Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sandwich School Committee

This is where you can leave your comments about the candidates for Sandwich School Committee. The regular rules regarding slander and language apply, so keep it clean and constructive.


  1. Its time for change. Crossman has my bullet.

    Guerin is one heck of a good man, but did mess up when he allowed a vote for hiring Dr. Johnson.

    Ms. Barton is a wonderful woman who cares for the children and for education. Two reasons that I will not vote for her. 1) She voted to hire Dr. Johnson 2) In two terms, she has not been chairman. I would think that she should have tried.


  2. When it comes to deciding whom I would vote for on the school committee I have two very clear canidates to vote for. As I believe the present Superintendant Dr. Johnson has performed above and beyond any thing that the previous Super would have been able to do for the school children of Sandwich. Has she made mistakes[absolutly] but that is part of the leadership learning process when you attempt to think outside of the box. Dr Johnson has done due dilligance to the process of operating the Sandwich school district in my opinion and has created some rather unique programs that not only save money, but advance the educational experience given the present economic times we all face here in Sandwich. With out belaboring the point I will support both Mrs.Barton and Mr. Guerin as providing an honest and supportive force, by which the school district needs going forward. They are each there own person and have the wisdom and courage of there convictions to do the right thing for the Children of Sandwich. They, unlike severel of the other canidates do not have any preconcieved hidden adgenda's which in my opinion clearly came through during the canidates forum debate.

    We need folks that can work together to formulate a secure educational teaching experience for all students and not be swayed by political pressures to circumvent the process of teaching in todays climate.

    We need folk whom can be flexiable to change, but not just for the sake of change.

    Experimentation and exceptance of cost saving educational dollars are paramount to operating a successful school district in todays financial climate that affect each citizen of Sandwich.

    To those who feel that a diservice was done when the School committee voted for DR. Johnson, I say to you that the person [Ms. Bradshaw] being selected by the nominating committee for consideration would have put the Sandwich school district back in the dark years for educational teaching and in my opinion prevented another Dr. Young from walking through the doors. We do not need folks who are only intersted in themselves, no matter what the preception may be.

    Could the process have worked, yes, but let us all remember we have two sides to every story and most have only heard one side. I believe it was the correct thing to do given the allternative upon which would have provided the Sandwich School district another obsticale to progessive progress here in our school district.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the wonderful town of Sandwich

  3. When the word "obscene" is used to describe MEJ pay there is something wrong. Is that toothpaste going to be put back in the tube? It should..........but it won't. Voting a person back onto a committee that was voted off because of an obscene pay schedule is not what I am inclined to do

  4. Mr. Johansen, with all due respect, I don't think that you get it. Mrs Johnson has made very poor judgements and in my opinion does not have respect for the people of Sandwich, other town employees, or the School Board when she makes decisions to spend what she did for opening day, for the visiting speaker, taking her vacation pay in time when people are hurting, getting rid of so many good leaders in the system, not doing enough to meet the needs of people who call her often not returning calls, not telling school board members that she was going to let go employees, hiring someone as Assistant that I new we could not afford let alone herself who should have known, declaring a school nut without first notifying the school board, delegating responsibilities to people who can not possibly do the job because they have too much of their own to do, taking credit for working two or three jobs when what she did is delegate much of the work, moving money around without any notice to the school board. I am not totally convinced that all the savings were her idea. She has a definate strength in her ideas on teaching, but lacks much in her ability to interact with others. She would make a much better director of curriculum or assistant superintendant. I will never vote for anyone who supports her, especially when the vote is done without public notification. Yes, everything they did was by the rules, but was it truly transparent? How many citizens would have said something positive about her at a meeting, how many teachers might have wanted to chime in, how many voters might have been able to say their negative thoughts about her tenure?

    Haley Barboar

  5. Whatever the choice we each make in the voting booth, lets please be sure it’s a positive choice.
    A choice for a candidate or candidates with vision.
    Lets not just a vote for somebody with a litany of complaints and remembrances of every past slight (real or imagined).
    Lets vote for candidates that can help set direction.
    Be sure you vote for candidates that bring more to the table than their grievances.
    Tearing down is easy enough…….what’s really hard is the building up.

  6. Good Afternoon Haley Barboar. Given that I have seen the Good, Bad and the Ugly side of the educational workings here in Sandwich for over many years it goes with out saying that I do get it. I have stated many times that in my opinion Dr Johnson has made a few mistakes, but those mistakes can be attributed to a leadership learning curve when one is attempting to find the right solutions to all of the problems at one time.

    Some times the delagation of leadership can be a very trying experience to some one whom has been motivated by perfection to do the best job all there life. This will be relaxed a bit when they see that others can except the burdans and will be responsible for this extra work
    themselves. It is a trail and error learning process, as any good leader will expound upon.

    My focus is not on the things that have brought the negitive things to light, but rather the positive things that have made a significant difference in the learning and teaching part of the Sandwich school system. Granted we are all different in how we process the information we are allowed to see, but what is not shown in many cases is the real reason why folks decide to point out just the negitive side of any issue . One question every one needs to ask themselves is would the Sandwich School system be better of had Dr Young decided to stay or for that matter the picked choice of MS. Bradshaw from Mashbe? Dr. Johnson is a committed educator and her personal ethical backgound speaks volumes in her attempts to provide the Sandwich community with a resident concerned person whom has shown to be part of the community, rather then the two I mentioned above whose only concern is when can I leave to go home.

    The next poster has words of wisdom we all should understand and follow, for in the end if we decide to conntinue making negitive abstract problems the focas as an attempt satisfy personal personal adgendas, we will all be doing a disserves to the very children we all keep saying we are concerned for.

    The loss of teachers leaving to retire can be attributed to many objective possabilities, among the least of which for the first time every one is being held to some personal accountabilty and some no longer can just get by on the skills they have not kept up with in todays world. In some cases the new world of teaching reguires them to teach with different tools then when you or I perhaps were in School and given the technology around today it can be a challenge to some whom feel they do not want to except the challenges it offers.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the wonderful town of Sandwich

  7. Mr. Johansen,

    I do believe that you don't get it. Talk to the men and women who work for Dr. Johnson. They will tell you what they might think is real leadershiip and her lack thereof. I do not speak of just the teachers, but also of administrators who have left when she cleaned house. Example is Dr. Perrin. He was let go because he did not answer calls. Believe me calls still don't get answered. The High School principal is supposed to do much of the work he did until we can hire someone to help out.

    If Dr. Johnson did have a learning curve that could be a justifiable reason to explain some of her mistakes, then why did the leaders who voted for her also vote that she receive 154K her firt year. As I understand it, someone should be accountable for hiring someone at a greater amount than the prior person in the posititon even though the prior person had substantial experience far in excess of Dr. Johnson. The school committee made a mistake at giving her 20K more a year than Bud Dunham.


  8. Sorry, folks, but a couple of additional comments I reviewed after the above comments got very personal and crossed the line into unsubstantiated criticism and speculation.

    Let's focus on the positive things about your favorite candidate, if possible, rather than running down our school department's appointed personnel.

  9. Good evening Mr. Hunt The objective was to indicate why some would vote for a particular canidate sort of does get lost when we bring in abstract conditions of who did what, based on a rumor, with out a solid basis for the comments being made. Those types of negitive points do deflate some canidates at the expense of the truth. We all know that the truth shall set you free, well only if you open your eyes and ears to what is being stated. We will always have two sides to every dispute and for some it is better to expound on mistruths then facts.

    A wise man once stated that to know the truth is to understand both sides of a rumor. If one only listens to the negitive thoughts[facts] and they do not process the positive thought[facts] then there is no truth. One could also imply the reverse of that as well, but then the conversation would have to end.

