Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sandwich Board of Selectmen

This is where you can leave your comments about the candidates for Sandwich Board of Selectmen. The regular rules regarding slander and language apply, so keep it clean and constructive.


  1. When I tell you to open a fire station, do it, When I tell you to sell a golf course because it looses money, sell it. And when I tell you to stop being in the business of being in business , stop. I will vote for a selectman who enacts what the voters told them to do. I have not made up my mind, yet, because I am unsure who will do what they are told

  2. Good Morning Mr. Hunt, To start of I would be remiss had I not mention that your involvement with the Board of Selectman over the years has been a stabilizing effect on how Sandwich[in my opinion] needs more folks that place the community above themselves in a positive way. Your honest and well thought out character should bode you well to Replace Representitive Perry in your next challenge in your life and I wish you well in that endeavor. Your voice of reason will be missed here in Sandwich.

    With out a question Sandwich does have severel canidates that may serve the whole town and perhaps provide further insite as to how we as a town may survive our troubles going into the future. One of my votes for selectman will be cast for some one whom has pronounced that Zero based budgeting is an avenue we should explore and I agree. He also supports centralizing our various departments in one location at a great savings to the town down the road. [Understanding that the intial cost may be great} The idea of utilizing a commercial vendor to pick up the towns trash, rather then pay as you go, being discussed today. I can not agree on selling the Golf course, especially if we take immediate steps to utilizing the land for other purposes that should generate more revenues to the towns coffers. Wind or solar generation of power, a commercial track to allow the legal use of off road recreational operations. A world class hotel placement.

    Another reason that I would support this canidate is because he is a self made man and speaks with one voice and has an complete understanding of financial dealings as to how one must manange money in todays economy to survive.

    One can surely find faults, but non the less, overall when the pluses and negitives are all on the table Mr. Mike Merolla brings the better image to solving the problems we have here in Sandwich

    The important thing to remember is to get out and vote when the time comes. Make all your votes count. Sandwich will be a better place if all of its citizens that can vote, vote.

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen in the wonderful town of Sandwich

  3. I seldom vote, but this time I just might. I do follow seclectmen meetings closely. I agree with Mr. Johansen about missing you on the board. You seem to be well prepared at meetings, are a quick thinker, and convincing in your arguments.

    If you did run, you would get my bullet.

    If I do vote, I will vote for someone new. I have to brush up on what they believe in first. A great place to start will be at the Marshland downtown this week.

    We have some nice people running, but truly, do we need people who have already had their chance and failed.


  4. With 22 voters and a possible 44 votes, 32 were cast. If I am correct, that means that over one quarter the voters in this pole are not patriots.
    Maybe we should think more about being patriots than executing our given given and military protected rights. On the otherhand, maybe those who did not vote for two are the true patriots.

  5. Well here are one day before the town of Sandwich goes to the polls and cast a vote for the canidate they feel will work the best for all the folks here in Sandwich. The final results on Thursday night should be very revealing to all the citizens of our wonderful town and to the victor goes the spoils of success or failure in the next few years.
    Will those being elected have the courage to be truthful on all matters and will they walk the talk they all have expounded upon. Will they listen with there ears or with there mouth is perhaps an analogy for a discussion later on.

    What ever your feeling may be, no matter how you vote, be your own person and vote your concious. Do not be intimadated by pressures from your surroundings, Just get out an do the American thing. VOTE

    Carl Johansen
    A concerned citizen in wonderful Sandwich


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