Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reconstituted school committee gives notice to super

Elections matter.

The balance of power on the school committee shifted in the May election in the Town of Sandwich. What was a 4 to 2 vote in favor of extending the superintendent’s contract at an unusual Friday night meeting on April 30th turned into a 4 to 3 vote in favor of giving Dr. Johnson her one-year notice at this week’s meeting.

April’s meeting was declared a “nullity” by Assistant District Attorney Thomas Shack because it violated the state’s Open Meeting Law on grounds of insufficient notice. That decision threw the issue back in the air and it landed like a lead balloon in the high school library tonight.

The superintendent’s contract requires a one-year notice if the school board decides not to renew it, otherwise the terms automatically renew for a year, or a payout of an equivalent amount would become due upon the contract’s expiration.

Going into a year where it’s likely that the school committee will be jockeying for an override, it seems almost suicidal to be sidelining the general during the war planning. And if there isn’t a wage concession in the offing from the teachers’ union, the odds of passing an override will be worse than winning the progressive slot jackpot at Foxwoods.

The committee must also consider the sheer time and effort involved with recruiting a new super. It’s not like we have a bench here. How does that leave time for writing a “white paper” to support an override? And what’s the likelihood that the committee will be collaborating in a way necessary to advance such a controversial request?

Not seein’ it.

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  1. Our district is also without a Special Ed Director at this time! So, we'll be without a sped director and have a Supt who will be far more concerned with where her next job will take her! Fabulous -- that committee couldn't even simply pass a bullying policy. Sherry Marshall was in charge of that last supt search committee, holy catfish batman -- that was a fine debacle! Time to consider private schools for the kids. The BOS and FinCom better keep a close eye on this gaggle of nuts -- can you even imagine them working on next year's budget!


    And ... assume there will be another breach of contract lawsuit. It was discussed tonight that counsel for the Mass Association of School Superintendents, said there MAY have been sufficient notice of the meeting BUT even if there wasn't -- a JUDGE only has the discretionary power to void a contract -- it's not an automatic void -- AND the DA has no authority to nullify ANYTHING!

    AND the judge must act within 21 days of a complaint being filed with the court. Has anybody seen a filed complaint yet?

    The Committee was warned by several people, including a taxpayer who said this on-camera tonight.

    School Counsel blew it AGAIN!

    And the Town will face yet another breach of contract suit! (which will end up being paid from the TOWN side of the budget -- not the schools!)

    As far as the comment by Linehan that the voters have spoken... Barely 16% of the voters showed up -- and those were the ones that were heavily lobbied by the SEA! Voters yawned and the union took control of the school department.

    The other humorous moment was when Linehan argued against including school staff under the protection of the District's Bully policy. Seems logical given her relationship with one of the SEA's "enforcers" !


  3. What would be the problem finding another super? Just do another nationwide search. What luck! Simply amazing! This person was here the whole time! What are the odds........?

  4. Everyone I know that dislikes Johnson has said it has NOTHING to do with the union. Talk to all of the parents who never recived a phone call back from her, all of the parents involved in rec sports, or municipal employees who have had to work with her. It is disgusting how some people are trying to ignore obvious deficiencies and problems that have been obvious for months and claim it is about the union.

  5. I agree with anonymous. There are many people in this town who are simply parents. We are not caught up in the teacher/union/superintendent drama. I am the parent of 2 school aged kids. Plain and simple. Dr. Johnson does not treat people respectfully. She will tell you to call her or email her with your concerns. Getting a response is nearly impossible, unless you cause a commotion. She talks "down" to people, changes the subject and doesn't stay focused on what you are trying to talk to her about. Again, I was just a parent with a few, simple questions for her. At the time, I was a fan of hers. Over time, she lost my respect, plain and simple, because of her people skills. I was raised to treat people the way I would like to be treated. That said, I agree with other posters who question where we go from here. I hope the school committee has a sound plan. First and foremost, they need to come together, put aside their personal issues with one another and find a solution.

  6. Yes, I know a bunch of people who have been very frustrated with MEJ's lack of responsiveness. But you don't fire someone at that level for not returning phone calls. You work on it. I have other reservations about her as well, but on balance, it's clear to me that it would have been smarter to keep her on.