    We all face challenges when we vote , no matter who we may choose.
    ONe challenge will be, does the canidate, represent the values upon which they profess to spout?
    Can they be believed to have the courage of there convictions and the knowledge to carry it out?
    Will they be a voice of progress and the future?
    Are they honest and truthful about all the issues they may face?

    Can they work as a team with others to get the task accomplished and not be a single voice among the crowd?

    One last comments may be, can the canidate we choose understand all of the complexities that go with position they seek and can they get the job done based on the financial conditions in todays economic climate.[In other words will they work within the budget for the good of all]

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the wonderful town of Sandwich

    Ps, it is much better when we smile together as a community.

  10. Mr. Johansen, I have posted items that you may consider negative. I just want you to know that I am not a negative person, but I can't seem to understand why questions are not answered by the school committee, the administration, and you. I have posted negative items that I know are fact because I have been a part of what is happening.
    Mr. Hunt asked the question about money being moved and lays it out in terms that can be followed by average people. Why do they not get answers from you or committee people? Also, how do you know things are rumors? Did the school committee or administration tell you so? Have you spoken with Laura Carlisle? Have you spoken with many special ed parents who do not get calls answered even though, as Dr. Johnson said they number of referrals has been cut in half? I will not post again about the school committee or the administation any longer so that teachers won't cry at school committee meetings or you won't be upset at true but negative statements. I will post if I have something positive to say. Don't expect that to happen. Good day to all. Vote new blood on all committees. Like at the national level, we need change. I too am tired of being called un patriotic for doing what the law allows me to do; I am the one that is positive when I say that whatever you do in voting, don't consider it to be more patriotic than anyone else. At town meeting, Mr. Johansen, I will be pleasant to you as I alway am, but will note your negative statements.

    Mrs. Kissed Good Bye

  11. Cocerning Mr. Johansen's comment about rumor. I have a question; how can we sort out the difference between rumor and truth when neither the nabobs of negativism or the town fathers give us sufficent answers or ask sufficent questions?


  12. Mr. Hunt only you know the name of those that fail to have the courage to sign there true name, when they post. The above poster is a prime example of some one whom has failed to read the written word that I have taken the time to expound upon. Each of us mean no disrespect to any one, but it unfortunitly it happens. I have carefully elaborated in other situations as to my personal background and standards that I have made for myself as a citizen of the United States in regards to how one does vote. These standards were ingrained in me by my immigrant parents, one from Norway and another from Germany.They were reinforced when I served honoralby aboard a USS Navy Destroyer during many conflicts. NO ONE HAS CALLED YOU UNPATRIOTIC.

    We would have to sit down over a cup of coffee and perhaps you may better understand my life experiences that have set the course on what being a patriot means to me, not you, or any one else that may look in here.

    To get back to rumors, how do we know that your understanding of a situation is any better then any one elses. GOOD or Bad. Each of us look at every aspect of what makes a good canidate with different values and backgrounds. Each of us all believe we are making the right choices, after all that is the American way.

    I would gladly sit down over coffee at the local DD to sit in council with any one whom feel a better resolution in discussing our towns problems would accomplish a positive outcome to whatever the subject matter may be.

    Mrs Kissed Good Bye it is with deep regret that you will not participate further with Mr. Hunts Blog. All blogs have good, bad and negitive, positive commonantary. Some where in the middle answers will be found. Please except my sincere apology if you think my commontary is disrespectful as that is not my intention at all. We all make commontary that each of us believe is the truth and the truth will always prevale in the end. Each of us offer our opinions based on facts as we understand them to be.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the wonderful town of Sandwich

  13. Hi, Phil. I believe the entire expression that Agnew used was "nattering nabobs of negativism." A real classic, for sure.

    To your question, you might remember when I pressed the school committee some years ago to answer 25 specific questions posed by the board of selectmen and finance committee. Their written response was essentially nonresponsive and when I pressed the issue, all but one rose from their chairs and walked out of the meeting.

    The only way to stop that is to elect people who are willing to shine a light on what's going on. That's what you need to know about the candidates for whom you cast your vote.


  14. Actually, Carl, I have no idea who posts to my blog anonymously. As long as people don't stray across the line of slander and keep it clean, I publish their comments.

  15. I applaud teachers and community memebers who have actual information, and not personal agendas, who speak at the open forum. It must be very intimidating because not many do.

    As a sub in this district, I can tell you that most of the professional development happened during the day at the bequest of the union.

    I can also tell you that as a former teacher the good ones are not tired at 4:00pm.

    So, I just read that Dr. Johnson's salary doubles Laura's. OK? I also know that a new teacher makes half what a veteran teacher makes. But I also know for a fact, thanks to the union pointing out how teachers shouldn't work beyond their contracted day (which Laura's day ends around 2 not 4), but...the Superintendet works at least twice as much, twice as long and than some, vocal, vetran teachers. Mmmmmmmmm, really put Mrs. Kangas's complaints in perspective doesn't it?

    I, too, hope Dr. Johnson's contract is extended so the work Dr. Young and she set out to accomplish at the request of the Community Forum, can be completed. This town needs improvement and that does not happen when it is business as usual. Change takes time and community members ahould understand this and support this.

  16. I am not sure who this Agnew person is, but I don't think that the nabobs I speak of are nattering, I do believe they are powerful because they are listened to by the powers of the town, thus I would not say they are speaking with prolonged idle chatter.

    I choose to be anonymous because when I have spoken out at open forums or town meeting, I have been quickly and rudely put down by the chairman or town official. Just like most who do not participate, I am afraid to participate.

    I can tell you that on four times over the thirty odd years I have lived in Sandwich, I have tried to speak my point, but have been put down. The anonimity strikes a cord with some of the regulars and that is good. We need to get away from all this unproductive back and forth so I will also refrain from posting as much as I have. It is more important to discuss the issues. I don't need a beer summit or coffee to discuss anything, this blog does that for me.

    God Bless America and our freedom to write, even if anonymous.


  17. Dr. Johnson works twice as hard? Really! Maybe she is working too much because as I listen and watch School Committee meetings I notice that everthing is just "great work" "Great Students" "Great Employees" "Learning more and more". If she worked less and was less tired then she might be able to make judgements that do not get everyone "pissed off".

    I think you will find that Bud Dunham works many more hours, without fanfare, and makes much less money. There is the shame.

  18. Phil, In many cases it was the policy of some boards to [ as was said to me many times[ we will take that under advisment Mr. Johansen. The under advisment meant it was going into the round file on the floor. It does become very intimidating over time, when concerned folks have questions and recieve non and I along with my good friend decided we would continue to ask questions, but at the same time make an attempt to resolve some positive goal out of the questions we asked. The purpose of the questions was to see who did in fact respond
    from our elected and hired employers. Needless to say after a while you do get a sense as to who listens and who really cares about the town of Sandwich from both sides of the issues. School or Town. Is it easy, absolutly not, Every time we go before some board or make an pronouncement during public forum we say a silent prayer that those whom we are addressing understand our motivation. We make no exceptions to what ever the political wind is blowing at that time. Our main goal has and will continue to be for the betterment of our great town. Many of its citizens are also afraid to speak and we are no different, but we do see some results in exposing different ideas, with well researched questions.

    We could have gone off into the sunset, like some here looking in may wish,then who will step up and ask the hard questions from those of us that are afraid to make there voices heard. If questions are not asked, then those in power decide that [hey, we have a free rain to do what ever we please or what ever they have decided to do is ok]

    Some where out there you will always find a soft ear, a person that shares the same vision as you do. It may take time, but we do have many folks here in Sandwich both elected, selected,along with employed that have shown to truely care about our town. When I find them I will support them in any manner I can. We may not agree on the same criteria, but in the end, hopefully it is for the good of the whole town, not part of it.

