Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sandwich High School 2010 Environmental Technology Expo

I had the pleasure yesterday to attend my third Environmental Technology Exposition at Sandwich High School, home of the Blue Knights. When you see an impressive group of young people present their ideas, hypotheses and results, it gives you a good feeling knowing how well prepared they are for higher education and becoming a productive next generation.

Congratulations to all of the students and teachers who participated in this year's Expo and a special thank you to Mr. Gil Newton, who inspires young people every year to get out of the classroom and learn about the world by experiencing it.

I wasn’t able to cover every group in the two hours I was there, but what follows illustrates why I have such a positive feeling about these kids and their accomplishments.

American Holly of Murkwood

Biodiversity of Spectacle Pond

Birds of Brady's Island

Forgive me, but my photo of the Brady's Birds Students is missing.

Send me a pic of yourselves and I'll post it.

Blue Knights Recycle

Donut Pond

Erosion of Town Neck Beach

Eyes In The Night

Garden Center

Holly Ridge Pond

Invasive Moths of Cape Cod

Forgive me, but my photo of the Moth Students is missing.
Send me a pic of yourselves and I'll post it.

Lethargic Largemouth Bass

Lichenometry in Cemeteries

Loop Trail at Green Briar

Mighty Phragmites


Plover Protectors

Progression of Succession

Ryder Conservation Management Plan

Scorton Creek Survey

Triangle Pond Versus Weeks Pond

Types of Renewable Energy

White-Tailed Deer

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  1. These students did some excellent work. Thanks for posting it!


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