Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is the Tea Party movement really that threatening?

Guest editorial by Jim Killion

Bill Clinton. How will we ever be able to miss him if he won’t go away? Apparently, the overseas influence peddling racket has slowed down for the former White House lothario so he’s decided to hit the media circuit in an effort to blame America’s problems on peaceful demonstrators. Say what you will about the Tea Party crowd, but the one thing you can’t call them is violent. Yet somehow this disbarred disgrace feels that painting a Hitler mustache on the President’s picture is paramount to domestic terrorism. Oddly enough, he didn’t seem to have an issue with this gesture a few years ago when George Bush was the target of such scorn.

I certainly do not have any objections to people who speak their mind but considering that this menace managed to kill more people at the Branch Davidian Compound than in any Al Qaeda camp, I find his views on what constitutes a terrorist more than just a tiny bit suspect. Don’t forget, when Slick Willie had a chance to drop a sidewinder missile down Bin Laden’s shorts, he voted present. But now of course, he knows all about the true perils we face.

But what is going on here is as clear as the growing nose on Obama’s face. The left is terrified of losing their grip on power and will stop at absolutely nothing to retain it. In their liberal-ravaged minds, they see Americans who protest their big government tax and spend ways as the larger threat. When it comes to national security, it appears that as far as this administration is concerned, the gathering threat of a nuclear armed Iran is pale in comparison to a gang of grannies in tri-cornered hats.

For years, George Bush had to deal with various protestors from all walks of life but no matter how much he may have disagreed with them, he never publicly said a disparaging word. Obama has been a tremendous disappointment to many but nothing angers me more than to hear him attempt to marginalize and belittle average Americans who happen to disagree with him. The Office of the President should be about much more than trying to settle scores. It should be about leadership, something sadly missing from the President’s repertoire.

Jim Killion
Sandwich, MA


  1. Mr. Killion,

    I hope your blood pressure is not too high as you read this. Get into the real world, Democrats did it to Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Bush. Republicans did it to Carter, Clinton and are doing it to Obama. Maybe in your eyes the Democrats deserve it, but many Democrats believe that the Republicans deserve it. It is called Politics and it is the American Way like it or not. Remember the constitution allows them to say whatever they want express without slander or libel Don't slam the otherside for what your side also does.

    Mr. Patriot

  2. The difference is, leaders are supposed to be above this type of rhetoric would you not agree Mr Patriot? I was told in my upbringing that two wrongs don't make a right. It seems the "leaders" you mentioned missed that day in life.

    Mr. Unsolicited Opinion

  3. Yes, leaders should be above this rhetoric, but guess what?, at the Federal level most are, at the local level some are, and at the state level the majority always are.

    A tea party member told me, and I believe it, though not confirmed that the General Court exempted themselves from the bidding procedures that costs cities and towns billions. Hypocritical by itself, that exemption coupled with the fact that information about these bids can not be obtained by freedom of information requests. Oh my, Oh my how crooked Boston is. The really sad part is the the best of the bunch, the most honest, will not be there next year because he is going to takeover Delahunt's seat in Congress.

    Two shining stars, our junior senator and next representative in congress, will be gone. How sad for us.

  4. Mr. Opinion,

    You asked if the leaders I mentioned missed a day in life when you learned a lesson about rights and wrongs. I frankly think all our Presidents, at least since Eisenhower are all full poop and are phonies. If in a tea party, you excercise your right to dislike all politicians now in power.

    When you vote in May or in September or in November, remember to "throw all the bums out".

    We need only new voices not old ones.

    Mr. Boston Patriot

  5. In your most quiet and humble opinion, Willie may be slick, but look at what he has done for the world even after he left office. He is blind to color, creed or National Origin. More than any President in history, he has worked outside of office to help the poor of the world.

    Certainly he has more compassion in his pinky nail than all the Tea Partyiers put together.

    Some ask why and others like Willie say why not.

    As for me, I do not fear the Tea Party. Once the Democrats are still leading in numbers in November, it is my hope that they will continue on this great change for America, a change for the positive. They will do so despite the Tea Partyers who are so afraid of brown, yellow, black and red.

  6. Well, the secret is out. If you don't have any standards........just double them.

  7. I am an unflinching conservative voter, but not a foolhardy rightwinger. I stand for what I believe in and will never ever question someone's ability to speak or write, but will criticize those who have to knock other people.

    Did you ever wonder people like our new Senator or or Jeffrey D. Perry. It is because they are strong in their beliefs and never knocking their oponents. If all the 535 or so in Washington would do the same, this country would run a lot better. Most of the 535 are just nasty people. Did you see the Pew Poll. It tells all.

    To whom you were talking, I don't know, but my standards are mine. They stand for good whether Democrats or Republicans.

    Good leaders don't knock others, start libeless rumors, and are able to articulate their position without knocking others.

    Good Night Mrs. Callabash where ever you are.

  8. Get my blood pressure up? Nothing relaxes me more than setting a few misguided liberals straight. Now I'm not too sure what exactly your point was but mine was to simply illustrate how un-presidential Mr. Obama is behaving since making fun of average Americans is pathetic. Dispite his oratoricle gift, he apparently cannot seem to sell his vision for America. So rather than trying to persuade us with his brilliance he gives us the equivalence of "I know you but what am I?" I thought he was capable of elevating the discussion but apparently I finally got one wrong.

    As for Bill Clinton, it appears that charity really does begin at home. He seems to be bursting with compassion, especially when it comes to his retirement plan. Never before in history has a former president been able to amass such a fortune. Considering the fact that he didn't exactly find the cure for cancer or invent the perpetual motion machine, forgive my skepticism of Slick Willie's altruistic nature. Where did he get his money? Selling his influence as the past President of the United States to the highest overseas bidder. Its a twofer really, you get the former President and the current Secretary of State for one outrageously high price.


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