    In closing Phil, How do you like your coffee?

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in the great town of Sandwich

  19. This will be the 17th post for the school committee and 4 (four) for the selectman. It goes without saying that this government within the government (schools) that hands a the town of Sandwich a bill every year has more importance than virtually any other topic in town. When the school governemnt can charge me to use a field I already own there is something seriously wrong


  20. "I am not sure who this Agnew person is ..." I feel old.

    Somebody questioned why the school could charge to use a field he "already owns".

    I would question why I have to pay to use my dump or my beaches, or pay a gas tax to drive my car on my roads. Also, why should I pay an excise tax on MY car? Why should I pay for YOUR kids a place to play soccer?

    And, best of all -- why should I pay a tax on MY income.

  21. I will vote for Aleta and Bob, but I am afraid that they will lose based on what I heard on WXTK this morning. I wonder what effect if any dislike of Dr. Johnson will bring.

  22. Phil, "who is this Agnew person?" Did you attend the Sandwich School system? If so, I want my money back. Is this enough motivation for you to research the name Agnew? If not, then that is an assignment I am giving you. Here is a clue to start, Richard Nixon.

  23. Welllllll, it looks like the voters wern't buying what was being sold. Now the question becomes, will anything change?

  24. The voters have spoken for change. The board has a new majority. The very first thing the board should do is to commit to transparency, long missing from last year's board. Instead of quick, though legal decisions, transparency would call for the board to allow voters their voice in decisions. Votes such as giving Dr. Johnson her job with a vote that was not on the agenda is not transparency and the shannagins with the contract extension as was reported to the Barnstable County DA is not transparency.

    Its time for the Sandwich Schools to have a superintendent that is a leader and not a negative newsmaker has arrived with yesterday's election.

    How lucky this town is to now have three outstanding leaders such as Marshall, Linehan and Crossman.

    From where we are now, we have no way to go except up.

    Tickled Pink

  25. Congratulations to the Sandwich Teachers Union! They managed to oust the School Committee's contract negotiator AND put one more drone on the board!

    Shame on the 85% of the voting population who stayed home yesterday and allowed somebody with no experience, education, or regard for the truth to be involved with $30 million of their tax dollars!

    There was no mandate from the public. Most of them stayed home and the union turned out their voters.

    If you didn't vote -- don't complain!

  26. I did not vote and I will complain. Its my right. I don't think anyone was worthy of my vote.

  27. Not worthy of your vote? My, my...maybe you are a renter in town neck making too much noise then. It will be interesting to see how/if contracts are negotiated now. What a mess.

  28. It won't be a mess once the school committee starts to question things that Dr. Johnson does. Day to day will continue to be done by Dr. Johnson, however, there will be oversite, something that has been lacking of late.

  29. Since Kangas and Crossman were so heavily endorsed by the teachers union (letters, donations, calls & emails), I hope they plan on recusing themselves from voting on the contract.

    Carlisle might as well be sitting at the table now.

  30. If I understand it, the teachers union endorses someone and everyone votes for them although everyone thinks teachers get paid too much?

    If I understand it, teachers got out and voted although Bob Simmons thinks that there is a positive feeling for teachers to the Superintendent and Crossman and Kangas seem to be anti-superintendent?

    If I understand it, the people of Sandwich, all 15% of them voted in an open free election so why does it matter who endorsed who?

    The question is, that those who chose to vote, voted for whom they wanted. Those who oppose Crossman, Kangas, teachers union, should have done a better job to get their message out so that their people would have voted!

    If I understand it,

  31. You're absolutely right. The people who didn't vote have got nobody to blame for this flea circus except themselves.

    If you don't vote, you have no right to complain. Unless you're Kangas, and then you run for School Committee. This will be the second time she has voted in the past 15 years. Very impressive.

    BUT, she was voted in by a majority so she is certainly entitled to the seat -- no matter how big an embarrassment she is for the Town.

    Now.... let's see what happens to the teachers contract.

  32. That is some sour grapes there mister......or miss. There is, however, nothing to get upset about. MEJ will continue to get a gabillion dollars annually, the smoke and mirror game of new programs will carry on, the teachers WILL get their raise and in the event of a split override that money goes into the general fund after one year anyways so what is the beef with Marie? C'mon man, it's all good!

  33. Randy,

    I think the May 11th post was a bit over the top for your blog. A bit too personal don't you think?

    As for the poster of the May 12th, I am not a Mr., a Miss, or Ms., but I am a Mrs.

    Kelly Lake

  34. Uh oh, Sheri is at the helm now. Better start the nationwide search for an superintendent now.

  35. Kelly, when you put yourself out there as an elected official, you take the clobbering and, once in a while, the accolades. I'm a bit more watchful on comments directed at employees or private citizens, but you've got to have a thick skin if you decide to run for an office.

  36. Sheri could do a precinct wide search for a superintendent, any precinct, and get a new one that is far far more fair than the one we have.
    I do think that we will keep Dr. Johnson, she will keep many if not all of her programs, but will have more oversight that was sadly lacking last year and the year before.

  37. I want to chime in on this blog. I think that there are some things that Dr. Johnson does very well and others, mainly administrative that are poor at best. As long as the school committee gets answers from her when she wants to do something and as long as there is sufficient time to absorb what needs to be done, the committe will do just fine. As for Mr. Johanson, I want to say that Dr. Johnson is not a leader. There were far more people at town meetings in the past who would rush to speak with the superintendent, not at the last one. A leader knows how to deal with the public.

  38. The day of reconsideration is now upon the great town of Sandwich.

    Tomorrow marks the day when both sides get together and hash out the legal implications and with out question, the meeting if not canceled by the School Committee majority members should be an interesting event.

    Dr> Johnson has requested an open meeting, but that is rather doubtfull given the lack of an honest and open process by the Chair so far.

    Will any goals be forfilled by this meeting or will the usual banter by the Union led members continue to state that they do not give a damm about the taxpayers of Sandwich and remain un moved by the facts of there actions.?

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  39. Good Morning Mr. Hunt,

    Next Monday Jan 31 at 700 in the Hight school library the next budget hearing will be held [as mandated under MGL]

    Those with children in our schools should attend and make your voices heard.

    The budget for next year has been formulated by Dr Johnson and her staff of professional leaders. The present school committee has done nothing, but place roadblocks to this process.

    Severel budget items have been not discussed even though they had been brought up by the minority members and will not be addressed in this budget.

    Any increase to the present teachers contract, along with any law suit pay outs have not been calculated into this budget process for next year.

    So every one that has a child in our system, be aware that this will result in less teachers teaching and more students in the classrooms.

    The community of Sandwich can thank the present lack of leadership by the present school committee for this potentional disaster.

    The taxpayers of Sandwich can look forward to an attempt by the school committee to present an overide to pay this bill that they have placed before our town by there actions.

    Do you think that it will pass?

    Go to the Hearing and state your concerns for the future educational concerns of our children that have been sidetracked by vindictive members who have placed themselves above the needs of our children.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  40. rather negative about "lack of leadership" "less teachers in the classroom, blame the leadership of the school committee" Did the leadership not act on the minority voices or did the minority not ask for a vote by making a motion. If the leadership did not figure the raise in the new contract, did Dr. Johnson or the minority. Mr. Johhansen, if you think about it, the minority and Dr. Johnson are not innocent bystanders, but they do lack leadership in not bringing up this question, don't you think. I have said before, they should all step down.

  41. Carl Johansen would comment to M.Case.

    Apparently you have not attended or watched the times that subject matter was brought up for discussion. Not only did Dr Johnson make note of it during her many budget presentations, but the minority members as well.
    The facts are very clear in this matter. The present chair did not allow any discussion to that subject matter.

