I am sitting and listing to the Union leaders words, during times when she has come before public forum. I feel that some collaberation occured prior to the writters submittel in regards to the subject matter being addressed.

    So once again it becomes apparent for me that the words printed in the newspapers are not all from the writer, well at least that is my opinion. We have simply to many phrases and identical wording that share a common bond and it would be impossible for that to occur, because the two newest members simply do not have enough time on the job to make some of the directives they are writting about based upon first hand knowledge.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the great town of Sandwich

  38. We all need to sit back and wait for the legal decision which will be given by the contract judge. Judges usually do what's best for the "Sake of the school children" not union leaders.

  39. calgon.............take me away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. To Mr. Lubold, I say only that she should move back and run for school committee. She is so smart and to the point. I can't believe she is afraid to run. She makes more sense than all the posters on both sides. She knows Sandwich, she knows the school system, she knows the court system and best of all she knows how to put Shari Marshall in her place. Over and over again, she has proven that she is the go to person because she knows her stuff. Lets start the recall for sure. Johansen likes to start the fire, but he never finishes. Lubold will follow through and get the job done. She will force the issue of going to the courts, unlike Susko who brings it up, but does not make a motion. Maybe we should recall the entire board. Can you imagine: Trish Lubold, Chair; Carl Johansen, Secretary; Mr. Augustine, Mr. O'brien, Dana Barrett, Mrs. Grundman, and Susan Lupone. That would be a powerful board that could get the job done. I would make Dana or Linnel the chair, but they would be serving on two boards and that would be tough for them to do both, but what a board. Come on Trishie, let's get it goin'. We can all put our actions where our mouths are.

    Evangeline Winterhuser

  41. It is too bad that no member of the teachers' union will come forward to tell the REAL tales of their meetings where high school teachers have made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that they want Dr. Johnson out. Susko is right on with the bullying remark. Also too bad a teacher hasn't sent the papers a copy of the email the union leadership sent advising members to vote for Kangas and Crossman. Put two and two together and you get puppets on the board.

  42. Evangeline, if you step up and be my campaign manager then I will run against Shari.
    The judges ruling on the April contract will finally settle this whole mess one way or the other, regardless of what the board or super want.

  43. Trish,

    What Judge? Has a formal complaint/suit/appeal been filed with the court? It does not happen automatically. Someone must take action to get it moving. Has anyone from the Town or SC done this? Otherwise, lets just not assume that the Court is ruling on it.

  44. Hi Son of a Beach, Patience is needed whenever the court system becomes involved we all know the courts move slowly. That's why a judge has to make the final decision re: the April signed contract. if the new board doesn't mediate the situation the next step is to file it in court for a judges final decision.

  45. I am very familiar with the workings of the court system. You just keep saying things like "Wait until the Courts decide". However, I was unaware that there was anything pending IN COURT. Mediation does not count as it is not binding. Anyone can try to mediate pretty much anything. So, if someones actually files something, I agree with you that it will lengthy as far as time goes, including the appeals process. I just was trying to confirm that something was currently pending. Looks like this is going to take much longer than MEJ's final year!

  46. I would like to ask the 19 homeowners in the Canvasback Asssociation how many of them were asked to participate in the planning of the placement of eight communal docks and the cutting of the trails leading to the docks. I bet very few!! I am willing to bet not all of you. Perhaps just the eight members whose houses back up to the pond. You need to take a look at the plan and see if you have a path near your home so you can get to the eight COMMUNAL docks. One house #34 has just a single path from the back of his house to the dock. It looks to me to be very PRIVATE. You people need to look into what is going on as you are going to be assessed 1/19 of all costs of this project. Don't be hoodwinked.

  47. I think it's safe to say if it is not mediated you can bet on a filing to have a judge decide a contract and actually contract law decisions are usually quite faster than the rest of the court system because it's dealing with a finite time frame. Hasn't it been obvious that if mediation doesn't work then the next logical step is filing in court.

  48. A few bloggers here and a few public critics of the Superintendent have said Dr. Johnson’s failure to respond to parent emails (and phone calls) is their reason why she must go. That got me thinking…….there are 3,500 kids in our district and if their care givers each wrote Dr. Johnson just one email a year, that’s 7000 emails to answer.

