Monday, March 15, 2010

U.S. Census 2010: Counting on 300+ million psychics

Got my 2010 census today.

Let me ask you something: How many people came to your party two weeks from now?


So was I.

Here’s the message from the U.S. Census Bureau Director:

Note that it says, in bold type: Please complete and mail back the enclosed census form today. (I’d argue about the need for the word “back” in this request, but I digress.)

Now look at Question 1:

In case you can’t see it, it reads: How many people were living or staying in this house, apartment, or mobile home on April 1, 2010?

If I complete and mail this form today, as requested, just how am I going to answer Question 1 without the benefit of clairvoyance?

Copyright 2010 Randy Hunt


  1. Sounds like you need a DeLorean..


  2. The question makes me laugh..How will you know if the date is so advance?What if there's another addition to the family until that day come?

  3. From the people who may be running your healthcare in the near future! Frank


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