    I think the school committee has a serious problem with babies and bathwater. My hope for my own children is that this new, dumbed-down SC doesn't now decide to throw out our terrific new literacy and math programs to spite the teachers that spoke up for them.

    As for the anonymous multitudes who allegedly whispered fearfully in Nancy Crossman's ear that Dr. Johnson should be let go: I'm sorry, but I call foul. Not only do I not believe Nancy on that -- all we have is her say-so, and it was certainly a convenient thing for her to hide behind last night -- but I think that the opinions of people who were willing to write and sign letters, and most of all, who actually showed up and spoke publicly, are worth more. That's the way it works if you call/write/visit your representatives in other government bodies -- an anonymous phone call or forwarded email gets less weight than an original letter or a personal appearance.

    Anyway. I shall pay close attention, and hope for the best, as always. I think we will probably have another lawsuit on our hands, and we probably deserve it.

  7. Worried about a plan from the school committee? No worries...I'm sure that Laura Carlisle, Ellie Gaffney and Kathy Heras have it ready to go... Am I right, Braless?

  8. Anyone know a sailor who would choose to leave port without a chart or navigational aids and a pre determined course? Anyone know a sailor who would choose to detach and throw away their rudder while at sea? Last night Ms. Marshal and company did this very thing to the good ship the SS Sandwich Schools. The schools effectively have no Superintendent, they have no Curriculum Director or Assistant Superintendent, they have no Director of Special Education and they have a Business Manager on the job less than 1 school year. All this and no plan. Simply amazing.

  9. TaxMan,

    Just a friendly reminder that the reason that the estimable Mr. Reino, Mr. Lehane, Dr. Perrin, and especially Dr. Minkoff are currently unavailable to take the helm is because all of them were run out of town by Dr. Johnson. I believe there's another old sailor's adage about what it means when the rats start jumping off the ship. Perhaps her troubling inability to retain central-office staff is what Mrs. Marshall was referring to in her comments last night about poor management. I do personally believe Dr. Johnson actively ran those people out of the district to guarantee her own safety, her logic being the same as yours. Glad to see it backfired, although I very much agree with you that the district and the children are the worse for it.

  10. Good morning Mr. Hunt Tosay that Sandwich is in deep trouble would be an understatement. The ship of common sense went out the window last night as the four biased and prejudiced elected School committee members conspired with the Union leadership to cast out someone whom was doing the job that was reguired of her. All the union leadership untruths have now worked in
    assuring that the Sandwich school district will be forever controlled by the union leaders and there complicate cohorts. Not one of the four could point out one professional reason for the decision they made last night. This is what we call a kangaroo court where Dr Johnson was the sacrificail lamb.

    Do any of them have a plan? it did not appear that way last night when none would speak to that subject matter. Yet they took the chance to place the Sandwich school deeper in debt, because of there biased actions.

    It is also noted that the present Chair person is attempting to prevent folks from exercising there 5th amendment rights to free speach in order to prevent the facts of what she was complicit in hiring the past school super.
    Apparently what the reguirments are for the present Chairman are to place a person in our school district that has no interest in the town of Sandwich. Place in town a person that did not work for her pay,was unable to count more then two numbers to get an answer and relies upon the Business manager to answer questions. How about an extra #5000 dollars for car expenses to go from Sandwich to Rehobeth.

    The present school committee chair person never exposed the facts that her choice at that time had been bought out of her contract by two different school districts. Guess what folks all those items never became part of any discussion, because they had a person that would never question why the Community school was taking money from the childrens side to operate the community school and why many expenses were being paid by the Sandwich School Department and not going toward the educational dollars to teach the youngsters in our school district. That is only one of many such ocurrances that the present Chairperson had a personal interest in hiding.

    The chairperson also liked the idea that she could control the wishes of the union at the expense of the youth in our school system.

    It is all about power to protect keeping non producing teachers in a system that cares more about the union leadership then it does about the innovative and progressive programs that have shown outstanding results for the benifit of the children in our school districts.

    This vote does show that a preconcieved vendatta can work, but at who's expense?