    Matter of fact, at one meeting and it is all recorded for you to verify, she boldly stated, [what does the impending teachers salary increase have to do with the present budget] When that subject matter was brought to the table for discussion.
    It is comments like those that make one very concerned, as to the motivation behind those members when it comes to educating our children with todays progressive needs.

    One would suppose that after serving on a school committee for so many years that just by osmosis she would have learned the importance of having that discussion.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  42. There you again with yet another dumb statement on what you think is obvious. Frankly, I NEVER heard anyone bring up a motion to put the salary in the budget. In fact, Mrs. Johnson could have done it if she so chose to do it.

    Another thing, the woman, I am not sure of her name on the committee, the one who always grabs the microphone in anger and points to people, suggested a decrease in pay. No one said a word, you know why, it is a unfair labor practice. Thanks that we have such a dumb union who does not do anything about it, or yet again the school commitee would be in trouble.

    I suggest that you get on the band wagon and instead if bad mouthing the people you do not agree with, either run for office, or speak to all those who caused and/or are causing this mess, i.e...Simmons, Guerin, the minority members, the majority members, the white haired guy who is going to bring an action in court against the school committee members. You all make people want not to get involved. People want civil discourse not negative as brought up by the minority, you and the Simmons blog. Its time for a complete change. Face it and you get involved, you may have some friends who would support you for school committee. See what its like and maybe you could disagree, but not accuse. By taking personal sides, you become part of the problem. Criticize me, my statements, but don't be so hostil to the majority and everyone else who does not support your position. And, just remember this, Sherry Marshall, unlike you, has done many many positive things for parents, teachers, students, and administration people in 20 years. Even if she were wrong, AND SHE IS NOT, she does not badger and complain as much as the minority on the committee. When we lose good people such as Guerin, Simmons, Susko, and Cahill just because they made a bad judgement on the Superintendent, there is something terribly wrong with the system. If cowards do not write their names or vote, they also spout off without running for office. Like the Nike guy said; "just do it" run for office. I would love to see it. As a matter of fact, if you do run, I will also.

  43. the last poster is right on. Everyone is to blame. taking sides of the majority and minority only seek to split the town further. my kids are not being educated. teachers are nervous and edgy, principals are walking the line and children are suffering.

  44. Carl, after reading Anon at 11:51am and another Anon at 8:27am, it would appear by the 'dumb' remark, that you have touched a raw nerve on another set of parents who are obviously so worried about their children's education that they can only see keeping the magnificant four and disposing of superintendant REGARDLESS of the cost to the taxpayer and the well being of their own children. The ONLY thing important to them is their fear that they must select one over the other so they use words like 'dumb' and 'Nike' to stone you and then to show how in touch with the times they are. To Anon at 11:51 you will never see the grudge match between the school committee chair and the superintendant for what it is. You are blinded by your personal belief in Mrs Marshall. You then throw out the names of the 'other side', the minority in hopes that we will think you have an open mind on this issue. The sitting Chair of the School Committee is responsible for where this sinking canoe is headed and after the law suit settles, I want to see how upset you are over the loss of additional teaching positions, just because she doesn't like the Superintendant. Nope Anon at 11:51, shout not at Carl or any other citizen who has to bear the burden of poor management by the Chair. We have the right to question her decisions, just as you question EVERY decision ever made my Mary Ellen Johnson...because you have made it personal too. Anon at 8:27 do you really believe your children will receive a better education because MEJ is fired? Those principals and teachers are nervous because too many people are asking about their compensation packages, too many people have seen the inside of the books for the community school and the school budget itself. Mrs Marshall may have lost sight of the real objective within the school system. You cannot carry out a vendetta in public and not receive heat from the public. Carl cares....no question is dumb just because it isn't aligned with your thought process. It should NEVER be personal, not even on a blog.

  45. Good Morning Greg, once again I find myself agreeing with your analogy of the present conditions here in our great town of Sandwich.

    Our personal feelings can not undermine the facts, we are presently seeing during every School Board meeting held in the past year.

    We can place our heads in the sand and hope it goes away or we can face the actions this leaderless board has taken to undermine the very backbone of our community by the actions they have imbarked upon.

    The majority of all the problems that the school district has encountered over the past many years is a result of one person [who may have had good intentions]but placed the school district in its present place we now find ourselves in. She generated her influence to use school dollars to keep a community school from going bankrupt.The actions of using school money to suppliment the community school has been a violation of MGL that she and others on the present board have ignored for a long time.

    Dr. Johnson took back control of this money with the help of the previous school board and that is the main reason why now, they want her gone.

    The Union leaders also got in the game, because Dr. Johnson was not asking for an overide to pay for increased wages and put the budget together with the numbers she was given by the Board Of Selectmen.

    The budget process can be very confusing for many that have not paid attention over the years, as to what triggers a responsiable budget and given todays financial world every one needs to be part of the solution and that includes the schools. The school led union
    board, also does not like what Dr. Johnson has been able to do given her minus budget money projections by increasing programs and maintaining a stable school district, this benifits the whole community and every tax payer as well.

    Dr Johnson will not lead an overide reguest and that in my opinion sticks in the craw of the union and the present chair of our school committee.

    I do not have any children in this district, if I did, I would have a whole lot more to say publicaly in regards to the ways, the educational process has been reduced by many illegal accounting practices over many years by the various school business managers[excluding the present one] and original community school director to use educational dollars for its intended purpose.

    We all can work to find a balance in this process, for the good of the whole or we can continue to fault those that bring out the facts of the issues.

    Last night for example, if you watch
    The budget hearing was called a meeting when it was opened and closed.

    Now it might be a mute point, but after how many years on the school board does it take for someone to understand the under MGL the school districts are mandated to
    hold a public HEARING, not a public meeting on the budget.

    It is very important that the wording be correct, so was the hearing held in compliance with MGL? Was the meeting on the budget valid?

    We have a meeting and within the confines of the meeting we hold a Public Hearing.

    How long does it take to get it right, another 18 years?

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  46. Greg,

    If you read the post by M. Cass and if you read a post from someone who agreed with the poster you write about, you will see that the operative statement is that they should all resign. Yes, I did say something about dumb because I thought that the statement was dumb not Mr. Johansen. He is not dumb, as a matter of fact, he is well versed on the town's political situation. I was NOT directing personal negative statements to Mr. Johansen directly. Do I think that Guerin, Simmons, Johnson, the lady pointing the finger, the other two minority members throwing barbs, are negative to the whole process, YES, THEY ARE! Do I think that the majority has a lot to be blamed, YES I DO!! Mr. Johansen and you too, are blinded by your side. What you say about me and the majority is also true of you and the minority. Answer a question, if you would; was Mr. Johansen somewhat personal when he spoke about the lack of leadership coming from the Chair of the School Committee? What both of you seem to miss is that I and others who wrote in support of what I said, M. Cass and anonymous, to be specific, all have something about they should all go. We need a fresh start in this town and we NEED IT NOW!!! My dislike of the Superintendent is not the least bit for any other reason but that she has effected MY FAMILY'S LIFE by her lack of caring for my family's needs. Believe me, her suit will NEVER SEE a COURT ROOM, because, if it does, many of us parents will suddenly come out of the woodwork to tell you what she did.

    Oh, just another last item. Mr. Johansen thinks she should have been given a learning curve, suggesting "mistakes will be made".
    Well, she also should have been paid less money because of that curve. Remember, many of her mistakes were made after she had a good year in office. She is FAR FAR from perfect by what is public, but her actions in private are even much more worse. Yes, the majority are wrong, especially when it comes to the Community School and yes, Johnson has some very positive attributes, but unlike Mr. Johansen, I can tell you that they have them. GET RID OF THE WHOLE CROWD NOW. They all have positive attributes as they do negative.