    If Dr. Johnson takes 5 weeks vacation, she has the potential to receive those 7,000 emails in 47 weeks or about 148 emails a week just from parents. That’s about 4 emails an hour. If it takes 2 minutes to read an email, 3 to respond and another 3 to direct the email to a subordinate for further action, then Dr. Johnson would be spending 28 minutes of every working hour just answering parents’ emails.

    OK – you’re saying that’s crazy! She shouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes an hour answering parents emails. OK - What if she did just and only that?

    Well, if Dr. Johnson spent just 5 minutes an hour answering parents’ emails, she’d spend 3 ½ hours a week (156 hours a year) answering parent emails. That’s just about 4 weeks (1 month) a year dedicated to parents’ emails. A sensible use of our Superintendents’ time? Well, apparently some folks think so.

  49. In response to Mr. Johansen Enterprise letter and all the other commentors regarding 5th admements rights and not receiving answers to their questions. I submit (if it gets posted )the following. " I also must respond to one poster that apparently does not understand public forum and the use there off. Every speaker is allowed so much time to speak and if you are not prepared to make your case in the alocated time that is your fault,not that of the Chairperson. the timely process is in place to allow your opinions to be heard. The Chair has the perogitive of responding or not,depending on the schedualed adgenda and if it may cause a desruption of the business part of the meeting.

    Public Forum is not a place where one asks a question and expects an immediate answer. It is a place where you express a concern in an professional manner and it is not confrontational in nature. we all have opinions in important matters that concers every one,but how we convey that opinion can determine a positive or a negitive outcome. You also need to prepare your self to speak in the allocated time frame and not go before the committee with drawn out guns" Guess who the author is Carl

  50. What the hell is going on in this town. You wonder why I don't vote. Its because I can never figure out what is happening. Who went to court? Who went to mediation? Never a word at the school board meeting or from the Know it Alls that always speak up and write.

    Could someone out their give a correct synopsis of what is happening. And, please, not Mrs. Lubold, I never understand where your coming from.

    Thanks Anyone

  51. You would understand all the posters if had been paying attention and voting. It's simple, Go back to your little cacoon, work harder and pay higher taxes. The town unions and school union are counting on your continued apathy.

  52. Lubold, you are really something. I ask a question and then someone like you answers and tells me to go into my little cacoon. I do pay attention. I do not vote because I do not understand what goes on in this town. Apparently from what has been written on here, there is a court case pending. Why did I not hear it at meetings. How is the public to know if these things are done quietly. If you know the answer then tell me. I was on your side, now I wonder.

    Are you posting on the publics dime?

  53. I list my name so people that don't care for my bluntness can just skip right over my posts. That's democracy. You have missed too much in the past two years to bring you up to speed on a blog. You will have to go back and do your homework and form your own opinions as to what's really going on with the school board and the super contract. The apathy of 85% non voting in the past few elections has set the schools back atleast 10 years. Get ready for the yearly override hysteria dog and pony show and your taxes sky rocketing to keep up with the SEA union contracts. It's funny you question me using a public dime when the town elected Linehan by listening to the SEA Union president emails. Typical when you can't debate the issues bloggers go into personal attack mode. No wonder no one runs for elected office. I was done when my children were attacked. I'll continue to care about Sandwich schools, but take a step back now and continue to send my Special needs child to Sandwich for his one on one aide for the next 7-10 years and not give a ra ts a ss how it affect the school budget.
    Apathy is so much easier.

  54. Say Goodnight, TrishJuly 8, 2010 at 8:39 AM

    There is no court case. Yet.

    Bourne pays for any SPED costs associated with out of district students (such as those coming in from Bourne). It's unfortunate that any parent would so publically label any child -- but that's another story.

  55. The last comment by Lubold is why many don't vote. Apparently, although I watch meetings, attend some, am active in congressional politics, am on a town board, and volunteer, I still do not know what this judge's ruling on the April contract is about. Apparently, if true, then something is pending with the court. I missed it. How awful of me! The point is, I don't know what its about and all Lubold can say is you should have been following. What came first the chicken or the egg, the informed or the voter. If I am not informed, whether through my own fault or not, I won't vote because all I would be doing is playing Russion Roulet. Randy, can you tell me what the court case is about that Lubold refers to.