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  11. Trish Lubold Sandwich & Sagamore BeachJune 17, 2010 at 11:20 AM

    FYI FACT: The Lubold's still own a house in E. Sandwich and another house in Sagamore Beach.
    FYI FACT: Taylor White says we can still vote in Sandwich for atleast 3 more years. I can even run for school committee again, maybe unseating Shari should become my new project?
    Why do we care what happens in Sandwich? we love Sandwich always have, always will, but while on school comm. union negotiations for 15 months my daughter was personally attacked and my foster son Billy had KKK spray painted on our street. A few groups in Sandwich are ruining our town for all the wonderful friends and families that still live there.
    Sadly, I had to file a race discrimination complaint against the van driver who has bitched all year about picking up my foster son Billy (who is black)in Sagamore Beach even though it doesn't cost Sandwich a dime and she's been told this several times and still won't let it go. Why does she care, it's clear she can't stand transporting a black boy! She hasn't complained about picking up my little guy Chris, who is on a IEP for his disabilities. These children have had tragic lives and I can't phatom how adults could be so cruel to these vulnerabe homeless children. Everyone seems to have lost sight of taking care of our school children. Knock yourselves out attacking me personally, I laugh at most of your foolish posts and enjoy getting your goats But you really don't want to see my wrath when it comes to protecting my vulnerable foster children.......have at it and see how you make out with that attack. Watch yourselves I might just move back to Sandwich and run for s.c. again that might be fun unseating vicious Shari Marshall. Hey now you can pea in your wet suit on that one!

  12. The last poster assumes that the persons he or she names who have left the district performed at a level of competency that the Superintendent and the then School Committee were generally satisfied with. That is a point that absent the threat of libel and slander litigation Id love to see calmly debated.
    Personally, I don’t think the names named were “losses” to the District. And, I think that there are public facts in the record that should have raised questions sooner about their individual and collective abilities.

  13. Okay, I've read and followed it all, pro and con on Dr. Johnson. Now lets look to the future. First, we are going to need a Search Committee. My recommendation would be to not have any of those individuals on the last 2 committees participate in this one. Second, if you get a resume' from the Superintendent of Mashpee (Bradshaw) burn it. Third, no School Committee member currently, or previously should be appointed to the Committee. Fourth, strongly suggest you do appoint someone from the Municipal Staff side, non-elected, to particpate. They have some excellent success with candidates and selections. Finally, from my perspective, lets stop the fighting and think about what is best for our community. The current dislogue is tearing us apart.

  14. What folks seem to be forgetting is that the taxpayers/parents etc. are/were Dr. Johnson's "customers". With that being said if she is unable to return calls she needs to let her secretary tell individuals when she will call back. Knowing of a recent individual that started calling her on a Monday (multiple times a day), regarding a serious child issue and did not get a call back until Friday afternoon! (The parent was very upfront with the secretary about what they were calling about.) So on Friday afternoon Dr. Johnson, when she finally called the parent, said "I didn't know it was important." Then she informed the parent that she's busy because she works two jobs! Sorry companies/municipalities across this country have had to downsize, with many Americans now having the responsibilty of multiple job functions without pay raises; sick/vacation time reimbursements etc. Most people are grateful for having a job, and don't use it as a crutch for being disresptful to their customers/taxpayers/co-workers.

    I also don't understand, according to the latest rumor, that there may be more 1/2 days next year for students. There were 6 1/2 Professional Development days (1/2 days) and 5 early release, 1/2 days this year. Outside of the burden that these put on working parent(s), why aren't the salaried employees (teachers/administrators) receiving professional development on their own time? Especially since they aren't paying out of pocket for these "sessions". Many other working folks attend courses/classes on their own time why can't teachers/administrators? Being salaried means there are times you work more than your scheduled hours. I know it's probably in their contract.

  15. To the last poster. Would you know if there is an Assessment Process, similar to what was used in the selection of the new Police Chief, for School Superintendents? I've been told by several of those familar with the Police Chief selection procedure, how in depth, probing and analytical the Assessment school was in separating the final 4 candidates.
    Shouldn't the School Committee look into whether such a tool exists? My sense tells me just appointing a bunch of nice, caring folks from the community isn't going to do it for such a critical and very important position. Just my opinion.