    One last last thing. What analogy did you make as indicated in Mr. Johansen in his first paragraph. I just want to see if I missed a post.

    Love and Kisses to All and to all a good night.

  47. Anon at 1:14pm. My sympathy to you for the early release for snow...you just can't catch a break this winter! Well, now where do I start. I wish, spell that with a capital W that we could get rid of them all but the cycles on the board members will not allow that. Sometimes cleaning house is the only way to get back to a level playing field. I think I said it awhile ago that at this point in time, there is no stepping back from the edge. They all, and I mean the majority and the minority and MEJ, crossed the point of no return. You bring up a very interesting comment with your 'if you only knew' comment. Yes, I wish I knew...I have always wondered why such hositility existed so if there is something out there that we need to know in order to become one happy family again, then, for the good of the organization, put it out there. I don't believe MEJ is perfect, nope. She was just a bit more transparent....but one thing for sure...the actions of the board majority are killing me because I have always been a 'speak your piece' kind of guy, face to face, nose to nose.... and let the chips fall. This is a very ugly situation. It needs to end. It may just take firing them all to achieve that. Oh, I did not read your dumb remark in its proper context, so, I apologize. You did NOT call Carl dumb.... but thats a word I always had problems with in life too. I did read the Cape Cod Times yesterday and it does appear that MEJ's case is moving forward for a hearing in Barnstable. Hmmmmmm. You have got my curiosity burning now...I wonder...I wonder...what has she done? Thanks for your insight, I might have to eat some crow down the road.....remember...shovel in small amounts with this heavy snow...it kills us old guys :)

  48. Ask some of the town employees to start.

  49. Well I guess its a good thing that we have the great leadership in our school committee. The Superintendent writes up a contract and low and behold, its illegal according to counsel. I thought she knew about contract law. The Superintendent doesn't know the town law. Thanks Mrs. Marshall.

  50. Carl Johansen would add that Mrs Marshel was not aware of the law as well. Seeing how the previous contract had been for an even longer period of time. It was illegal due to the fact we here in Sandwich have a bylaw that prevents contracts to be signed for over three years.
    Since Mrs Marshel had been on the school board for 18 years she should have been well aware of that fact when the school committee voted that contract for approval at the school committee meeting.

    So lets us place the blame for that vote right where it belongs and that is at the feet of the Chair.

    If you were watching you would also see that Mrs Marshell had approved other contracts over the years for a longer period of time and no one spoke about it then. What about the present ones that have also been approved for a longer period of time then allowed by Town bylaw?

    If any one should have known about the town bylaw it should have been MRS. Marshell, nice try however to deflect an honest error by Dr Johnson.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  51. Message 1 to Mr. JohansenFebruary 3, 2011 at 5:30 AM

    There you go again. You just point out what Mrs. Marshall (MarshAll is the correct spelling, not MarshEll). The fact is that Mrs. Marshall should have known if that were the case, but it does not absolve someone who is being overpaid and still on a three year learning curve from not knowing. You see things one way. Some of the posts here point out that the blame falls everywhere and that maybe they should all go. You don't see that. All you see is that MarshAll is wrong and the Superintendent is right...you speak with blinders on.

    If you think that Mrs. Johnson cares for the kids then please explain to someone why she does not simply go where she is not wanted rather than be the crux of the venom at school board meetings. Who will pay for the suit she has filed should she be successful.

    Why don't you stop the personal attacks such as you did towards the majority at the budget meeting. Do you love Sandwich or is your perceived tax savings more important.

    Your thought process I believe to be flawed. You accused the majority of vindictiveness when you do the same yourself. It is time for you people to stop and just let the courts decide, then hopefully everyone will quit who is involved in this mess.

    Mrs. Johanson does nothing about the MAJOR drug problem in town and the bullying that is going on. She just puts on a show to let us know of all the good things, and there are many, thanks to her and her staff, but she fails to tell us what is wrong with the schools.

    I question your motives and hope you too can understand that it is most important to keep peace in town.

    Finally, did you notice that the same three people spoke at the meeting on Monday. They always speak, but NEVER run for office. They know how hard it is and are AFRAID to run. One of them called for "Someone to step up to the plate" but never steps up himself and run for office. If he has the answers, he should put himself in a position to do something to implement those answers.

  52. Message 2 to Mr. JohansenFebruary 3, 2011 at 5:41 AM

    Just to point out that the prior majority had their incapabilities as well as the current majority.

    Mr. Simmons had been politically active, but failed to put a notice on a meeting to play it safe by doing so to avoid problems. This is a MAJOR failure on his part.

    Mr. Simmons at a meeting once said that it was not necessary to do a cori check on families that were housing exchange students. He pointed out that it was costly to the Town. Two points I would make is that the cost is minimal as pointed out, I believe by one of the administratators, and, also that the Town was put in potential peril by not doing a cori should there have been a problem by one of these family members. I wonder if Mr. Augustine would have personally sued Simmons if his actions had cost the Town or children any money.

    Throw them all out. NOW!

  53. OK, soooooooooooooooo, according to todays Cape Cod Crimes MEJ was asked to be a hatchetman and also was required to ensure teachers were 'qualified' to teach....yeow... now I understand why the union hates her. Someone actually upheld a standard? Someone made sure teachers were teaching properly? This is going to be an interesting case. I hope it goes to a trial so we can finally know the ENTIRE story. All of it.... who has been pulling who's strings in Sandwich..... oh yes.... the Easter Bunny may be coming early to Sandwich. No matter what kind of eggs the bunny brings in the form of a court decision....the town has lost! I guess I should get my checkbook out for the pending prop 2 1/2 override this spring :(

  54. Carl Johansen stated. Greg that the tip of the ice berg you speak of has been the main reason why the union led school board members decided to fire Dr Johnson.

    The union found a way to employ favorite un qualified teachers to preform jobs that they had no expertise in. One of the reasons why the MCS were so low at the lower levels in our district.

    In order to increase the scores some actions needed to take place and that is why she put in place an accounting system to check the efficiency of those teachers. By increasing the standards for the teachers teaching, with more training, she ruffled a few feathers. They now also had to do more and become more accuntable.

    Some made it and others did not, this is one reason in my opinion why one member on the present committee did not make it as a teacher here in Sandwich and is now at another district.

    One can say, that among the educational field, that Dr Johnson has done wonders given all of the other obvious distractions before her that she has had to overcome.

    Illegal use of district money to operate the community school comes to mind, as another reason this group chose to take the path they have taken.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned Citizen of Sandwich

  55. Mr. J, you are so cute when you get mad. I never knew that a teacher on the school committee once taught in Sandwich. I got to check that one out.

    Braless 30A

  56. Carl Johansen, stated to Mrs. Braless 30a Keeping with the spirit of your words here[I am not mad]No one would like to see me when I do get that way. Perhaps a little upset, may be a better choice of words. Now as far, as being cute, my girl friend of over 50 years might agree with you?

    The above commontary is being checked out for accuracy as we post.

    I was led to believe that the stay was rather short, so I am in the process of verifing if in fact she recieved a CHECK from the school>

    Along with the lenght of time ?

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  57. Carl,

    The Town's Annual Report shows Jessica Linehan as a teacher earning $625.21 in 2008. There's no mention of her in either 2007 or 2009, or on the faculty list of Forestdale School where she reportedly worked.

    What would cause her to disappear from the District after only working here 2-3 days?

    Is it a coincidence that she fled at the same time Dr. Johnson came on board and started checking certifications?

  58. To Anonymous Feb 5, 2011 10:56 AM:

    I posted an article prior to the election of Ms. Linehan explaining my concerns about her conflict of interest related to her husband's employment as a teacher in Sandwich.


