Friday, May 7, 2010

Win or lose, there's more to do

Congratulations to everyone who ran in the local elections.

It’s quite an experience to campaign for an office. For many people, being a salesperson for themselves is a bit uncomfortable. You’re essentially subjecting yourself to a two-month-long job interview.

For those not successful at the polls yesterday, the challenge is to remain involved. There are many ways to serve the town, schools, library, Council on Aging, or many other local committees and service organizations.

Copyright 2010 Randy Hunt


  1. Randy,

    I agree with you that those who did not win should stay involved. Some good people lost the election, but can come back for another one. They should keep in the Public Eye.

    The town needs to come up with a way to get citizens involved. It is not happening and needs to happen.

  2. I agree that the town should come up with a way to get citizens involved, but before that, the town should figure out how to get them to vote. I just watched a DVR recorded Selectmen Meeting in which the discussion turned to educating the public to get them onboard for the override that will be coming our way for FY12. During the discussion, the chairman mentioned how accessible the budget is and mentioned how easy it is to understand. I agree that it is accessible to those who know where it is, but despite all the times we are told, many voters do not access it, when they do, it is not understood by the average person. It is somewhat easy for me to understand after having worked on it for a number of years. Detailed figures need explanation and the voters don't get it. Just remember that next May, many more voters will go out, most of them will vote "NO".

  3. Randy is right --- we need more people willing to get involved.

    It's not a Town's responsibility to get folks to vote. It is a citizen's responsibility to vote (based on having at least a vague understanding of what they're voting on).

    It IS, however, the Town's responsibility to answer questions and provide information.

    But people need to ask the questions --- from the people involved ... not just by listening to the rantings of somebody who may be at the soccer field, the deli counter, or the COA. Every elected oficial has a phone and most have an email --- ask "why" something is being done -- or even "if" it is being done.

    Don't start off with "You Suck, you're a moron, I could do a better job than you" unless you're ready to explain why you don't vote -- or have any understanding of the issue. Ask for an explanation --- I can't imagine any elected official would refuse to explain a situation.

    And you need to ask more than one person to get BOTH sides of an issue (there are at LEAST 2 sides to everything).

    I once had someone ranting & raving at me about something "The F'n School Committee" had done and how he could do better -- if he had time. We discussed it casually -- apparently he thought I made sense -- he suggested I run for School Committee.

    You should have seen his expression when I told him I was the Chairman of "The F'n School Committee" !!

    Bob Simmons

  4. With all due respect Bob, and respect for you I do have. You would be surprised at how many town officials, mostly the elected ones, can not be bothered to answer questions. You are right on target when you say that citizens should ask and get both sides of the question answered. People will get involved if they understand, but believe me, for an average person to understand is difficult. Yes, the town does provide information on the website, but believe me, the average person does not understand it. Another thing is that people do not know who is running for office and what for what they believe. I spoke to a number of people who did not vote because they did not know the people running. Can you believe that. Someone does not go to the effort of even trying to learn. We need to communicate with each other as a town. The selectmen should talk about selectmen things and the school about school things. They just play to the camara. On this blog, you will find someone who questions why Sandwich sends kids to expensive schools outside the district. They think that Sandwich has a choice. Sandwich does not have a choice if it can not provide the education needed. If people understood that then maybe we could get a ground swell and get the state to pay for maybe 75% of the cost, would that be nice. People are ignorant of government and because of that we are in the position that we are in. Education can bring down big and unfair government to some extent at least.

    Braless 32A


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