  16. Agreed, you can only get so far by bantering on a blog about town politics. What I've seen written here is not only disgraceful to yourselves but to the town of Sandwich. If you people spent half the time you do fighting on this blog, rehashing issues from the past, pinpointing every mistake everyone's EVER made in town politics and instead fighting for the town's children and other real issues we would have no problems at all. This is only because you all are hard for wanting "change" but only the kind where overrides are essential to the teacher's financial success. NEWSFLASH that's not who you as a school committee work for. The TAXPAYERS voted for you so you could work for their children little did they know that four of you are the Teachers Union's cronies. Best of luck to all of you in your upcoming fiscal year you will need it with Mary Ellen Johnson's full attention on finding herself a job with respect instead of focusing on her budget where I'm sure you wouldn't have needed an override after all (but I'm sure as many of you might have guessed override is now the goal). Good Luck in all that you do.

  17. Last poster you obviously have missed Laura Carlisle/SEA union leaders speeches about how tired the teachers are by 4:00 in the afternoon. Did you know that when Dr. Johnson took over she reviewed every teacher's folder and several of our teachers were uncertified for years on end under Peter Cannone & Dr. Young's admin. Laura Carlisle still doesn't understand why the super requires our teachers be certified, it's against the law. It's all about the saving union jobs. Rick Reino never could give a count of how many people were on our payroll? Rick making 85000. a year would give his standard "geeze I don't know the answer to that question."ya better find out the answers or we will remember all those I don't know the answer responses at contract time. I've always heard the opposite of Dr. Johnson being very available to all townspeople, so you toss her out because she didn't return a phone call until Friday a bit intolerant i'd say. Shame on Shari Marshall, Jessica Linehan aka SEA rep., Nancy Crossman, and so wronged all the children last night many of us don't know how you all sleep at night. They say what goes around comes around we can only hope that karma happens to these out of control arrogant board members. Theres talk of a recall on all four members. Who's interested?

  18. The only person who "wronged" the children was the school committee member who made a motion a couple years ago to hire Johnson when this was not even on the agenda. Perhaps if that motion was never made and the proper procedures were followed to hire a superintendent, none of this would be happening now.
    I guess we can all thank you, Ms. Lubold.

  19. Wait to read all about Shari's super search next week in the Broadsider. Two stikes so far, next will be three for Shari time to make Shari give that corrupt process up. CCT and Enterprise wouldn't inform the public when all that happened, geeze i wonder why? Finally, the town will know why we made that motion to stop Shari's so called random search committee bag job for Bradshaw. It simple Shari didn't get her puppet super to protect all her old friends, so she holds a grudge for Dr. Johnson regardless of great work she has accomplished in just 22 months. After you read that you might want thank us for cutting through the dirty politics 22 months ago. Dr. Johnson has been the hardest working super Sandwich has had in thirty years her mistake was working above the radar and making employees accountable. This board still has not answered our question why do they dislike Dr. Johnson so much? Their b.s. answers didn't float with anyone with a brain last night either. Dr. Johnson should demand a ruling from a judge and then sue for defamation of her reputation as well.

  20. Good evening Mrs Lubold even after you have stated all the facts in regards to the behind the scene conspiracy to bring Mrs. Bradshaw to Sandwich it would seem that it was an approprate action to take given the mind set of those on the nominating committee and the prejudgemental process that was a sham. If you think that the desision by the present chair to bring the previous super here knowing all the negative actions they were all aware of you would also have good cause to determine her judgemental process that would place such a person upon the school system of Sandwich.

    No where in a democratic business world do you find some one being dismissed because of no professional reason , other then here in Sandwich. The four stooges of the union leadership have proven once again that slanderous remarks told long enough and loud enough carry weight, even though it may not be truthful in nature. The union has never disclosed the results of a survey, nor has the local papers requested such paperwork to support the worth of its words spoken to the Sandwich tax payer or the teachers helping our children learn basic principals on ethics.

    This subject matter will have a long and harmful effect upon every Sandwich Student as they are given a back seat to power of the present union leadership in controlling how and when money gets diverted into programs that will reduce the learning experience for every child in the system.

    Carl Johansen
    a concerned citizen in the town of Sandwich where the bad guys just did a massive disjustice to the whole community of our town.

  21. Mr. Johansen, How do you know that there was no professional reason for firing Johnson. Were you briefed on what had been said at executive meetings?