    Jim Siciliaon, an uniformed but loving citizen of Sandwich

  56. @Jim Sicillaon: I'm not aware of any court cases regarding the superintendent's contract. There was talk of having a judge look at ADA Shack's opinion that the Friday, April 30th meeting was a nullity, but I haven't seen any press coverage about this either.

    The one thing we CAN do to affect this situation is to call and email our school committee members and urge them to adopt a plan similar to what I proposed to buy us some cooling down time and avoid the commotion of another nationwide search during this rough economic time.

    The superintendent is willing to work with the committee on this. Now we need to see leadership on the committee's side to make this happen.

  57. Randy
    Just a quick question how do you know the super is willing to work with the sc under your plan and why do we send the super to mangement school 101 on how to treat people. If I treated my boss or customers or for that matter other town employees the way she has treated people I would have been fired from my job a long time ago.

  58. @Anonymous July 8, 2010 1:15 PM: I'll only say that I know it to be true.

    Part of my plan is to review the superintendent's performance after 6 six months and again in April 2011. The SC would set expectations for whatever issues they consider important. My guess is that communications would be on the list.

    If she meets or beats the SC's expectations, aren't we all ahead? If not, then so be it.

    I've hired and fired many people over my career in management. I've always used a simple, three-step process to working with underperforming employees:

    1) Point out the employee's deficiencies and clearly explain my measurable expectations for improvement.

    2) Provide additional training, if lacking.

    3) Measure progress against the clear expectations.

    If things don't work out (and sometimes they don't), then you let the employee go or move the employee to a different job that matches the person's skill set.

    The problem I have with our current situation is that the SC has documented performance reviews that don't match the decision to let her go. That's because the two swing votes are from new committee members who have never formally reviewed her performance.

    All I'm asking for is a sense of fairness here. In the end, it may not work out, but at least we would have handled it fairly rather than politically.

  59. Mr. Hunt your commontary would be well taken if those that made the desision acyually did provide do process under the Constitution of the United States. Each of us that are giving judgement for job performance need to be aware that the proper and right thing to do would have been to show veriable proof, that in fact such job performance were made.

    Good, bad or indifferent the very least that should have been done to a descendent of an original signer and formultor of the United States Constitution was to have provided her with logical and reasonable reasons for the way they voted. That for me, is not due process, upon which they swore to uphold when they took the oath of office.
    That is not how you treat a person that has placed the School Children above all else here in Sandwich.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned Citizen of Sandwich

  60. I’ve long felt that a significant weakness in the construct of our town government system is that committees of volunteers oversee (and ultimately manage) all town departments and department heads.
    Sometimes well-qualified, experienced, judicious people volunteer and serve and sometimes folks get appointed or elected who lack any of the requisite skills, know how, experience and personality traits to lead and manage.
    The lynchpin of you plan Randy is an assumption that current School Committee members have the requisite skills and know-how AND that they are fair-minded.
    I think by their own words and actions select members of this School Committee have demonstrated that they lack the requisite skills and know-how and are not fair-minded.

  61. Randy thanks again. Just a point where were the previous sc members when all the issues were brought to their attention and I didn't realize her reviews where public record. So i gues your saying there were no negative reviews and that everything was just fine. I am trying to put words in your mouth but it seems to me you have a lot more inside info than we the public has

  62. Randy,

    You are right when you write that the documented performance review does not match the last vote. And, for that, maybe your plan is the best way out. If Dr. Johnson is willing to stay on and work hard, and, I believe she would, then I'll bet that things would be much better. You did put this out, now its time for both sides to look at it, call the school committee members, and write to newspapers. In speaking with Dr. Johnson, I truly feels that she wants to continue. She has an overall plan to better the curriculum and to make the school system even better than it is today. She reminds me of the "outstanding auto mechanic" that starts a business for the first and is losing his business because he had never run a company and had to pay bills, taxes, unemployment, payroll etc. Dr. Johnson is doing an outstanding job in the areas she is familiar with, but a less the stellar job with working with other departments and employees, but she is much better today than she was six months or a year ago. She is very bright and will learn how to do that given counseling and guidance where needed, if needed.
    Its time for everyone to step up to the plate, not blame others and get this woman happy and confindent with all aspects of her job. She is a diamond in the rough. Don't let her go. Don't!