    At that time, Ms. Linehan was a library coordinator for the town of Rockland. To my knowledge, that is still her position. She was not a teacher at Forestdale (at least not in recent history).

    Inferring that something is amiss based on your cursory look at the listing of payroll payments in the town's annual report is a baseless stretch.

    Do your homework.


  59. Randy, my friend, I did my homework.

    She left Rockland, came to Sandwich briefly in 2008 during Johnson's first year and then returned to Rockland.

    Feel free to check with other members of the Forestdale staff.

  60. She was the librarian at Forestdale School for 3 or 4 days at the beginning of Sept. a few years back. She quit without notice and our K-8 was left without a librarian at the beginning of the school year for quite some time. It is a fact and many parents remember the incident!

  61. Randy, Was anonymous of 2/5 the only one who should do their homework?

  62. Randy, You were a little too quick to jump on 10:56. She was a teacher/Librarian at Forestdale -- something I'm sure you could confirm with one phone call (I did).

    I also think that post was far less "baseless" than several other assertions that have appeared unchallenged.

  63. Yes, Anonymous, my dear friend. I was, in fact, too quick to criticize. My apologies to you, Mrs. Anonymous and the entire Anonymous family. You did do your homework.

  64. Randy,

    Should not Mrs. Linehan weigh in on all this. For someone, anonymous, say that they knew why she left and wrote it for everyone to read be checked out. There are many reasons why someone would leave in days. The fact, if true, that she worked in Rockland, went back to Rockland suggest maybe there was a reason, perhaps bringing back a position that had been dropped just as an example.

  65. Greg, at the great risk of seeming as though I am patronizing you, I want to ask you for some answers because I have learned to trust and respect your opinions, much as I do of Randy Hunt's opinions.

    It seems to me that Dr. Johnson's case really rests on whether or not the vote on her contract was legal or not legal. If that is the case, then it would seem that it is not material as to whether or not she is being harrassed by the majority or whether or not she can do her job. It simply put is that the vote was either authorized by law or invalid according to law. The other day I was stopped by one of Sandwich's finest. Luckily, because I still remain attractive despite my recent illness, I was able to talk him out of a ticket. I thought that if I did have to go to court to fight the ticket then I might have been able to plead that I was in the spirit of the law because the law simply put is to make sure we drive at a safe speed. I was only 8 miles per hour over the limit, many police officers won't stop anyone unless they are over 10 miles per hour. I was driving at a speed with the spirit of the law in mind. I am sure I would have lost in court. How will Dr. Johnson win? I did not know any of this stuff happened until I read it in the Enterprise and Times. I do pay attention to meetings, but I copy them so that I can play them at my liesure before everyone in the house wakes up. I would have been out the window if I did not copy it. If it had been posted, my neighbor would have caught it at town hall annex.

    Also, just a question about Johnson; if you were her, would you want to work here? If she is that good, won't she get a job elsewhere, or, is she maybe less good then we might think?

  66. Braless 32A my new found friend, let me say that I am sorry about your recent illness. These things I understand oh so well due to a recent surgery myself. You were fortunate with our local gendarmes (ooops don't yell at me for referring to our police as military types, force of habit I guess!) I never have such luck with them...they see me as an old codger. Now, I would love to give you my opinion on MEJ and her legal status but remember its just my opinion, not based on any inside info. The positioning of both sides during this court process has been interesting. Unlike a labor mediation where things can get really ugly for a town that forces them to give in on contract issues, MEJ really has nothing left in her hand to play. At this point, not only has she lost her job, but she has also been given the Scarlet Letter to go with it. I believe that she will be branded by this school committees' actions. I think most elected officials/towns/managers seek someone who can work without creating conflict. Who wants to face a fight everyday or territorial battles over who is in charge? MEJ will have a tough time finding a new job. Please notice I did not address the legal aspect of HOW her contract was given to her. That is going to be for the court to decide, however, lawyers love these cases. Makes for good press when they win, and remember, it doesn't cost the lawyers a penny when they lose, its costs the taxpayers. Her present lawyer must have convinced her that she has a good case. And if she wins in court, then all of those issues of treatment, harrassment and embarrassment will drive up the dollar value for her. If the court goes against her.... I think its a total loss to her. As a taxpayer, I fear more if she wins because the majority members of the School Committee have so blatently provided the very evidence she needs to sue on video. Those four school committee members truly feel bulletproof and are convinced that they are right in their actions. I think they are gambling with our money, once again, on their lawyers advice. If you have ever attended town meeting and observed the way the towns attorneys advise the moderator, you should be a little nervous. In the end, its all for nothing because MEJ cannot continue to work here now. I honestly believe a deal will be made between the lawyers that will be the safest bet for them, not the taxpayers. MEJ will have to select her resume references carefully...honestly, would you list Sandwich as a former employer as a reference in this situation? Nope, she is damaged goods....and isn't that really what the SC majority really wanted to do? Payback is a &%$#@ as they say. And Braless32A my friend, remember those speed signs are black and white. Those officers should be enforcing the black and white, however, in life we all know that there is a gray area. MEJ is in the legal gray area too....I wonder which way the dice will fall. HOpe this helps....and that you feel better.

  67. Greg, I will respond when I have more time. I just knew you would give a great answer, as you did!


  68. Alison.dryer -- I'm sure that will make the parents/taxpayers in Forestdale feel much better to know that the SC member had a better offer back in Rockland and that leaving their K-8 kids in the lurch without a librarian for several months without notice was simply collateral damage. By the way, the silence is deafening coming from the Linehan camp!

  69. Good Morning Greg

    The answers you have given to your new found friend are stated very accuratly in my opinion.

    No matter how this all plays out in court, the Sandwich School district, as well as the town, will pay a price.

    Dr. Johnson, also will pay a heavy price, going forward, no matter which way it goes.
    The union leadership will make sure of that.

    Win or lose both sides of these actions will result in higher insurance rates for the town, less dollars in both the town and school budget for present employees.

    The progressive educational model Dr Johnson has implimented here in Sandwich will be lost for years.

    The lack of accountability by previous superintendants will once again place our students in questionable MCAS scoring ranges. This is especially true in the lower grades, where we once had teachers not certified to do the job they were hired to do.
    Dr Johnson was able to turn this around by implimenting programs and weeding out the non producers.
    This did not go well with the union leadership.

    As Dr. Johnson has stated many times [IT is all about the students]. Agree or disagree her mantra has always been the children and she has shown this citizen, that we the taxpayers also got someone, who made up a budget based on actuall dollars and did not need an overide to fabricate numbers.

    Sandwich has been placed in a place of no return, unfortunitly for every one, students, taxpayers and economic recovery.

    Did it need to come down to this?

    One may ask yourself, had the present conflicted school committee used a little common sense and actually recieved a judgment from the court system before doing what they did, would we be in a better place?
    This citizen believes we would be, but that is no longer the question.