    I have a child who was in a school far from Sandwich. The school called Sandwich 18 times over 3 weeks before they got a call back. Mrs. Johnson's office told me to call Mrs. Boris to have her contact the school. Mrs. Boris did not return the call at all. When I caught up with her at school, she said she was too busy to get back.

    My child will be ready for high school soon and I hope it won't be one led by Johnson or her cronies.

    As for Mrs. Lubold, I welcome you running. It will help the majority.

  22. $5 says Marshall moves to bring Cannone back as an interim Supt.

    Any takers?

    Time for everybody to re-read that state report from a few years back --- that one that said the "good olde days" weren't that good!

    It looks like an episode of Back to the Future .. I can just see You-Know-Who shaking the dust off the ski sweaters and coming out of retirement to return to the SC.

    I taught here in the "Olde Days" .... I don't want to do it again. Ever.

  23. Drama Drama Drama! Why can't we pull together to fix this situation

  24. Ski Sweaters, could it be Kathy Heras? LOL that was funny! Yeah that is next on the agenda people, but listen Marshall and Linehan can be recalled right now we need ten registered voters first then 3800 registered voters in 20 days. Who will help with our recall team? This will not be easy if people are riled up enough we can do it. Who wants to sit in Shari and Linehan's seat? We need replacements, I will if no one else wants to do it, it does require me moving back into my Sandwich home. I will proudly fill Shari's corrupt seat if people want me back, I know you either like or hate me but atleast i will be on the board for the children's sake no one else! So, recall number phone number is 774 313 9535. Take your school board back people for the children's sake!

  25. Peanut, Many folks have tried ... but unless enough voters acually decide to be responsible for their town,the loudest idiot will continue to win.

    and the nonsense will continue ...

    (Spare me the crap about people being too "fed up" to vote --- This mess can not be fixed by just bitching, whining and gossiping at the bus stop.)

  26. Dear Anonymous-

    I completely agree with you!

    Lubold: A recall? Why didn't 3800 show up at the meeting on Wednesday?

  27. What a Revoltin' Development This IsJune 17, 2010 at 11:39 PM

    This is what happens when the largest employer in town IS the town. Our Schools are being exploited as massive jobs programs, and the school committee majority exists to protect the political base those jobs provide. Cozy.

    Mary Ellen Johnson’s biggest mistake wasn’t neglecting to return people’s calls, which seems to be the only coherent overriding criticism of her in this blog. Streamlining budgets and operations, holding people accountable, putting sacred cows out to pasture and doing more with less was good for the town, for the budget, for the children, but not so much for the deadwood that lost their cushy spots.

    Poster “not MY union,” your $5 is in the bank. Just watch for the coming horror show twin-bill - the re-make of Back to the Future with old, familiar faces in old, familiar places; handwringing, whining, blubbering about “circumstances out of our control” leaving the poor parents to organize and beg for more money to feed the insatiable beast.

    Then hold tight to your seats for “Search Committee II” where the same cast of enormously unqualified hacks hand-pick yet another lackluster sycophant to most definitely not administer or lead. Back on top once again, these vultures will choose who eats first, and trust me, it won’t be your kids.

    A lot of us stood up for the Override Wars of the past 20 years. We asked for more; not just more money, but competence, professionalism, courage, vision. For a little while, long after a lot of our children were gone, Sandwich had it within it’s reach. Now it’s gone. And there has been and will be no explanation or accountability to the public for this decision. No televised meeting for more than a month. Really?

    Holding noses and sitting on hands from here on in. Not another dime.

  28. Boys crying again! If the supt. ran those guys out of town why was Rick R. a finalist for 2 jobs before the supt. came but could not leave since he was not offered either one. Common knowledge before the supt came on board that Lehane was leaving on his birthday in April to collect Social Security and Perrin announced to the world before the current supt took over that he was looking for a job because he did not want to deal with all of the parent's concerns one more year. Stop whining and look at the facts or is it easier for the old boys to blame it on the old girl.