    Pluto not Plato

  63. To Pluto not Plato

    so let me get this straight pay someone $152,000
    dollars and train them to do the job. Where do I get an application.

  64. you don't pay $152,000 for a curriculum cordinator

  65. If we elect a man as president that did not have ANY managerial skills, then why can't we have a superintendent with at least a few years worth?

    Richard Head

  66. To Say Goodnight, Trish Lubold..., you write so much garbage that you give yourself away. Let me see if there is a connection to the multitudes that spoke for the Superintendent..... a few were on some board for Special Ed. Their husbands were on the school board, hmmmm! Teachers were put in a "special role" for the Superintendent's new program, they spoke, hmmmm!, one grumpy man doesn't like unions or at least unions that won't take a -0- increase, hmmm!, one angry man with a child who benefited for the program, showed his anger in support of the Superintendent, hmmmm!!, One man who spoke eloquently about how good the Superintendent was got a promotion, hmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!. Ethic commission where are you?

  67. The seeds of today came three years ago, when then assistant super. Dr. Johnson did not enter into the second round of 13 in the superintendent search. Instead of a new search, the school committee hurriedly gave Dr. Johnson a contract. Talk about a school committee running a town! No new search? No public meeting?

    Dr. Johnson appealed to members who wanted severe cuts. That's fine, unless you think the quality of education isn't going to drop too.

    Staff has been eviscerated. SHS has several classes tickling 28,29,30 kids. Johnson covered much of it by pilfering the Community School's most profitable programs (Driver's Ed, e.g.) Lehane built one of the most respected Adult Ed programs in the state over the course of 28 years, and Dr. Johnson was able to submarine it within two years. The core of the district leadership leaves with Lehane. Special Education legal grievances doubled. The Asst. Superintendent gives one criticism about Dr. Johnson about spending money on computers rather than teachers, and is fired...leading to a lawsuit the town will surely lose. (Plus, that position will go vacant until 2012...legally). This is all out there for anyone to research.

    Does Sandwich really wish to be the town on the Cape with lowest per-pupil spending? Behind Yarmouth? & Dennis? Mashpee? Bourne? Nauset? Harwich? It is, and that's fine...but with every penny you save as a town you lose something on the other end. It will take ten years, but you will see the effects. Google "Randolph Public Schools."

    Literacy is Dr. Johnson's strength...investigate math programs in the K-8's. The science and social studies curriculums in the high school...
    Take a look at the graduation rate since Dr. Cannone left...
    Take a look at the percentage of Sandwich students attending four-year colleges...
    Take a look at the percentage of Sandwich graduates who need to take at least two remedial classes during freshman year of college (It's over 1-in-3)...

    All of this data is out there. It's on the internet. It's in the school department's audits. It's on the website of the Department of Ed. It's all there. Not all your answers will be found in blogs and community tv.

    Do your own educating, people of need it.

    Dr. Dennis Hoolaran

  68. Sticking around to be a nudge! TrishJuly 9, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    The schools were a huge shell game financially for 20 plus years both on the School budget side and Comm. school side. Useless computers, books, curriculums, it was all about hiring and protecting jobs for the union under Shari 15 yr term. That's Linehan's main concern now. Shari's bag job search committee was all set to hire Bradshaw who would jump as high as Shari, the SEA union and the Comm. Exec comm. gang told her to jump. That search committee was all about protecting all their agendas and interests. Public record shows who was on Dr. Young's committee and Shari's promised "random" search committee which had 10 agenda driven members and they deliberately left Johnson out of the finalist pool, they knew she had a clue and wanted changes to what was going on in the schools.
    All the teachers we have laid off the past few years was after the greedy SEA union was told in writing that anything over 3% would cost teaching positions every year, Laura Carlisle took less than 20 minutes to tell us she could care less that teachers would lose their jobs. 3.5% 3.5% 3.5% plus 3% step increases.......6.5% what planet are they on? They do eat their own. It's such a mess and no one appears to be fighting for the children's sake anymore. The 4 board members will ask for an override and it will be all about maintaining the payroll line items and hiring a puppet super.

