Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Randy Hunt enters race for state representative


CONTACT: Randy Hunt (774-413-9274)
Frank Pannorfi, Campaign Manager (508-888-8517)

February 3, 2010


Will continue commitment to transparency in government

(SANDWICH, MA) – Sandwich selectman, Randy Hunt, announced today that he will seek the 5th Barnstable District state representative seat. The district includes all of Sandwich and parts of Barnstable, Mashpee and Bourne.

Hunt will complete his second three-year term as selectman in May and will not seek re-election to that board. Hunt is a certified public accountant and owner of Randy Hunt CPA PC, an employer of four in Sandwich.

“I am running for the 5th Barnstable State Representative seat because I will bring a unique perspective to the job with my strong financial background and years of service as a selectman and finance committee member. Providing constituent services, a very important role of a state representative, requires listening, researching, problem solving, communicating and closure. This is what I do for a living as a CPA and it is also an important part of being an effective selectman.”

Simultaneous with his announcement today, Hunt is launching a new website, with information about his candidacy and extensive community involvement.

Not new to the Internet, Hunt has penned a blog for a year and a half called Randy Hunt’s Politics & Humor Blog, which is accessible through his campaign website. He is known for his self-deprecating humor and no nonsense analysis of local and national politics. “I said to Mary, ‘If for some reason during this race for state rep I lose my sense of humor, gently (or not so gently) remind me until I get back to being my old self.’”

He and two friends waged a campaign last August to get the truth out about Congress’ attempt to nationalize health care, which garnered national attention. “Essentially, our effort was to write a giant open letter to Congress asking our representatives to start representing us, the people of the United States. On a state level, we enacted a health insurance mandate stripped of all of the reforms that were promised when the idea was spawned. What we’re left with is outrageously expensive government-standardized health insurance plans with few options for the average citizen to save on costs.”

If elected, Hunt pledges to work closely with legislators to bring the jettisoned health care reforms back to the table to relieve the upward spiral of premiums. “Tort reform and relaxing the minimum coverage standard (aka “creditable coverage”) would be two areas of focus to stop the severe escalation of health care costs.”

As a selectman, Hunt is also acutely aware of cuts in aid to towns and cities by the state government. Local aid is critical for maintaining public safety levels, education standards, and basic infrastructure. “Being on the receiving end of shrinking state aid gives me perspective on what the priorities should be on Beacon Hill. Broken commitments to fully fund the special education circuit breaker, for example, put our town’s school department $500,000 in the hole this year. Municipal government in Sandwich was shorted more than $700,000. All four towns in the 5th Barnstable District are seeing similar cuts in aid which is resulting in layoffs and reductions in service.”

Hunt will host his campaign kickoff event at Sandwich Hollows Golf Club at 5pm on Tuesday, March 9, 2010. Details are available on his campaign website.

Randy Hunt is happily married to his wife Mary and they have six grown children and five grandchildren. He is a part-time musician, videographer, cable access television host, and an active member of the Monument Beach Sportsman’s Club.

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  1. FYI I never said there was a court filing people! Plz go back and reread the posts on this blog. Based on the past few months facts and events,a reasonable person can conclude that if a compromise is not reached with this situation the obvious next step would be to have a judge decide the validity of the April evaluation and signed contract. The papers reported that a meeting was to take place weeks ago, what happened in that meeting? Again, Shari is mum with respect to answering the townspeople questions. Why is the next School meeting not until the end of July, they are hoping you all forget the issue by the end of July.

    Randy is correct, if you want to give your opinion on this issue email the whole board your perspective on the super contract. If you didn't vote in the last election, forgive yourself, but now take 5 minutes out of your day to email your thoughts re: the super contract and your school system.


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