  30. TO ALL CAPS ANONYMOUS: I rejected two comments yesterday for their language and personal attacks on two school committee members. Everything else I received was posted. If yours is missing, then 1) make sure that you see the confirmation message on your screen that the comment was posted (some older versions of IE or other browsers requires that you click Post Comment more than once, or 2) clean up your language and stop personally attacking people.

    com·mit·tee   /kəˈmɪti/ [kuh-mit-ee]
    1. a person or group of persons elected or appointed to perform some service or function, as to investigate, report on, or act upon a particular matter.
    2. standing committee.
    3. Law . an individual to whom the care of a person or a person's estate is committed.

  31. Sick of Know it AllsJune 18, 2010 at 8:13 AM

    Move to Sandwich when its conveniant, move elswehere when its not. LOL

  32. Randy-

    You continuously post Trish Lubold's slander and anger at Sherry Marshall but yet you block others?

  33. Peenut, I don't have a horse in this race. My opinions are included in my articles.

    There is a blurry line as to what constitutes libel (slander is the spoken version of libel). The threshold is certainly much higher for public figures, which includes all of the school committee members.

    The posts that I rejected (and a couple that I deleted this morning) included comments derogatory towards a couple of people who are not public figures. That is my criteria for rejecting or deleting comments, not someone's point of view.

    By the way, Peenut, it costs nothing to start a Google blog on, so the entry threshold is only your ability to set one up and spend the time to make it interesting. Think about it.

    There is a shortage of debate in this town about critical issues and, though some people are more virulent and vitriolic than I would prefer, at least we have a place to air our opinions.

    As I have stated before, if anyone believes that they have been defamed, I am more than willing to review the post and delete it if warranted.

    My view, by the way, on a recall election is that it won't get done. The threshold is too high and rightfully so. Recalls are not meant to be organized every time someone has a different opinion than the other side.

    There is a cost of about $15,000 to the town to have a special election, so that's problematic as well.

    If the recall proponents somehow did collect 3,800 signatures in the required time, the only practical way of getting 40% of the electorate to show up at the polls would be to add the recall question to the November 2nd ballot. This would also solve the $15,000 problem.

  34. Randy,

    At the risk of patronizing you, I will say that I have found you to be fair, even in those instances where we part are ways on a political subject. I believe that many of the posts are attacks on people that have not been tolerated at town meeting, at least in my 12 years experience with that body. Would it be possible to cut out statement that people are dumb, stupid, etc. and other statements submitted with no substantiation?

    I think a thread on decorum and what is acceptable might be a good one.

    You also seem to have a closeness to Mr. Johansen which I find a bit of a problem in that you give him favoratism.

  35. I think between Mrs. Susko and Miss Lubold, the town could do without attorneys and save quite a bit of money. Susko and Lubold know more about the law than Judge Bork.

  36. Randy-

    I agree with Anonymous Trish Lubold calling people crazy and stupid is a personal attack. That is what I was referring too amongst others. And yes Randy, I have started my own blog. If you click on my name you will see the start of it. Talking to me like I am in 3rd was not necessary for you to do. I took offense to that. It will be interesting to see if you post this!

  37. Peenut: Congratulations on creating your own blog. Your first post is quite hateful. Good luck with that.

  38. No more hateful then Trish Lubold's attacks on Sherry Marshall and company which I see you have deleted

  39. How do I get to Peenut's blog?

  40. Good evening Mr.Hunt perhaps in some cases we all do get a little carried away with name calling, but in most cases they are only personal opinions that are protected under the Constitution of the United States as free speech. It is up to viewer to determine the value or worth of such statements and comments.
    In many cases it would be much better if every one posted an actual name. Perhaps then a more cohesive and general discussion may occur with more decoram and respect of another human being./ As you know I have and will continue to not respond to any one who fails to use there God Given name and that is why when I do address a subject matter under these situation I will address you in most postings. I have put myself out for every one to see all my life and take full responsability for my words and or actions. Since I do not believe in the shadow world of anonymous posters and in the majority of cases I can verify factual data to when I post here or elsewhere

    If any one that is of this shadow world and has the courage to sit down with me over a cup of coffee, we could actually discuss all the rational and irrational comment being made by your self or me.

    Perhaps you may be able to verify my commontary and I off you.

    Sandwich is in trouble because of the irrational desisions made by four members of the present school committee, based purely upon spite and not good business judgement. That can be debated as to what is the determing factor, but non the less there actions does meet the burdan of a recall as a betrayel of the public trust to say the least of its burdan.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerend citizen in the town of Sandwich that presently does not have any plans for the close to four thousand students in our school district educational programs.