  69. I hope that the people of the town don't follow vague, venomous, and often contradictory comments of Mr. Johansen and Ms. Lubold. It doesn't lead to a happy and desirable town. This Pandora's Box was opened when that shady vote on MEJ was pushed through. It created a rip in the fabric of the town. Ms. Lubold made an impulsive decision, and it destroyed the trust between people who before argued--in good faith--over philosophical perspectives about how to best service kids. The tenor changed at that moment. People on both sides saw the MEJ decision as an all or nothing battle. We have never recovered. It is time to move on from this Superintendent and this entire ugly period for the town. Sandwich town politics has become divisive, off putting for voters, and a punch-line for surrounding communities. It saddens me how far this has all gone. Yet, now the blog serves as a Lubold/Johansen megaphone of innuendo and vitriol. Its a real shame.

  70. Lubold, Did you think that Canonne was a puppet?

  71. Dennis, you are as much a Dr. as Lubold is eloquent.

  72. Just check the stats,'s all out there for anyone to research...after Mrs. Lubold got that vote through three years ago...the numbers have changed. I agree with the above writer, the tone of town politics also got ugly, and became town versus school. (Not Mrs. Lubold's town of course, Bourne just hired a pretty capable superintendent.)

    If as a town Sandwich is okay saving money for lower educational outcomes, that is fine. Plenty of towns have made that decision, and they are not in ashes. Dennis-Yarmouth made that decision, and I still eat there. But there are towns that tore themselves apart over these very issues, and their schools (and property values) have slid. Randolph, Stoneham, Winthrop to name a few.

    Just be honest...Dr. Johnson's main appeal was her willingness to cut money...that is fine. But there are always consequences that must be recognized.
    Dr. Dennis Hoolaran

  73. Last one, and then I retire from blog comments...maybe move to Randolph. But I just wanted to check Mrs. Lubold's comments about the union rejecting a wage freeze. I can't find the 3.5% wage increases or the steps, but I'm sure the teacher's contract is public record. But if you go the minutes/transcript of the November, 2008 school committee meeting, you will find that Dr. Johnson proposes to save the district money by "very creative measures." This includes the elimination of 20 positions for the next fiscal year and the elimination of four librarians before New Year's 2009. It's all right there. The librarians received their termination letters before Christmas Day, 2008.

    The first record of the local teachers' union being asked to consider a wage freeze is May 2009, when Dr. Johnson broached the subject with Lauren(?) Carlisle, the union president. That is months after the elimination of the positions from the budget...there was never a wage freeze-for-job-security proposal. If there was, it must have been for the next fiscal year. Two local newspapers cite this meeting.

    It is perfectly appropriate for a town to ask a union to trade a wage increase for job security (see Boston, 2009), but this never happened here. Mrs. Lubold saying this occured is...well. You decide.

    There is too much politics, too much animosity. And the facts are free to be created, and character assassination has replaced debate. But the public record doesn't lie...all the numbers, all the proposals, all the outcomes are there to see. If you look at it, you may see that the school committee may not be so far off the mark. Depending on what, as a town, Sandwich wants from its schools.

    Dr. Dennis Hoolaran

  74. You have no idea what the School Committee may have (or not have) offered the union. Those negotiations are still in process and have been going on for a year.

    The only "real" public fact known is that the prior school committee was unable to reach any sort of compromise with the union so they agreed to bring in an outside mediator. Because the negotiations are still in process, there is no report as to what the sticking points are -- but I would think wages are certainly an obvious point.

    A wage freeze is only a temporary fix (although it does help future escalations) -- the only REAL savings would be in job elimination which saves both payroll & benefits costs. yes, there may be a temporary uptick in unemployment costs -- but the saving in payroll & benefits will certainly offset that.

    The Committee would have to be a bunch of damn fools (or ALL union spouses!!!) to agree to trade job security for a wage freeze -- the only place a District can gain any savings is through reducing personnel costs.

    Nobody wants to eliminate anybody's job -- but if there is not going to be any increase in revenue, there NEEDS to be a decrease in expenses. There is no other choice.

    Many of the school unions HAVE taken freezes -- the Teachers (SEA) are the only ones who apparently have refused so far. It's too bad because they have virtually eliminated any chance of ANYBODY supporting a school override in the near future.

    There are many great teachers in Town. BUT, they need to stand up and get control of their own union -- before the current union leadership kills the District.


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