    I will finish by stating that
    Sandwich needs to find better firms to represent our legal rights on all issues on both the school and town sides. Many briefs have been filed over the years that have come about from inaccurate rulings by the lawyers we employ to protect every one.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  70. Good morning Carl. I say 'Amen' to everything you just jotted down. Randy had the perfect answer some time ago that would have allowed all of the ego's to save face and be able to move on with some excellent programs for the kids. What Randy could not possibly have known at that time, was how deeply rooted the power is on the sitting School Committee between the majority and the Teachers Union. I cannot believe that the majority currently running (please note that I did not say MANAGING) the School Committee really represent a very small group of voters. Thats the way it is in town. It only takes 1500 votes to win. To me that isn't a very strong message for change. The current board majority was voted into power by a very small group of parents who had it in for MEJ. Kudos to them for their takeover of this board without so much as firing a shot. Again, in Sandwich, its been said over and over that if you don't like it, vote. Mobilizing the voting block is impossible in Sandwich, which is why I dislike overrides so much. What I fear most is that the sitting school committee, in its current configuration, is operating under the premise that they are omnipotent. I think that Mrs Susko's announcement to leave is just the beginning. With such a negative environment on the board, how can the Chair not be held accountable for this negative evolution. How can people condemn the two Bob's (Guernin and Simmons) for being taskmasters? They sufferred no fools however they were not popular with the voting block currently in power. As the real story concerning Pipsqueak's tenure at the Forestdale School becomes validated.... the smell of conflict of interest follows her. Carl, its supposed to be all about the kids.....but not inside those School Committee meetings. Its all about retribution...And Braless32A my friend, the simplest way to describe MEJ's tenure here has been reduced to a one line recommendation from the current school committee....'She doesn't play well with other children in the sandbox' A very intelligent professional has been destroyed from within......unbelievable.

  71. I hate multiple blog entries in one day, I don't like filling the pages here, however, I do have a question of Carl, IHeartSandwich, Braless32A, Mrs Beasley and all the Anon's....Have you folks watched the last school committee meeting? I committed a grave error...I stopped watching with only minutes left to go. I missed the conversation (?) threat (?) discussion (?) during Open Forum between the union negotiating team and Mrs Marshall. The smell of rotten eggs in that room is too obvious. Did I witness Mr Cahill preventing the beans from spilling out of the bag onto the floor? Did we almost witness the union calling out the School Committee bargaining team IN PUBLIC. And the majority members of THIS board had a problem with the way MEJ's contract was renewed? How stupid do they believe the public to be? I know the press will not address this properly.....but a gasket blew somewhere during that meeting. The conversation directed to Mrs Marshall was way too personal....it was a warning shot....but the 'anytime for you Sherry' comments reveal a cancer. Oh what a tangled web this group weaves..... what could possibly come next? To the Anon parents who continue to bark at Carl and myself about our comments.... have you started to worry about business as usual in Sandwich? Does it bother you that those 78 kids got out now....before the implosion? Why are you not raising hell with this sitting majority? Listen to MEJ's words of warning to the selectman iwth respect to why they are leaving and the concerns of the parents. I wish I had an answer....

  72. Carl Johansen would state

    Greg, unfortunitly we all will get to pay for the choices this majority led union led school committee have made on behalf of issues that are unrelated to educating our children here in Sandwich.

    The continued disrespect they have shown as a group, to the community of Sandwich is mindboggling to say the least.

    Is Dr Johnson perfect one may ask?
    No, she is not, but at this time in our community of Sandwich and given the budgetary problems we face as a town, she was the best at solving the school financial problems.

    Had the conflicted school members taken a different tact then what they have up to now, Sandwich would be looking at a school district that would set the standard in educational progress with limited funding.
    That may not be the case any more and that can be related back to unwise union intervention and the present conflicted school board members attitude.

    After all said and done the union stated at the budget hearing that they had a hand shake deal with the school. Once the budget was approved by the board they realized that they did not have any money in the budget for any wage increase. They violated the principals of contract negotiations and the chair had to be reminded twice before she spoke to the matter. The results were in the Sandwich Entrprize last friday

    They claimed that they could not negotiate a contract. A total false statement. If they want an increase now , they know that by those actions more teachers will be looking for a job.

    Who made this handshake deal so stated by the present union president?
    Since when, does any deal get made with out full knowledge of the full school committee and represenative from the board of selectman.

    We call that a backdoor handshake with no creditabitly, just words to deflect the actual involvment by the union leaders to get back to the old way of doing business as usual.

    By the way where, is Ms. Cutie?
    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  73. Good morning Greg,

    It would seem that the masses of discontent are about us. The problem with many of the writers herein is that they never pick on themselves. As a negotiator of a contract, my husband told me that he thought that what a member of the school committee said a meeting or so ago was that there should be a cut in teacher pay. Its a good thing that no one conversed with her because if they did, it surely would have been an unfair labor practice while negotiations are still going on. It may be anyway, but I am not a labor lawyer. Maybe Mr. Augustine could let us know; his experience is far beyond that of mortal beings.

    I said it many times, and, I will say it again, they are all wrong.

    By the way, where are all the Patriots who were talking about a recall, have they gone the same way as someone who is threatening to sue people as individuals, mainly nowhere.

    Have a good one, Greg. You are the best at getting the message of fairness of debate accross.

  74. Good morning Braless32A.....it does seem sometimes that we gang up on you doesnt' it? In actuality, methinks a lot of us are frustrated that we can't be heard as anything other than troublemakers or curmudgeons....profiling is so nasty in any form or shape. One thing for sure, this last episode of reality television must be stirring the innards of many a parent. Braless32A why is it that so many people fear an unfair labor practice? Actually they can work both ways. I wonder if the School Committee is considering filing one against the SEA team of negotiators. I mean, really, they did open an ugly box during that meeting. It was so obvious that the chair didn't know what to do. One of the minority members stepped up to the plate and offered the chair 'the answer' but she did not pick up the gauntlet. She can't! That is the problem when those responsible for managements' position in negotiating have become too familiar with the union. In this case....way too familiar. The chair just can't take on the union, they are obviously too close. And that relationship, Braless32A is the greatest threat to the kids educations. Someone has to be the boss. MEJ sure has suffered for trying to be one. To me she looks tired of this shell game. She knows what is best for the children...if only she had a tad more time to develop her social interaction skills...but alas....its going to be over soon. Mr Augustine, if you noticed, tried in a very nice way to show the chair that she had right to file an unfair labor practice for the unions infraction...however...the chair will NEVER take an action against her friends. In a perfect world, I suppose we would not need unions or management....or lawyers, or guns, or...sorry....I can't help it. The video of that meeting keeps rewinding in my mind and I want to scream......but would anyone hear?

  75. Greg, my good friend in cyber space. I can agree with you on everything you did write, but one point, Mr. Augustine never, nor did you, or anyone else on this blog talk about the unfair labor practice proked by a Repulican member of the minoriy. Oh, yes, now I get it.

  76. Braless32A, I have re-read your message at least three times and it must be the spelling of one word that makes it confusing to me. That word you typed is 'proked'. I am confused, help me out on this one. You mention a Republican member of the minority and I am not sure who that is....and it seems you have something in mind about this whole labor mess. Is this, in your mind, just another non-partisan battle in town? I do not look at it in that light... but I am also not sure what it is that you got...please let me know. I am confused over that one word. Thanks...your electronic friend from afar...

  77. Greg,

    Let's just say I got it. I should have never written the message. I should have just thought it out. I don't think that everyone on the school committee thinks about the kids, only the money. Now I got it.

  78. Braless32A...Amen! The kids are the tools used to achieve that money....thats what hurts the most. A lot of times, when people say its 'all about the kids' and there is an underlying financial connection.... I don't believe them, not a hoot. Thanks for clearing up the message..it makes complete sense to me now. Have faith, elections come this spring and maybe, just maybe there is an opportunity to find someone who truly believes its all about the kids.

  79. For teachers is about money and benefits, not the kids; for teachers who teach the teachers, its about less work (or at least easier work), for the admistrators, its about the money and their careers; for the nurses, its about the non-hospital non terminal patients, not the kids; for the school committee, its about power, not the kids; for those who always speak at open forum its their feeling good about knowing more than others, not the kids; for the liberals, its about getting their point accross, not the kids, for the conservatie, its cut cut cut, not the kids; for the dept. of ed, its for the SEA, not the kids, for the teachers union, its for their power not the kids; for the Selectmen, its for their fear of doing their job to intervene in this mess, not the kids, for the nespapers, its the story for money, not the kids; for the lawyers, its the money, not the kids, for the liberals in Boston, its their pockets lined with our money, not the kids. For the mothers who spend so much time volunteering, it is the kids.