  41. Peenut's blog address:

  42. Mr. Carl Johansen-

    "If Sherry Marshall & Company" are making irrational decisions "based purely upon spite and not good business judgement" then why don't you along with Trish Lubold run for office next year so there can be rational and non-spiteful decisions made? I implore you!

    I for one would never sit down and have coffee with you, not because I fear you but I fear we would never have a rational conversation because I have only observed irrational behavior when it comes to anything that goes against what seems to be the opinion of this blog.

    Sandwich is not in trouble because of "Sherry Marshall & Company." Sandwich is in a much better place because there are four women who are willing to go against the negative and harsh words put forth on this blog and the people who show up to the meetings and do what is right for not only the students but the town and I encourage them to keep moving forward doing the right thing because in the end good always wins!


  43. What's the plan?

  44. Anonymous as allowed on this blogJune 19, 2010 at 8:01 AM

    To the gentleman who does not answer unsigned posts: I should probably put my name down, but I will not because, it is my right under the rules of this blog to not write it down. These are not your marbles, but that of Mr. Hunt. We should ask him why he allows it. You mentioned the irrational decisions of the "four members of the current school committee", I think you mean the irrational actions of the five members of last year's committee who pushed through a vote at the last minute, after they realized they would be in the minority after the town election. Then they adjourned in ignorance without notice as is required by law. I have watched many meetings where the board will ask themselves about whether or not they should post; those guys did not, they now suffer the consequences. You talked about thresholds for recall petitions, but you seem to lack the courage to start it yourself. It is time for you to stop telling everyone what is right or wrong, but to run for office or at least act on your words to recall.


  46. @Anon from 9:01: If the Super is planing, maybe she will surprise us all by pursuing a lucrative future in carpentry!

    Sigh. A discussion about education, and half the participants can't even write.


  48. Sandwich A studentJune 20, 2010 at 5:28 AM

    Hey there, I am a star pupil in the honors program an' I can right.

  49. Randy,

    Thank you for facilitating the discussion on this issue. I appreciate your wisdom and think you have some good ideas about how the board should move forward. I am open to thoughtful, educated suggestions only from people who have the courage to step up and not hide behind their anonymous blog taglines and letters. Anyone that wishes to share their ideas can reach me at my home # 508-539-4149. I am happy to discuss the business of the school district.

    Thank You
    Andrea Killion
    Sandwich School Committee Member

  50. Hello all,
    I just finished watching the school committee from June 16th and couldn't help wonder why no concrete evidence was brought forth in the decision not to renew Dr Johnson's contract.I didn't hear anything about MCAS scores or where the school budget stood.I didn't even hear about Grade Point Averages.You'd think an employee's value would be judged on the work accomplished which is measured and accounted for.It's a real shame that our human frailties can destroy what took so much research and time creating.C'est la vie.

  51. If bloggers can't write. who's to blame?

    government schools

  52. Teachers unions have killed off public education and Dr. Johnson some of the collateral damage. I didn't realize Sandwich had changed so much, basically it appears that Dr. Johnson made many accountable and angry to have to do their jobs differently after 25 yrs of same old curriculums. She was too intelligent and progressive for the old status quo groups in town to handle. How does anyone rationally fault a person who did 3 jobs with not pay for the extra jobs, 15 hrs days and dealt with a 1.5 million budget cut was able to add programs? It's all about protecting the SEA Union people that don't want to be held accountable. Unions have killed the car industry and the public education system as well.

  53. To Killion's post on 6/22 about not being open to thoughtful educated suggestions only from those who have the courage not to hide from behind anonimity: When I did call you and when I did speak to you, you did not consider my facts. You are blinded by what is happening within the schools.

    Dr. Maryellen Johnson simply moves money and spends it elsewhere, she causes the general government to pay more, to cut more of their side, give back to the town only to have 70% of what they give back go back to the schools. I am not sure if that is Grand Larceny or Fraud, but in either case, I explained to you, you failed in reigning her in. You have been a large part of letting her continue to cause others to quit their job. Good people have left only for her to consolidate her power.


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