Thursday, June 17, 2010

The CLR Honey-Do list

The commercial starts in a model kitchen with a husband—whose movie star looks and 24-hour Don Johnsonesque beard sets up this 30-second fantasy—holding a perfectly printed “To Do” list.

The voiceover laments “We’ve all been there. Face-to-face with the list. The Honey-Do List.”

Just then, we see the wife swiftly crossing the scene behind hubby, glaring at him the whole way with that look that says “take that, you son of a bitch.”

Apparently, Mr. Perfect did something to get into a bit of hot water. We get an idea of how bad that “something” is by freezing the frame and reading the list:

  • Clean & rinse coffee pot 
  • Unclog shower head
  • Clean bathtub & faucet
  • Wipe down shower doors
  • Run washer w/ CLR
  • Clean dishwasher
  • Clean tools
  • Unclog drain
  • Service septic system
This is not a list you get for forgetting to pick up bread on the way home from work, or for staying out an extra hour on card night.

No, this is a “forgot her birthday/anniversary” list. A “mentioned her Body Magic purchase to everyone at a party” list. A “got too fresh with her sister” list.

Based on the look on wifey’s face, instead of cleaning his tools with it, this guy might be better off just chugging the bottle of CLR.

Copyright 2010 Randy Hunt


  1. Hey, this may be a bit late, but they also have the wife's commercial, where instead the voiceover says “We’ve all been there. Face-to-face with the list. The list you make yourself.” like a man can't ask his wife to do chores too, or better yet, this woman has to beat herself up with a list of equally terrible chores, I mean in comparison why in the first commercial can't the man just take initiative and unclog that drain without it being on the list? Both commercials really just "grind my gears' so to say.

  2. My honey does everything without a list.

    Braless 32A

  3. I'm late to the party here, but the commercial is sexist and it drives me nuts. Commercials like this one convinces me not to buy the product!

  4. Braless 32A thank you. I empty the dishwasher without being asked. It just seems like the right thing to do for the woman who gave me two of the most beautiful, intelligent daughters any father could be proud of! Yup...when you are attached at the hip, things happen without a list! Oh, did I mention she also managed the household budget that saw them both thru college and weddings too! Yup...she is a keepah!

  5. These CLR ads are terribly sexist. Guys today don't get "honey do" lists like some of their lazy chauvinistic forefathers may have required in the past. We know what needs to get done, and we do it, and we expect our wives to be the same way. The other ad makes it sound like our wives need to make a list of tasks they handle all by themselves without any help. What is this, the 50's?


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