    Happy Valentine Day volunteer moms.

  80. Carl Johansen stated that the post
    on 8.09 pm really places many reasons into one analytic process.

    However,some would take exception to this analysis that it is not all about the children.

    This post,in my opinion does reveal many truths,that should be explored in the manner it was written. Every one that looks in here will have the opportunity to decide where the truths are and that is a good thing.

    As one, that does speak at public forum and is a supporter of a progressive educational learning experience for our children I would take exception to your comment. The educational process here in Sandwich has been comprimised in many ways, you have expounded upon many. The problem in todays world is that many parents do not have a clue what is transpiring, because they are off trying to make ends meet to put food on the table,or pay the rent.

    Those that have children in the system , become aware of personal conflicts when they voice an opinion, that some may not like said or known.

    The silence can be deafing at times and apathy sets in.

    Speaking for myself only, I would like to think that my voice is speaking for those that are afraid to speak and it is and will remain for the good of the whole community of Sandwich.

    When I see progessive educational ideas needed by the children in todays world , being compromised for political power, I get concerned.

    When I see injustices carried out against my fellow citizens, I get concerned.

    When I see thoughful good ideas being trashed, I get concerned.

    When I see corruption and the good old boy network, I get concerned.

    It is time for a little piece of chocalate from the valantine box.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  81. Mr. Johansen, you are right on the money. The political power is destroying our children. It is now time for Mary Ellen to leave and get a super who does not just think of the power. Someone who cares as does Sherry and Jessica.

  82. I am very confused. I watch the Selectmen meeting and find that Mr. Dunham gives detailed explanations with numbers as an accountant or treasurer might do. Mrs. Johnson shows pictures as a pre-school teacher might do. Does Mrs. Johnson really think we are dumb? I find her to be a very valuable person to this town, but just hate the way she is condescending to everyone.

  83. Will Mr. Augustine keep his promise to go after the majority for money if he has to pay for any money that the Superintendent will get. I think the law states that they are immune up to a million dollars. Does Mr. Augustine know this? If he does get over a million or for that matter over whatever it will cost Sandwich, will he donate the money "for the children". I very much doubt it because it is not for the children but for himself.

  84. Carl Johansen would state
    that on Thursday of this week at the Barnstable Court house @ 2 the hearing between Dr. Johnson and the School committee will take place. Both side will get the oppportunity to present there cases before the Judge.

    For those that want to get some first hand information in regards to the suite I would recommend you take the time and attend .

    No matter which side of the fence you are on, I am sure, some very interesting commontary will be forthcomming.

    As I have stated before, no matter how this all plays out we will all pay in the end.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen of Sandwich

  85. See you there, Carl

  86. I guess I missed RA's comment of the 7th. Did you walk out of the meeting before it ended. I thought I saw you there. Did you miss the comment by one of the minority that was clearly a violation of labor law, proposing a decrease int the pay for teachers. I'll be that upset a few people. Not the greatest thing to do. As has been told to Greg and Mr. Johansen, the blame can be obsorbed by many on both sides. It would be beyond dreadful if MEJ did stay once she wins. She has worn out her welcome. She is quite fortunate to hae the business manager she has who teaches her while teaching herself. She is a very good business person and a credit to this town. She is lucky that she has a staff, who, despite all the crap thrown at them by people on this blog, continue to teach the children of our town and come up with great numbers.

  87. Hi everyone! Perfect timing! Only 47 million to fix the Wing School. Can you spell bait and switch? Next thing you will hear is that we are only asking for 5 million to fix it....ahem. If you hire a firm to do an evaluation for YOU...YOU get what you pay for. I smell a very large vermin creature in town and its running right behind MEJ's lawsuit.

  88. Well, I'll bite. How did we get to $47,000,000?

  89. Rene, its simple. You take a building that was built before humans walked on this planet that did not have to comply with the 1000's of new building codes and then you time warp forward and send in ten engineers to identify every possible thing wrong within the structure required to bring it 'up to code'. The only feasible way to bring that building up to code is to tear it down and rebuild, otherwise it WILL cost you 47 million dollars. Now, that could be why the lawyers came up with grandfather clauses..you know...common sense application of the new laws that figure eventually, one has to rebuild anyway. Another part of this amazing race to the almighty dollar is to throw in the American's With Disability Act which requires handicap access. Well, in this town that is an easy solution....send children with known diabilities to the Oak Ridge and Forestdale schools which surely meet those standards, well, that is except for the new roofs that have apparently begun to fail. Am I being rude? But it is a way to pull at the heartstrings of the average American parent. What? My childs school does not meet code? OMG, my child cannot attend a school without a classroom that is 30 feet by 30 feet they will surely feel claustraphobia! So you put the ugly bad news out there at 47 million dollars (which would, by the way, build you a brand new school!) and you make the taxpayers realize how lucky they are is we just do the little things that come in at 5-10 million. But, once again, one school takes all of the money that would fix the other 12 buildings in town that leak. Did I mention the ongoing failing economy? The freezing of pay raises, social security,etc? And again I forgot to mention that gas just hit $3.36 a gallon...no there is no inflation here. Sometimes, particularly in tough times, you just have to make do....I remember my grandfather saying that...I wonder why? The great depression I suppose....Perhaps, we should finally bring the golf course up to code and we could maybe, play golf on weekends and use it as the third school in Sandwich? Oh I am being rude...

  90. I am in full agreement. I knew what you were saying but never could have said it as well. No wonder taxpayers on town are fed up.

  91. Carl Johansen would say good morning Mr> Greg

    It is not uncommon around here to determine the cost to make a repair, is just a way to start a progect and then as it evolves , those cost climb.

    It goes without saying that the Wing project will result in a financial boondoggle, if allowed to continue on its present course.

    The study that we the taxpayers payed for did not include consoladation of that school into the others. That would have been the best choice of that money to determine if we could utilize the
    other schools for the students.

    Even if that was not considewred they would need to find a way to do the same thing while the Wing school was being renovated.

    Once any work of scope was started they would need to seal the school from harmful air borne probelms, especially for asbastos.

    One would think that working on an old building with potentional health hazards we would have given some consideration to when and if the building would be safe enough to undertake placing our children back into the environment for classroom education.

    That is a huge risk to this whole process that needs to be explored going forward, never mind all the other hidden safety issues and cost, that will be uncovered during the restoration.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen in Sandwich

  92. Carl Johansen would state,

    Good Morning MR. Hunt and fellow citizens of Sandwich.

    This mornings Cape Cod Times has brought to light what many in the community have known about for a long time. It can be stated that members of the school committee also were privy to the same information, before they selected the four canidates for the superintendants job.

    Not one time during the review process was any question asked by those that had inside information in regards to MR. Bridges, about any conflicts, that may arise.

    It is apparent MS. Crossman was aware and she indicated that to the reporter, Ms.Marshal did not return any phone calls, but it goes with out saying that she would be hard pressed to not have heard about a pending conflict in this matter.

    Two canidates have shown to be conflicted with issues that question the whole process in selecting the four chosen as the best of those that applied for the job.

    This process has cast many doubts into community,
    Did this process fail? Was the intervewers not made aware of potentional conflicts or did any one care to ask the questions?

    Why did we pay good hard dollars to get a professional head hunter to do the solicitation for this position and yet not find these conflicts.

    This process is now tainted in my opinion and to continue would be an injustice to the school district.

    Be sure to read the comments made by the Co Chair, in the forum section. it should provide further reason to question what has been transpiring among the present majority school board members.

    Carl Johansen

    A concerned citizen of Sandwich


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