Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can I please have my Congress back?

Guest editorial by Jim Killion

We have certainly all seen it before. As one door is closing, inevitably another one starts to open. This became evident recently with the announcement that the 10th Congressional District’s entrenched representative was retiring. As taxpayers, we can only hope that along with the door closing on this mediocre career, by extension it will bring an end to the tired and bloated old habits of our deficit-spending government. When the current Congressman arrived in Washington in 1997, the national debt stood at around 5 trillion dollars. Today the debt is rapidly approaching 13 trillion.

It is time to open a new door in Washington.

We can only hope that when the door opens to a new Congress in 2011 behind it will stand elected representatives who are committed to governing according to the will of the people and to securing the financial future of every American. Representative Jeff Perry of Sandwich has spent every one of his four terms on Beacon Hill working to make our government more accountable and more efficient. He must now take his strong leadership skills and conservative values to Washington as our Representative in Congress in the 10th Congressional District so that he can secure America’s return to being the economic leader of the world.

Most Americans love their country and would be willing to make tough sacrifices if the result is a more secure future for our children. The Herculean challenge currently facing our elected officials is to convince us that they can be trusted to do what is in the best interest of the people. For far too long our government seems to have existed to satisfy its own appetite for power and control. What currently exists is what our Founding Fathers feared the most; a powerful and unwieldy central government that seeks to make itself even stronger despite the overwhelming objections of the people.

As we begin the second decade of the new millennium, perhaps the sleeping giant known as the American electorate has awoken from its slumber. Less than two months ago these informed voters tried to send the Washington elitist a message with the election of Scott Brown. Unfortunately, our Congress chose to ignore it. The elections in November will give everyone an opportunity to help usher in a new era of responsible government which can begin with the election of Jeff Perry as U. S. Congressman for 10th Congressional District.

Jim Killion
Sandwich, MA


  1. January 19th 2010 was the first time this Government had a gut check in quite some time, decades actually. Democrats can't drink enough Saki for this Kamakasi "health reform" mission.

  2. I wonder if Mr. Killion would vote against a review of my house plan if I critized his wife's actions at a school committee meeting where he far far far far far far far farx1,0000000000000 right retoric talking about freedoms and peanut butter and ignoring the possiblity of death of a child. Hooray for the superintendent she knows that it is most important to protect all the children.


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